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Why to Get Liquid Level Indicating Range by Coltraco is Beneficial?
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Coltraco being the most specialized manufacturer of ultrasonic monitoring and measuring products is approached by people all around the world. Offering the most competitive price for highly advanced products make customers to establish a regular and consistent relation with it. It is now more than 2 decades that this producer is facilitating people with products, catering almost every relevant need in various forms - constant and manual solutions. Moreover, the data backup is almost available with all solutions which can easily make you keep the record as long as you seek to keep it.

The Portalevel Max is the latest generation of the Portalevel line and is designed to provide enhanced Speed, Operation and Performance, especially for high intensity testing requirements. The unit is also the first UL Approved Ultrasonic Level Indicator we have ever produced and builds further on our history of over 27 years manufacturing this equipment. With so much of experience of Coltraco in this field, it is always expected to have something more efficient such as this ultrasonic level indicator.

Fire Servicing Engineers

    Operating Environment
    We understand your operating conditions
    From temperate to extremely hot temperatures (-10C – +55C)
    Even when CO2 is stored at ambient temps, above 31C, we have a “hot weather climate use” procedure
    We can cater for a range of cylinders from new to poorly painted and rusted


    We understand your need for highly accurate and speedy results


    The unit is lightweight, easy to handle and transportable by air and by sea
    Very clear numerical and bargraph display give you true digital readings
    You can validate your results with mathematical formulae that supports the unit’s readings


    Animated training videos for English and non-English speakers alike
    Additional demo videos and user videos taken in real time on our YouTube channel
    24/7 access to our training team by request
    Upgrades to the newest models available at any time – we will always offer a trade-in value even on 20 year old units


    Each cylinder can be tested in less than 30 seconds
    Each cylinder calibration is uniquely simple, taking just 10-15 seconds which make this liquid level indicator to be perfect for you

The Unit Operates On

    CO2 from standard 45KG/100LB cylinders through to heavier wall thickness Asian cylinders manufactured in Japan
    NOVEC™ 1230 in all industry standard cylinder types
    FM-200™ - as above
    FE-13, FE-25 and FE-36 – and we have designed unique operating instructions to cater for their temperature limitations
    Halon 1211 and Halon 1301 – still widely used in Government installations

For Data Centers and Telecommunication Application

    We are the leaders in working in critical infrastructure applications
    We are in use with some of the leading operators in offshore petrochemical, Government & Defense particularly Naval, power generating, electricity and gas transmission, rail and mobile phone communication infrastructure
    In use with 15,000 users worldwide and on 9,000 ships – nearly 18% of the worlds shipping fleet uses our equipment
    Using the leading ultrasonic technology that is clean, environmentally safe and UL approved
    We also manufacturing the world’s only 24/7 continuous monitoring with data management and remote monitoring system in PML Multiplex

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