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We specializes in the design and manufacture of niche Ultrasonic Safety and Survey equipments. We have been in operation since 1989 and since then have been the World Leaders in the specialist field of Ultrasonic Manufacturing. Our equipments are in use throughout the Marine, Fire Protection, Offshore, Petrochemical, Industrial, Power Generating, Rail and Defence and they export to over 100 countries Worldwide.
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The increase in competition all over the planet has brought many changes in the business world. Factories and assembly plants have been shifted from the countries with high labor rates to countries with lower labor rates (China and Bangladesh are the perfect examples). One of the changes effectively seen in the new cost saving formula is the measurement of every raw material used in the factories even liquids. It is true that the use of liquids and even gases has become more common in the factories and hence they need to be measured with the liquid level indicator for many purposes.

Liquids used in factories
Factories all over the world use a variety of liquids in their manufacturing and processing. They are used for a variety of purposes and their use is increasing rapidly. Here are some of the liquids which are frequently used in factories all over the planet.

•    Water: This universal solvent is used in every factory no matter what it produces. From cleaning the floors and shining the door knobs, it is the basic human need to wash, bathe and drink. Hence water is undoubtedly used and there is no place on this planet where humans spend nine to eight hours a day without water.

•    Acids: This is one of the most dangerous forms of liquids being used in the manufacturing units but they are being used for a purpose. Metal sheets are dipped, even sprayed and washed with acids to make them shine and become malleable. A top notch automobile manufacturer revealed to use a form of cyanide for making the automobile’s bare body friendlier with the paint which is sprayed on it.

•    Perk lone:
 Mostly used in textile factories around the world, it is used as an alternate to washing the apparel with water. This liquid not only clears away the stains that appear on the cloth due to leakage of oil from the machines to the mishandled ones. Washing can sometimes make the cloth lose its elasticity hence it is better to avoid washing it as much as possible.
Why measure liquids?

Factories have become organized and a record of everything is made to identify what came in and what went out. Since water is easily available it is not a hassle to procure it but the different kinds of liquids are not nature’s gifts and they are created in other factories which specialize in creating them in large quantities. Hence it costs a lot to procure them and these kinds of liquids are strictly measured with the ultrasonic level indicator to create an unchallengeable record of where everything went. It can be a huge fiasco when the annual audit is conducted and there is no explanation to where the entire amount has been spent.
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Measuring liquids and everything else is essential in the factories to come up with flawless products plus it also helps a lot to keep the process run smoothly. Some of the biggest factories known to mankind have been shut down because of one major problem, they didn’t manage the raw materials professionally and the result was devastating. Liquids have become a vital ingredient in the making of products and managing it can be the biggest problem of all. Since liquids cannot be stored like the dry materials, it is essential to have a separate tank for every liquid which is to be used and to know its exact quantity, the liquid level indicator is used.

Managing the raw materials is one of the key issues which can make a production facility a top hit or a failure. The only way to success for a manufacturing unit is to keep enough stock of supplies in its stores to let the entire order be completed without failing in supplies. Failure to provide the supplies at the time of requirement can result in a huge block in the order. The stoppage in the production rate can delay the deadline and the order can be also completely abandoned. Since the raw materials cannot be procured in bulk quantity at the eleventh hour, it is a process which involves informing the purchasing department well before time and the supplier to manage providing the supply before it completely ends.

At many times the complete quantity is also not available with the supplier and he may require some more time or may deliver it in parts. When this is the case the trouble of monitoring the liquids become even greater. Since the record has been entered about the previous supply, as the new one comes inside the tanker, it is important to know about the previous amount so that there is no change in the requirement. By using the ultrasonic level indicator the new supply can be noted and the record would be matched with the previous one to make sure if the supply has reached in full or there are more installments to come in.

This is one tool which is essential to monitor the liquids in the factories. The tool is not only used to measure the supplies as they come in, it is also equally useful to monitor the daily usage of the liquids and the remaining quantity of the liquids in their respective tanks. At times knowing the availability of the liquids in the different tanks can be used as the medium to reassign the targets to the production lines. Sometimes the liquids may be asked from other units to be brought in one place as a change in the production plan. But it all depends on how the management decides to complete the order.
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Everything seems to be in a rush these days. The business world has become too crowded and this has caused an immense increase in the completion all around the globe. That is why we see everything rushing past us, the people are seen in a rush, cars are rushing around carrying people to their offices and back home or to any other place they need to be present. Similarly all the machines have been put in top gear so that they rush around their routes providing speedy services to the humans who spend money when using them. All this speed where provides benefit to the human kind also has some negative effects and one of them is negligence in cable transit areas watertight testing.

Surely it is being referred to the shipping industry which is by far the busiest and the most expanded of all industries present on the planet earth. This industry has the sole responsibility of upholding the export industry through which companies have managed to reach a global market plus keep their production costs under control by outsourcing their productions to countries with relatively cheaper labour rates. The transport ships are by far the largest ships that sail the earth’s waters and they are the ones which carry tons of weight and transport the goods to their destinations. Had this industry been shut down or had not been formed, the world’s trade would have been facing a different set of challenges.

While the fast paced world of today pressurizes the shipping industry to match its speed, the pressing deadlines and other issues clearly leave no time to the staff to spend time in the checking of the tightness of the ship’s hatch covers and other parts. This can be a very huge risk to take but companies are taking it willingly. They put the entire ship, the goods on it and the crew to great risk by sailing the ship with leaks. As the leaks are the only reason for the water to enter the ship and cause havoc, it can only be prevented when the ship is completely tight from every angle and there is no means of the water to enter. The watertight compartment doors testing allows the ship to be sealed even from the doors so that the water may not enter even from the doors when the ship faces the wrath of the high tide or the storm during the voyage.
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The colossal size of tanks and the pipes that jut from them are much greater than one can see. Dissimilar to the ones that we see around us in houses and the business structures around us, these are a portion of the greatest ones that are regularly not utilized as a part of neighborhoods.

Controlling the stream of liquids through these massive tanks and channels is really the most troublesome assignment one could ever perform. Now and again when blockages happen in a few parts of the funnels, because of their tremendous size, it is difficult to investigate without destroying it. This not just brings about the work to be halted at the office, it additionally makes confusion for the whole upkeep staff. To verify that there is nothing hindering the stream in the channels, a liquid level indicator is utilized. Viewing the readings that show up on the pointer, it could be effectively evaluated that the stream is working fine and there is nothing to stress over.

Separated from the pipes that are a wellspring of outpouring, the tanks they are associated with could be much greater than a normal compound of a house. Taking a gander at the span of it is sufficient to make anybody unsteady. It is the obligation of some exceptionally relegated individuals to report the level of liquid inside these immense chambers. Measuring them at distinctive times throughout the day, the vicinity of the material is noted to verify that they don't fall beneath the basic line nor do they climb over the satisfactory. Filling the tanks with more than the satisfactory level might bring about flood squandering the liquids.

Distinctive businesses, as indicated by their day by day/month to month utilization have these gigantic holders introduced to keep up the standard in their items. Keeping a relentless stream of the supplies makes it conceivable not to trade off with any fixing that may bring about harming the item. A percentage of the best cases of colossal modern establishments are:

 keeping the taste constantly flawless is a standout amongst the most troublesome undertakings. It implies that each element ought to be added to the ideal amount. Since the item is not constrained to only one glass, the business requests oblige large scale manufacture. In the titan commercial enterprises whose names we all know by heart, the utilization of materials are measured in tons. These huge amounts of materials are put away in none other than the immense tanks.

Textile: While this one may would appear that an innocuous industry, it is one of the greatest customers of characteristic assets and chemicals. The coloring office is the spot where you will see a steady buzzing about due to its affect ability. A wrong/misinterpreted part might bring about not just the color to be rejected; it will likewise decimate the gigantic measure of fabric that has been shaded not right. The enormous tank where the distinctive materials are added to transform the obliged color needs to be checked decisively throughout the methodology.

Today because of expanding obligations and immense requests universally; the ultrasonic level indicator is presently used to measure tanks of various sizes and types instead of the old gauges. Sparing quality time and assets, this gadget has now turned into a requirement for each industry.
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The sea has always been fascinating for the human being and it is the very first route adopted by the humans for travelling long distances and to discover new islands and continents. The sea connects the entire world and we wouldn’t have America today if Columbus hadn’t messed up his map and further more if he had never boarded a ship. Since the early days, the ships have been used for transporting goods and it was the first ever import and export trade known to man. The people from the warm climate regions would take spices and other forms of eatables on the ship and would trade them for the things which were available in the colder climatic regions. This was the very first type of the trade which took between countries and most probably tribes and as time advanced things became organized and today we have a complete mechanism of the import and export trade.

Since the beginning Hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing has played a very important role in the shipping industry. The hatch covers are the only way cargo can be saved from the humid air and the water during the voyage. While the ship is sailing the ship encounters heavy rain and also high tide which causes the ship to rock vehemently and a great amount of water gets onboard. During this phase the deck gets completely doused with water and the cargo faces a great threat of getting damaged with water. If the hatch covers are leaking the water gets inside and the cargo gets damaged from water. There can be anything inside the cargo holds from a large amount of wheat to electronic items. If the water touches these things they are immediately destroyed and they become useless.

Apart from facing threat of the goods to get destroyed, there is another greater threat to the ship itself regarding its electric cables. When the ship has been damaged by rust the cable transit areas develop holes and leaks in them. At the time when water is gushing inside like crazy it reaches the cables transit areas and then there is a great chance about the cables to short circuit. If the cable transit areas watertight testing has been done properly and the holes and leaks in it have been repaired the short circuit won’t happen. But if the holes have not been treated and the short circuit happens then there is a great chance that the disaster may strike and the ship would not only catch fire in the area of the sparking, it may even blow up a good part of the ship. The disaster would be greater than acceptable and the shipping company would not only have to pay for the loss occurred to the cargo because of the negligence of testing, but it will also have to bear the loss of a ship and they would be lucky if the ship does not sink.
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The population everywhere throughout the planet has multiplied numerous times now and today we require processing plants that can handle merchandise in a substantial scale to meet the worldwide requests. Notwithstanding the deliberations of the United Nations, the population is as of now expanding at a disturbing rate and because of this we will need significantly greater production lines later on. Reacting to these advanced needs, we can see a great deal of manufacturing plants growing themselves to be prepared when the time comes. With the extension of these assembling units, they not just need to manage the greater area, yet they additionally need to store enough materials that are required to run a smooth and perfect manufacturing.

Separated from simply dry materials, for example, plastic balls and powdered chemicals, there are a thousand different liquids that are a prerequisite of the businesses. Numerous sorts of liquid chemicals, for example, machine oils, blanch and poisons are utilized as a part of the assembling of items. These liquids are held in colossal tanks introduced with an up to date sort of liquid level indicator. This helps the ground staff to know the amount material is available inside the tanks. A certain measure of these materials is constantly kept available for later with the goal that work does not endure in light of lack of any obliged material. Keeping their immense generation limit in view, an interruption for a solitary hour can mean a tremendous misfortune for the processing plant and a back lock that can heap up monstrously as a result of the work load. In such cases the administration asks for the specialists to laborers to work extra time and this practice expenses are double the ordinary.

A portion of the materials that are utilized as a part of the assembling procedure are exceptionally delicate in nature on account of large amounts of poisons present in them. They are kept in uncommon conditions and due to their touchy nature, they must be took care of painstakingly and measuring them in the way our forefathers would have done it could be an extremely perilous assignment. The antiquated ways are typically the ones that oblige interacting with the materials and today, because of the mammoth estimated tanks and vessels it is not conceivable to get uncovered without lethally hurting yourself. Security of the staff comes first under all circumstances and therefore new and inventive devices are needed. Defensive rigging is not a definitive insurance in light of the fact that delayed introduction to the dangerous exhaust can rot the suit and the vapor might discover a path inside.

The most recent break in measuring engineering has come as the exact progressed and the most solid contraption known as the ultrasonic level indicator. Transmitting the innocuous ultrasonic beams, these contraptions can enter the dividers of the vessel and find a faultless level of the material inside. An immaculate case of how the framework functions could be known by the level sensors introduced in the planes that permit the cockpit team to know how low or high they are starting from the earliest stage. Just for this situation these beams are emitted from a hand held gadget that lets us know about the materials inside an encased case.
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Measuring any substance in a single skinned container is recognized to be almost incomprehensible. Without the assistance of any gadget, one can never anticipate the definite level of materials inside it. The ideal example of a single skinned container is the flame extinguisher and propane chambers. While there is a gage exhibited on the fire extinguisher which is accurate to some degree, there is nothing present on the propane chambers from which you can take estimations. Today both of these single skinned containers have turned into something being present just about every home of the United States.

It is constantly essential to know the level of the gas inside these holders and keep them filled to the obliged level. Consistently numerous homes are crushed because of surprising blazes at home. As indicated by reports, a large portion of these houses have introduced water sprinklers and likewise keep fire dousers. At the same time because of non accessibility of a liquid level indicator, the property holders are ignorant that their wellbeing gadgets won't work until it is all gone up in flares.

To ensure your valuable homes and the individuals living in them, it is essential to stick to the wellbeing measures that are endorsed. Keeping your security gadgets filled to the worthy level is one of them. A large portion of the times, the gages on the dousers are known to show false readings. This could be a purpose behind the individuals to get befuddled and accept that they might be utilized, when really they are most certainly not.

If there should arise an occurrence of sprinklers, the fundamental purpose behind not giving careful consideration to it is on the grounds that the water tank is arranged in a place that is not effortlessly reachable. A large portion of us are so apathetic it is not possible take torments and attempt to achieve the tank and investigate. To spare yourself from all the inconvenience the ultrasonic level indicator is the best gadget to keep at home. The capacity to take estimations of separate tanks is impressive, you can undoubtedly know when the water needs to be refilled or the gas which is needed to be present inside the cylinder is present to the required level or not. This handy device not only provides accurate readings, but taking measurements with it is as easy as anything. Once you get used to it, there is no way you would feel comfortable with anything other than it.
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One of the greatest apprehensions of the transportation business is none other than a break in their vessel. The most practical zone for the water to enter is none other than the cargo hold. To seal these territories, hatch covers are connected in the wake of everything has been placed set up. Despite the fact that these are guaranteed to be tight enough to not even permit the littlest particle to pass through, the steady utilization and the wear and tear makes spaces from where the drops figure out how to enter. Hence they decimate the products inside and the delivery organization gets to pay for all the harms brought about because of their flawed spreads. To keep away from these harms, each organization runs different manual tests that not just cost excessively; they likewise oblige a considerable measure of time to finish. Contingent upon the mammoth size of the transporters, it takes days to finish the tests which harm their business.

The manual Hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing is not dependable on the grounds that much in the wake of running these tests, releases develop on the voyage. The vessel needs to resist numerous ocean storms which totally wet the deck and each other some piece of it. To secure the inner parts from these erratic storms, each opening is fixed hard. Because of consistent presentations to dampness, the surfaces are frequently consumed which is the essential driver of growing breaks. At the point when the boat achieves the dock and the load is emptied, it is then checked for respectability to make it alright for its next voyage. As long as the tests are not finished, the boat is not permitted to leave the dock which brings about the organization to pay vigorously for the docking.

While the port powers may appreciate the additional expenses spilling in through these boats experiencing tests, they likewise need to endure the postponements created to different boats which are primed for emptying. The manuals tests brought about bringing on unsettling influence to the organization's records, as well as are a foundation for upsetting the whole process at the docks. Ascertaining the string of every last one of occasions appended to these tests, the postponements and harms were limitless. To dispose of all these lamentable occasions the transportation business has dependably been shouting for some system which might accelerate the tests and spare important time. Numerous diverse techniques and gadgets have been attempted and tried, however at the end they must be surrendered as a disappointment.

Today the commercial enterprises cheer for having the ultrasonic device to even do the cable transit areas watertight testing which is at last the one gadget everybody had been suspecting. By radiating the ultrasonic beats, this gadget catches nonattendance of the material even in the most modest hole. The beep demonstrates the region of deformity and it might be effortlessly stamped for repair. Owing to its compactness and simple utilization, the gadget is presently carried ready for voyage to continue checking even while on the go and it has at last freed the delivery organizations to pay overwhelming harms as a result of the water entering the load hold.
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Perusing levels for the fluids that you so vitally hold in your industrial facilities and capacity offices require to be cared for deliberately. There are special people in the staff whose duty is to check the liquid levels and keep notes of the changes on the liquid level indicator consistently. This record is kept for some reasons however separated from the paper stuff; a decrease underneath the threat line could represent a genuine risk to the machines that utilize it to work. This couldn't just bring about genuine financial misfortune, yet it can additionally harm the company repute in this cut throat rivalry we are confronting today.

While individuals say that to truly know in regards to what amount of there is in a container, is to open the top and see inside. This is for all intents and purpose unthinkable in the business zones where the storage tanks are overwhelming and fixed from each corner. Opening its top not just obliges a zillion assets; it likewise obliges tolerance in light of the fact that the whole process could be time intensive. While there are still associations that make their representatives cling ropes like trapeze craftsmen of a carnival simply to give the definite report of the liquid inside the compartment, they are really putting those destitute to the most astounding dangers of risk on the off chance that they fall.

Presently all these reckless dangers and utilizing the numerous assets are dispensed with by the least difficult and simplest gadget you could ever think about, the ultrasonic fluid level indicator. Obliging just a solitary individual to work and weighing so light, one can scarcely flinch at the weight, can take readings and keep up the liquid levels more like fun than an obligation. This gadget has not just figured out how to spare lives of every last one of representatives that were put on danger each one time a perusing must be taken, it has additionally given the organizations an easing and spared each one of those assets that were required.

Notwithstanding with the force of the ultrasonic level indicator in your grasp, you can measure each liquid and strong's compartment without the smallest inconvenience. As the person taking readings of the changes in the liquid compartments moves from one to the other, the handy device does not require to be restarted or to be reassembled for commencing work on a new water tank. this means that the person can take readings of all the liquid storage tanks in a single round with the device and when he is done with all the level readings, he can turn the device off and pack it away until further use.
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Cargo ships have dependably been a victim of incredible negative feedback by the organizations who procure their merchandise from different nations. Because of the way these tremendous vessels convey huge amounts of weight over the oceans voyaging several miles before they can reach some land, they have a high danger of getting corroded. The dampness in the air continues ambushing the metal of the boats and the moving parts, for example, the hatch covers and different parts of doorway are affected the most. They create minuscule holes that are sufficient to let water enter its body and the load hold. As an aftereffect of this, the merchandise gets wet and numerous touchy wares are annihilated.

The steady documenting of cases by the recipients of the cargo has gotten troublesome for the shipping companies. The outcomes are more exorbitant to these companies than simply cash, they get problematic in the eyes of clients and they need to endure the decrease good to go sent to them. In spite of the fact that these ships are continually checked for Hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing, however a few holes still manage to escape detection. Since the hatch covers are used so often and the harsh treatment they have to withstand, they develop holes very quickly.

These miniscule holes have turned into a consistent issue for the vessels and their managers. While the old methods permit them to be checked once the vessel is vacant, they can't utilize the same strategies to check the integrity in the wake of being completely stacked. The transportation business has dependably been yelling for some strategy to check for any breaks and crevices after the hold has been totally loaded with merchandise. Utilizing the water hose testing method which was once recognized as a choice, yet it was soon tossed due to the dangers it could have on the merchandise inside. Hence this gave a test to the researchers everywhere throughout the world who began assembling their heads to discover a way and beat nature even under the least favorable conditions.

In the same way that science guarantees that nothing is unimaginable, utilizing the cutting edge science and engineering, the ultrasonic hatch cover tester came into being. Utilizing the innocuous waves emitted by the transmitter, it succeeded in turning into the ultrasonic waves into something which can be used for detecting leaks and holes. The compact and lightweight handheld gadget not just permitted convenience; it additionally gave correct position of the leaks and holes without fail. Since it could be worked in any condition, it is presently the gadget that is conveyed by the team on every voyage they are steered to take and it can be even used for the cable transit areas watertight testing. Utilizing the tester it can run checks from time to time on the voyage and repair the defect on spot without letting the freight to come to any harm due to dampness and water.
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