Ultrasonic Safety and Survey Equipments

We specializes in the design and manufacture of niche Ultrasonic Safety and Survey equipments. We have been in operation since 1989 and since then have been the World Leaders in the specialist field of Ultrasonic Manufacturing. Our equipments are in use throughout the Marine, Fire Protection, Offshore, Petrochemical, Industrial, Power Generating, Rail and Defence and they export to over 100 countries Worldwide.
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The diverse mediums of transport accessible today have plainly made this world a worldwide town. We as a whole love our autos that drive us to the goals without squandering our circumstances and without making an issue on the trek. The greatest business in the United States can be named as the vehicle business. Because of this, we can see a zillion distinctive autos out and about. We can see individuals zooming in their vehicles to various goals and we should not overlook the colossal system is the general population transport that fills in as the foundation of our economy. Without these we would even now be in the stone-age and go on donkeys simply like our precursors.

At the point when the principal plane was designed, it was in no way like the ones that we can ride today. Sitting securely inside the planes without a stress, we as a whole realize that they have been deliberately kept up and are dependable. At the point when a plane takes off for a flight, the greatest danger for it is a break in the body that could permit the pneumatic stress to extend it and discover a path in. this cataclysm could tear separated the plane, as well as the lives of the considerable number of individuals on load up. To ensure that the body is in place, ultrasonic monitoring and measuring equipment is done to check it. Due to the gaseous tension that it needs to persist in the skies can't be effectively made in the labs; the water can plainly distinguish a break.

Running this test requires a wide range of assets and a great deal of time. To limit the tests costs and the time it requires, current science has been in steady scan for some gadget that would have the capacity to give exact outcomes without experiencing the chaotic tests. Today we can be grateful to the researchers who have concocted the ultrasonic leak detector, which can be utilized for running a test. Despite the fact that it came up as an item for the marine business, however its effectiveness expanded its viewpoints and conveyed it to the aeronautics business.
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Coltraco has been producing various products throughout the career out of which ultrasonic pipework integrity test sensor is one of its own kinds. This instrument is regarded to be the superior alternative to chalk or hose testing. It is a clean, quick and precise method to inspect the pipes. Some of the popular features of this product are mentioned below:

Features of ultrasonic pipework integrity testing device
Coltraco offers following features with pipework integrity testing sensor:

    Through the use of wide range of sizes of removable sealing plugs with customer alternatives, it is suitable for inspection of pipes with diameter of 10-50mm.
    Portable and lightweight which allows the equipment to be transported, carried and operated with ease.
    Magnetic base with its strong magnetic base, the generator can be fitted onto the pipe or surrounding surfaces, making the system convenient and easy to use.
    3 types of readings with a headphone port for audio reading and a digital display that can display both linear and decibel readings for visual readings
    Effective training with us thanks to our DVD & Online Training Videos, helpful for nonnative English speakers too
    Audio indication is provided using of a unique audio tone allows the user to distinguish whether reading is the ultrasound signal or background noise being received.
    Ultrasonic generator has a long range of 12m+
    4 different sensitivity settings in order to allow for more precision in findings results.

Advantages of ultrasonic pipework integrity testing sensor
Here are the benefits you can enjoy with ultrasonic pipework integrity tester:

    Low Cost: Multiple readings can be made using one device at no extra cost

    Portable: As a single person can easily move within hands or this device makes a great value for money product.

    Simple: Highly intuitive operation, enabling regular testing

    No Training Costs: Free-of-charge online, telephone and email training support through- life

    Cost Effective: The most mathematically accurate watertight integrity test indicator with dual decibel & linear display

    Greater Testing Average: The ability to test multiple locations throughout the pipes length provides a more reliable thorough view of the integrity of the system

    Instant Results: User receives instant feedback regarding the focused area

    Focus at Problematic Areas: The user can target suspected areas in more detail

    Non Destructive: The testing method causes no damage to the existing system

    Repetitive Testing: The system allows repetitive testing on problem areas, thereby giving the most accurate information to the user

    Green Technology: A clean method of testing that does not violate any environmental codes

    Accurate: An identify leaks as small as 1mm

    Any Application: The Portapipe can be used for application involving a pipeline

    Any Material: The Portapipe is suitable for use on any material pipeline

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Over the time span of 2 decades and more, Coltraco is playing an apparently and significantly appreciable role in orienting outstanding products to the market with the latest technology. The production is improved with the help of research department dedicated to explore and understand the need of the industries along with bring up innovative integration of technology to precise but accurate solutions for requirements of the targeted or related industrial sectors.

There are different companies working throughout the world in regards to the manufacturing and introducing new technologies related to measuring tools. All of them majorly differentiate in accordance to quantity assurance, manufacturing technique, durability, affordability and technology used. This difference created by Coltraco from last 2 and half decades and more is giving tough time to competitors. One of the unique features this brand possesses is about the ultrasonic technology and versatility of the products in regards to the advancement and quantity it can measure in ratio to the minimum time utilized.

Features of Permalevel Multiplex Monitoring System

Permalevel Multiplex fire extinguishing monitoring system was introduced a way back but still, it is regarded for the quality and accuracy of results it comes with. No matter which fire extinguishing gas you are utilizing from CO2 gas to Halon and components, Novec 1230 or FM 200 gas fire suppression system, it qualifies for all of them for constant monitoring requirement. Moreover, it is known to be the first such system introduced globally which is integrated to monitor the fire suppressing liquefied gases levels to critical extent, enclosed in cylinders, consistently. You are facilitated to view the current status and performance of installed fire extinguishing system.

There are various sectors, which began with primary installation of fire extinguishing system in order to protect the entire business as large scales industries and factors are always open to hazardous happenings. Today, Coltraco is one of the unique companies to perform appreciable services in regards to aware people about the constant check of these systems throughout the years as annual checks can bring good to anyone. Furthermore, the incident that takes place does not come up with alarms or warnings so it is better to stay prepared round the clock about such circumstances. Keeping check of liquid levels with ultrasonic gas leak detector can help you to avoid and treat all unexpected circumstances on time that cause unusual discharge of gases from cylinders without any manual checking procedure.

You can look for more information about this product by contacting Coltraco Customer Support.
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From the point where the world has begun up till now, the world is seen tremendously improved and advanced whereas unbelievable things yet have to come. Catering requirements and needs has become a matter of significant level whereas various sectors have several needs to be assisted. Though the technology has advanced unbeatably yet it needs something to keep a check on it for safety purposes. Coltraco understands the factor of this industrial need, which makes it to come with monitoring and measuring instruments qualified for various purposes.

For better functioning and improved safety measured can easily be assured by the advanced technology introduced by various manufacturers. Liquid Level Indicator is considered to be one of the superb measuring and monitoring instrument of fire extinguishers in numerous and diversified industries since so long. Being risky to health, it was considered difficult to be operated in the gone days but today, due to the simplicity, awareness between people and revolution, people name it to be more easy and reliable.

As man has grown up to be sharper and smarter, it has made sure to take things with simple and easy to use with advanced technology and consume really little time span. Considering the industry manufacturing measuring instruments for fire extinguishers, liquid gas level indicator is known to be that one thing which is absolutely impossible to be kicked out of industries including houses need them to assure safety of their family. Numerous inventions and improvements have been seen in the related technologies to make sure the device is easy and simply to use along with giving maximum output. Ultrasonic technology is the most common advancement made to this industry, which is being in process, by Coltraco since 1987.

Qualified in the related industry, ultrasonic liquid level indicator is massively demanded by business and industrial sectors. You will find numerous companies in United Kingdom and United States of America, which are reasonably producing the fire extinguishing monitoring products for industrial sector. The reasons for this device to be so successfully are broadly illustrated below:

Ultrasonic level indicator is efficient to give the accurate reading for various liquid levels in vessel, cylinders and pipeline whether long or wide. Moreover, these points cannot be measured or judged with a naked eye. Sensitive to detect ultrasonic sound waves, it gives off the guarantee to give more accurate results.

Simple Usability
Liquid level indicator is simple and easy to install and use respectively. Fortunately, due to the integrated magnets help you mount the device to the system you want to monitor in regards to be control and observe. Majorly, these devices commonly come with easy functioning and display, which gives off better-calculated results. Moreover, DVDs and Online Training Videos are also provided for better training and quick usage.

Friendly for Health
As it requires no contact with specific object you are interested in determining, it makes it environmental healthy for humans around. There are moments when you have to look and monitor poisonous gases and health hazardous acids, which can be really dangerous if done manually but with Liquid Level Indicator, it becomes easy and safe.

Though being so helpful and safe, Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator comes in reasonable prices without any compromise on quality.
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All around the world, competitive market possesses incredible names as per the relevant products are concerned. In the world of ultrasonic measuring and monitoring equipment are talked about, who can forget to name Coltraco Limited, UK as one of the most incredible names of all. With highly qualified staff and efficient performance, they are always looked up to for something new and easy to handle. Out of many ranges of products launched, hatch cover testers are regarded the most demanded one from marine industry as far as cargo ships are concerned.

In order to enhance the safety measures of users, Coltraco Ltd has been producing several advanced instruments out of which Portascanner™ is considered to be one. This product is not specifically about regularity but about safe ship site offshore and onshore. The users of Portascanner™ can stay ensured in regards to business continuity with higher protection and lower risk. The latest generation of this measuring instrument is primarily considered to be watertight integrity of sealed compartments including weather and watertight doors, MCTs and hatch covers. Mentioned below are some prominent features of Portascanner™, which you may want to know:

    Considered flawless to inspect watertight doors, hatch covers, cable transits, bulk – heads, scuttles or any watertight compartment
    Flawless to inspect the leaks for CO2 & Marine CO2 Systems
    Operators do not have to climb down every time in order to place the generator to the required tank due to the fitted magnets in ultrasonic generator
    Allow easiness to transport, operated and carried the equipment due to the factors of being portable and lightweight
    Most importantly, it is considered to be faster and accurate than chalk testing and high pressure hose
    Online training videos and DVDs are provided along the package of Portascanner™ Watertight for effective and quick usage
    Possess Classification Society for identifying leak sites, but must be smaller than 1mm diameter

Major Benefits of Portascanner™ Watertight
Portascanner™ Watertight falls into the category to be an ultrasonic leak detector along with being portable ultrasonic weather-tight, watertight and gastight integrity tester. Here we have mentioned the three most important benefits of Portascanner™ Watertight. Give it a look!

    Enhances Safety

Due to audible and visual readings, the user is identified about the location of leak sites. Moreover, it is accurate in mentioning the definitive and accurate numerical results of intensity of problem. For general info, 0 to 5 is perfect for watertight and 100 means weather-tight whereas anything above it requires check and balance.

    Pin-Point Accuracy

Frequent testing can be conducted along with contribution to preventative management and safety management procedures on the board ships. Due to its efficiency towards the job it is manufactured for assures protection of cargo being carried, safety of onboard crew and the structural integrity of integrity.

    Quick and Easy to Use

Being a simply solution for its respective applications and limited restrictions, it is efficient and easy to operate. Only person is needed to handle this system whereas the completion of the process is done faster than any other solution. Time consuming and labour saving are other two benefits of the related instrument.

For further information, you may download Portascanner Watertight PDF
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Coltraco Limited, UK is regarded to be one of the best companies manufacturing ultrasonic measuring instruments, which are integrated with modern functioning. With more than 25 years of experience, Coltraco is successfully going with the needs of the sector it is working in. Moreover, the technology and operating system they manage to integrate in every product is always up to dated whereas meets the needs of various sectors properly. 2nd Generation of Portascanner - hatch cover tester is now available with the quality of helping you to check the leaks and watertight integrity of hatch covers, accurately.

Purpose of Installation of Hatch Cover Tester

    Connect the Rod and Headphones to the Receiver and place the Generator into the compartment to be tested.
    Fix the Generator by the magnet to any metallic surface not far from the seal being inspected.
    Switch the Generator ‘Onʼ and all the readings will dramatically increase.
    Leaving the cover of the seal being tested open and check around the seal to ensure a strong signal is being received at all points.
    The compartment is then closed and the inspection of the seal begins.
    If there is a leak or area of weak seal compression readings will increase.
    By moving the Sensor to where the signal is strongest, the operator can identify the exact location and extent of any leak site and steps can be taken to fix this issue.

Interactive Training Programme
We have developed a programme to educate users (particularly non-native English speakers) quickly and simply on how to use our equipment.

Permascanner™ Dynamic
We are committed to developing continuous monitoring solutions especially for hatch cover maintenance. This will enable the hatch-covers to be tested whilst on voyage at sea to see how the vessel is responding to the dynamic sea states.

Optional Accessory
Extended Hi-Life Generator Additional standard generators can be used when testing large holds and the Extended Hi-Life Permascanner™ Generators can provide up to 10 days continuous testing whilst at sea.

Opt in package provides through-life maintenance support, enabling customers to cap the cost of ownership and optimise operational availability. For one annual fee, Coltraco will cover all repairs and calibration costs, and the customer is guaranteed priority assistance in spares and repairs. In the event of component obsolescence, Coltraco guarantees to exchange the unit for a like-for-like model type at no additional charge. The Portacare™ package does not cover customer-induced damage, but as a Portacare™ customer you have priority to repairs and spares with a 25% discount. Upgrade to Portacare™ TMSS PREMIER, which covers all repairs, calibration, and guarantees an advance-exchanged unit is always ready-to-ship. You can also download PDF for more information.
For further information, contact Coltraco Customer Care
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With numerous products being launched by Coltraco, Portascanner 520 is one of the newly launched products. It qualifies to be an ultrasonic room integrity tester. Like other previous products, this one is cost effective and easy to use.

Complying with Regulations for Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

Current Situation:
Before installing Clean Agent fire suppression systems the integrity of the building structure commonly undergoes “Door Fan Testing’ This test determines the Peak Pressure and Agent Hold Time necessary for ensuring the effectiveness of these fire suppression systems. As required by NFPA 2001 and ISO 14520 standards to calculate the overall leakage of a room, this room integrity tester with ultrasonic technology is a great option.

Locating exact leak sites is currently done by a “puffer test” with smoke. However, such current methods do not provide precise, accurate results on leak location or size.

Today, the industry can benefit from using the Portascanner™ Integrity Test Indicator alongside the Door Fan Testing for a complete and comprehensive regulatory room test. Ideal for precise leak detection, Portascanner™ is an exceptionally accurate (to 0.06mm) and fast method. It is the first of its kind, intuitive to use, non-invasive, and consequently, is of immediate use to the Fire Industry.
Package Offered with Portascanner 520:

Portascanner 520 is an ultrasonic room integrity tester introduced by Coltraco. It offers some great content in a pinned packaging. Coltraco Limited, UK, offers following contents:

    Receiver Rod:

The user directs the rod at areas they will to survey. Any escaping ultrasound if received by the rod and sent to the main unit is recorded.


The generator is an ultrasonic generator with three transducers. These transducers emit a strong signal in one direction that fills that room/space with pulses of ultrasound.


The receiver processes and displays any ultrasound that emitted from a leaking space. The results are visually presented to the user on the internal screen as well as outputted to external headphones.


Any ultrasound that is identified by the unit is outputted as audible readings via external headphones.
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There are multiple companies manufacturing equipment. However, there are different names, which pop to your mind on priority. This happens because of the quality and affordability they have always come up with. Coltraco is one of these names, which are popular due to these things. It has been manufacturing ultrasonic monitoring and measuring products such as liquid level indicator and hatch cover testers from years. With upgraded options launched now and then has always kept people to keep their trust in them. It has been more than 2 decades that Coltraco is enjoying the position of being one of the top leading names in this domain on global scale. Out of all the categories it has introduced so far, Coltraco ultrasonic level indicator has developed its major space in the market. Most importantly, it makes sure that there are multiple options in regards to the scale and price so that businesses of all scales can feel comfortable and get entertained with them. As per Coltraco’s record of successful career, we are mentioning the applications of Portalevel Max – Generation 8. These measuring instruments accurately performs these mentioned applications:

Marine Industries

Companies like Coltraco’s historical record is steeped in the Marine sector and toda Ship Owners, Operators and Managers, P&I Clubs, Port Authorities, Shipyards and Service Stations, Towage and Salvage Operators, and Marine Surveyors are among their main and regular customers around the world. They have come up with advanced products and diversified range to serve the customers’ needs and Portalevel® MAX is the latest upgrade.

Fire Protection
Beginning the career with Portalevel has now become leading ultrasonic equipment in the fire safety and protection sector since they were first invented it in1989 and with the 8th generation model Portalevel MAX, Coltraco is pleased to offer an enhanced means of testing and certifying fire suppression systems. This liquid gas leak detector uses safe and clean technology. Portalevel® MAX aims to reduce time and cost; it is a must-have tool for fire system protection and we have the technical know-how and credentials to verify this.

Oil & Gas
Coltraco have units in operation on rigs, platforms and offshore support vessels around the globe, notably on approximately 160 of the North Sea rigs overtime, as well as with onshore drilling, exploration and production operations. Portalevel® MAX provides drilling operators, owners and contractors, down to the OIMs and barge managers with the assurance and confidence that their fire suppression systems are operating under an enhanced safety management plan.

Power Generation
Transmission sub-stations, power plants, and distribution networks need to minimize the risks of fire at all costs. For safety critical areas such as nuclear power generation, and the conventional fossil fuel power generation, Portalevel® MAX provides a further means of improving the safety management and preventative maintenance procedures of the fire suppression systems.

Government organizations and Defense forces around the globe, particularly Naval Forces and Coast Guards, have been using Coltraco equipment for over 20 years. These capabilities are focused upon Safety & Survey applications such as monitoring Naval vessel and Fleet Auxiliary vessel Halon 1301, typically using Portalevel to monitor contents of FM-Halon, FM-200™, CO2 & NOVEC™ 1230 systems.

The Two Principles
If you are an end user, to provide an additional means to check your systems more frequently, outside the regulatory certification checks and enhance your safety management, this liquid level indicator is the best choice.

If you are a servicing company, to conduct certified testing in compliance with regulations, the Portalevel is approved and certified with proven accuracy up to +/-1.5mm and to save 75% of the time to complete testing when compared to weighing cylinders. Moreover, data centers, telecommunications centers, High Rise Buildings, MTR rooms, and others are good for this device to measure the liquid levels.
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High quality companies like Coltraco has introduced Watertight Integrity Tester to the market, which is efficient to perform tasks in regards to tight seals such as watertight, airtight or weather-tight. This device is considered to be perfect and flawless when it comes to cable transit areas watertight testing whereas considered appropriate for scuttles, shell doors, hatch–covers, doors, flanges and steering gear hatches are the few others. Manufactured within modern terms, it qualifies to cope up with inspection of leak sites of critical sealing. Here below are the technical specifications, which you want to know:

Hatch cover tester is the portable Ultrasonic watertight integrity indicator – for testing watertight and weather-tight seals. It is ideal for checking the hatch-covers, doors, scuttles, cable transit areas, shell doors, flangers, steering gear hatches etc. Designed primarily to enhance the ease and accuracy with which critical airtight, watertight or weather tight seals can be inspected for leak sites or areas of reduced compression in the seal.

    Technical Specifications of Receiver – Hatch Cover Tester
    Enclosure: Aluminum IP65 Waterproof
    Output:  1 watt (maximum) audible signal (via calibrated headphones with visual 4 digit LCD display and graph)
    Battery Life: 10 hours continuous use minimum
    Weight: 419 Grams
    Powered By: 1 x 9V PP3 batteries with low battery indication
    Size: 21.5cm L x 8.5cm W x 3.5cm H

The receiver of this ultrasonic hatch cover tester uses ultrasonic technology to convert the 40KHz pulses sent by the generator into three easily comprehensible readings: audible, bar graph and numerical which enables the operator to understand if the seal is wholly watertight or to what extent a leak exists.

Technical Specifications of Generator – Hatch Cover Tester

    Mounting Arrangements: Permanent Magnet
    Output:  0.1 watt/100dB unidirectional
    Enclosure: ABS material
    Size: 15cm L x 9cm W x 5cm H
    Powered By: 2 x 9V PP3 batteries
    Weight: 431 Grams
    Battery Life: 10 hours minimum

The generator is an ultrasonic generator with three transducers. This will produce a strong signal in one direction i.e. directly from the transducer, which fills the compartment being tested with ultrasound pulses e.g. providing sufficient coverage to fill the hold when the hatch-covers are closed. The generator is permanently fitted with a powerful magnet which allows it to be attached to the vessel structure where required. A magnet cover is provided when the magnet is not in use.

Accuracy of Results Obtained

The extent of the leak is indicated by the numerical readout by this hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity-testing device. In terms of the numerical readout:

    “0 - 5” or ”0 dB” indicates seal watertight integrity
    “6 - 100” or “1 dB - 26 dB” indicates weather-tightness only
    “101+” or “27 dB+” indicates weak seal compression
    High values indicate a full leak site

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Over all these years of services we have received so far from huge names such as Coltraco, we have been tremendously facilitated all across the globe. Out of so many products, easing different tasks you have to perform manually, you can now enjoy accurate fire extinguishing agent mass without weighing. What else can be this great?

You cannot easily attach this portable calculator to your ultrasonic monitoring and measuring equipment and it will convert the received measurements of liquid level into weight. In this way, you enjoy two major tasks being done by a single people. Coltraco always seeks to make sure that you can have maximum feasibility in minimum input. Here are few significant details about this effective weighing cylinders method.

Three Core Features
Weighing Calculator without contact is offered with following major features:

    1. Data-logging
    Add value to servicing and enhance safety management system thanks to the accurate and reliable data-logging capability, which enables the results to be recorded, downloaded and emailed as a CSV file.
    2. Measure weight without weighing
    Traditional method of manually weighing fire suppression system cylinders is no longer necessary, by using Portalevel® to find the level height and this app to convert into the fill weight.
    3. Quick and Easy
    Together with Portalevel® this app on the 7” rugged tablet enables a competent user to test a cylinder to identify contents loss in under 60 seconds.

Advantages with Coltraco Liquid Level to Mass Conversion Calculator
This continuous gas weight monitoring system comes with amazing benefits. Some of the highlighted ones are mentioned below:

You can reactive Time Efficient:
The stand-alone unit is based on a 7’’ tablet computer, and will allow the software to be used out in the field so liquid levels and agent weights can be calculated in real time without the need for information to be recorded independently and then analyzed on a separate computer.

Highly Accurate:
It takes into account the dimensions of practically any cylinder, the type of agent being measured and the ambient temperature therefore providing accurate results in a variety of conditions.

Often used cylinder sizes and settings can be saved and loaded for quick and easy access to prevent the need to repeatedly enter common values.
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