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We specializes in the design and manufacture of niche Ultrasonic Safety and Survey equipments. We have been in operation since 1989 and since then have been the World Leaders in the specialist field of Ultrasonic Manufacturing. Our equipments are in use throughout the Marine, Fire Protection, Offshore, Petrochemical, Industrial, Power Generating, Rail and Defence and they export to over 100 countries Worldwide.
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With great honour and at the invitation of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Maritime and Ports, and with thanks to Clare, our amazing Head of Communications & Government Relations, we attended the annual session of the AAPGMP in Select Committee Room 16 at the House of Commons last week.

Chaired by the Rt Hon Jim Fitzpatrick MP the meeting was addressed by the Rt Hon John Hayes MP, Minister for Shipping who, speaking to the worshipful Company of Shipwrights earlier this month in London said something we wholly support, “On your shoulders rests Britain’s future as the world’s leading maritime nation. If, 100 years from now, we are still to be famous as the country that builds, repairs and maintains the finest vessels that sail the seas; if we are still to be renowned as the home of shipbuilding genius and skill; and if we are still to be celebrated as the nation that leads the world’s maritime affairs, it will be because those in this room today seized the opportunity to learn, to train, and to excel at everything you do.”

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We are a leading UK company with state of the art ultrasonic devices that help the maritime industry work without delays. Our world famous Portascanner is the perfect device for immediate and flawless hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing. As ships face a lot of wear and tear during their voyages, many cracks and leaks appear without the crew knowing about them. Most of them appear in hidden places where the human eye cannot see. This proves to be lethal when the next voyage takes place as the goods get water damaged and the sipping company faces a lot of criticism and not to mention losses.

We strive to provide the maritime industry with the best devices that can be used for detecting leaks so they can find a suitable solution well within time. Apart from just focusing on hatch covers integrity testing, the Portascanner is completely capable of assisting in watertight compartment doors testing. Thus this device can be used to scan the entire ship and ensure that when the ship sets out for a voyage there is no chance of water seeping inside the cabins or cargo holds. A dry ship is a safe ship as water not only causes damage to goods or cause panic inside the cabins, it increases weight which can often prove to be lethal for the well being of the ship and the crew that sails with it.
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We are often asked about our ultrasonic level indicator calibration, why it is important, how often it should be done and why. The reason we know calibration to be important, and recommend its annual service is because our equipment is designed to improve safety and best practice, so ensuring the equipment used to conduct such inspections is necessary. But don’t just listen to us: our manufacturer’s recommendation is based on clear cut regulations. Under ISO 17025 standards for the calibration of any monitoring or measuring equipment, it must be at least once a year.

At Rolls Royce the test cell for their Trent XWB engines are calibrated every 3 months. In the gas industry, customers are recommended to calibrate their detectors every 6 months, especially if they are using them in confined spaces, in order to sure they are maintaining their accuracy as per technical specifications. There are serious consequences if customers do not value the understanding of their tools or equipment, which unfortunately renders them at risk.

But what about the 5 year calibration certificates? On calibration and as a manufacturer of quality, we are clear that it is unsound, unsafe and unprofessional to compete on calibration as some of our competitors are offering 5 year calibration certificates. We do not wish to contravene ISO 17025. Nor do we wish customers to believe that it is the manufacturer that dictates calibration standards, which is not the case. However, we do not force the customer do anything because it is up to their discretion – the key here is that we will not issue calibration certificates beyond a year especially for the Portalevel liquid level indicator.

When you buy from Coltraco, you have confidence in the longevity of your equipment, aided by our Coltraco Customer Care Commitment, including life-time support. In addition, we have set up ODA Service Centres worldwide, with more coming online in 2017, so you can send your equipment for its calibration locally. We always do something “over and above” to enhance the unit for customers and we have a wonderful reputation as a consequence.

For more information: ISO 17025 is an international standard for test and calibration labs. The manual is available online https://www.iso.org/obp/ui/#iso:std:iso-iec:17025:ed-2:v1:en.
Get in touch on support@coltraco.co.uk.
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It is common knowledge that power generating facilities are safety critical and extremely high value assets. As a result, there is a great focus on business continuity due to the pressures and costs incurred due to accidents, faults, fires, or other temporary outage disruption. Here are 3 ways we have helped these businesses and will do in the future:

CONTINUOUS MONITORING: Our first ever made-to-order fixed, permanent, continuous monitoring system was for Sellafield Nuclear Power Generation Plant in the UK over 12 years ago.

MORE FREQUENT INSPECTIONS OF FIRE SYSTEMS: Currently there is a major power generation player in the USA keen to Portalevel® MAX an unbeatable ultrasonic level indicator following a recommendation by leading insurers, FM Global. We are in discussions with several leading power generation companies in North America who will be serviced and supported by our American Strategic Partners.

INTEGRATED REAL-TIME MONITORING OF FIRE SYSTEMS: Now we offer this Safesite® smart solution liquid level indicator so the facilities safety manager will be instantly alerted in the case of agent leak, to ensure the system’s integrity.

Here are some extracts from an interesting article on electric generation stations from PowerMag to illustrate. “Occurrences at Thermalito Power Plant (California) in 2012, Detroit Dam (Oregon) in 2007, and Watts Bar Hydroelectric Plant (Tennessee) in 2002 resulted in major electrical fires. In almost all cases, the fires caused forced shutdowns, some for a year or more. The loss of generation as the result of an electrical fire often outweighs the actual fire damage.” [sic]“Even after a relatively small fire, smoke and soot removal can cost several millions of dollars in facilities with large open spaces. For example, cleanup costs at Thermalito were reported at approximately $90 million, with a total cost of the fire around $200 million. SOURCE. Here are further extracts taken from PowerMag: “Hydro plants are not without fire risk, and history reminds us that large-loss fires have occurred (see table). SOURCE
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The populace wherever all through the planet has increased various times now and today we require preparing plants that can deal with stock in a generous scale to meet the overall solicitations. Despite the consultations of the United Nations, the populace is starting now extending at an exasperating rate and in light of this we will require fundamentally more noteworthy creation lines later on. Responding to these propelled needs, we can see a lot of assembling plants developing themselves to be arranged when the time comes. With the expansion of these gathering units, they not simply need to deal with the more prominent region, yet they also need to store enough materials that are required to run a smooth and flawless assembling.

Isolated from just dry materials, for instance, plastic balls and powdered chemicals, there are a thousand distinct fluids that are an essential of the organizations. Various sorts of fluid chemicals, for instance, machine oils, whiten and toxins are used as a part of the amassing of things. These fluids are held in giant tanks acquainted with an up with date kind of liquid level indicator. This helps the ground staff to know the sum material is accessible inside the tanks. A specific measure of these materials is always kept accessible for later with the objective that work does not persevere in light of absence of any obliged material. Keeping their colossal era restrain in view, interference for a single hour can mean a gigantic setback for the preparing plant and a back bolt that can stack up immensely as an aftereffect of the work stack. In such cases the organization requests the masters to workers to work additional time and this practice costs are twofold the standard.

A bit of the materials that are used as a part of the collecting system are extraordinarily fragile in nature by virtue of a lot of toxins present in them. They are kept in exceptional conditions and because of their unstable nature, they should be dealt with carefully and measuring them in the way our progenitors would have done it could be a to a great degree hazardous task. The out of date ways are commonly the ones that oblige communicating with the materials and today, as a result of the mammoth assessed tanks and vessels it is not possible to get revealed without mortally harming yourself. Security of the staff starts things out under all conditions and along these lines new and creative gadgets are required. Cautious apparatus is not a conclusive protection in light of the way that deferred prologue to the risky fumes can spoil the suit and the vapor may find a way inside.

The latest break in measuring designing has come as the correct advanced and the strongest contraption known as the ultrasonic level indicator. Transmitting the harmless ultrasonic shafts, these contraptions can enter the dividers of the vessel and locate a perfect level of the material inside. A faultless instance of how the structure capacities could be known by the level sensors presented in the planes that allow the cockpit group to know how low or high they are beginning from the most punctual stage. Only for this circumstance these bars are transmitted from a hand held device that tells us about the materials inside an encased case.
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As a global company we thrive on exporting around the world. We are always delighted when we succeed in new markets and welcome working more in the African continent in 2016-2017 with our network developing in Nigeria and elsewhere. We already have equipment in Angola operating with leading oil and gas EPCs and now pleased to add marine servicing companies to this. The success of our products has enabled us to expand over 108 countries and now we have managed to provide support to our customers directly where our devices are being used.

For more information about our support please refer to our distributors page.

The Rise of Coltraco

For many years Coltraco only manufactured 2 – 3 ultrasonic products. Out of these limited products, Portalevel and Portascanner gradually became world leaders. The Portalevel became famous for its remarkable results as an ultrasonic level indicator (of fire suppression systems). On the other hand, the Portascanner gained worldwide fame for being a flawless device when used for hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing. Equipped with the latest ultrasonic technology, it became the very object to replace the traditional leak detection methods for ships hatch covers, Naval cable transit areas, offshore oil & gas watertight doors and scuttles respectively.
A Glimpse of the World Famous Portalevel
Here we introduce you the contents of packaging of our renowned ultrasonic level indicator
Dry Sensor
A standard sensor for all land based Portalevel units. The metal applicator is connected to the unit via 1 meter of ax cable and a BNC connector.
An infrared thermometer comes as standard. Designed with portability in-mind, this device is intended for monitoring cylinders in warm climates.
Main Unit
The main unit is protected a IP65 Enclosure and weighs just 500 grams. It has a LCD Numeric Display with LED Bar Graph and 4 touch button controls.
Ultrasonic Gel
Ultrasonic Gel is a brilliant agent for increasing the surface contact of the Sensor. Coltraco sensors have also been designed to work with water.
Extension Rod (Optional)
The Multi-Banked Extension rod comes as standard with the all Portalevel MAX Marine models. It is designed for testing the rows of CO2 cylinders 3-4 deep
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Clare and our CEO exhibited at the FPA Fire Sector Summit held at the Royal College of Surgeons in London this week, and presented a paper to FPA delegates on the need to apply Mathematics in the Ungoverned Space of Fire Engineering, Pressurisation & Constant Monitoring of Gaseous Extinguishing Systems. We wish to thank Mr Mark Sennett of the FPA for his kind and fine arrangements. The Fire Protection Association is the UK's national fire safety organization working tirelessly to identify and draw attention to the dangers associated with fire.

Since its creation in 1946 it has accomplished an exceptional reputation for quality of work and expertise in all aspects of fire research, consultancy, training, membership, publications, risk surveying and auditing.  The Fire Protection Association’s products and services are designed to assist fire fighters; security and safety personnel attain and uphold the very highest standards of fire safety management.

Read more about Coltraco and its partners in the blog.
The Fire Protection Association’s Technical and Risk Divisions provide diverse range of services that are related to testing, research, risk appraisal, risk assessment and consulting. Having specialized in these areas the FPA is now capable to offer specialized and commercial services that are tailored to your precise requirements in line with up to date law and order regulations, industry standards and codes of practice.

Their engineers, scientists and consultants can take over the challenges of fire and risk prevention. If you are in the need for an in depth understanding of fire behaviour and the consequences of poor risk management, Coltraco recommends you to contact FPA at your earliest. Working in collaboration with research companies, government institutions, trade institutions and the insurance community on projects of varying scale and complexity has given it the chance to strengthen its weakness and explore areas where no other company has stepped into.

Coltraco, a leading manufacturer of the world famous ultrasonic level indicator is proud to announce its business ties with the FPA. The sharing of knowledge and expertise between both companies has enabled to understand the risks in a better way and address them with effectiveness. Fire suppression systems play a pivotal role in keeping the people safe and secure within their perimeter. The collaboration of two successful companies has proven to be a blessing for their respective customers who can now get much better services with reliable results.
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One of the best worries of the transportation business is none other than a break in their vessel. The handiest zone for the water to enter is none other than the load hold. To seal these domains, incubate spreads are associated in the wake of everything has been put set up. Regardless of the way that these are ensured to be sufficiently tight to not allow the humblest molecule to go through, the unfaltering usage and the wear and tear makes spaces from where the drops make sense of how to enter. Consequently they annihilate the items inside and the conveyance association gets the chance to pay for every one of the damages realized in light of their defective spreads. To avoid these damages, every association runs distinctive manual tests that not simply cost unnecessarily; they in like manner oblige an impressive measure of time to wrap up. Dependent upon the mammoth size of the transporters, it takes days to complete the tests which hurt their business.

The manual cable transit areas watertight testing is not tried and true in light of the fact that much in the wake of running these tests, discharges create on the voyage. The vessel needs to oppose various sea storms which thoroughly wet the deck and each other some bit of it. To secure the inward parts from these inconsistent tempests, every opening is altered hard. On account of reliable presentations to clamminess, the surfaces are every now and again expended which is the fundamental driver of developing breaks. Right when the watercraft accomplishes the dock and the heap is purged, it is then checked for respectability to make it okay for its next voyage. For whatever length of time that the tests are not completed, the vessel is not allowed to leave the dock which achieves the association to pay enthusiastically for the docking.

While the port forces may value the extra costs spilling in through these vessels encountering tests, they moreover need to persevere through the delays made to various water crafts which are prepared for exhausting. The manuals tests realized conveying on unsettling impact to the association's records, and additionally are an establishment for irritating the entire procedure at the docks. Finding out the string of each and every one of events added to these tests, the deferments and damages were boundless. To discard all these deplorable events the transportation business has constantly been yelling for some framework which may quicken the tests and extra imperative time. Various assorted procedures and devices have been endeavored and attempted, however toward the end they should be surrendered as a failure.

Today the business ventures cheer for having the ultrasonic gadget to try and do the multiple cable transit areas testing which is finally the one contraption everyone had been suspecting. By emanating the ultrasonic beats, this contraption gets nonattendance of the material even in the most humble gap. The beep shows the district of disfigurement and it may be easily stamped for repair. Inferable from its smallness and basic usage, the contraption is in a matter of seconds conveyed prepared for voyage to keep checking even while on the go and it has finally liberated the conveyance associations to pay overpowering damages as an aftereffect of the water entering the heap hold.
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