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High Accuracy of Large Scale Fire Extinguishing System with Coltraco Constant Monitoring System
— by safety2survey safety2survey
Coltraco is regarded to come up with one of the best solutions for a relevant requirement it majorly qualifies when it comes to the services. Moreover, for being in this field for more than 2 decades, we are efficient and specialized to introduce almost every possible solution businesses may look for. Keeping these points in view, there are multiple ultrasonic monitoring instruments and constant monitoring systems available for you in accordance to the requirements. There are constant liquid level monitoring systems and hatch cover and watertight integrity testing systems available for you in the budget, which can never make you, freak out.

Factually, there are different applications available in the market to deal as fire extinguisher. Among so many options available now, Permalevel┬« is another but certified and efficient fire extinguishing monitoring application or system introduced by Coltraco Limited, UK. It is considered to be best for fixed installation in numerous power stations such as nuclear, electricity and gas and oil production and exploration. Moreover, it is even considerable for data storage, telecommunications centers, defense sectors and others, which require ultrasonic level indicators. Permalevel┬« is an advanced system carrying a bulk of ultrasonic liquid level indicator devices which qualify to monitor the installed fixed fire extinguishers which is a major problem to be handled. It is considered to be the easiest and simplest way to assure the appropriate level of liquid within the verified containers and produced to handle difficult sectors efficiently without manual input.

Coltraco has manufactured this liquid level-monitoring device to make sure it is capable enough to test other liquids as well such as industrial chemicals and liquids, which are carried in vessels and tanks, and conducts ultrasound. Any liquid carried in any single skinned container of wall with thickness of 2 to 20mm and a conductor of ultrasound. This majorly applies to the CO2 Systems used as fire extinguishers. This liquid gas level indicator is really simple to use once it is installed in the required place. At the same time, the sensor is attached to the main unit along with the cylinder as well. Manual inspection can be done in case the alarm or alerts are given to the main unit through fixed Permalevel┬« if the liquid level falls below the considered or fixed point.