Ultrasonic Safety and Survey Equipments

We specializes in the design and manufacture of niche Ultrasonic Safety and Survey equipments. We have been in operation since 1989 and since then have been the World Leaders in the specialist field of Ultrasonic Manufacturing. Our equipments are in use throughout the Marine, Fire Protection, Offshore, Petrochemical, Industrial, Power Generating, Rail and Defence and they export to over 100 countries Worldwide.
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Carbon Dioxide better known by its substance condition CO2 is the fundamental fire-covering administrators known as "spotless" and used for marine fire camouflage. It is by and large used as a piece of CO2 & marine CO2 systems to cover fire in unmanned domains of the watercraft. Since today's water crafts especially adventure and transport vessels aren't adequately little to spread the staff by and large, it is basic to give security highlights in the watercraft where there aren't any men exhibit. There are times when a little fire may breakout with no notice. Accomplishing the distant area may give it enough time to amass quality and cause more imperative fiendishness. In such a case it is fundamental to ensure that there is smoke and fire identifiers acquainted with smother the fire immediately and allow time for the staff to reach on spot.

The Kinds of CO2 Cylinder Systems
As per the marine industry is develop, high weight chamber structures in both rack mounted and slide mounted are presented. These high weight barrels are adequately talented to give CO2 & Marine CO2 Systems such drive on the fire that it is splashed after a short time. As the modified structures jump up with the area of fire in any district where they are presented, the fire is covered achieving the smallest possible harm to the vessel and extras the lives introduced. Thusly with the help of these systems various significant items and lives can be saved from destruction and the vessel similarly remains safe from harms.

Keep Measuring on Liquid Levels
Basically presenting the CO2 and marine CO2 systems isn't adequate. One should keep a general be careful with the Carbon Dioxide introduce in the barrels. While the high weight chambers fulfill the need to execute the flares in unmanned zones, low weight barrel and marine CO2 structures are presented where individuals may be accessible. These systems can be found presented in the engine rooms, pump rooms, equipment keeping spaces and cargo holds. Best way to keep a check on the quantity of these cylinders is to possess liquid level indicator. The inspiration to acquaint low weight structure is with shield the general population safe from being secured under the Carbon Dioxide weight. Since it murders out the Oxygen introduce at a quick speed, it executes the flares and the low weight gives the general populations a perfect chance to purge and have the ability to breathe in clean air.

Usually the systems go on and off and the CO2 weight in the chambers ends up being low. With the help of the ultrasonic liquid level pointer the weight in these chambers can be adequately recognized. It is basic to keep measuring the measure of Carbon Dioxide gas in the compartments. Keeping a watch engages the staff to be in peace over the route that at whatever point the need develops for the chambers to work, there would be adequate suppressants to kill the fire quickly. Low level of suppressant means there are chances that the fire would not be totally put out but instead the barrels will run dry. Since the CO2 and marine CO2 frameworks barrels are single cleaned, there is no real way to see inside and measure the level with the human eye. So we finally require the gadget, for instance, the ultrasonic measuring contraption to keep a watch on them.
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All around the world, there are thousands of company working in the specific industry producing ultrasonic products. One of the popular names is Coltraco Limited, UK, which is regarded to be one of the most appropriate and successful chains of various products appreciable in various departments. Since 1987, it is facilitating people with highly advanced devices. Generally, a hatch cover-testing device is prepared out of two units, which are known to be generator and receiver. Ultrasound with emission of particular frequency of 40,000 Hz, the generator manages to prove. With the integration of magnets, it can be attached to various surfaces easily within sealed areas.

Receiver is capable of receiving the signals and conversion is made which results into the indication of W/T integrity. This advance and efficient system helps the entire areas under monitoring in functioning and enhance performance may be. Moreover, with the fire extinguisher monitoring range produced by Coltraco Ultrasonic Ltd, the results can be transferred to the computer where a permanent data can be stored. It further helps to compare the results and efficiency of these devices along with the installed system you have invested on for emergency situations. Portascanner™ watertight is multiple cable transit areas testing device which is efficient to direct and convert the results to audio and display. This helps to alert the responsible person to give attention more promptly then other ways.

Receiver of Portascanner™ Watertight
It consists of extension rod connector, Gain 1,2,3, Volume Up and Down Buttons, LCD Visual Display, Mode, On and Off Buttons and Headphone Connection. Following is the way of operation of receiver:

    It is tuned for detecting the particular frequency of ultrasound ways.
    It possesses audio and visual outputs.
    As sensor rod is attached to it, a user can scan the seal at close range entirely.
    LCD screen shows the visual output of detected ultrasounds.
    The visual data received can be converted to decibels (dB) reading which is perfect to be tested to certification society standards.
    Bar graph representation is also available.
    With standard jack of 3.5 mm, a headphone is attached to the receiver to receive audio signals.
    Heterodyning is the process through which receiver converts the ultrasound waves into audio signals so that user can easily hear.

Generator of Portascanner™ Watertight
 It consists of Power On and Off Buttons, Transducers, Low Battery Indication and Battery Compartment. The operation of generator of this cable transit watertight areas testing are mentioned below:

    It is placed on one side of the sealed compartment and turned on.
    Sensor rod is utilized to scan the seal by user standing on the other side of the compartment
    Increased signal strength will be shown apparently for leak sites.
    The numerical display and volume of audible signals can easily show the strength of the signals received by the receiver.

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All around the world, you will find multiple manufacturing and supplier producing ultrasonic monitoring instruments. They all differ in quality and affordability of products they offer to the clients and customers across the globe. This may sound to be a minor feature to rely on but practically makes an unbeatable difference. It is now more than 2 decades of successful career of Coltraco Limited, UK to assist the world of industrial setup with high quality products and better but multiple options of a single product in regards to the need and affordability. One of the major line people have been using from several years is Portalevel, which is massively diversified.

Coltraco Ltd is the OEM of the Portalevel® Standard with over 15,000 units in service in 105 countries worldwide. The Portalevel® Standard is powered by 4 x AA 1.5v batteries, 230mA current consumption, 10 hours continuous life, weight: 500 gm, measuring 155mm x 95mm x 45mm, wet and dry sensors 16 x 16 mm size, fixed 90° angled extension rod for use on multi-banked systems. This ultrasonic liquid level indicator - 7th Generation Portable Standard is best for CO2, Halon, FM200™, NAF S III, FE 13, CEA 410 and Novec 1230 gaseous extinguishing systems.

Technology Integrated in Portalevel® Standard is ultrasonic technology to identify the interface between liquid and air in any single skinned container. It therefore has none of the user problems associated with radioactive liquid level indicators, which require dedicated training, storage, Health & Safety documentation, and transportation. It also replaces the traditional means of verifying liquid levels by dismantling and weighing in which the system may be closed down or disconnected, risking potential damage in so doing and involving considerable time, expense and inconvenience.

What Does Portalevel® Standard 7th Generation Mean?
Coltraco Limited, UK have upgraded the electronics to enable more intuitive handling and ease of operation, in terms of calibration to a cylinder and the lights and digital display. This liquid level indicator has also been made an easy-use membrane control and an easy clean fascia panel.

Certifications and Approvals

    US Department of Defense Halon
    RINA Approved
    NATO Stock Number 6680-99-275-5292
    Det Norske Veritas Accepted
    Coltraco Part Number 2290334
    Quality Standard
    Manufactured to BS EN 5750, ISO 9001
    Depletion Agency approval
    “Portalevel” Trade Mark Registered No 2290334
    Manufactured to US MIL-STD
    UK Government Cage Code KD983

If you want to read more about this device, <a href="http://www.coltraco.com/pdfs/Portalevel-Standard-Brochure-March 2014.pdf">download PDF
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There are various monitoring products oriented to the industrial sector but Coltraco makes it different. There are multiple systems and products introduced by Coltraco up till now to help you fight-back fire at the earliest level. We seek to make sure that in case of unexpected and unwanted situation such as fire, loss is decreased to the minimum extent. This makes us to work from dawn to dusk to make sure that you are protected round the clock, no matter how uncontrollable the circumstances are.

Keeping the needs of people in view and observing the market closely, there are different products and systems introduced to the market. We make sure that once the clients come to us, they find everything right under one roof. Regardless of how qualified your fire security system is, if you monitoring system are weak, it is sad to mention but you must be disappointed in case of emergency. Fire extinguishing systems require a monitoring system, which mechanically keep an eye on the entire system. It even requires minimum labour force to maintain the system, however gives off maximum efficiency.

As per the background and experience of Coltraco is concerned, it has been in this business for more than 2 decades. Being concerned manufacturer and supplier, we understand the need of systems due to which Permalevel and Permascanner was oriented to meet the needs. With these systems, you can easily keep a check on containers possessing liquids and leaks in hatch covers or anywhere in cargo ship throughout the day without manual support.

This system was originally and basically developed a decade or more back by UK Atomic Energy Sector. It is regarded to be one of the fire extinguishing monitoring systems, which provides you accurate results throughout the clock. There is no need for you to stay alert as this system is integrated with alarms, which begins when there is unusual fall in liquid levels.

This ultrasonic level indicator comes with various features and advantages, which you may want to view. If you are interested in knowing the advantages, keep on scrolling down.

    Coltraco offers Benefits with Permalevel Single Point
    These are various benefits you can enjoy with Coltraco Permalevel Single Point:
    Highly Accurate Results
    Our sensors are proven to monitor the liquid level accurate to +/- 1.5mm
    Efficient Alternative
    This system is designed to be reliable and authentic alternative to the dangerous method of weighing cylinders or unreliable mechanical pressure gauges. This reduces the chances of coming into contact with dangerous fluids and removes the inaccuracy of results.
    Instant Notification of Leak
    An early detection enables a fast reaction and the minimization of risk, which guarantees better maintenance of these systems.
    System is Wholly Manageable - IN HOUSE
    No third party access necessary, which is beneficial for high-security sites
    Easy Installation
    During the installation the fire extinguishing monitoring system remains online. This is an essential feature for critical infrastructure as downtime is eliminated.
    Individual Cylinders can be Monitored
    Allowing for complete safety of assets and personnel as fire extinguishing systems such as FM 200 fire suppression system may be beneficial to secure stuff, but only if the cylinders are loaded with liquefied gases.

Coltraco possess a large variety of other similar products, which may be of your need. Check out the range and choose which one is suitable for you. You may be interested in viewing other Coltraco monitoring products and fire extinguishing monitoring systems. They must help you find one of your required and search item.
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Unfortunately, no one can guarantees safety only by installation of fire suppressing systems. There are a lot of other things to be done which are primarily important to take care of the installed solution to fight back fire flames if caused ever. Primarily, it is important to know that there are different fire fighting agents and chemicals/ gases which can be used at moment of emergency such as carbon dioxide, FM 200, NOVEC 1230, Halons and components and others. They all vary in qualities, affordability and performance whereas side effects come in different quantity as well.

There are numerous set up for meeting the critical situations when fire can actually burn out the entire building or place. Though fire extinguishers are considered a significant installation but mistreating any manually produced things can be hazardous. To avoid such mishaps and situations, it is important to take care of the system. It will not only make this system to enhance the results but avoid being risky rather than helpful. Out of all these systems, FM 200 fire suppression system is a trustworthy and efficient waterless fire protection system which immediately suppresses the fire flames created by the discharge of relevant agent. Medical record rooms, server centers and cell sites are few places where it is utilized massively. It is known to be a really comprehensive and refined system, which plays a significant role in securing irreplaceable and vital assets.

Commonly if you want to know about fire extinguishers, they are safety devices whereas its installation occurs in plazas, malls, industries, business, multiple floored buildings, house and others which suppression of flames might be difficult other way. Different devices and agents are different manufactured due to which you may find a huge variety available in market. In case, they are malfunction, they are not useless for emergency situation, which require really monitoring. As a result, it may cause massive destruction as people commonly rely on these devices in critical situations. For these situations, ultrasonic gas leak detector maintenance instructions are given:

    Make sure the installation of fire extinguishers is checked on monthly basis without any delay. Damage, corrosion of cylinders, dent or tearing is commonly causes of malfunctioning. Prominent visibility of these installed devices should be done so that quick access can be done in case of fire emergencies. Proper pressure should be indicated through the gauge. Do not forget to possess ultrasonic liquid level indicator for monitoring the functioning and condition of the system.
    As far as the maintenance of fire extinguishers is concerned on massive scale such as for industries, plazas and board ships, make sure you hire professionals qualifying in this specific category. Services and properly maintained by a licensed contractor on annual basis in consideration to the rules can help you secure them for proper usage. These professionals authentically go through the entire system and equipment and confirm the proper functioning of the installed fire extinguishing system. They may also suggest you replacement if need or mention about the expiration of the device. Date of inspection and usability approval label is placed on the manually monitored system.
    As there is a variety available in fire extinguishers, the method varies as well in regards to maintenance. Make sure about the right procedure being usage for your fire and safety system installed in the building. It is compulsion to assure the correct usability and functioning of the equipment in need of disaster to avoid destruction.

It is suggested to keep your monitoring system as well if you have a business on massive scale so that no destruction and unusual delay can occur due to the malfunction of fire extinguishing system. It is important for you to personally possess some fire extinguishers monitors and indicators, which may vary in regards to the installation of your fire extinguishing system.
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All around the world, Coltraco LTD, UK is known for its outstanding services when it comes to the world of today. We have always made sure to make our clients to experience something that is perfect and incredible to be done. Coltraco is regarded for being welcoming to all its clients across the world. It is mission to create accurate, reliable and easy to use instrumentation enhances the safety management of clients. The issue is not just about compliance with the regulations; it is about the safe ship offshore and the safe site onshore. This helps Coltraco’s clients to ensure lower risk, higher protection and business continuity for they believe in safety for safety's sake.

Benefits of Portascanner Watertight Integrity Tester
Green Technology

A clean method of testing that does not violate any environmental codes, unlike hose testing
It is highly intuitive operation and enabling regular testing
It can identify leaks as small as 0.06 mm ± 0.02 mm
Arctic Use
The hose testing is impossible to conduct in severe arctic conditions
No Training Costs
This device is free-of-charge online, telephone and email training support through-life
It seals, hatch-covers, watertight/weather tight doors and MCTs can be tested efficiently and reliably, thus saving time and costs
Testing Pre/Post-Loading
It does not affect cargo & one can test with contents in situation
Magnetic Base
It allows generator to be fitted on hatch combing just inside the hold, saving significant time and effort no longer needing to climb down into holds
Lightweight and Portable
It can be carried around/into compartments with ease
Cost Effective
The most mathematically accurate hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing indicator with dual decibel and mathematical display
Three Reading Types
It shows 2 readings on LCD display with Bar Graph and Numerical as well as Audible via headphones, for ease of operation and reporting
Unique Tone of Audio Indication
It allows the user to distinguish whether it is the ultrasound signal or background noise being received
No IATA Transportation Restrictions
It uses safe, clean & environmental ultrasonic technology and does not use liquid batteries
How to Operate Portascanner Watertight?
Here below, we have mentioned the functioning of this device manufactured under Coltraco Limited, United Kingdom. If you are facing any difficulty in its usage, this will help.

    This hatch cover tester connects the Rod and Headphones to the Receiver and place the Generator into the compartment to be tested.
    Fix the Generator by the magnet to any metallic surface not far from the seal being inspected.
    Switch the Generator ‘Onʼ and all the readings will dramatically increase.
    Leaving the cover of the seal being tested open and check around the seal to ensure a strong signal is being received at all points.
    The compartment is then closed and the inspection of the seal begins.
    If there is a leak or area of weak seal compression readings will increase.
    By moving the Sensor to where the signal is strongest, the operator can identify the exact location and extent of any leak site and steps can be taken to fix this issue.

If you want to know more about Portascanner II Watertight, Download PDF
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Coltraco has a huge list of products and ranges that cannot be summarized altogether but we have grouped them to help you understand how diversified this manufacturer is. Here we have enlisted the group with these broad utilities.

Portalevel – Liquid Level Indicator
Portalevel, the Liquid Level Indicator is designed to non-invasively detect the level of fire suppression agent contained with in a cylinder. With over 20 years of experience, we are now manufacturing our 8th Generation unit type. We have equipment operating in 105 countries worldwide across multiple market sectors including equipment operating on 9,000 Commercial Vessels, 1,000 offshore oil and gas installations, 500 power stations and 5,000 fire protection companies.

Portasteele Calculator

The Portasteele™ Calculator calculates the fill weight of a fire suppression cylinder. It does this using the fill level determined by our Portalevel™ unit, or inversely using the required fill level for a certain weight of suppression agent. It is efficient at calculating fire suppression agent weight without any separate reading.

Portamonitor - Ultrasonic Bearing Indicator

The Portamonitor® is the most recent addition to the Coltraco range. It aids in the identification of mechanical faults in bearings within motors, pumps, fans, gearboxes and other rotating machinery applications.  It does this by detecting high frequency stress waves associated with friction and other faults with machinery in poor condition.

Portagauge – Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

The Portaguage® range is a series of Thickness Gauges designed to accurately test the thickness of metal infrastructure on land and at sea. In over 20 years of designing and manufacturing, Coltraco have supplied robust general-purpose Thickness Gauges to complement our range of equipment utilizing Ultrasonic Technology across the spectrums of solids, liquids and air.

Portascanner – Ultrasonic Watertight Integrity Tester
Our Ultrasonic Watertight Integrity indicator – for testing watertight and weather-tight seals on-board commercial ships, naval vessels, platforms, rigs, yachts, etc. Ideal for checking the hatch-covers, doors, cable transit areas, scuttles, flanges, shell doors, steering gear hatches etc. Our latest model is an efficient alternative to water hose or pressure testing. It is always suggested to run an ultrasonic hatch cover testing to make sure that no external ingression can damage cargo.

Portasonic – Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Our Portable Non-Invasive Ultrasonic Flow Meter is designed for monitoring flow rates and identifying obstructions within pipes of water sprinkler systems and other clean fluids. Carefully designed for compactness and ease of use, the SL2 benefits from an easy to follow menu and simple set up for trouble free operation.

To check out all products in detail, please check out Coltraco Products List
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Coltraco Limited, UK has always tried its level best to provide various solutions to cater people in regards to diversified needs. It keeps on producing new innovated products and measuring instruments to help people get the results in quickest, simplest and easiest way without going into budget issues.

Permascanner® Dynamic is our semi-fixed ultrasonic watertight integrity test indicating system for the dynamic testing of Hatch Covers, Holds, bulkheads, cable transits and watertight doors and compartments at sea. Derived from its sister product the Portascanner®, Permascanner™ Dynamic is designed to quickly identify leak sites in their extent and precise location, whilst at sea.

Permascanner® Dynamic allows a pattern of readings to be recorded against varying sea states, enabling a true picture of the seal integrity to be recorded over time. It efficiently helps you for hatch covers integrity, multiple cable transit areas testing and watertight doors continuously over varying sea-state states. The ultrasonic hatch cover testing system will enables Marine Superintendants, Barge Supervisors or OIMs to embody its highly accurate readings into an enhanced on board safety procedure.

Key Benefits for Possessing Hatch Cover Testing
Here are the quick list of benefits you can enjoy with Hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing system manufactured by Coltraco with lowest price and high quality.

    Continuous Operation which means 10 day/3000NM continuous monitoring of hatch cover seals
    Enhance Risk Management through integration with performance standard procedures for vessel, cargo and safety of Life at Sea
    Instant Notification with the use of alarms to alert Officers & Crew that all hatch covers are closed & sealed at all times
    High Accuracy with which you can identify leaks as small as 0.06 mm ± 0.02 mm
    Magnetically Mounted Base means no fuss in setup as generator can be easily attached to the hold.

You can also check out individual products for hatch cover testing
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The Portalevel Original is our low cost, entry-level model in the Portalevel Range. It is based on an older design and brought back into the range for those customers looking for low intensity and price conscious applications. The unit is proven in the field and especially suited to standard cylinder sizes between 20-80kg of agent weight.

Package Content of Portalevel Original
Following are the details of content you can avail with this ultrasonic gas leak detector basically and on demand. For the optional accessories, Coltraco facilitates you upon demand so make sure while purchasing; you mention the requirement of optional accessories if you are interested.

    Portalevel™ Original electronic unit
    Standard “Dry” sensor and cable with magnetic applicator for ease of use
    Bottle of ultrasonic gel
    Operating instructions and calibration certificate
    Supplied in a carrying case

Optional Accessories
These are available upon demand with this portable ultrasonic liquid level indicator. You can also purchase them along the package but with mentioning of the accessories you need along.

    A “wet” sensor for use on poor condition cylinders and
    The multi-bank extension rod, designed to use on board ships and 2-3 banked cylinder installations
    Portatherm™ non contact thermometer for checking cylinder temperature

The unit is covered by 3-year warranty and sensor by a 12-month warranty. The unit is simple to operate using push button controls and requires little or no training. We offer unlimited technical support to each Portalevel Original customer, during which time our engineers are available to answer any technical queries.
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The diverse mediums of transport accessible today have plainly made this world a worldwide town. We as a whole love our autos that drive us to the goals without squandering our circumstances and without making an issue on the trek. The greatest business in the United States can be named as the vehicle business. Because of this, we can see a zillion distinctive autos out and about. We can see individuals zooming in their vehicles to various goals and we should not overlook the colossal system is the general population transport that fills in as the foundation of our economy. Without these we would even now be in the stone-age and go on donkeys simply like our precursors.

At the point when the principal plane was designed, it was in no way like the ones that we can ride today. Sitting securely inside the planes without a stress, we as a whole realize that they have been deliberately kept up and are dependable. At the point when a plane takes off for a flight, the greatest danger for it is a break in the body that could permit the pneumatic stress to extend it and discover a path in. this cataclysm could tear separated the plane, as well as the lives of the considerable number of individuals on load up. To ensure that the body is in place, ultrasonic monitoring and measuring equipment is done to check it. Due to the gaseous tension that it needs to persist in the skies can't be effectively made in the labs; the water can plainly distinguish a break.

Running this test requires a wide range of assets and a great deal of time. To limit the tests costs and the time it requires, current science has been in steady scan for some gadget that would have the capacity to give exact outcomes without experiencing the chaotic tests. Today we can be grateful to the researchers who have concocted the ultrasonic leak detector, which can be utilized for running a test. Despite the fact that it came up as an item for the marine business, however its effectiveness expanded its viewpoints and conveyed it to the aeronautics business.
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