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We specializes in the design and manufacture of niche Ultrasonic Safety and Survey equipments. We have been in operation since 1989 and since then have been the World Leaders in the specialist field of Ultrasonic Manufacturing. Our equipments are in use throughout the Marine, Fire Protection, Offshore, Petrochemical, Industrial, Power Generating, Rail and Defence and they export to over 100 countries Worldwide.
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It is nothing new or surprising to realize the importance of transportation business in the world of today. There are huge evidences which show the dependency of various sectors on different modes of transportations such as marine cargo industry. Huge masses are loaded within cargo ships to carry it to various destinations and within unexpected situations. Water being the most silent are also regarded to be the most unexpected killers as well. Within these circumstances, taking the responsibility of carrying the million or billion worth cargo to toughest destination is nothing less than betting over life.

Conveying tones of weight starting with one landmass then onto the next, these gigantic boats known as cruise or cargo ships are no more an arrangement of boards consolidated. However, they are the most exceptional hardware present on this planet which is difficult to maintain without any fault. The deplorable destiny that this industry countenances is the main motivation behind why it is being named as unsafe and this element is none other than the lethal rust. The unwelcomed rust shows up on the boat's lid covers and the diverse parts of its body because of the abnormal state of mugginess and the consistent contact with water.

One of the major issues known as rust destroys the boat's body deserting a reasonable gap that permits the water to discover its way inside the boat. It is significant to keep a check on every minor area of the ships otherwise carelessness can end up with extremely unbearable loss. When water gets inside the boat's body there is no restriction to the harm it can incur on the products it is conveying. These openings are unavoidable, however they are repairable through a procedure and the initial phase in this procedure is the cable transit areas watertight testing. The significance of these tests is certain and without running these tests the way toward making the boat release free can't initiate. Unless the area of the breaks is known it is highly unlikely anybody can begin repairing them or refilling them.

Indeed, even in the more seasoned days the boats either transport or whatever other kind experienced the releases showing up in them with no notification. Around then the strategy to test the trustworthiness and to discover the openings in the boat's body was a moderate and costly process. An expansive group was required which would continue soaking the boat's deck and the seal covers with buckets of water and afterward remain back and screen where the little whirlpools would show up. Probably, this procedure brought about significantly more mischief to the boat since more water entered it and created extra harm. After some time the procedure got to be mechanical by utilizing the engines and pumps for water, yet the excruciating procedure was not tasteful.

Today by utilizing the ultrasonic seal spread analyzer the openings and holes are effectively discovered and the boat does not need to endure any more agony by taking more water inside it. With the assistance of the ultrasonic gadget even the multiple cable transit areas testing have gotten to be conceivable and the boat can stay safe from the short out which is another issue confronted by the boat proprietors because of the holes. Plainly a vehicle ship does not have enough time to spend on the difficult tests and afterward the cleaning procedure a short time later. It is essential to keep the procedures as short and reliable as would be prudent to keep the boat kept up and release free.
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Coltraco Limited, UK has always facilitated people with various ultrasonic instrumentations and monitoring equipment. Most importantly, they have dominated its respective market in regards to the competitive ultrasonic liquid level indicator prices they offer. Multiple options are available for people in accordance to the budget as well as requirement. This makes the customers all around the world to demand the products they are dealing in.

The Portalevel® Standard uses ultrasonic technology to identify the interface between liquid and air in any single skinned container. It therefore has none of the user problems associated with radioactive liquid level indicators which require dedicated training, storage, Health & Safety documentation, and transportation. It also replaces the traditional means of verifying liquid levels by dismantling and weighing in which the system may be closed down or disconnected, risking potential damage in so doing and involving considerable time, expense and inconvenience. Major accomplishment of Coltraco is regarded for producing this liquid level indicator is about introducing better ways of measuring cylinders.

Applications of Ultrasonic Level Indicator
The Portalevel® Standard is a versatile instrument that can locate the level of any liquid in any single skinned container of wall thickness 2 – 15 mm. Wall thickness of 15 mm – 90 mm is also possible, depending on material type and vessel size. It cannot monitor contents of plastic vessels as they do not conduct ultrasound.

It is typically used for high pressure CO2 or Halon cylinders constructed of seamless spun steel, approx 5 ft high, 10ins diameter, 45 kg or pressed steel with welded seams with low pressure fills of varying sizes and fill weights:

    Fire Extinguishant Cylinders – its primary application is to check levels of liquid gaseous extinguishants in fire cylinders where it can be used to locate levels of CO2, Halon and Halon substitutes such as FM200® and NAF S III. It was recently selected after stringent comparative testing by the US Department of Defence Halon Depletion Agency for purchase who verified its accuracy to +/- 1.5 mm. We supply many units to fire service companies, offshore installations and utility companies worldwide for this purpose.
    Marine Multi Banked Cylinders – Using the multi-bank cylinder rod, the Portalevel Standard ® can also verify levels of extinguishants in multi-banked cylinder rows using this extension rod to reach the second and third rows. This type of installation is typically found on board ships and we have extensive experience of supplying this equipment to the marine sector. We also have a dedicated marine unit available, known as the Portamarine™, details available on request or at official liquid level indicator page.
    LPG – Propane and Butane may be tested though the unit will function in reverse. Details explained in Operating Instructions or available on request at Coltraco Customer Support

If you are interested to know more about this measuring instrument, Download PDF
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Working with a huge diversity of industries across the world, Portalevel has grown up to the biggest range of ultrasonic monitoring and safety equipment ever. It has been more than 2 decades that Coltraco has first introduced this product as liquid level sensor but today, it has been diversified into various sort of ultrasonic liquid level indicators which can cater different sizes of industries with different budgets.

With having installation of liquid level sensors, working efficiency can be drastically improved with liquid gas level Indicator as it is considered flawless to identify the leaks, which is causing reduction in liquids enclosed in single skinned containers. As compare to previous time consuming and manual procedure on dismantling and weighing the liquid levels, which was impossible to reach out for 1000s of cylinders in a day, this range helped to cater in automatic and accuracy of measuring liquid levels. Cutting down the time consumption, expenses and troublesome, Portalevel® is considerate enough for regular usage and check for the liquid levels and safety of cargo. Today, there are various ranges and systems, which increase efficiency of work without you being there to manually take care of it. The systems are manufactured and prepared in a way that can easily make sure to provide the data of liquid levels in all attached cylinders. However, the unit attached to these systems such as by Coltraco allows you to save the extracted data right in your computer for as long as you seek for.

Though common application of Portalevel® as liquid level indicator includes high and low pressures of Halon and CO2 cylinders manufactured of seamless spun steel and pressed steel with welded seams respectively along with FM 200®, NOVEC and similar other cylinder types but following are the details of the applications:

    Fire Extinguishing Cylinders
    Primarily, Portalevel® Standard is manufactured to check fire liquid gaseous extinguishing cylinders to locate levels of Halon and its substitute, CO2, FM 200® and NAF S III. Fire Service Companies are considered to be the most regular users along with utility companies and offshore installations internationally.
    Portalevel® Standard is perfect to locate water levels but inverse readings are provided that is for high readings are shown below level and low readings are shown above.
    Butane and Propane can also be tested though there are some exceptions to this application which are provided upon request.
    Marine Multi Banked Cylinders
    With its extensions rods, Portalevel® Standard is able to verify the fire extinguishers in cylinders with multiple banked rows in order to reach the second and third rows. Marine sector is more demanding for this certain application as these installations are commonly available at board ships.
    Sprinkler Systems
    The integrity of system for sprinkler systems is check accurately by Portalevel® Standard whereas the majority sprinkler systems consider clean agents such as Halon and substitutes along with CO2.

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The Portalevel® MAX is the latest generational of the Portalevel® line and is designed to provide enhanced Speed, Operation and Performance, especially for high intensity testing requirements. The unit is also the first UL Approved Ultrasonic Level Indicator we have ever produced and builds further on our history of over 27 years manufacturing this equipment.

Coltraco is known as a manufacturer of high-end components for Aerospace and other high-end engineering. The Wolver-Hampton facility runs 24/7 and 365 days a year and is the size of around 2-3 football pitches. The facility is concerned mainly in manufacturing high-end actuators that are installed on a range of civil and defense systems.


A Coltraco Engineer visited the site to conduct technology suitability trials. Our technology in this ultrasonic liquid level indicator was found to be effective in accurately and quickly identifying the liquid level within the ammonia cylinders.


    It was recommended that a standard un- altered Portalevel® MAX INDUSTRIAL would be a suitable solution.
    We also cooperated with the customer to develop an in-house testing and recording process that was compatible with their current processes.
    The solution provided a quick and accurate non-invasive solution, which allowed for more efficient operations and reduced waste by ensuring partially empty cylinders were not returned to the gas supplier.

The facilities manager of the factory met with us at the Facilities Management show in Birmingham weeks prior. We were informed
of the need to monitor the contents within Ammonia Cylinders. The customer uses ammonia in a nitriding process in which ammonia is applied to a heated metal infusing the metal with Nitrogen. This can have beneficial properties such as making the metal harder/tougher/higher melting temperatures etc. Presently, weighing techniques are used to ensure a cylinder has enough contents for a run. This has been shown to be ineffective and incur waste; a non-invasive method would be quicker, reduce waste and save money.

The trial and implementation suggested that we could develop a fixed monitoring system for this agent to non-invasively constantly monitor their cylinder contents. This also stimulated interest in developing an Ammonia Portasteele® program to allow you for calculating fire suppression agent weight.

For further information, please contact Coltraco Customer Care.
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CO2 is considered to be the best fire-suppressing agent when it comes to fire flames at the first place. As it creates a layer for blocking oxygen around the fire flames so it makes it the best to use for it. Most importantly, this fire extinguishing gas is used globally because it is inexpensive. All over the industries, it is commonly used due to a lot of reasons out of which, being inexpensive is the most common one. Though, it may be a really accessible gas but the fir suppressing system needs a lot of maintenance whereas there are certain restrictions and alerting features, which needs to be taken care of on the first place.

If this gas is easy to blow out fire, it can be really dangerous on the other hand as it can suffocate the area, hence leading it to severe circumstances. Around the globe, for CO2 & Marine CO2 Systems, there are certain restrictions, which needs to be followed and there is a rule to keep a trained person authorized to run this system in case of emergency. These installations are made due to safety purposes for cargo hold, pump room, engine room and purifier room in case of fire happening. Installation of this systems means that a massive range of cylinders are filled with this gas in liquefied form which can be blown in case of such tough circumstances. It is even considered to take care of the entire system off and on, especially when leaving on the journey as the minor releases may result into any of the following mentioned below:

    The installed system may not work in case of emergency when it is needed the most.
    The minor leakage in the CO2 System room may result into suffocation due to which someone may die especially people with suffocation.

With the time, Marine CO2 systems, which is installed in ships and other relevant industries does not work at time of emergency. The questions here arises “What may be the cause of the following situation? Why we find no compressed CO2 in gas cylinders? Why the amount is low?” These may be the questions that come to your mind in case of the situation when your fire extinguishing system was not able to work. This may have results as a massive loss or unusual or unexpected delay in the business. “What can help you to avoid this situation?” Well, there is a simplest answer or solution to these entire unexpected situations- ultrasonic thickness gauge. This helps in measuring the cylinders and its width. It makes sure that the cylinders or tanks are not corroded from any point, which can result in leakage. Most significantly, it is considered that a separate room should be maintained for CO2 Fire Extinguishing System so that proper care should be maintained. This can help you take care of the system without any mistake.
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Things have given enormous power to his man to use it in an extremely amazing way. Creating ships and cruises is nothing less than a miracle where a whole of new whole is resided and living over a timespan of months and a years, unless they do not come back to their original destination. Living on sea surface with such enormous and incredible manmade is creation takes breath away. No matter how small or big these crafts are, they are a miracle.

They are immensely decorated and ambiance does not allow you to feel that it’s not a castle but a ship. The woodwork and interior is always maintained tremendously when cruise ship is concerned. The most important drawback of all this is allowing fire to gain strength more quickly. Though in the gone days, Marine Industry was not targeted or catered a lot by the manufacturers of ultrasonic products and safety equipment due to standards. But as the time has advanced, various competent manufacturers of ultrasonic safety and measuring equipment has started focusing on these industry, making them to get stable with its service, hence approached by a bigger quantity of people across the world. Possessing fire extinguishing system has always been a trend but being not in used for unusual time made the fire suppressing agent to escape from the cylinders and containers due to multiple reasons. There can be various things that can cause escaping of these liquefied gases such as corroding of single skinned cylinders or rusting most importantly. For such purposes, ultrasonic liquid level indicator is the best option to keep an eye on liquid levels.

With having a diversity in ultrasonic products from bearing indicator, watertight integrity tester, liquid level indicators, hatch cover tester, thickness gauge and much more, it has been made easy by these manufacturers to work with greater efficiency with minimum labor. There are multiple options in systems, which can provide the tasks manually performed with these devices, round the clock. These systems are integrated with ultrasonic technology, which gives you the accuracy to a greater extent. Moreover, Coltraco provides an alarm system integrated within these systems, which alert the owner upon some serious reduction or situation it is installed to keep an eye on. Another important factor about liquid level indicators as system installed with fire extinguishing system such as CO2 & Marine CO2 Systems is about providing the data in digital form throughout the day which can be transferred to computers, keep there forever. This feature allows you to have consistent data to keep an eye on the difference, right in front of you.

Preparing yourself for unexpected and unfortunate situations helps you to be safer without any bigger loss. Possessing fire-suppressing system is not worth it if you cannot maintain it. Gases and chemicals always find their way to escape. So, you better be equipped completely.
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Marine industry is regarded to be the best when used for transportation. Though in recent years, they have increased the standards of the services but unfortunately; it has suffered a lot before than. Primarily, highlighting the basic reasons it has suffered such loss of being sued and losing cargo right on its journey. The most important reasons is lack of ultrasonic safety and measuring equipment on board.

There are various factors, which may be responsible to damage the cargo on its way to destiny. For example, if due to some reason, fire takes place and it is near to cargo, the material of the cargo such as chemical or stuff made of wood may fuel it to gain strength. Hence, resulting into loss and sued by the respective company who own the cargo under process. For such situation, it is always recommended to have fire-suppressing system with ultrasonic liquid level indicator and fire suppression cylinder fill weight calculator to avoid any loss of firefighting agent due to being unused for a longer time. These systems are not for regular use but to cater in case of emergency. As they are not being utilized for long time, liquefied fire extinguishing agent may start escaping due to unknown reasons, resulting into having not enough supply to blow out fire in case of tough situations. It gets worse when you are right in the mid of your journey. This is suggested to invest for once to avoid loss on bigger scale in future.

Another most important thing to do before leaving for journey especially with cargo is about running a test with hatch cover tester for hatch cover and compartment door testing to avoid space or leaks to allow any external ingression. This helps to make sure to cater any such happening to get into these hoarding areas. Moreover, if checking leaks is done before leaving, it is easy to make sure that the ship is in better and safer condition to leave for trips. Sea and oceans are unexpected so as ships, it is always recommended to run tests for leak detection after every journey or on every stay. When leaving for and from destination, the best way to be on safer side is about checking the condition and reliability of ship to have strength to cater in situation of tough conditions. If it is already damaged and having leaking here and there, it is impossible to have cruises in case of thunderstorm and tough weathers.
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You must have heard about various ultrasonic devices used for uncountable functions in industrial sector but what exactly, thickness gage stands for? There are confusions spread when people talk about this product but industries, which works will a lot of liquids enclosed in containers are pretty aware of this device. Moreover, people associated with cargo industry are also familiar with it to check how well the compartment doors and hatch covers are as far as thickness is concerned.

Why is it important to measure the thickness of metals and few elements used for storage? Well, it is a lot essential to be on safer side. If talk about containers possessing liquids, they are so important to be checked with liquid level indicators whereas if there is observed any tremendous and expected fall in liquid levels, there must be some hole or corroding in the container under consideration. Now, if the liquid enclosed is dangerous to be in contact with manual or inflammable can bring some really exhausting and harmful situation.

For these situations, industries prefer to go though a check of containers with ultrasonic thickness gauge, which help in detecting the corroding and you can deal with it initially, rather than when the wrong has already happened. Out of so many renowned names, Coltraco is offering one of the advanced ranges, which qualify to meet all advanced standards. Moreover, integration of ultrasonic technology makes it even worth it to purchase for better production.

Following are the features known for any ultrasonic safety equipment manufacture to stand stable among competitors:

    Efficiency of work
    Scope of devices manufactured
    Advancement of technology
    Ease and diversification of functionality
    Transparency of procedure
    Processing and quality of calculating system
    Number of labor force required for its functioning
    Reasonability and affordability
    Suitable Conditions
    Other majors and minors

If there is a standard data for all these features, it surely be one of the best manufacturer as far as ultrasonic safety instruments is concerned.

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There are various situations and circumstances that fire can happen when it comes to ship or yachting industry. Across the world, ships are used for industrial, transportation and recreational activities. In all the cases, fire is something that can happen or destroy the entire ship, resulting into risk of lives. Moreover, for ships like cargo cruises may face something really serious when it comes to fire blown in it. They can even face serious trouble due to leaks, which may not be treated. However, with ultrasonic thickness gauge, it is easy to check for the leaks even before they are formed. They can be checked before formed due to the corroding that is not visible to naked eye.

These leaks if formed can allow water to start coming in which means they can damaged the electricity system and can create current produced everywhere. As water is not controllable, it can end up destroying the entire ship due to unbalancing and creating tough conditions, which cannot be catered.

Ships and cruises, which are presently used, are far more noteworthy in size and capacity than their forerunners. They are sufficiently enormous to convey the heap of merchandise qualified to fill a whole city. Consequently to keep them fit, as a fiddle is not a drop in the bucket. Inferable from his or her gigantic size, it is difficult to keep each niche and corner under steady human observation. Moreover, fire breakouts are one of the most serious issues on boats. Because of the tremendous size of the boats and a gigantic web of electric links that gone through their link conduits, fire breakouts are a typical thing. So as to maintain a strategic distance from a tremendous pulverization because of it, the CO2 and marine CO2 systems are introduced for smothering fire the minute they happen. The CO2 gas is kept inside single cleaned chambers joined to the framework through a progression of channels. The channels gone through the whole ship's structure and are associated with smoke and fire indicators. The minute an unmonitored fire or smoke begins to ascend from wherever, the finders become animated and ring alerts.

The CO2 and marine CO2 systems are intended to shower the whole region and execute the blazes the minute they begin. As the entrance to oxygen is stifled by the carbon dioxide, fire quickly put out by the framework that has become animated. It gives enough time to the staff to achieve the spot and take successful measures under system and spare the ship from going under incredible damage.
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Fire is attracted to wood and can find it anywhere, so it can be really dangerous. Though wooden interior gives an extraordinary glam to the ambiance but it is the most targeted area when it comes to fire. This woodwork is really common and used when it comes to luxury boats whereas, though it is not that common today but there are various ships made mostly of wood as basic material. Whenever there is a fire around, this woodwork acts a fuel to it, hence, enhancing it to grow and become impossible to be blown out.

The solution to such issue is not to eliminating using wood as construction material but to have fire suppression system installed with ultrasonic monitoring systems, corresponding to the quality of wood used. It will help to deal with fire at earliest, hence causing hurdles for wood to catch fire and become uncontrollable. There are multiple options out there for such protective systems against fire such as FM 200-fire suppression system.

These systems are integrated with various cylinders, varying in sizes according to requirement of industries. These containers possess compressed liquefied FM 200 gas, which is fire-suppressing agent. There is enormous number of ways to make sure that they perform well. It is important to keep a check and balance on these systems because happening of happening is not something done intentionally all the time. As you cannot count when you are going to need them, hence these cylinders make start leaking these gases. This can cause fall in liquid levels stored in it.

Therefore, it is suggested to keep a check on these cylinders as carelessness and losing these agents unknowingly can cause massive trouble in times of emergency. One of most qualified way to monitor the levels is having its level check via liquid level indicator or a system with integrated liquid level sensors, which provide data of levels continuously. Hence, there is no need to have manual input much.
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