Ultrasonic Safety and Survey Equipments

We specializes in the design and manufacture of niche Ultrasonic Safety and Survey equipments. We have been in operation since 1989 and since then have been the World Leaders in the specialist field of Ultrasonic Manufacturing. Our equipments are in use throughout the Marine, Fire Protection, Offshore, Petrochemical, Industrial, Power Generating, Rail and Defence and they export to over 100 countries Worldwide.
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You must have commonly heard for this device whereas if you are not familiar to its functioning, let me help you get over this confusion here. There are various devices and instruments used for measuring things on different level, which are upgraded continuously in regards to the devices they qualify for. Moreover, here we are going to talk about one such measuring instrument used for non-destructive investigation in accordance to the thickness of various materials with the help of ultrasonic waves. Many companies are currently producing different forms of ultrasonic thickness gauge whereas various people approach Coltraco Ltd from diverse walks of life. The major factor of any company to progress in regards to measuring instruments is because of the following points mentioned below:

    How efficient it can work?
    What scope the device possesses?
    How advanced and operational it is?
    How transparent it can keep the procedure?
    How easily it can be operated?
    Does it have properly calculating system?
    How much labor force is required for functioning?
    Does it qualify to various products?
    What price it comes with?
    How long it can last?
    What condition it is suitable in?
    Others depending on the product

If prominently and practically, a company qualifies in fulfilling these basic and other technical criteria in accordance to the product; it can easily conquer the market by the demand of customers. People will definitely go for something expensive but worth it rather than inexpensive and cannot manage working up to the mark. You will find ultrasonic thickness gauge majorly utilized for measuring thickness of numerous objects and materials in diverse industries especially when it comes to measure cylinders for CO2 & Marine CO2 system. It is important to check for the corrosion of the cylinders if done because there is always a chance for fire extinguishing system no matter where it is installed, can leak due to expected and unexpected reasons. Today, you can find multiple measuring thickness gauges such as ultrasonic coating thickness gauge, paint thickness gauge, digital thickness gauge and other in order to measure glass, ceramics, plastics, metal and other materials. Generally, they function as of by determining the sample thickness by measuring the time span a sound to traverse back from the transducer via material to the back end of the part and back. Hence, this device then calculates the data presumed by the speed of the sound being received via tested sample. This was the most comprehensive and accumulated information in regards to ultrasonic thickness gauge, which is important for you to have.

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A dry freight ship is a kind of holder or mass transporter having a few load holds or spaces where it can suit the payload. All load holds in such ships are furnished with a solid fabricated top which is known as hatch covers.

What is the Usage of Hatch Cover?
Cargoes and Products holds are managed with these hatch covers to keep the contact of freight with external environment i.e. air, dampness, climate and water and to stay away from load from getting wet. Another imperative duty of hatch cover is to keep up the water tight trustworthiness of the ship at all maritime condition by not permitting any entrance of water inside the compartments of cargo and upsetting the steadiness of the ship. Before you are ready to leave, make sure you have carried out ultrasonic hatch cover testing.

Maintenance Requirement for Hatch Covers
Incubate fronts of cargo hold are by and large produced using high flexible steel or light weight steel. They are fixed over a steel bar of the specific cargo hold with elastic pressing entrenched in the middle of them to keep away from water entrance.

A particular routine support to be functioned by responsible officer from the crew on ship which must majorly includes

    Hatch cover testing for any splits, corrosions, breakage and material issues
    Keep tops tidy of hatch covers and all waste openings to be kept clear
    Keep hauling wire, rollers, chains, cleats and wedges in operational condition round the clock
    Look for any missing gasket or broken and supplant it quickly whereas the length of restored gasket must be least 1 m
    Before restoring elastic gasket, check and amend steel to steel blame
    Gasket elastic to be of endorsed sort by class
    Do not forget to grease or oil all the moving parts
    Check for any pressure driven framework spillage if cover is functioned by oil
    Oil test to be performed for water driven system
    Call surveyor after any significant repair in the cover and its concerned areas

Significance of Hatch Cover Testing
It is really important to possess cargo-safe hatch cover tester to carry out the test before setting off for the journey. It is convenient to fix up all the things before you leave as it gives you better space and time to cater any emergency or broken parts / things. Moreover, this test allows you to increase your efficiency and gain the trust of clients for further reliability and business.
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Portasonic consists of a handheld portable clamp-on transit time flow meter device for accurate flow measurement from outside a pipe – especially for fire protection water sprinkler and fire hydrant systems. The unique clamp-on fixture design makes the installation very straightforward and requires no special tools or skills and due to the non-invasive nature of clamp-on transducers, there is no pressure drop, no moving parts, no leak and no risk of contamination or corrosion. This ultrasonic flow meter Ideal for the measurement of flows in clean, non-aerated fluids such as water, water/ glycol and oils in full pipes from ½” to 180” (12 to 4570 mm) diameter can be measured and the ultrasonic signal penetrates all common metal and plastic pipe materials.

Key Features of Ultrasonic Flow Meter

    Accurate flow measurement from outside of a pipe with clamp-on sensor
    No pressure drop, no moving parts, no leaks and no contamination
    Simple set-up and ease of operation with digital processing
    Long term reliability and battery life, light weight, compact and reliable
    Suited for a wide range of industrial applications
    Larges display with user-friendly calibration menu
    Measures, totalizes and transmits flow in both directions

Advantages of Portasonic/ Portasteele
We are a proud to announce Coltraco now offers the Portasonic – portable ultrasonic flow meter to provide a new dimension to our range, especially catering for the sprinkler system maintenance in the fire industry amongst others. State of the art technology provides an effective means to enhance the management of your systems.

Accurate flow data provides the chance to make energy saving measures by fine tuning the systems. It does this through self-adapting proprietary signal quality tracking, allowing the system to automatically optimally adapt to the people to the pipe material and flow profile in both directions. Portasonic offers sustained operation across a wide range of applications and environments due to the non-invasive external clamp, requiring no mechanical parts to be inserted into the pipe wall or in any other way to effect the operation of the system. The ultrasonic signal penetrates all common metal and plastic pipe materials containing clean, non-aerated fluids, most typically being water, water/ glycol and oils.
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The Portalevel Standard continues to be the most popular ultrasonic liquid indicator unit for core land based fire protection applications worldwide. It has been the central unit of out range for several years and has recently undergone a technical upgrade program to increase overall performance. It is an ideal solution for Fire Protection Servicing or those facilities requiring an in-house ability to regularly inspect fire systems.

Portalevel® units were introduced by Coltraco a way long back but today, it is the most popular range for all the generations produced up till now. Moreover, it is incorporated to be a device known to be ideal for Fire Protection Servicing whereas it is even considered to be efficient for monitor in-house fire systems. Being an ultrasonic liquid level indicator, it is primarily manufactured to assure the responsible authorities in regards to the smooth functioning of industrial setup and procedures. Majorly, it keeps a mechanical eye on controlling the amount and degree of the liquids carried in shops, huge tanks and pipelines but Portalevel® Standard is majorly produced for land based fire protection applications. Here below, we have enlisted a brief list of the technical particulars this device is incorporated with:

Package Contents of Portalevel Standard 7
The pinned package of 7th generation of Portalevel® Standard contains following components:

    1 Potalevel Standard unit
    Ultrasonic Gel, 1 Wet Sensor
    Calibration Certificate
    1 Hard Wearing Carrying Case
    Operating Instructions

+/-1.5mm or 1/8 inch
Verifiable Agents
FM 200™, CO2, H2O, NOVEC™ 1230, Halons such as FE-13™, HFC-225 & 2271, FE-36™, FE-25™, 1301 and 1211 are some of the verifiable agents.
Coltraco has numerous certifications for the following product such as CE, Classification Society Approved- RINA and ISO 19011 Registered.
Operating Temperature
The operating temperature for the following device is -20°C to +70°C or 68°F to 158°F) and Relative Humidity is -5 % - 95 %.
Sensor 2
TX / RX Dry Sensor come 14 mm in diameter head and contains magnetized sensor applicator and is connected by BNC connectors to 1 m length co ax – cable.
Width: 95 mm (3.74 inches)
Height: 155 mm (6.10 inches)
Weight: 500 grams (17.63 ounces)
Depth: 45 mm (1.77 inches)
Power Supply
It comes with the power supply of 4 x AA 1.5 V batteries, which can function for 10 hours.
The display showing numeric digital comes as LCD with LED Bar Graph
Coltraco offers 3 years warranty for the main unit and 1 year for the sensor. Moreover, there can be exceptions available and customer support is always available for the users.
This liquid level indicator comes with the classification of IP Rating 65 and NATO Stock Number: 6680-99-275-5292
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Working with limited sources and meeting the deadlines is obviously a tough task to manage in approximation when you have so many other things on mind. These limited resources are to be saved by the industries and factories on massive scale as a challenge. When hundreds of chemicals and dangerous liquids are handled under one roof by thousands of people, it is more like that any incident can cause a greater destruction than commonly chemicals do. As stores rooms are known to be the biggest places of any factory whereas they store maximum amount of chemicals and liquids in it. These chemicals or liquids are stored in various tanks or cylinder, which majorly varies in regards to maker, shape and size along with material they are made of. This is an essential regulation to make sure that the liquid tanks are secured in all ways whereas no leakage should be there to allow them pour out. Unexpectedly, any minor leakage or crack can result into a massive catastrophe.

FM 200 fire suppression system is really important for industries to be installed and maintained as this gas comes with no harm for people and things where it is sprayed. It is an odorless, colorless and non-toxic gas, which possesses quality of removing fire-causing elements from the fire, flames resulting in burning out flames within couple of seconds. You must have seen multiple reasons mentioned once the fire occurs in different parts of factories but mourning afterwards is of no use. The fire broke out in any portion of the factor is not only financially harmful but can bring unexpected delay in businesses as well. Out of numerous reasons, which cause fire are over heating of machinery, short circuit, negligence by a worker and other reasons. Though many times, the uncontrolled fire starts off but the staff is always made to be ready for suppressing the fire at earliest otherwise once the fire has become stronger, there is impossible to control the fire. You must have seen various fire extinguishing systems installed at various place for the safety of property and people but does installation of these systems make you responsible towards all? Absolutely, No!

It is important you maintain the system you have installed such as ultrasonic liquid level sensor, which measures the levels of the liquids whereas you are given with alarms if the level falls drastically. NOVEC 1230 gas suppression system is another fire suppressing system which is considered to be an appreciable agent to control fire without causing any trouble such as suffocation. If you seek to go for more information, you can visit Coltraco.
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If you look for the reviews people are giving in regards to shipping industry as far as cargo transportation is concerned, it is a mixture of positive and negative views. Whining is commonly observed among the people who are bound to use this transportation services or are helpless to do so. There is a huge list of clients who have been seen complaining against the merchandise in regards to the destruction of the cargo being transported due to climatic conditions and ingression of sand or water. Though yachting industry is really profitable if it stays concerned to all the requirements and essentialities it should be otherwise it may result in loss of billions if cargo is destroyed due to any reason which is out of the liability of client but not shipping industry carrying it to destined place.

Due to the massive complains and suits being filed against the concerned authorities, serious concerns and actions have taken place by the vehicle organization to avoid any loss in a longer run. The trunks when loaded with cargo, they are made tightly closed before the journey without giving attention to run a watertight compartment doors testing on the entryways to avoid any unexpected situation in future. Results are sad as water, dust and other externals components find the simple ways to reach the cargo enclosed inside, destroying their condition in general. Moreover, it is a compulsion for the concerned authorities to carry a cargo-safe hatch cover test before leaving and while on journey in different time span to avoid any destruction. It will help you to increase the quality of service whereas these few tests on regular basis can make sure that you are incredible at your services. Ultrasonic Hatch Cover Testing is really common these days as the authenticity of the tightness is detected with the help of ultrasonic sound waves, which guarantees accuracy.

It is a compulsion on administration to run a watertight test on fundamental level on all entryways and hatch covers, which can assure you for the accurate standard. These investments are for longer run with high revenue rate as clients prefer to bear your charges rather than losing their billion worth cargo. They may recover by you as damages but it will cause unexpected and unwanted delay in your business. These tests were difficult and time consuming in gone days but today, the time has advanced so as the instruments to cater the demanded situation. Now, you can carry on these tests without skipping it for sake of meeting the due dates of transporting cargo to the destined place. If you seek for accurate and perfect results without sparing time and investing massive amount of cash, get ultrasonic leak detectors for hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing. Carrying out these tests and sessions before leaving and during journey can save you from bearing massive damages for clients whereas it will increase your revenue as referrals by clients in regards to efficient services. Your initial minor investment can bring major revenue later on. Make your decisions wisely!
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Over the centuries, world has developed drastically whereas the demands have risen at the same ratio. In order to cater these needs and requirements, it is important to look for more variety and advancement in technology, which can help you to be one the safe side more. For better functioning and improved safety measured can easily be assured by the advanced technology introduced by various manufacturers. Liquid Level Indicator is considered to be one of the superb measuring and monitoring instrument of fire extinguishers in numerous and diversified industries since so long. Being risky to health, it was considered difficult to be operated in the gone days but today, due to the simplicity, awareness between people and revolution, people name it to be more easy and reliable.

As man has grown up to be sharper and smarter, it has made sure to take things with simple and easy to use with advanced technology and consume really little time span. Considering the industry manufacturing measuring instruments for fire extinguishers, liquid level indicator is known to be that one thing which is absolutely impossible to be kicked out of industries including houses need them to assure safety of their family. Numerous inventions and improvements have been seen in the related technologies to make sure the device is easy and simply to use along with giving maximum output. Ultrasonic technology is the most common advancement made to this industry, which is being in process by Coltraco since 1987.

Qualified in the related industry, Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator is massively demanded by business and industrial sectors. You will find numerous companies in United Kingdom and United States of America, which are reasonably producing the fire extinguishing monitoring products for industrial sector. The reasons for this device to be so successfully are broadly illustrated below:

Ultrasonic Level Indicator is efficient to give the accurate reading for various liquid levels in vessel, cylinders and pipeline whether long or wide. Moreover, these points cannot be measured or judged with a naked eye. Sensitive to detect ultrasonic sound waves, it gives off the guarantee to give more accurate results.

Health Friendly
As it requires no contact with specific object you are interested in determining, it makes it environmental healthy for humans around. There are moments when you have to look and monitor poisonous gases and health hazardous acids, which can be really dangerous if done manually but with Liquid Level Indicator, it becomes easy and safe.

Simple Usability
Ultrasonic liquid level indicator is simple and easy to install and use respectively. Fortunately, due to the integrated magnets help you mount the device to the system you want to monitor in regards to be control and observe. Majorly, these devices commonly come with easy functioning and display, which gives off better-calculated results. Moreover, DVDs and Online Training Videos are also provided for better training and quick usage.

Though being so helpful and safe, Coltraco offers liquid gas leak detector in reasonable prices without any compromise on quality.
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There are different markets around the world, which are entertained with various products and services, flawless for their needs. Keeping this important factor of needs of markets around the world, it is made sure that Coltraco produces and supplies a range catering all of them effectively. Over the years calculating to be more than 2 decades, we have made it possible that the markets possessing different needs should have product significantly catering their needs without any pinch of mistake or leftovers in quality. While being so comprehensive, the ultrasonic liquid level indicator price is always kept appreciable and reasonable.

Through exploring the Japanese Fire Protection market in detail in our country partners, several unique requirements were identified to properly serve the local customer base. As a result of this, a specially adapted unit was created, allowing customers to take advantage of the 8th Generation Technology, in the form optimized for specific tailored local requirements. Thicker, more power absorbing Japanese made a cylinders demanded a specially tailored calibration capability and increased power output. This offers customers the usability of the Portalevel Max technology even on the more challenging applications. It is considered to be the 7th Generation of Portable Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator named to be Portalevel Max Nippon.

Features Provided By Coltraco

You can avail mentioned below features along with lowest ultrasonic level indicator price. Coltraco has an impressive record of facilitating customers with reliable, efficient and high quality services. So, give a look to some of the features it offers with Portalevel Max Nippon!

    Three years warranty
    Lifetime Support
    Specially designed for Japanese Market
    Fast Operation
    Service a cylinder in under30 seconds
    Not radioactive
    Ultrasonic clean technology
    Class Approved
    Accurate to 1.5mm
    Measures multibank rows 2-4 deep

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There are some popular names, which have always been facilitating people with various ultrasonic instrumentations and monitoring equipment from decades. Most importantly, these names have dominated the respective market in regards to the competitive ultrasonic liquid level indicator prices they offer such as Coltraco. Multiple options are available for people in accordance to the budget as well as requirement in the market to choose from. This makes the customers all around the world to demand the products they are dealing in.

How ultrasonic liquid level indicator operates?
The ultrasonic liquid level sensor uses ultrasonic technology to identify the interface between liquid and air in any single skinned container. It therefore has none of the user problems associated with radioactive liquid level indicators, which require dedicated training, storage, Health & Safety documentation, and transportation. It also replaces the traditional means of verifying liquid levels by dismantling and weighing in which the system may be closed down or disconnected, risking potential damage in so doing and involving considerable time, expense and inconvenience. Major accomplishment some companies have made so far regarding this product is regarding the introduction of better ways of measuring cylinders.

Applications of Ultrasonic Level Indicator
An ultrasonic liquid sensor is a versatile instrument that can locate the level of any liquid in any single skinned container of wall thickness 2–15mm. Wall thickness of 15mm–90mm is also possible, depending on material type and vessel size. It cannot monitor contents of plastic vessels, as they do not conduct ultrasound.

It is typically used for high pressure CO2 or Halon cylinders constructed of seamless spun steel, approximately 5 feet high, 10ins diameter, 45 kg or pressed steel with welded seams with low pressure fills of varying sizes and fill weights:

Fire Extinguishing Cylinders:

Its primary application is to check levels of liquid gaseous extinguishing in fire cylinders where it can be used to locate levels of CO2, Halon and Halon substitutes such as FM200® and NAF S III. It was recently selected after stringent comparative testing by the US Department of Defense Halon Depletion Agency for purchase who verified its accuracy to +/-1.5 mm. It is supplied with many units to fire service companies, offshore installations and utility companies worldwide for this purpose.

Marine Multi Banked Cylinders:
Using the multi-bank cylinder rod, the liquid level indicator can also verify levels of extinguishing agents in multi-banked cylinder rows using this extension rod to reach the second and third rows. This type of installation is typically found on board ships and we have extensive experience of supplying this equipment to the marine sector. There are some dedicated marine units are available in the market as well.

Propane and Butane may be tested though the unit will function in reverse. It depends how qualified ultrasonic product you have purchased.
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Every industry is struggling hard and facing a lot of complication whether they are on the peak of success. They have to cope with a lot of problems to come up to the holding position and maintaining this position is far tougher. Same is the case for marine industry which is considered to be the most difficult although the profitable business to do. Marine industry is facing a lot of problem but the common and the fatal one is dealing with the fire. With the passage of time, they made a lot of advancement and they are function very well, however there is a still a lot improvement needed for maintaining the best system to protect it from fire. To have some protection measures which are very effective but still it is difficult to handle and time consuming then such things are somehow useless. With introduction of ultrasonic technology it is much time saving with easy and quick action performance at the time of need. These ultrasonic devices are considered to be one of the best for large setups.

In the ships, they carry multiple sensitive things, which if not carried properly under the protection can catch fire immediately such as oils, petroleum, diesel and a long list of things and they have to be carried as they are needed. Even some cargo ships are transporting these things and we have heard in the past so many incidents in which the oil tanker caught fire. CO2 and CO2 Marine system which is considered to be one of the efficient fire extinguishing systems which start working as soon as the fire start. It is best in dealing with fire as we all know fire can lead to the most painful and harmful results especially when you are on journey as it takes time to get any help to have emergency services. Such incidents lead to both losses whether it is financial or whether it is human based and both are painful.

Fire extinguishing system should be considered on serious notes because you are losing a lot on one careless step. It will also ruin the level of reliability which your customers and client keep on you. Once the fire extinguishing system is established then the next step is to keep an eye and monitor it properly. Again thanks to the ultrasonic technology developer companies who gave the option of using liquid level indicator. They are helpful in monitoring the level of the liquid in extinguishing system and will indicate if the level fall then the needed. It is secure to be used .they work 24/7 without any delay so if you are busy or staff is asleep it will carry on its work and the alarm system will indicate if the level falls.
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