Ultrasonic Safety and Survey Equipments

We specializes in the design and manufacture of niche Ultrasonic Safety and Survey equipments. We have been in operation since 1989 and since then have been the World Leaders in the specialist field of Ultrasonic Manufacturing. Our equipments are in use throughout the Marine, Fire Protection, Offshore, Petrochemical, Industrial, Power Generating, Rail and Defence and they export to over 100 countries Worldwide.
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Coltraco has a huge setup all over the world to make sure that people get assistance and chance to use the high quality ultrasonic level indicating instruments and equipment. Moreover, with vastly explored and qualified research department, various instruments are still be produced and the ones already produced are more advancing with the time to make sure that modern needs are assisted. With the growing need but restricted budget, Coltraco provides the best options among all the competitors to make sure you are well satisfied with the products.

Today, it is working for more than 15,000 units around the globe within 105 countries, Portalevel® Standard is considered to be an appropriate to measure the concerned fire protection applications. Powered by 4xAA 1.5V batteries, which possess a battery time for 10 hours continuously, and 230 mA current consumption makes it appropriate for trips. Coltraco Ltd is so honored and proud to facilitate the users of Portalevel® Standard with its 7th generation which is efficiently manufactured with enhanced features. This liquid level indicator is considered flawless to identify the interface between air and liquid enclosed in any single skinned container.

Portalevel® Standard has made the regularity in check of liquid level easier as compare to the previous manual procedure of weighing and dismantling in the system which may cause potential damage or may be disconnected. Cutting down the time consumption, expenses and troublesome, Portalevel® Standard is considerate enough for regular usage and check for the liquid levels and safety of cargo. As it being tester of hatch cover for cargo makes the ship to balance well otherwise it can simply make the yacht to lose its balance on the first place. For ease of operation and intuitive handling, Coltraco has enhanced the accessories and electronics for 7th generation of Portalevel® Standard. Majorly, it does not require any requirement of documentation in regards to health and safety, training, storage and transportation for the radioactive liquid level indicator.

Prominent enhancements can be noticed in digital display, lights and calibration to a cylinder whereas others include clean fascia panel and easy-use membrane control. Being a versatile product to indicate the level of liquid in any single skinned container with a thickness of 2 to 90 mm including the exceptions of vessel size and material type, this product works amazing. Unfortunately, it is unable to conduct or monitor contents vessels made of plastic, as they are unable to conduct ultrasound. Though common application of Portalevel® Standard includes high and low pressures of Halon and CO2 cylinders manufactured of seamless spun steel and pressed steel with welded seams respectively along with FM 200®, NOVEC and similar other cylinder types but following are the details of the applications:

    Marine Multi Banked Cylinders

With its extensions rods, this ultrasonic level indicator is able to verify the fire extinguishers in cylinders with multiple banked rows in order to reach the second and third rows. Marine sector is more demanding for this certain application, as these installations are commonly available at board ships.


Butane and Propane can also be tested though there are some exceptions to this application, which are provided upon request.

    Fire Extinguishing Cylinders

Primarily, Portalevel® Standard is manufactured to check fire liquid gaseous extinguishing cylinders to locate levels of Halon and its substitute, CO2, FM 200® and NAF S III. Fire Service Companies are considered to be the most regular users along with utility companies and offshore installations internationally.

    Sprinkler Systems

The integrity of system for sprinkler systems is check accurately by Portalevel® Standard whereas the majority sprinkler systems consider clean agents such as Halon and substitutes along with CO2.


Portalevel® Standard is perfect to locate water levels but inverse readings are provided that is for high readings are shown below level and low readings are shown above.
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Coltraco Ultrasonic Limited is pleased to offer another expansion conveyed and made to the group of Portamarine. It is an overall provider of ultrasonic checking instruments out of which ultrasonic gas spill locator is one. Others incorporates ultrasonic fluid level pointer, bring forth cover upkeep and watertight trustworthiness testing gadgets, different link travel regions testing gadget, load safe bring forth cover analyzer and ultrasonic thickness gauge. Coltraco Ltd is thought to be a standout amongst the most perceived organizations to give its obvious administrations in ultrasonic devices. It has skill in a wide range of establishments including seaward and inland. Concerning the obtaining of Coltraco, it has turned out to be simple for the clients with a more extensive extent of incorporated gas discovery advances to meet the particular checking necessities for all the preparing they are produced for.

Ultrasonic innovation has dependably been requested by the general population having a place with the related ventures, manufacturing plants or owning shipping business particularly on the off chance that they significantly fit the bill to transport payload. With the coordination of the related innovation, it is truly helpful to get hold of the related information bases. Also, with Coltraco you can get changeless information stockpiling by exchanging information to PCs and keep an entire record. With the assistance of applicable information, it is anything but difficult to watch out for the observing gadget alongside the supervision of flame stifling framework. These observing strategies is produced with ultrasonic sensors which is sufficiently able to distinguish spills which are reflected back to the surface and identified with the assistance of force. The frequencies are identified in agreement, which is computed subsequently by the gadget. Coltraco meets all requirements for proficient ultrasonic gas leak detector you should have with the goal that you may never get baffled by the capacity of flame smothering framework. It is not about contributing on framework just but rather to keep up it legitimately.
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As the world is progressing, various sectors are advancing which requires more technically improved instruments. Coltraco with progressive requirements has always maintained a high quality level in producing ultrasonic monitoring equipment. Out of the entire range, Portamonitor is a pocket size condition indicator took which employs powerful monitoring techniques to analyze the health state of rotating machinery especially with regards to the health and lubrication of bearings. With its magnetic sensor head, the portamonitor can be attached to machineries outer casing and takes readings over a short period to assess the condition of the moving parts within. An overall noise decibel (dB) level is returned along with a distress level after measurement that can be quickly analyzed and compared to other readings in order to discover if preventative maintenance is required. Hardy and robust, the Portamonitor – ultrasonic bearing indicator can take 1000 readings between charges, which is done through a standard USB lead for easy charging anywhere.

Benefits offered with Coltraco Ultrasonic Bearing Indicator
Extremely sensitive to detecting faults
Easy To Use:
Measurements can be taken when the vessel is offshore or in port
All the bearings on a vessel can be tested efficiently and reliably
Allows for problem bearings to be checked quickly and reliably if damage is suspected
Repeatable Results:
Comparison to logs of past measurements can help identify even small changes in the functioning of the bearing
Non-Destructive & Non-Intrusive:

This ultrasonic bearing indicator comes with measurements, which will not affect the function of the bearing
Battery powered and lightweight for convenience operates at 0-650 c and can be used in the large majority of marine environments
Stay Ahead

    Provides insight into planning of future repairs
    Identify sites with contaminated/lacking lubrication which can be easily fixed before any further damage occurs
    Identify varying levels of damage – problems can be fixed before excessive damage occurs

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There is various fire suppressing systems used throughout the world. Out of all these, CO2 is the most popular gas, which is utilized to blow out the fire. Though being so popular, there can be some great complications if the system is not used popularly. Furthermore, possessing a monitoring system integrated with modern technology to monitor the level of liquefied CO2 gas is a great idea to be more benefited. You can find some amazing ultrasonic monitoring equipment and systems to manage liquid levels. Seafarers mostly consider CO2 Fire Extinguishing System a major horrifying dream especially when it comes to its operation. Grounding or collision of the ship can entirely happen due to the fire caused in engine room because it causes disability of propelling plant of ship along with leading to the complete blackout situation. CO2 or Marine CO2 Systems are specifically installed in the major engine room of the ships to act as fire extinguishers. There is one person from the crew known to be chief engineer of the ship who is responsible towards operating Marine CO2 system after he has taken all the precautionary measure in regards to the functioning of the engine room machinery.

CO2 cause massive suffocation after its releasing in engine room which can ultimately cause death. Past has come up with several such cases where people have died due to suffocation caused due to CO2 rather than fire. To avoid any generally and abrupt suffocation due to leakage and unexpected escape of CO2 cylinders, make sure you possess an ultrasonic level indicator to measure the levels on the ship.  Moreover, there have been some deadly situations faced by the shipping crews in regards to the combination of suffocation and re-ignition of fire in the presence of lack of airtight engine room. Most importantly, Marine CO2 Systems are the last fire extinguishing options available on the ships and no other option is available. Only Chief Engineer or 2nd engineers in his presence are the in-charge to operate CO2 system whereas it is a necessity for him to avoid fire or any other casualty to happen. Here below, we have compiled some important steps for you to operate CO2 system without any causality:

    Due to the sound of fire alarm, the bridge officer will be sure about the right location. In case it is big to be dealt by one person, make sure all crew should gather together in muster station for the head count
    After reducing the speed of the ship, make sure you stop the main engine whereas felt it safe. In case, the ship is coming into any coastal zone, captain is supposed to inform the respective coastal authorities
    By repeating the head count, make sure no one should be left inside the engine room
    Upon flooding of CO2, the Emergency generator should be started whereas auxiliary power generator should be stopped due to the requirement of entire engine room machinery
    Use lifelines or SCBA set in case there is a need to enter engine room to rescue a person.
    Press the Key provided in the glass case nearby to open the respective cabinet of CO2 operating system as it creates an audible alarm in the engine room
    Make sure to check all the tripped system as precautionary measure as some machinery and system causes tripping of opening of CO2 such as fans and blowers in engine room.
    Do not forget about informing the wheelhouse about the ongoing situation of the fire. In consent with the master, Chief Engineer should take the required decision in order to flood CO2 in the engine room to extinguish the fire
    Operate all remote closing switches for engine room pumps and machinery, quick closing valve, fire flaps, funnel flaps and watertight doors etc.
    Stop air condition unit of ECR
    Make sure the engine room is air tight by closing all the entrance doors
    Operate the master and control valve in the CO2 cabinet. This will cause another audible alarm and within a minute time span, CO2 will be released to extinguish fire.

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From the day, world has come into a form, you must have seen various happenings and technology keeps on advancing from day to day. We have made our lives more mechanical then manual. Unfortunately, our dependency one machines, equipment or technology has increased, however, there are really few companies on which we can rely for high quality products. Out of the rare number, Coltraco is known for producing ultrasonic monitoring and measuring equipment, which is widely used, and highly importantly for the safety purpose.

Moreover, for better functioning and improved safety measured, various manufacturers are assured by the advanced technology. Liquid level sensors is considered to be one of the superb measuring and monitoring instrument of fire extinguishers in numerous and diversified industries since so long. Being risky to health, it was considered difficult to be operated in the gone days but today, due to the simplicity, awareness between people and revolution, people name it to be more easy and reliable.

As man has grown up to be sharper and smarter, it has made sure to take things with simple and easy to use with advanced technology and consume really little time span. Considering the industry manufacturing measuring instruments for fire extinguishers, liquid level indicator is known to be that one thing which is absolutely impossible to be kicked out of industries including houses need them to assure safety of their family. Numerous inventions and improvements have been seen in the related technologies to make sure the device is easy and simply to use along with giving maximum output. Ultrasonic technology is the most common advancement made to this industry, which is being in process, by Coltraco since 1987.

Qualified in the related industry, ultrasonic liquid level indicator is massively demanded by business and industrial sectors. You will find numerous companies in United Kingdom and United States of America, which are reasonably producing the fire extinguishing monitoring products for industrial sector. The reasons for this device to be so successfully are broadly illustrated below:

Ultrasonic level sensor is efficient to give the accurate reading for various liquid levels in vessel, cylinders and pipeline whether long or wide. Moreover, these points cannot be measured or judged with a naked eye. Sensitive to detect ultrasonic sound waves, it gives off the guarantee to give more accurate results.

Simple Usability
Ultrasonic liquid level indicator is simple and easy to install and use respectively. Fortunately, due to the integrated magnets help you mount the device to the system you want to monitor in regards to be control and observe. Majorly, these devices commonly come with easy functioning and display, which gives off better-calculated results. Moreover, DVDs and Online Training Videos are also provided for better training and quick usage.

Friendly for Health
As it requires no contact with specific object you are interested in determining, it makes it environmental healthy for humans around. There are moments when you have to look and monitor poisonous gases and health hazardous acids, which can be really dangerous if done manually but with Liquid Level Indicator, it becomes easy and safe.

Though being so helpful and safe, Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator comes in reasonable prices without any compromise on quality.
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There are times when your security frameworks and arrangements are put to tests. Battling fire when there are no safeguard groups to help is the genuine test how well you have protected your ship against unforeseen fire. The greater part of the circumstances when a ship is out cruising in the untamed oceans and seas, there are no approaches to get quick help if there should a rise an occurrence of an enormous disaster. There are innumerable purposes behind a fire to emit out of the blue. Free wirings of misusing of electrical devices can likewise bring about a voltage variance making the electric stream be irritated and start a fire.

When you are several miles far from shore, how would you hope to battle flares that are spreading rapidly over the ship? People can just control fire without legitimate hardware, which isn't as of now too intense. There is an awesome requirement for some sort of flame concealment framework to help along while people attempt to control it. Water sprinkler regard battle flares, yet not on boats. It can build the heaviness of a specific area of the ship making it turn out to be substantial and hazard being tilted. Henceforth the utilization of FM 200 fire suppression system appears to be greatly improved than water.

Having the capacity to vaporize in the wake of being sent on the blazes, it makes no mischief and harm the ships adjust. Likewise its wonderful property of being non-lethal and not draining oxygen level in the range permits people to battle along it. Its temperament of rapidly disturbing the substance bind response permits people to stand aside and watch it spring to activity. In the event that there aren't individuals to put down the blazes, FM 200 is sufficiently effective to finish the undertaking solo. So it is additionally the best putting out fires operator to be utilized as a part of spots where there aren't people present, for example, the confined spots or the boisterous and loud motor rooms.

Since FM 200 is a gas and like each different gas sold freely it comes filled in single cleaned holders that have no opening focuses to permit the human eye to glimpse inside and perceive what amount is remaining. It must be checked with the liquid gas level indicator, which is the main gadget that can detect fluids and gas levels inside the single cleaned holders. The gadget does not have to touch the fluids of gas it is measuring and consequently can judge its levels just by the intense and powerful sensors fitted in it. You can just find out about the level of the gas by understanding it on its screen on the substance of the device.
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The prerequisite for higher quality is being worried to the makers around the globe, and also to the organization providers, for instance, the ocean business. Transporting stock worth billions of dollars is not a basic undertaking as it may sound. The giant commitment to pass on items beginning with one country then onto the following is more than basically giving a medium of transport; it's about meeting the due dates notwithstanding passing on the stock protected and sound too. Shockingly a basic bit of this commitment is much of the time being disregarded by the watercraft proprietors and that is the prosperity of stock.

As more journey mean more money, which is point of fact the best thing for business, however only a shielded and unharmed voyage infers the best for business. In case the items are hurt in the midst of the transportation, they are to be paid for which suggests that the vessel proprietor needs to reimburse the damages that happen on his pontoon. Paying for the damages clearly hurts the advantage sheet of the association and the most ideal approach to stop the damages is to stop the factors that achieve the damages from amplifying. The watertight compartment doors testing are a standout amongst the best ways to deal with finds the hurting segments, which are none other than holes that allow the water to come inside.

Water ingression has made an impressive measure of mischief to the items and more especially the ocean business. The import and toll practices among countries are extending at a brisk speed and this is pressurizing the maritime business to act speedier. The due dates are crushing and the watercrafts need to make extra voyages to complete the movements. Right, when an extra movement comes up, the vessel proprietor gets paid extra and the alluringly titanic aggregate constantly builds up the allurement to maintain a strategic distance from the support of the watercraft and set out for an extra cruising. The hatch cover tester are great for checking if there is any space for any external ingression.

While it may be helpful for a long time, however ignoring the bring forth cover testing with ultrasound for so long makes issues as time goes on. The holes that have started to create and are in minimal size can get the chance to be adequately monster to realize hurt on a wonderful level. Exactly when a tremendous measure of water experiences these holes and starts hurting the items inside, the vessel proprietor need to pay for the damages and inevitably winds up in paying more than just for the repairs. Hurting stock on a voyage brings about an unpleasant advantage and winds up in hurting the reputation of the vessel in the business, which is dreadful for further business too.
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Coltraco has been working in this business from last 20 years and more. It has been producing the ultrasonic monitoring and measuring instruments with high accuracy and affordable prices. Today, it is known to be one of the international names in producing such equipment with the most modern technology. One of the best features it comes with is about its accuracy and diversity as far as the industries are concerned.

Liquid change their levels so oftentimes, it can be truly difficult to gauge their correct level particularly by the human eye. Thus we require an apparatus to quantify their level. At the point when the stream is ceaseless however the levels are distinctive and originating from various channels, we require just the liquid level indicator to quantify each pipe's fluid level lastly one for the primary tank as well. At the point when the weight is too high and the water is streaming in like crazy, a blockage in any of the funnels can bring about a fiasco. The indication of blockage in an encased pipe can't be easily reviewed. It may be a wild task to decimate the entire pipe structure and unclog the blockage. The method can take hours and occasionally days and this is quite recently not down to earth in light of the way that the stream from behind may be wild.

The most indispensable part in the entire procedure is pinpointing the zone of the blockage in the channel. Since the human eye can't see underneath the channel's skin, it gets the opportunity to be hard to know without using an ultrasonic level indicator. The ultrasonic gadget is the best to use in such circumstances as it can make sonar beats that are effectively tolerable through the channel's furthest skin. The sonar beat or otherwise called the ultrasonic heartbeat goes through the pipe's external covering and touches the fluid's level. The minute it interacts with the fluid it bobs back towards the transducer. This clearly rises where the levels might climb more than the obliged level.

In business divisions we can see a huge amount of horrible and mean looking machines that fill various particular needs. With pipes anticipating from all edges, these machines require an unbreakable stream of fluids to work. Any stoppage and blockage may make it seize and that would realize have monetary disaster, in like manner the time utilized as a part of repairing it would achieve promote adversity achieving the entire structure to be shut down. To screen such delicate approaches these machines are fitted with a liquid level pointer. The concerned staff keeps watching the movements be that as it may as a last resort; they constantly convey the ultrasonic advancement to check if their inquiries have any inspiration to be concerned.

For more information, you can check out the website – ww.coltraco.com or contact their customer care.
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Water is the need for life on this planet. Aside from simply drinking, washing and showering, water has various uses in the mechanical segment. A large number of edibles and refreshments are made with it and after that a great many different items, for example, chemicals are delivered utilizing water sources. One of the greatest enterprises operational today is totally relied on upon water. The delivery business wouldn't have existed if there was no water. However as much as this industry is reliant on water, it is additionally its greatest adversary. Uncontrolled water can sink the greatest ship inside hours and destroy it totally from the substance of this planet.

To keep a protected side from the horrible forces of water, each ship is guaranteed to be water safe by running hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing. Running the test permits the assembling staff to know whether their ship would have the capacity to cruise securely on the unforgiving waters. The principal test is led at the assembling office, as it finishes the tests it affirms to be brought down in the waters. Its capacity to skim thoroughly rests in its capacity to shield water from entering its internal parts. After it has been given over to the client it turns into his obligation to run tests frequently to keep up its water snugness and keep it above water.

The strategy used to run watertight tests at the generation office is by utilizing the most recent ultrasonic hatch cover tester. Utilizing this cutting edge gadget a ship can be effortlessly tried without utilizing a solitary drop of water. By examining each joint with the gadget, the staff can decide whether there is any need of change. Today this gadget is not just restricted to the makers and ship proprietors can have it to utilization of their own as well. Utilizing it they can run routine minds their ship simply like it is done at the season of assembling and keep their ship as new as ever.
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Had it not been for science, man today would have still been stuck in negligible things, for example, as yet discovering approaches to chase for nourishment. We now have moved ages more remote from such a primitive state and now appreciate extravagances that no other human advancement of the past had possessed the capacity to try and dream of. Despite the fact that it is presently wrong to gloat about the mankind's accomplishments, a few issues are as yet holding up to be address, for example, guarding a working from undesirable and uncalled for birth of flame. Such blazes are planning something naughty and they make the greatest tragedies stand out forever.

Current engineering isn't just about favor outlines and preparing contraptions in the most impossible spots, it is about utilizing present day science to enhance and make safe a building. Utilizing Novec 1230 gas suppression system, which is clearly one of the present day science gadgets that has been intended to ensure and make life less demanding, makes structures safe from undesirable fire. It is a framework intended to distinguish irregular warmth, smoke or blazes (which are additionally in-truth identified by warmth signals) and naturally dispose of it. While a few people contended about it being absolutely programmed similar to a risk, however making it manual takes away the reason altogether.

The framework is a programmed framework, which works without the signs from people. The object is to be an eye in spots and on occasion when the human eye can't see or people can't detect threat in a place. Obviously you can't keep watch over the whole working without taking help from innovation, it would be absurd of you to just take a stab at doing it in light of the fact that in addition to the fact that you would miss a large portion of the stuff that is going on, yet you additionally would be focused as looking. It is extremely unlikely a solitary individual can take a gander at two bearings in the meantime.

While the system is so for all intents and purposes valuable, there is a catch to it. The gas is available inside barrels and there is no real way to quantify them aside from with the assistance of an ultrasonic liquid level indicator. Utilizing it one can without much of a stretch measure a barrel similarly as though he were glimpsed inside with his own eye. The perusing on the gadget decides the weight of the gas inside. Obviously if the weight is observed to be low than ordinary, it is an unmistakable sign that the barrel ought to be supplanted.
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