Ultrasonic Safety and Survey Equipments

We specializes in the design and manufacture of niche Ultrasonic Safety and Survey equipments. We have been in operation since 1989 and since then have been the World Leaders in the specialist field of Ultrasonic Manufacturing. Our equipments are in use throughout the Marine, Fire Protection, Offshore, Petrochemical, Industrial, Power Generating, Rail and Defence and they export to over 100 countries Worldwide.
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The entire processing of Portalevel® Datalogger    is similar of liquid level indicator but is a bit different which is mentioned below. This measuring instrument is capable of storing the readings of up to 1000 cylinders. The extracted or collected data is then uploaded to the computers upon your will whereas the fire service engineers with top end which has the ability to quote their inferences in accurate service reports. This helps the user to keep the check of the device along with the efficiency of measuring instrument. Moreover, Portalevel® Datalogger being a non-invasive ultrasonic liquid level indicator is quite portable to be carried. Converting the data to the computer is beneficial for the service engineers to keep the qualitative advantage accompanied with the authentic results.

This is known to be really cooperative and satisfying for the people to possess more than a quality guarantee certification because it helps to know the results of each cylinder individually without possessing any doubt. Furthermore, being a liquid gas level indicator, it guarantees the service in various dimensions such as monitoring and measuring fire suppressant including old Halons, CO2, NOVEC 1230, FM 200 and others. The installed main unit is capable enough to manage date and time settings for logs unit. It further permits the cylinder position and number to be mentioned for accurate measurement with the help of the device.

How Portalevel® Datalogger operates?
Here, we have explained in points about the working strategy of Portalevel® Datalogger:

    With the help of sensor, it sends an ultrasonic signal into the cylinder directly.
    If there is any ultrasonic sound emitting, it is caught by the sensor whereas the received ultrasonic sound is reflected back to the cylinder and related contents.
    This emission is automatically analyzed by the sensor whereas the results are sent out to the user which shows off the strength of received signal.
    Due to the passing through different materials, the ultrasonic waves changes which is correctly detected by Portalevel® unit.
    Location of liquid level is identified on the behalf of the received signal whereas the accuracy is confirmed to be between +/- 1.5mm.
    The liquid level can be indicted or located once the change occurring from gas phase to liquid phase is notified.
    The extracted data can be extracted onto a computer if you link the unit to it via USB cable and PC client software.
    Continuous inspection of the system can be done as a verifiable proof for the historical records.
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It has been a long time that Coltraco is coming up with feasible and outstanding devices to measure the intensities and regularities to avoid any harm and damage to happen liquids carried in containers. Producing different measuring devices over the time within modern technologies and attested certifications has given it a stable and reliable status within the circle of its users. Portalevel is a series which qualify to be a liquid level indicator for which every new product has been treated positively by its users.

Currently, 8th generation of Portalevel as ultrasonic level indicator has been launched to the market and is available on website of Coltraco. You can choose from other options available such as 6th and 7th generation if budget is something that annoys you. Coltraco makes sure that it fulfills the entire demands and requirements of the targeted audience it is dealing with, on prior basis. Furthermore, launching of Portalevel Max has been so successful up till now with professional safety servicing. You can purchase this Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator in case you are looking for enhanced features such as operation, speed and performance. It is considered to be the best option for high intensity testing requirements. Following are the other features available for this product:

    Three years warranty
    Ultrasonic Technology; No Radiation and Non-Intrusive
    Lifetime Support
    10 Hour Battery Life
    Calibration and Training Certificates Available
    Complies with NFPA regulations
    Fast Operation
    Service a Cylinder in under a minute

For further details and attached equipments, you can simply give a look to the product at Portalevel Max 8th Generation and enquire to sales@coltraco.co.uk.
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Seafarers mostly consider CO2 Fire Extinguishing System a major horrifying dream especially when it comes to its operation. Grounding or collision of the ship can entirely happen due to the fire caused in engine room because it causes disability of propelling plant of ship along with leading to the complete blackout situation. CO2 or Marine CO2 Systems are specifically installed in the major engine room of the ships to act as fire extinguishers. There is one person from the crew known to be chief engineer of the ship who is responsible towards operating Marine CO2 system after he has taken all the precautionary measure in regards to the functioning of the engine room machinery.

CO2 cause massive suffocation after its releasing in engine room which can ultimately cause death. Past has come up with several such cases where people have died due to suffocation caused due to CO2 rather than fire. To avoid any generally and abrupt suffocation due to leakage and unexpected of CO2 cylinders, make sure you possess an ultrasonic thickness gauge measure on the ship.  Moreover, there have been some deadly situations faced by the shipping crews in regards to the combination of suffocation and re-ignition of fire in the presence of lack of air tight engine room. Most importantly, Marine CO2 Systems are the last fire extinguishing options available on the ships and no other option is available. Only Chief Engineer or 2nd engineers in his presence are the in-charge to operate CO2 system whereas it is a necessity for him to avoid fire or any other casualty to happen. Here below, we have compiled some important steps for you to operate CO2 system without any causality:

    Due to the sound of fire alarm, the bridge officer will be sure about the right location. In case it is big to be dealt by one person, make sure all crew should gather together in muster station for the head count
    Do not forget about informing the wheel house about the ongoing situation of the fire. In consent with the master, Chief Engineer should take the required decision in order to flood CO2 in the engine room to extinguish the fire
    Upon flooding of CO2, the Emergency generator should be started whereas auxiliary power generator should be stopped due to the requirement of entire engine room machinery
    After reducing the speed of the ship, make sure you stop the main engine whereas felt it safe. In case, the ship is coming into any coastal zone, captain is supposed to inform the respective coastal authorities
    Press the Key provided in the glass case nearby to open the respective cabinet of CO2 operating system as it creates an audible alarm in the engine room
    Make sure to check all the tripped system as precautionary measure as some machinery and system causes tripping of opening of CO2 such as fans and blowers in engine room.
    By repeating the head count, make sure no one should be left inside the engine room
    Operate all remote closing switches for engine room pumps and machinery, quick closing valve, fire flaps, funnel flaps and water tight doors etc.
    Stop air condition unit of ECR
    Make sure the engine room is air tight by closing all the entrance doors
    Operate the master and control valve in the CO2 cabinet. This will cause another audible alarm and within a minute time span, CO2 will be released to extinguish fire.
    Use life lines or SCBA set in case there is a need to enter engine room to rescue a person.

Hopefully, these were helpful do’s to operate marine CO2 system successfully. Do not forget to comment below!
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In case, if you belong to the cargo business where you either transport your cargo to other places or possess a business of delivering cargo on contract basis or anything similar, your major world surrounds in protecting the cargo you are carrying at any cost. As far as hatch covers are concerned, they are regarded to be the world to them as they protect what is quite dear to the cargo industries. Now, the next feature discusses the fact of getting a quality hatch covers and hatch covers testing device which are going to perform all the tasks. Throughout the journey, it is major fact to make sure that nothing external like water should get into the cargo as it can cause serious balancing issues for the ships on a major level. Most importantly, the accuracy of hatch cover tester is really significant as they guarantee the assurance of appreciable performance of hatch covers. Though, when beginning the journey, yachts make sure that the entire cargo is watertight but expectations can become the opposite so for that case, the entire crew should follow the following steps:

    Manually check the cargo in case there is some absorbent of any external substance
    Possess hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing device on the board
    Immediately replace damaged and missing gaskets
    Make sure that there is no fault in connection of steel to steel before you use rubber packing for the hatch covers
    Locking pins should be attached to any open hatches and doors
    Make sure you do not for to keep wedges and cleats in serviceable condition but adjust them correctly
    Rubber packing should never be painted or applied with any petroleum based grease
    Once you have started your journey, never open the hatch covers unless there isn’t any significant need
    Hydraulic systems should only be maintained with hydraulic systems
    Make sure you grease cleats, wheels, haul wires, hinge pins and chain tension equipments
    Foaming top should never be developed by the grooves, particularly where panels rests and hatch side when the hatch is closed
    Keep and check manually of hydraulic systems to be oil-tight
    Check for the specific amount of oil to be there in tanks of hydraulic systems

You can find some outclass hatch cover testing devices at Coltraco Ltd which are reasonably priced and highly efficient.
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Beginning with one of the most advanced companies qualifying in the relative business of producing ultrasonic devices, Coltraco Ultrasonic Limited is approached by thousands of people from industrial sector in regards to Ultrasonic Survey and Safety equipments. They are working from 1987 which makes it around two decades of successful career and holding the position of being World Leaders in the relevant field with professional staff efficiently performing ultrasonic manufacturing. Throughout the sector of Petrochemical, Fire Protection, Marine, Offshore, Power Generating, Industrial, Defense and Rail whereas the clients of ultrasonic liquid level indicator demanding these devices are widespread belonging to more than 100 countries.

Today, Coltraco Limited is delighted to successfully launch 7th generation of Portalevel® Standard and advanced product of Permalevel®. These both qualify to be liquid level indicator with ultrasonic technology for which Coltraco is popular and approached. Moreover, these devices are continuously being upgraded in regards to the advanced machinery requirement. I have enlisted three major advantages of possessing liquid level indicator for fire extinguishing system you possess such as FM 200 or NOVEC 1230 fire suppression system:

-    The response of ultrasonic sensor does not dependent upon the optical reflectivity and surface color of the object such as the sensing of the brown pottery plate, clear glass plate, a shiny aluminum plate and a white plastic plate is the same.
-    With digital outputs (On/Off) of ultrasonic sensors, they possess accuracy for excellent sensing repetition. Spontaneous ignorance of background objects is possible at major scale even at long sensing distances due to relatively low switching hysteresis.
-    Analog ultrasonic sensors respond linear with distance. With the integration of LED Display, the calculations are displayed with visual indication of the targeted distance. Moreover, this feature of visual or audible inferences helps ultrasonic sensors ideal for linear motion monitoring level monitoring applications.

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