Ultrasonic Safety and Survey Equipments

We specializes in the design and manufacture of niche Ultrasonic Safety and Survey equipments. We have been in operation since 1989 and since then have been the World Leaders in the specialist field of Ultrasonic Manufacturing. Our equipments are in use throughout the Marine, Fire Protection, Offshore, Petrochemical, Industrial, Power Generating, Rail and Defence and they export to over 100 countries Worldwide.
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Coltraco all around the world is approached by people in regards to the high quality services provided before and after sales. This feature makes it different from others and built a reliable relation with customers. Today, it has been more than 20 years but it never put off hands from quality and reasonable pricing for all its range.

As part of our core commitment to Science and specifically in liquefied Gaseous Extinguishing and Suppression Systems and after some very fine work by Mr. Sam Watson, Head of Research & Development, Mr. Henry Hunter, we are ably created and supported by Luke, Jade and Nicole we are delighted to announce the USA launch of Portasteeleโ„ข Calculator at the NFPA Show in Las Vegas this week. Here we have enlisted some amazing benefits that comes with this continuous gas weight monitoring system:

Time Efficient
The stand-alone unit is based on a 7โ€™โ€™ tablet computer, and will allow the software to be used out in the field so liquid levels and agent weights can be calcu-lated in real time without the need for information to be recorded independently and then analysed on a separate computer

Often used for cylinder sizes and settings can be saved and loaded for quick and easy access to prevent the need to repeatedly enter common values.

Highly Accurate
With its accurate fire extinguishing agent mass without weighing method which is taken into account the dimensions of practically any cylinder, the type of agent being measured and the ambient temperature therefore providing accurate results in a variety of conditions.

For other inquiries and assistance, please contact customer support
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Unfortunately, no one can guarantees safety only by installation of fire suppressing systems. There are a lot of other things to be done which are primarily important to take care of the installed solution to fight back fire flames if caused ever. Primarily, it is important to know that there are different fire fighting agents and chemicals/ gases which can be used at moment of emergency such as carbon dioxide, FM 200, NOVEC 1230, Halons and components and others. They all vary in qualities, affordability and performance whereas side effects come in different quantity as well.

There are numerous setups for meeting the critical situations when fire can actually burn out the entire building or place. Though fiare extinguishers are considered a significant installation but mistreating any manually produced things can be hazardous. To avoid such mishaps and situations, it is important to take care of the system. It will not only make this system to enhance the results but avoid being risky rather than helpful. Out of all these systems, FM 200 fire suppression system is a trustworthy and efficient waterless fire protection system which immediately suppresses the fire flames created by the discharge of relevant agent. Medical record rooms, server centers and cell sites are few places where it is utilized massively. It is known to be a really comprehensive and refined system, which plays a significant role in securing irreplaceable and vital assets.

Commonly if you want to know about fire extinguishers, they are safety devices whereas its installation occurs in plazas, malls, industries, business, multiple floored buildings, house and others which suppression of flames might be difficult other way. Different devices and agents are different manufactured due to which you may find a huge variety available in market. In case, they are malfunction, they are not useless for emergency situation, which require really monitoring. As a result, it may cause massive destruction as people commonly rely on these devices in critical situations. For these situations, maintenance instructions are given:
Make sure the installation of fire extinguishers is checked on monthly basis without any delay. Damage, corrosion of cylinders, dent or tearing is commonly causes of malfunctioning. Prominent visibility of these installed devices should be done so that quick access can be done in case of fire emergencies. Proper pressure should be indicated through the gauge. Do not forget to possess ultrasonic liquid level indicator for monitoring the functioning and condition of the system.

    As far as the maintenance of fire extinguishers is concerned on massive scale such as for industries, plazas and board ships, make sure you hire professionals qualifying in this specific category. Services and properly maintained by a licensed contractor on annual basis in consideration to the rules can help you secure them for proper usage.
    These professionals authentically go through the entire system and equipment and confirm the proper functioning of the installed fire extinguishing system. They may also suggest you replacement if need or mention about the expiration of the device. Date of inspection and usability approval label is placed on the manually monitored system.
    As there is a variety available in fire extinguishers, the method varies as well in regards to maintenance. Make sure about the right procedure being usage for your fire and safety system installed in the building. It is compulsion to assure the correct usability and functioning of the equipment in need of disaster to avoid destruction.

It is suggested to keep your monitoring system as well if you have a business on massive scale so that no destruction and unusual delay can occur due to the malfunction of fire extinguishing system. It is important for you to personally possess some fire extinguishers monitors and indicators, which may vary in regards to the installation of your fire extinguishing system.
For further assistance, contact Coltraco Customer Service
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Coltraco Limited UK has always been a spotlight when it comes to the ultrasonic monitoring instrumentation. Over the years counting to be more than 2 decades, we have specialized in studying the need of various sectors we majorly touch such as oil and gas, defense, industrial sectors and multiple other options. Most importantly, we assist marine industry in various means such as providing them with better solutions to come up with perfect deliverance of cargo or other voyage they are on system is provided to the cruise ships to test the integrity of compartments and hatch covers to make sure there are no leaks in order to finish the journey with secured cargo.

Since 1989, we keep on producing new innovated products and measuring instruments to help people get the results in quickest, simplest and easiest way without going into budget issues. Permascannerยฎ Dynamic is our semi-fixed ultrasonic watertight integrity test indicating system for the dynamic testing of hatch covers maintenance, holds, bulkheads, cable transits and watertight doors and compartments at sea. Derived from its sister product - Portascannerยฎ, Permascannerโ„ข Dynamic is designed to quickly identify leak sites in their extent and precise location, whilst at sea. Furthermore, facilities of Optional Accessories and Permascannerยฎ Dynamic are provided as after sales benefits on demand. The details of both of these facilities are mentioned below:

1.    Permascannerโ„ข Dynamic

Permascannerยฎ Dynamic allows a pattern of readings to be recorded against varying sea states, enabling a true picture of the seal integrity to be recorded over time. It efficiently helps you for hatch covers integrity, multiple cable transit areas testing and watertight doors continuously over varying sea-state states. The ultrasonic hatch cover testing system will enables Marine Superintendants, Barge Supervisors or OIMs to embody its highly accurate readings into an enhanced on board safety procedure. We are committed to developing continuous monitoring solutions especially for hatch cover maintenance. This will enable the hatch-covers to be tested whilst on voyage at sea to see how the vessel is responding to the dynamic sea states. We have given below a visual representation of this hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing system. Give it a look!

2.    Optional Accessories

Extended Hi-Life Generator Additional standard generators can be used when testing large holds and the Extended Hi-Life Permascannerโ„ข Generators can provide up to 10 daysสผ continuous testing whilst at sea.

Why purchase Coltraco Portascanner หš?

Since 1989, Coltraco Ultrasonics have been designing and manufacturing ultrasonic instrumentation such as liquid level indicator and systems for safety and servicing. In 2012 we partnered with a fellow well respected UK OEM of thickness gauges to design our current models.

Our Portascannerโ„ข is carefully hand built and undergoes rigorous quality testing to ensure it meets the high standards expected by our customers, and to provide them with long-term reliability.

Our Commitment to Safety
We are dedicated to being a Safeshipโ„ข and Safesiteโ„ข company, encouraging safety for safetyโ€™s sake. Our Portascannerโ„ข is part of our range of 14 products and systems which are all designed to offer alternative methods to traditional means of testing, for example fire suppression systems, watertight integrity, flow testing and more.

Our Commitment to Science
We are committed to designing and manufacturing the most mathematically accurate products and systems globally, supported by the highest standards of technical support and customer care.
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