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We specializes in the design and manufacture of niche Ultrasonic Safety and Survey equipments. We have been in operation since 1989 and since then have been the World Leaders in the specialist field of Ultrasonic Manufacturing. Our equipments are in use throughout the Marine, Fire Protection, Offshore, Petrochemical, Industrial, Power Generating, Rail and Defence and they export to over 100 countries Worldwide.
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No matter which protecting and emergency system you install in your business or residential area, it is important to take care of it. In case you don’t, it is a something bad to say but it would be of no good in case of emergency. It is better to possess a monitoring system especially for fire extinguishing installations because they may end up being hazardous. FM 200 Fire Suppression System is commonly available in factories, industries, medical institutions, Data centers, UPS rooms and other situation whereas fire is expected to cause harm. This system is basically a suitable agent which can help in burn out the fire. It is chemically known as HFC227ea whereas it is a waterless fire protection system discharges within 10 seconds in case the fire risk is there.

As it is considered to be a spontaneous and quick compound to meet the situation, it is considered to be reliable and convenient to possess in industrial sector importantly. Furthermore, as it is so commonly found as propellant in medical inhalers, people prefer it even much due to its effectiveness and safety percentage. Majorly, people believe that reduction of oxygen is majorly caused if FM 200 is released which is scientifically not true. It is basically a chemical or synthetic fire extinguishing gas which is compressed in liquid form and stored in cylinders. On its release, heat elements and free radicals are removed from the fire triangle to burn it out.

Though there are multiple benefits of FM 200 fire suppression system but obviously, a reasonable check is supposed to be maintained over the installation to avoid any disappointed when the extinguisher is basically required to be used. Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator is recommended most importantly to everyone whosoever has the installation in its premises. The great benefit of this device is in regards to the amount which is required to burn out the fire is really minute which means calculated amount of fewer cylinders hence specific space is required for the installation. Due to its immediate effect, it inferences in being lower repair cost due to less damage. Furthermore, it is safe for the environment whereas causes no harm to the people around in case of mishap.
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Generally, a hatch cover-testing device is prepared out of two units, which are known to be generator and receiver. Ultrasound with emission of particular frequency of 40,000 Hz, the generator manages to prove. With the integration of magnets, it can be attached to various surfaces easily within sealed areas. Receiver is capable of receiving the signals and conversion is made which results into the indication of W/T integrity. This advance and efficient system helps the entire areas under monitoring in functioning and enhance performance may be. Moreover, with the fire extinguisher monitoring range produced by Coltraco Ultrasonic Ltd, the results can be transferred to the computer where a permanent data can be stored. It further helps to compare the results and efficiency of these devices along with the installed system you have invested on for emergency situations. Portascanner™ Watertight is multiple cable transit areas testing device which is efficient to direct and convert the results to audio and display. This helps to alert the responsible person to give attention more promptly then other ways.

Receiver of Portascanner™ Watertight
It consists of extension rod connector, Gain 1,2,3, Volume Up and Down Buttons, LCD Visual Display, Mode, On and Off Buttons and Headphone Connection. Following is the way of operation of receiver:

    It is tuned for detecting the particular frequency of ultrasound ways.
    It possesses audio and visual outputs.
    As sensor rod is attached to it, a user can scan the seal at close range entirely.
    LCD screen shows the visual output of detected ultrasounds.
    The visual data received can be converted to decibels (dB) reading which is perfect to be tested to certification society standards.
    Bar graph representation is also available.
    With standard jack of 3.5 mm, a headphone is attached to the receiver to receive audio signals.
    Heterodyning is the process through which receiver converts the ultrasound waves into audio signals so that user can easily hear.

Generator of Portascanner™ Watertight
 It consists of Power On and Off Buttons, Transducers, Low Battery Indication and Battery Compartment. The operation of generator of this cable transit watertight areas testing are mentioned below:

    It is placed on one side of the sealed compartment and turned on.
    User standing on the other side of the compartment utilizes sensor rod to scan the seal.
    Increased signal strength will be shown apparently for leak sites.
    The numerical display and volume of audible signals can easily show the strength of the signals received by the receiver.

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Transporting oil and diesel to the oil stations is a champion among the most basic associations today. The world can't move if the petroleum pumps are out of oil and diesel as every auto obliges fuel to attempt and start. The trucks that are careful to transport the fuel to stations are strongly built and adequately skilled to pass on tremendous measures of weights. In any case, passing on this weight without honest to goodness data is a waste since it will be the an entire more incident than advantage. The method to send the colossal measure of fuel to a goal begins with the examination of the enthusiasm of that range. Using a liquid level indicator the honest to goodness entirety is measured and stacked in the truck's compartment. A record is made and one copy is offered over to the driver, which he shows to the customer reckoning the supply.

Oil liquids are persistently puffing out fumes and as these vapor they are vanishing truly snappy. This is the reason the tankers must be completely fixed closed so that the liquids would not vanish in the midst of the transportation wander. A slight edge of disaster is determined on the slip that is conveyed from the refinery. Since refineries are arranged outside the urban groups, the experience from it to the oil stations is long. In view of the considerable pile of the colossal measures of liquid inside the tanker, it needs to go at snail's pace and the transport sets aside a really long opportunity to wrap up. It could even take days to complete the long voyage and accomplish the goal.

Once the tanker gets in contact at the oil station, the written word is affirmed and the measures of oil liquids that have been asked for are started exhausting into the underground tanks. The measure of liquid being discharged ought to be measured so that there would be no mistake. The tanks have a level stamping recorded on the dividers, which allow the staff to get some answers concerning the level the liquid has come to. However, for more correct estimation the ultrasonic level indicator is used which rises unequivocally and educates the staff concerning even a liter if it falls essentially. Since the fumes rise upwards in an immense sum the staff is required to wear protective spreads with the objective that they would not be harmed by the strong vapor. Once the required level is exhausted, the papers are stamped and the tanker is sent to another region until it is completely released and a short time later begins its enterprise back to the refinery.
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There was news as of late around an oil transport deliver conveying huge amounts of raw petroleum that wound up in smoke. The ship was torched to only dead steel and the team on board the ship couldn't successfully murder the flares. The minute they learnt about the fire, it was at that point headed towards the load holds and the minute it interacted with the oil, there was a gigantic impact which incapacitated everybody. They couldn't do whatever else instead of to hop in the sea and spare their lives which appeared the best alternative. The extraordinary warmth of the blazes made each man contemplate sparing their lives and disregard sparing the freight.

The reason expressed was a free wire in the circuit board which began starting angrily. The team didn't know about the starting and they thought the light which begun to go on and off all alone were intertwined and it required substitution. In the in the interim the exhaust of the oil which as of now had immersed the ship as it was in the freight holds for over a day, gave it the kick off to appear as a little fire. The fire then sustained upon the woodwork adjacent and soon it was sufficiently solid to end up plainly a danger. Spreading quickly through the territory it went the distance to the payload holds and soon the ship was only a drifting flame amidst the sea.

The ship had as of now introduced a Novec 1230 gas suppression system, however was running on exhaust barrels. The undertaking of the gas concealment framework is close to detect fire and after that follow up on it by splashing it with the fire murdering gas. At the point when the alert sounded, the group hurried to the range yet by and large, the fire is excessively solid and across the board that people alone can't battle it. It should be smothered from each edge and when human constrain isn't that much; the flares escape and spread to different zones that aren't inside human reach.

Having a shoot concealment framework introduced is the principal safety measure and weapon against undesirable flares. Be that as it may, what great is a weapon without ammunition? So, the ammunition for this situation is the gas which should be at its greatest weight at all circumstances. Low weight or discharge barrels are in the same class as being nonexistent. When they don't have anything to accommodate splashing the blazes, what will the framework have the capacity to do instead of to just stable the caution. Had the team utilized an ultrasonic liquid level indicator to gauge the gas inside the barrels before leaving land, they could have a refill and the ship and the load would have been spared.
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Versatile in producing numerous instruments, which are capable, enough to ensure the correct regulations of fire extinguishing instruments; Coltraco is honored to offer highly qualified and standardized monitoring instruments. A huge series is available to measure and monitor fire extinguishers in numerous ways used in different ways at various areas and locations. As the time is passing by, more advancements and improvements are being brought to each series, which have been manufactured up till now. Portascanner™ II is basically multiple cable transit areas testing device, which is highly efficient in performing its respective job.

Function of Portascanner™ II
By placing the Ultrasonic Generator inside the compartment can help you test it easily. Via receiver, the operator points the sensor into every direction along the seal under inspection. The defected areas can be easily identified in regards to the connected headset and digital display whereas an immediate action can be taken in regards to solve the issue. This device helps in better functioning of the critical role of operation of the fire extinguishers in watertight seals.

Other qualifications of this device are mentioned below; give it a look!

    Gives off better and accurate results in comparison to host testing, which is possible after loading in case requirement is there.
    Online Training Videos and DVD are available with equipment for effective, easy and quick usage of the product.
    Capable for identifying leak sites, which are small, that 1mm diameter along with full Classification Society Approval, this device is perfect and flawless.
    Consider best for scuttles, hatch cover testing, bulkheads, watertight doors, cable transits and any watertight compartments.
    Magnets fit to ultrasonic generator due to which the operators do not have to climb up and down the ladders in order to place generator on the tank top.
    Most importantly, it is quite faster and accurate than chalk testing and hose testing.
    It is portable and really lightweight, which permits the equipment to be transported, operated and carried with comfortable.
    In respect to door seals, it is difficult to identify with chalk tests so accurately and confidently as Portascanner™ II is capable of.

You can get this product through ways mentioned at website. Without confirmation form customer service of Coltraco, avoid making purchasing from any supplier and dealer. This can help you get the reliable and long lasting product. Moreover, purchasing the original product can help you in future replacement if needed.
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Portalevel® units were introduced by Coltraco a way long back but today, it is the most popular range for all the generations produced up till now. Moreover, it is incorporated to be a device known to be ideal for Fire Protection Servicing whereas it is even considered to be efficient for monitor in-house fire systems. Being an ultrasonic liquid level indicator, it is primarily manufactured to assure the responsible authorities in regards to the smooth functioning of industrial setup and procedures. Majorly, it keeps a mechanical eye on controlling the amount and degree of the liquids carried in shops, huge tanks and pipelines but Portalevel® Standard is majorly produced for land based fire protection applications. Here below, we have enlisted a brief list of the technical particulars this device is incorporated with:

Width: 95 mm (3.74 inches)
Height: 155 mm (6.10 inches)
Weight: 500 grams (17.63 ounces)
Depth: 45 mm (1.77 inches)
+/-1.5mm or 1/8 inch
Verifiable Agents
FM 200™, CO2, H2O, NOVEC™ 1230, Halons such as FE-13™, HFC-225 & 2271, FE-36™, FE-25™, 1301 and 1211 are some of the verifiable agents.
Sensor 2
TX / RX Dry Sensor come 14 mm in diameter head and contains magnetized sensor applicator and is connected by BNC connectors to 1 m length co ax – cable.
Power Supply
It comes with the power supply of 4 x AA 1.5 V batteries which can function for 10 hours.
The display showing numeric digital comes as LCD with LED Bar Graph
Operating Temperature
The operating temperature for the following device is -20°C to +70°C  or 68°F to 158°F) and Relative Humidity is -5 % - 95 %.
Coltraco has numerous certifications for the following product such as CE, Classification Society Approved- RINA and ISO 19011 Registered.
Coltraco offers 3 years warranty for the main unit and 1 year for the sensor. Moreover, there can be exceptions available and customer support is always available for the users.
This liquid level indicator comes with the classification of IP Rating 65 and NATO Stock Number: 6680-99-275-5292
Package Contents
The pinned package of 7th generation of Portalevel® Standard contains 1 Potalevel Standard unit, Ultrasonic Gel, 1 Wet Sensor, Calibration Certificate, 1 Hard Wearing Carrying Case and Operating Instructions.
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Managing safety in a place where there is too much hustle and bustle is a serious task. When there is a plethora of goods, people and machines in the same place, one cannot guarantee safety but can only implement safety features to be used in time of need. In constricted places such as multi storey buildings, factories, ships and other such areas, fighting fire can be most dangerous and troublesome. Since there are too many things around and people too, evacuating immediately is an impossibility. Hence it is best to have automatic fire suppression systems installed which could buy you time for the rescue teams to arrive and tackle the disaster.

The CO2 & marine CO2 systems are one of the best fire suppression systems to be used in emergency. The power of carbon dioxide to wipe out flames instantly comes in very handy. As we all know that fire needs plenty of oxygen to gain strength and spread out, non availability of it will be effective in killing it. Carbon dioxide when used in fire suppression systems is enclosed in single skinned containers in the form of compressed liquid. The moment it is sprayed and touches normal air, it becomes gas but in the meantime, the sheer force that pushes it out lets it reach the floor. The moment it turns to gaseous farm, it vaporizes and leaves no residue. Since it is colorless, there are no marks on the floor or the surroundings too.

Since the gas is present inside single skinned containers, there is no way to see the contents inside by the naked eye. As the gas is used, it becomes lesser in the container and it needs to be refilled as soon as it is possible. But how much it needs to be refilled? This mystery can be solved by the ultrasonic liquid level indicator. Its ability to sense liquids inside single skinned containers without the need to touch the contents makes it usable in such needs. The person in charge of the monitoring of the liquid levels can use the gadget and report the levels to the concerned authorities. It is up to them to decide if they need a recharge or they are willing to let be untouched and be used one more time. Having enough gas inside can do for one more time but with low levels it becomes essential for a refill.
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A dry freight ship is a kind of holder or mass transporter having a few load holds or spaces where it can suit the payload. All load holds in such ships are furnished with a solid fabricated top which is known as hatch covers.

What is the Usage of Hatch Cover?
Cargoes and Products holds are managed with these hatch covers to keep the contact of freight with external environment i.e. air, dampness, climate and water and to stay away from load from getting wet. Another imperative duty of hatch cover is to keep up the water tight trustworthiness of the ship at all maritime condition by not permitting any entrance of water inside the compartments of cargo and upsetting the steadiness of the ship. Before you are ready to leave, make sure you have carried out ultrasonic hatch cover testing.

Maintenance Requirement for Hatch Covers
Incubate fronts of cargo hold are by and large produced using high flexible steel or light weight steel. They are fixed over a steel bar of the specific cargo hold with elastic pressing entrenched in the middle of them to keep away from water entrance.

A particular routine support to be functioned by responsible officer from the crew on ship which must majorly includes

    Hatch cover testing for any splits, corrosions, breakage and material issues
    Keep tops tidy of hatch covers and all waste openings to be kept clear
    Keep hauling wire, rollers, chains, cleats and wedges in operational condition round the clock
    Look for any missing gasket or broken and supplant it quickly whereas the length of restored gasket must be least 1 m
    Before restoring elastic gasket, check and amend steel to steel blame
    Gasket elastic to be of endorsed sort by class
    Do not forget to grease or oil all the moving parts
    Check for any pressure driven framework spillage if cover is functioned by oil
    Oil test to be performed for water driven system
    Call surveyor after any significant repair in the cover and its concerned areas
    Significance of Hatch Cover Testing

It is really important to possess cargo-safe hatch cover tester to carry out the test before setting off for the journey. It is convenient to fix up all the things before you leave as it gives you better space and time to cater any emergency or broken parts / things. Moreover, this test allows you to increase your efficiency and gain the trust of clients for further reliability and business.
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Working for more than 15,000 units around the globe within 105 countries, Portalevel® Standard is considered to be an appropriate to measure the concerned fire protection applications. Powered by 4xAA 1.5V batteries which possess a battery time for 10 hours continuously and 230 mA current consumption makes it appropriate for trips. Coltraco Ltd is so honored and proud to facilitate the users of Portalevel® Standard with its 7th generation which is efficiently manufactured with enhanced features. This ultrasonic leak detector is considered flawless to identify the interface between air and liquid enclosed in any single skinned container.

Portalevel® Standard has made the regularity in check of liquid level easier as compare to the previous manual procedure of weighing and dismantling in the system which may cause potential damage or may be disconnected. Cutting down the time consumption, expenses and troublesome, Portalevel® Standard is considerate enough for regular usage and check for the liquid levels and safety of cargo. As it being tester of hatch cover for cargo makes the ship to balance well otherwise it can simply make the yacht to lose its balance on the first place. For ease of operation and intuitive handling, Coltraco has enhanced the accessories and electronics for 7th generation of Portalevel® Standard. Majorly, it does not require any requirement of documentation in regards to health and safety, training, storage and transportation for the radioactive liquid level indicator. Prominent enhancements can be noticed in digital display, lights and calibration to a cylinder whereas others include clean fascia panel and easy-use membrane control. Being a versatile product to indicate the level of liquid in any single skinned container with a thickness of 2 to 90 mm including the exceptions of vessel size and material type, this product works amazing. Unfortunately, it is unable to conduct or monitor contents vessels made of plastic as they are unable to conduct ultrasound. Though common application of Portalevel® Standard includes high and low pressures of Halon and CO2 cylinders manufactured of seamless spun steel and pressed steel with welded seams respectively along with FM 200®, NOVEC and similar other cylinder types but following are the details of the applications:

    Marine Multi Banked Cylinders
    With its extensions rods, Portalevel® Standard is able to verify the fire extinguishers in cylinders with multiple banked rows in order to reach the second and third rows. Marine sector is more demanding for this certain application as these installations are commonly available at board ships.
    Fire Extinguishing Cylinders
    Primarily, Portalevel® Standard is manufactured to check fire liquid gaseous extinguishing cylinders to locate levels of Halon and its substitute, CO2, FM 200® and NAF S III. Fire Service Companies are considered to be the most regular users along with utility companies and offshore installations internationally.
    Butane and Propane can also be tested though there are some exceptions to this application which are provided upon request.
    Portalevel® Standard is perfect to locate water levels but inverse readings are provided that is for high readings are shown below level and low readings are shown above.
    Sprinkler Systems
    The integrity of system for sprinkler systems is check accurately by Portalevel® Standard whereas the majority sprinkler systems consider clean agents such as Halon and substitutes along with CO2.

For further information, visit Portalevel® Standard.

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With the usage of ultrasonic technology, Coltraco Ltd has capable to lead the continuous fire suppression monitoring system. Primarily produced in 2003, Permalevel was introduced importantly to facilitate UK Nuclear in order to monitor the system constantly. Today, it has other two lines as well which are associated with its descriptions named as Permalevel Single Point™ and Permalevel Multiplex™. Permalevel® is considered to be an accurate and reliable measuring ultrasonic level indicator. Here, we have provided you with the major features of Permalevel® Multiplex:

    Multiple Alarm Levels: 2 -40mA Relay Alarms are actually connected to all the channels whereas it permits local alarms to organize for each cylinder individually.
    Status of each channel shown by LEDs: A set of red and green LED lights specify the status of every cylinder which facilitate a team for maintenance which are responsible to check for the cylinders in case any leakages are absorbed.
    Optional Text/Email Alerts: This helps in convenient and instantaneous form of data communication.
    Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS): It acts as a backup system which helps in providing power by using AA 1.5V batteries in case the failure occurs of the main power.
    Data logging Ability: The software keeps logs of system errors, system activity and alarm triggers for every month. Due to the storage of these logs as simple texts files, they can be easily and conveniently viewed from outside and inside of the software. This is really helpful and advantageous for insurance companies due to the permanent and correct record of the functioning system accurately.
    Strong Magnets: These are beneficial to stick the sensors in place along with extra space for adhesive and a strap which ensures the risk of accidentally removing of sensors.
    Sensors: Dedicated sensors are available with each monitoring point which is connected to the particular cylinder for monitoring purposes.
    Remote Real Time Monitoring Screen: It gives off the information about the current condition of the cylinders in regards to the last contact have been made.
    Compatible with Multiple Cylinder Types: Tuning of every channel is individually possible. Moreover, it is done because every cylinder can be different from the last one in weight, size, and pressure and agent type.
    NOVEC 1230 gas suppression system: Permalevel® is considered to be an amazing fire extinguisher monitoring instrument, especially for this specific system.

For further information, visit (Website).
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