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What features make Permalevel® Multiplex so efficient?
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With utilizing the ultrasonic technology in systems and devices, it has been easy for people to get the systems monitored without getting into trouble. Fire extinguishing systems are so accurately monitoring with ultrasonic liquid sensing systems that it is easy to focus on other things. These systems are produced to cater the cylinders on bulk. Permalevel is one of the popular ranges across the world, produced by Coltraco which quality to be system installed with liquid level indicator, which can provide you the data and monitoring all the cylinders this system is attached to, for liquid levels consistently throughout the day.

The unit attached to it permits you to save data to the computer and compare if required about viewing how much filled each cylinder. This may help you identify the cylinders which are losing liquids enclosed them on slight changes. This system is really beneficial to be utilized for fire extinguishing systems as they are not utilized round the clock and can loss the fire-suppressing agent at maximum level. Permalevel® is considered to be an accurate and reliable measuring ultrasonic level indicating system. Here, we have provided you with the major features of Permalevel® Multiplex:

    Status of each channel shown by LEDs
    A set of red and green LED lights specify the status of every cylinder which facilitate a team for maintenance which are responsible to check for the cylinders in case any leakages are absorbed.
    Optional Text/Email Alerts
    This helps in convenient and instantaneous form of data communication.
    Dedicated sensors are available with each monitoring point which is connected to the particular cylinder for monitoring purposes.
    Data logging Ability
    The software keeps logs of system errors, system activity and alarm triggers for every month. Due to the storage of these logs as simple texts files, they can be easily and conveniently viewed from outside and inside of the software. This is really helpful and advantageous for insurance companies due to the permanent and correct record of the functioning system accurately.
    NOVEC 1230 gas suppression system
    Permalevel® is considered to be an amazing fire extinguisher monitoring instrument, especially for this specific system.
    Remote Real Time Monitoring Screen
    It gives off the information about the current condition of the cylinders in regards to the last contact have been made.
    Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)
    It acts as a backup system which helps in providing power by using AA 1.5V batteries in case the failure occurs of the main power.
    Multiple Alarm Levels
    2-40mA Relay Alarms are actually connected to all the channels whereas it permits local alarms to organize for each cylinder individually.
    Strong Magnets
    These are beneficial to stick the sensors in place along with extra space for adhesive and a strap, which ensures the risk of accidentally removing of sensors.
    Compatible with Multiple Cylinder Types
    Tuning of every channel is individually possible. Moreover, it is done because every cylinder can be different from the last one in weight, size, and pressure and agent type.