Ultrasonic Safety and Survey Equipments

We specializes in the design and manufacture of niche Ultrasonic Safety and Survey equipments. We have been in operation since 1989 and since then have been the World Leaders in the specialist field of Ultrasonic Manufacturing. Our equipments are in use throughout the Marine, Fire Protection, Offshore, Petrochemical, Industrial, Power Generating, Rail and Defence and they export to over 100 countries Worldwide.
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Coltraco Limited UK has always been a spotlight when it comes to the ultrasonic monitoring instrumentation. Over the years counting to be more than 2 decades, we have specialized in studying the need of various sectors we majorly touch such as oil and gas, defense, industrial sectors and multiple other options. Most importantly, we assist marine industry in various means such as providing them with better solutions to come up with perfect deliverance of cargo or other voyage they are on system is provided to the cruise ships to test the integrity of compartments and hatch covers to make sure there are no leaks in order to finish the journey with secured cargo.

Since 1989, we keep on producing new innovated products and measuring instruments to help people get the results in quickest, simplest and easiest way without going into budget issues. Permascanner® Dynamic is our semi-fixed ultrasonic watertight integrity test indicating system for the dynamic testing of hatch covers maintenance, holds, bulkheads, cable transits and watertight doors and compartments at sea. Derived from its sister product - Portascanner®, Permascanner™ Dynamic is designed to quickly identify leak sites in their extent and precise location, whilst at sea. Furthermore, facilities of Optional Accessories and Permascanner® Dynamic are provided as after sales benefits on demand. The details of both of these facilities are mentioned below:

1.    Permascanner™ Dynamic

Permascanner® Dynamic allows a pattern of readings to be recorded against varying sea states, enabling a true picture of the seal integrity to be recorded over time. It efficiently helps you for hatch covers integrity, multiple cable transit areas testing and watertight doors continuously over varying sea-state states. The ultrasonic hatch cover testing system will enables Marine Superintendants, Barge Supervisors or OIMs to embody its highly accurate readings into an enhanced on board safety procedure. We are committed to developing continuous monitoring solutions especially for hatch cover maintenance. This will enable the hatch-covers to be tested whilst on voyage at sea to see how the vessel is responding to the dynamic sea states. We have given below a visual representation of this hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing system. Give it a look!

2.    Optional Accessories

Extended Hi-Life Generator Additional standard generators can be used when testing large holds and the Extended Hi-Life Permascanner™ Generators can provide up to 10 daysʼ continuous testing whilst at sea.

Why purchase Coltraco Portascanner ˚?

Since 1989, Coltraco Ultrasonics have been designing and manufacturing ultrasonic instrumentation such as liquid level indicator and systems for safety and servicing. In 2012 we partnered with a fellow well respected UK OEM of thickness gauges to design our current models.

Our Portascanner™ is carefully hand built and undergoes rigorous quality testing to ensure it meets the high standards expected by our customers, and to provide them with long-term reliability.

Our Commitment to Safety
We are dedicated to being a Safeship™ and Safesite™ company, encouraging safety for safety’s sake. Our Portascanner™ is part of our range of 14 products and systems which are all designed to offer alternative methods to traditional means of testing, for example fire suppression systems, watertight integrity, flow testing and more.

Our Commitment to Science
We are committed to designing and manufacturing the most mathematically accurate products and systems globally, supported by the highest standards of technical support and customer care.
For further information, Download PDF
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Coltraco Ultrasonics is regarded to be welcoming you to participate in our mission of creating reliable, accurate and easy to use instrumentation, which enhance our customers' safety management. For ease of people, it has introduced prior generation of Permalevel Dynamic, which is a Semi Fixed Watertight Integrity Test System. From more than 2 decades, this name is assisting people in this particular industry. However, this device is capable of monitoring the hatch cover seals on constant basis. However, this device comes with being superior alternative to chalk and hose testing whereas performs with the accuracy of 0.06mm +/- 0.02mm.

Moreover, the issue is not just about compliance with the regulations; it is about the safe ship offshore and the safe site onshore. This helps our customers to ensure lower risk, higher protection and business continuity. Coltraco believes in prior safety measuring steps for safety's sake. It has been a long time that Coltraco Limited has become one of the leading names of producing monitoring devices, catering the needs of various factors. With high quality products with best price offer, it is regarded to assist people with extraordinary efficiency.

Portascanner Watertight is a portable ultrasonic watertight integrity indicator and hatch cover tester – for testing watertight and weather-tight seals. It is ideal for checking the hatch-covers, doors, cable transit areas, scuttles, flanges, shell doors, steering gear hatches and many others. Primarily designed to enhance the ease and accuracy with which critical watertight, airtight or weather tight seals can be inspected for leaks sites or areas of reduced compression in the seal.

Features Offered by Coltraco

    Three years warranty
    Lifetime Support
    Calibration and Training Certificates Available
    Identifies leaks as small as 0.06 +/- 0.02mm
    Non-intrusive ultrasonic technology
    10 hour battery life
    Class Approved
    No Fuss Setup
    Magnetically Mountable

Portascanner Kit Contents
For your ease, we have developed an image assuring you regarding the content you will find in the new Coltraco Portascanner Watertight Package which is known to be a high quality hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing device. Give it a look!

    Durable Carrying Case
    Headphone Set to minimize ambient noise and to hear audible readings
    Portascanner Watertight Generator for multiple use and flexible applications
    Operating Instructions, Calibration Certificate, Training DVD
    Sensor Extension Rod to detect the integrity readings
    Portascanner Watertight Receiver to relate results into audible and visual readings

For further information, Download PDF
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Coltraco being in the industry of ultrasonic safety equipment from last two decades and is pretty well aware of many users of the Portalevel equipment operate in Safety Critical Environments and often under significant time constraints. To enhance our previous model therefore, Coltraco UK has developed a complete package with entire components to make sure you get the best results, like before.

Portalevel® MAX Marine builds on Coltraco Limited’s 20 Years Experience in designing, manufacturing and supporting Ultrasonic Liquid Level Equipment, in 105 Countries and numerous market sectors and environments. The development program was born out of the desire to further improve on our existing 8 designs and taking on board feedback and opinions of our customers. Following an extensive Research & Development program to achieve these goals, Coltraco Limited has introduced a wide range of new technologies, features and processes including ultrasonic liquid level indicator.

The Portalevel Max Marine is designed primarily for maritime applications where either Service Companies or Vessels are inspecting large fire suppression systems. This model was designed with Marine needs closely in mind and allows operators to quickly test large numbers of cylinders. The package comes with an extension rod included as standard. This ultrasonic level indicator allows users to measure stacked rows of cylinders common practice on vessels and offshore installations.

Technical Specifications of Portalevel Intrinsically
Here, we have enlisted technical specs available with this liquid level indicator – Portalevel Max Marine. Give it a look!

    Width: 82mm
    Depth: 30mm
    Height: 160mm
    Weight: 300grams

+/- 1.5mm (1/8 inch)
Operating Temperature
-20°C to +70°C (68°F to 158°F)
Here are the details for sensor:
TX/RX Dry Sensor

    Contained within a magnetized sensor applicator
    Connected by BNC connectors to 1m-length co-ax cable.
    14 mm diameter head

Mini Extension Rod Sensor

    1 meter in length
    12mm in diameter
    Connected by bnC connectors to 1 m length co-ax cable.

Verifiable Agents
CO2, FM-200™, NOVEC™1230, old Halons such as 1301 and 1211, FE-13™, FE-25™, FE-36™, HFC-225 & 2271
Power Supply
1 x PP3 9V battery (battery life 10 hours)
Membrane control operated, LCD backlit Display measuring 55 x 28 mm

    NATO Stock Number: 6680-99-275-5292
    IP Rating 65


    ISO 19011 Registered
    Classification Society Approved- RINA


    Main Unit: 3 Years Warranty
    Lifetime Customer Support
    Sensor: 1 Year Warranty

Portalevel Max Marine Content
The package of liquid level indicator comes 1 Potalevel MAX unit with other products, such as:

    1 Hard Wearing Carrying Case for protection from damage
    1 Wet Sensor
    1 Mini 12mm Extension Rod
    1 Portatherm
    Ultrasonic Gel
    Calibration certificate

For further information, download PDF
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Over the years, maintaining the quality within best price range is nothing less than an achievement. Coltraco qualifies to be one the best manufacturer of monitoring and measuring equipment integrated with ultrasonic technology. Beginning the journey with limited and calculated product range and customers within the limited locations and numbers, today it holds the ownership of a huge dynasty. Coltraco began its journey back in 1987, serving people throughout the globe in regards to measure numerous intensities and potentials of objects have given it a prominent popularity. One of many lines it is working on is known by Portamarine, which qualifies in services towards Shipping Industry. It is a line that falls under the division of Portalevel but specified for shipping industry whereas a new model has launched which is obviously integrated with efficient performance. This new member is launched with inspection of CO2 and Marine CO2 Systems for fire suppression quickly, safely and accurately. CO2 is considered to be the prior gas, which acts perfectly to be a fire-extinguishing agent but may not be able to perform the tasks if it is not monitored regularly. Coltraco with having such diversification in products is also cable to offer various systems to help you maintain a constant fire extinguishing monitoring system.

Portamarine comes with other accessories enclosed in the box when you make a purchase. These accessories are vital to assure the accuracy of the device. They majorly include 200mm Multi Banked Extension Rod, Ultrasonic Gel, Dry Sensor and Main Unit, which is a protected IP65 Enclosure. Moreover, this Ultrasonic Level Indicator comes with other different features, which are mentioned below. Give a glance!

    Accurate to 1.5mm
    Three years warranty
    Class approved
    Ultrasonic Technology (No Radiation and Non-Intrusive
    Lifetime Support
    Fast operation (Service a cylinder in under a minute)
    Can measure multibank rows 2- 4 deep
    Lifetime Support
    Calibration and Training Certificates Available

For further information, you can download PDF
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As the time is moving to better, Coltraco is playing a really important role in manufacturing incredible range of products, which can help people to the utmost level. This progress makes people to rely more on Coltraco for ultrasonic safety equipment. Keeping the basic scenarios, being one of the world’s largest ultrasonic manufacturing companies, it maintains the price tags and quality to make sure that people get the best.

Introducing new technologies may be easy as far as measuring instruments are concerned but what matters in them is related to practicality it comes with. This is the major difference, which make one company to take over the other as results and quality with reliability matters a lot. Other than these, assurance, manufacturing technique, durability, affordability and technology in regards to its practicality are some other reasons, which are counted as far as reputation of the company is concerned.

Like appreciable companies, Coltraco Limited, UK has taken the responsibility and introduced outstanding measuring instruments such as Permalevel® Mutiplex Fire Extinguishing System. It has been more than 2 decades of Coltraco’s specialization in this industry to provide constant monitoring system for fire extinguishers such as Novec 1230 fire suppression system. By using ultrasonic technology from ever, it has stabilized itself among the top industrial requirements in regards to the accuracy of the results within minimum cost and time.

Permalevel Multiplex fire extinguishing monitoring system was introduced a way back but still, it is regarded for the quality and accuracy of results it comes with. No matter which fire extinguishing gas you are utilizing from CO2 gas to Halon and components, Novec 1230 or FM 200 gas fire suppression system, it qualifies for all of them for constant monitoring requirements. Moreover, it is known to be the first such system introduced globally which is integrated to monitor the fire suppressing liquefied gases levels to critical extent, enclosed in cylinders, consistently. You are facilitated to view the current status and performance of installed fire extinguishing system.

Tech Features of Constant Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Monitoring System
Here are some of the features you can avail with this fire suppression system developed with the help of ultrasonic liquid level indicator.

    UPS Lifetime: UP to 24 Hours
    Local Display: LCD Screen
    Power Supply: 95V - 260V
    Power Supply Status: Main Power Supply and UPS Active LED Indicators
    Analogue Relay Output: 4-20mA
    Digital Output: RS232/ RS485
    Channel Sensitivity Controls: Gain (Power Gain), Trip (Alarm Trigger Level) and SPA (Additional Power) Knobs for each Channel
    Local Visual Alarms: 4 status LEDs per active Channel, 3 Green LEDs Indicate Signal Level, 1 Red Indicates Alarm
    Local System Controls: Channel Sheet, View Settings, Channel Calibration, Special Power Application Toggle, Alarm Channel
    Operational Humidity Range: 0-80%
    Operational Temperature Range: -20c - +70c
    External Case Mental: Aluminum
    Gross Weight: 6kg
    Max Sensor Cable Length: 5m
    External Dimensions: 440mm X 350mm X 13mm
    Sensor Dimensions: D35mm X H35mm

For further information, contact Coltraco Customer Support
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The Portalevel Max Industrial non-invasively verifies the contents of cylinders and tanks holding liquids, suitable for a range of industrial purposes e.g. food processing, pharmaceutical, aerospace manufacturing and transformers.

Features of Portalevel MAX Industrial
These ultrasonic monitoring is manufacturing keeping the food industry as a core target. Here are the features which convince any clients to make its purchasing:

    Three years of warranty
    Lifetime Support
    Calibration & training certificates available
    Ultrasonic technology – no radiation and non-intrusive
    5 tried and tested applications
    Enjoy our Customer Care Commitment
    2 Sensors for double the technology capability

Industrial Applications of Portalevel Max Industrial
We greatly value the work we conduct on special applications as it allows us to deepen our expertise and broaden our knowledge. Through successive short feedback loops between practical operation and design we continue to develop and improve our technology. In addition, we enjoy working in industries outside of our core areas of Fire, Marine and Oil & Gas. Portalevel Max Industrial is another successful portable ultrasonic level indicator.

IBCs Food Processing


Food processing factory based in the south of the UK producing Coleslaw, packaged salads and pastas for the likes of McDonalds, Tesco, Morrisons, Lidl. Producing over 130,000 pots of Coleslaw a day.


2.2 metre high, 5mm stainless steel wall, filled with mayonnaise to be used for the Coleslaw. The current monitoring method consists of employing ladders to peer into the cylinder and check usage and remaining contents. The issue with this method lies in potential contamination and is a health and safety risk to the operator.


A site visit was conducted by Coltraco Engineers and after a short trial we were able to gauge that the existing liquid level indication technology employed on the Portalevel® Max liquid level indicator would be efficient in quickly and accurately gauging the liquid level of mayonnaise within the vessel.

The implementation of the Portalevel® Max allows the plant to run more efficiently and reduces risks by providing the staff with a means of accurately and non-invasively monitoring the contents within the mayonnaise tank negating the need for physical inspection using ladders posing a health and safety risk to the operator.

The trial and implementation suggested that we could develop a fixed monitoring system for this vessel and others like it, in order to non-invasively; continuously monitor the contents of mayonnaise (or any other condiments) within the tank. In addition we also saw possibilities to refine the capabilities of the Portalevel® Max to increase ease of use.
For more information, you can contact Coltraco Customer Service.
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All around the world, Coltraco LTD, UK is known for its outstanding services when it comes to the world of today. We have always made sure to make our clients to experience something that is perfect and incredible to be done. Coltraco is regarded for being welcoming to all its clients across the world. It is mission to create accurate, reliable and easy to use instrumentation enhances the safety management of clients. The issue is not just about compliance with the regulations; it is about the safe ship offshore and the safe site onshore. This helps Coltraco’s clients to ensure lower risk, higher protection and business continuity for they believe in safety for safety's sake.

Benefits of Portascanner Watertight
•    Green Technology
A clean method of testing that does not violate any environmental codes, unlike hose testing
•    Simple
It is highly intuitive operation and enabling regular testing
•    Arctic Use
The hose-testing is impossible to conduct in severe arctic conditions
•    No Training Costs
This device is free-of-charge online, telephone and email training support through-life
•    Testing Pre/Post-Loading
It does not affect cargo & one can test with contents in situ
•    Magnetic Base
It allows generator to be fitted on hatch-combing just inside the hold, saving significant time and effort no longer needing to climb down into holds
•    Three Reading Types
It shows 2 readings on LCD display with Bar Graph and Numerical as well as Audible via head phones, for ease of operation and reporting
•    Efficient
It seals, hatch-covers, watertight/weather tight doors and MCTs can be tested efficiently and reliably, thus saving time and costs
•    Lightweight and Portable
It can be carried around/into compartments with ease
•    No IATA Transportation Restrictions
•    It uses safe, clean & environmental ultrasonic technology and does not use liquid batteries Accurate
It can identify leaks as small as 0.06 mm ± 0.02 mm
•    Cost Effective
The most mathematically accurate hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing indicator with dual decibel and mathematical display
•    Unique Tone of Audio Indication
It allows the user to distinguish whether it is the ultrasound signal or background noise being received
How to Operate Portascanner Watertight?
Here below, we have mentioned the functioning of this device manufactured under Coltraco Limited, United Kingdom. If you are facing any difficulty in usage of ultrasonic hatch cover tester, this will help.
•    Connect the Rod and Headphones to the Receiver and place the Generator into the compartment to be tested.
•    Fix the Generator by the magnet to any metallic surface not far from the seal being inspected.
•    Switch the Generator ‘Onʼ and all the readings will dramatically increase.
•    Leaving the cover of the seal being tested open and check around the seal to ensure a strong signal is being received at all points.
•    The compartment is then closed and the inspection of the seal begins.
•    If there is a leak or area of weak seal compression readings will increase.
•    By moving the Sensor to where the signal is strongest, the operator can identify the exact location and extent of any leak site and steps can be taken to fix this issue.
If you want to know more about Portascanner Watertight, Download PDF
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With utilizing the ultrasonic technology in systems and devices, it has been easy for people to get the systems monitored without getting into trouble. Fire extinguishing systems are so accurately monitoring with ultrasonic liquid sensing systems that it is easy to focus on other things. These systems are produced to cater the cylinders on bulk. Permalevel is one of the popular ranges across the world, produced by Coltraco which quality to be system installed with liquid level indicator, which can provide you the data and monitoring all the cylinders this system is attached to, for liquid levels consistently throughout the day.

The unit attached to it permits you to save data to the computer and compare if required about viewing how much filled each cylinder. This may help you identify the cylinders which are losing liquids enclosed them on slight changes. This system is really beneficial to be utilized for fire extinguishing systems as they are not utilized round the clock and can loss the fire-suppressing agent at maximum level. Permalevel® is considered to be an accurate and reliable measuring ultrasonic level indicating system. Here, we have provided you with the major features of Permalevel® Multiplex:

    Status of each channel shown by LEDs
    A set of red and green LED lights specify the status of every cylinder which facilitate a team for maintenance which are responsible to check for the cylinders in case any leakages are absorbed.
    Optional Text/Email Alerts
    This helps in convenient and instantaneous form of data communication.
    Dedicated sensors are available with each monitoring point which is connected to the particular cylinder for monitoring purposes.
    Data logging Ability
    The software keeps logs of system errors, system activity and alarm triggers for every month. Due to the storage of these logs as simple texts files, they can be easily and conveniently viewed from outside and inside of the software. This is really helpful and advantageous for insurance companies due to the permanent and correct record of the functioning system accurately.
    NOVEC 1230 gas suppression system
    Permalevel® is considered to be an amazing fire extinguisher monitoring instrument, especially for this specific system.
    Remote Real Time Monitoring Screen
    It gives off the information about the current condition of the cylinders in regards to the last contact have been made.
    Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)
    It acts as a backup system which helps in providing power by using AA 1.5V batteries in case the failure occurs of the main power.
    Multiple Alarm Levels
    2-40mA Relay Alarms are actually connected to all the channels whereas it permits local alarms to organize for each cylinder individually.
    Strong Magnets
    These are beneficial to stick the sensors in place along with extra space for adhesive and a strap, which ensures the risk of accidentally removing of sensors.
    Compatible with Multiple Cylinder Types
    Tuning of every channel is individually possible. Moreover, it is done because every cylinder can be different from the last one in weight, size, and pressure and agent type.

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Meeting the improving standards of the world without being inaccessible and unaffordable for people has made Coltraco special and famous among people. Over the experience of more than 20 years, Coltraco Limited has dramatically advanced in its products as far as quantity and efficiency is concerned. Beginning the journey with Portalevel, now it has come up with numerous branches under this line and other products as well.

The Portalevel® Original is our low cost, entry level model in the Portalevel® range. it is based on an older design and brought back into the range for those customers looking for a low intensity and price conscious applications. The unit is proven in the field and especially suited to standard cylinder sizes between 20 – 80KG of agent weight. Here, we have mentioned some of the basic features provided by Coltraco Limited, UK for you with this portable ultrasonic liquid level indicator.

    Lifetime Support
    Three years warranty
    No intrusive
    Inspect a cylinder in 90 seconds
    Calibration and training certificates available
    Ultrasonic technology
    Dual LCD and LED display
    No radiation
    10 hour battery life
    Accurate to 3.0mm

Content of Portalevel® Original Package
Basic Accessories

    These are available in the package on your purchase:
    Supplied in a carrying case
    Portalevel™ ORIGINAL electronic unit
    Bottle of ultrasonic gel
    Standard “Dry” sensor & cable with magnetic applicator for ease of use
    Operating instructions and calibration certificate

Optional Accessories
These are available on request or demand while making a purchase of this ultrasonic level indicator:

    The multi-bank extension rod, designed to use on board ships and 2-3 banked cylinder installations
    Portatherm™ non contact thermometer for checking cylinder temperature
    A “wet” sensor for use on poor condition cylinders and

Certificates and Approval for Liquid Level Indicator

    Portalevel™ Trade Mark Registered No 2290334 UK
    US Department of Defense Halon Depletion
    Manufactured to BS EN 5750, ISO 9001 Quality Standards
    Government Cage Code KD983
    Manufactured to US MIL-STD
    Agency approval
    RINA Classification Society Approval

For further information, download PDF
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CO2 is considered to be the best fire-suppressing agent when it comes to fire flames at the first place. As it creates a layer for blocking oxygen around the fire flames so it makes it the best to use for it. Most importantly, this fire extinguishing gas is used globally because it is inexpensive. All over the industries, it is commonly used due to a lot of reasons out of which, being inexpensive is the most common one. Though, it may be a really accessible gas but the fir suppressing system needs a lot of maintenance whereas there are certain restrictions and alerting features, which needs to be taken care of on the first place.

If this gas is easy to blow out fire, it can be really dangerous on the other hand as it can suffocate the area, hence leading it to severe circumstances. Around the globe, for CO2 & Marine CO2 Systems, there are certain restrictions, which needs to be followed and there is a rule to keep a trained person authorized to run this system in case of emergency. These installations are made due to safety purposes for cargo hold, pump room, engine room and purifier room in case of fire happening. Installation of this systems means that a massive range of cylinders are filled with this gas in liquefied form which can be blown in case of such tough circumstances. It is even considered to take care of the entire system off and on, especially when leaving on the journey as the minor releases may result into any of the following mentioned below:

    The installed system may not work in case of emergency when it is needed the most.
    The minor leakage in the CO2 System room may result into suffocation due to which someone may die especially people with suffocation.

With the time, Marine CO2 systems, which is installed in ships and other relevant industries does not work at time of emergency. The questions here arises “What may be the cause of the following situation? Why we find no compressed CO2 in gas cylinders? Why the amount is low?” These may be the questions that come to your mind in case of the situation when your fire extinguishing system was not able to work. This may have results as a massive loss or unusual or unexpected delay in the business. “What can help you to avoid this situation?” Well, there is a simplest answer or solution to these entire unexpected situations -ultrasonic thickness gauge. This helps in measuring the cylinders and its width. It makes sure that the cylinders or tanks are not corroded from any point, which can result in leakage. Most significantly, it is considered that a separate room should be maintained for CO2 Fire Extinguishing System so that proper care should be maintained. This can help you take care of the system without any mistake.
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