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Three Core Benefits that Comes with Coltraco Liquid Level to Mass Conversion Calculator
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Out of hundred of unique features that Coltraco possesses, one is about advancement in its product line throughout the career. As a manufacturer for ultrasonic safety and monitoring equipment, it has always been appreciated for its diversified range of products with maximum feasibility and ease. Out of all the products, Portasteele is known to be an amazing calculator best to use to find accurate fire extinguishing agent mass without weighing.

It is especially designed to converts the liquid level obtained with any Portalevel™ unit into the exact fill-weight of agent inside the cylinder. Physically it appears to standalone unit based on a 7” hand-held tablet whereas it is regarded to be best for conversion of cylinder contents’ level height to weight for CO2 and clean agents.

Three Core Benefits Fire Suppression Cylinder Fill Weight Calculator
Here we have listed the top three advantages that come with this liquid level to mass conversion calculator. Check them out now!

Quick and easy
Together with Portalevel®, this app on the 7” rugged tablet enables a competent user to test a cylinder to identify contents loss in less than 60 seconds.

Find weight without weighing
Traditional method of manually weighing fire suppression system cylinders is no longer necessary when you are using Portalevel® to find the level height. This app is designed to convert the calculated level height into the fill weight.

Add value to servicing and enhance safety management system thanks to the accurate and reliable datalogging capability which enables the results to be recorded, downloaded and emailed as a CSV file.
Lastly, if you ever require additional support or would like a Telephone Teach-In from one of our Technical Team please call +44 1761 241 601 or email