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We specializes in the design and manufacture of niche Ultrasonic Safety and Survey equipments. We have been in operation since 1989 and since then have been the World Leaders in the specialist field of Ultrasonic Manufacturing. Our equipments are in use throughout the Marine, Fire Protection, Offshore, Petrochemical, Industrial, Power Generating, Rail and Defence and they export to over 100 countries Worldwide.
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There are numerous liquid level indicators present all around the world which qualifies different in respect to category they assist and the manufacturer they are produced under. Most importantly, magnetic ultrasonic liquid level indicators are the ones which are manufactured with magnets. They stay stuck to the item or appliance or cylinder you want them to stay attached to. The most prominent and appreciable benefit of this level indicator is in regards to its attachment to the system whereas manually, it does not require any sort of restart. Being ultrasonic level indicator, it is integrated with ultrasonic technology which grabs more accuracy with the help of sound waves the chemicals and liquids produce. These devices are extremely accurate in regards to measuring the chemicals and notifying the concerned authorities for any unwanted and unexpected leakage of the gaseous liquids enclosed in cylinders.

As they have integrated magnets, they keep intact to the system throughout the journey. This helps your reliability in the entire installation which would not get lose after a while whereas you would not have to manually check the functionality of the system off and on. Moreover, as the main unit numerically represents the data, it is easy to interpret the accuracy of the cylinders and measuring instruments. This calculated data can also be transferred to the computer system for more accuracy and assurance that the installed instrument is functioning in the most appropriate way. Installation of liquid level indicator guarantees extreme safety and maintenance.

Installation of any monitoring system for fire extinguishing or safety purposes can help you cater the situation within couple of minutes. Being reluctant and confused to buy these for sake of saving money can seriously make you regret if an unwanted situation occurs.

The system stays in function for a longer time. You can maintain the system more accurately and assure that they will work in case of emergency if the installation of monitoring system is attached and checked.
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It has been more than 20 years for Coltraco to be in market with its wide array of ultrasonic monitoring products. Currently, it possesses more than 14 products manufactured up till now which are heavily demanded by the respective audience. It is important to possess an installation of fire extinguishing system but what will happen if you do not maintain it well. Will it work for emergency consequences? Absolutely, there is no simple answer to this question because it is a risk that whether the system would have been effected by external conditions or not. Primarily, while the installation of fire suppressing system such as CO2 & Marine CO2 Systems make sure you have attached ultrasonic liquid level indicator along so that a quick alert is received if any abnormal or unusual leakage is noticed.

Moreover, if you have a business where these is a chance of fire causation, nothing is more important for you to possess a maintained installation of fire suppressing system which can massively deal with hazards such as FM 200 and Inergen. They are consumed in minor amount whereas they result in better inferences. Though investment is required by every system you install because the more quality you bring, the more chances are there for you to have safe system. Factories and industries possess maximum storage of fluids and chemicals which can result into massive destruction if they are not taken care of. These ultrasonic level indicators are capable of measuring the fluid you have stored in rooms in single skinned containers. Coltraco has a huge diversity to come up with in rescuing the people dealing in the related business where there can be happened unexpected fire explosion. Furthermore, 7th generation of Portalevel Standard is diversified to provide its efficiency in related sector. It is considered to be a liquid level indicator integrated with Ultrasonic technologies which is popularly demanded now. This technology gives off better result of measuring and monitoring which is numerically converted to your visual screen integrated in main unit.
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There are various ways of transportation whereas one of them is ship. Today, all over the world ships are used as a sea transportation instrument whereas it is impossible to transport the cargo in any other way. These ships carry massive cargoes which are transported to various harbors or destination of the world through water. These are massively carried weighing tons in a single round of journey. As these cargoes are worth billion dollars or may be much more than the total ship costs for, it is really significant to take care of the cargo appropriately and make sure it does not lose its original form, the way they were loaded. Sometimes, cargo is lost due to spontaneous explosion or fire being caused abruptly. How to control these massively produced fire? NOVEC 1230 Gas Suppression System is the most common and quickest way to handle the exploding fire as it acts as fire extinguishing agent which remove the fire causing elements from the bursting air to make a blockage for fire to increase. It ultimately results in finishing the fire within couple of seconds. There are other unexpected reasons or incidents as well due to these billion dollars goods can be lost whereas it may result in multiple losses for the shipping company whereas you do not prefer to have undue delay in business. You never want to bear damages in regards to the filed suit for the loss of cargo that has been done along the ship worth billion as well. Hatch covers maintenance and watertight integrity testing devices are one the best way to maintain the cargo to be spoiled or lose it original potential. These are measuring and monitoring instruments which can help you keep the cargo free from any external component to get absorbed in it which may end up in following two situations:

    The cargo may lose the worth and original condition which ultimately result of cargo being of no use.
    The ship may balance out due to instability by absorbing any external component which may inference into heaving the side cargo is placed in

Other rescue or emergency fire extinguishers are FM 200 fire suppression system and Marine CO2 System for ships which can also act in the same way but make sure you possess ultrasonic liquid level indicator in regards to measure the level of condensed liquids not to be lost due to any leakage or other reasons.
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Most of the time, it is hard to justify for the accuracy of your liquid level indicator along with checking it. Here we are going to talk about water level sensor which qualifies for all liquid level indicators. We have to decode the specifications in regards to accuracy measurements to help you understand better for the accuracy of the device you have purchased. Most importantly, when you are going for any level indicator you need to keep it simple and environment free factors whereas these factors may be like temperature, material or other conditions.

Ultrasonic liquid level indicator especially the ones manufactured by Coltraco Ltd are of great efficiency and accuracy. Moreover, they have a huge range of measuring instruments which qualifies to be one of outclass measuring tools in regards to ultrasonic sound waves. There are different specifications of tools whereas they all matters in accordance to what and how wider scope they possess. Majorly, material the liquid is enclosed in, accuracy and procedure of the device, quantity and volume of liquid to be measured and other environmental conditions.

Ultrasonic technology is the most common and advanced technology used in liquid level indicators whereas the accuracy of the reading depends its manufacturing and system. This technology utilizes the usage of usage of sound waves in order to detect the quantity of liquid levels. Moreover, Cabin-Safe UltraSonic Leak Detector is commonly used in onboard ships to measure the measurements of compressed gases to liquid state and enclosed in cylinders, out of which CO2 is the most common gas. You can find many numerous shapes and depths as far as types of cylinders, tank and wells are concerned. It is really important to notify yourself about the dimensions of your cylinders the liquids are enclosed in because it will help you to get the respective liquid level indicators accordingly by keeping the measurements in view. Prefer to have flat cylindrical wells and tanks as they got straight sides hence easiest to calculate capacity and accuracy. The irregular tanks cause a lot of difficulties to measure the liquid levels. As far as products of Coltraco Ltd are concerned, they are easiest, simplest and quickest to work for. They have visual system to know the measurements in numerical form. Furthermore, the data perceived and calculated can be transferred to the computer if needed which can help you keep the data save and check for the accuracy of device along with the cylinders you possess.
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In case, if you belong to the cargo business where you either transport your cargo to other places or possess a business of delivering cargo on contract basis or anything similar, your major world surrounds in protecting the cargo you are carrying at any cost. As far as hatch covers are concerned, they are regarded to be the world to them as they protect what is quite dear to the cargo industries. Now, the next feature discusses the fact of getting a quality hatch covers and hatch covers testing device which are going to perform all the tasks. Throughout the journey, it is major fact to make sure that nothing external like water should get into the cargo as it can cause serious balancing issues for the ships on a major level. Most importantly, the accuracy of hatch cover tester is really significant as they guarantee the assurance of appreciable performance of hatch covers. Though, when beginning the journey, yachts make sure that the entire cargo is watertight but expectations can become the opposite so for that case, the entire crew should follow the following steps:

    Manually check the cargo in case there is some absorbent of any external substance
    Possess hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing device on the board
    Immediately replace damaged and missing gaskets
    Make sure that there is no fault in connection of steel to steel before you use rubber packing for the hatch covers
    Locking pins should be attached to any open hatches and doors
    Make sure you do not for to keep wedges and cleats in serviceable condition but adjust them correctly
    Rubber packing should never be painted or applied with any petroleum based grease
    Once you have started your journey, never open the hatch covers unless there isn’t any significant need
    Hydraulic systems should only be maintained with hydraulic systems
    Make sure you grease cleats, wheels, haul wires, hinge pins and chain tension equipments
    Foaming top should never be developed by the grooves, particularly where panels rests and hatch side when the hatch is closed
    Keep and check manually of hydraulic systems to be oil-tight
    Check for the specific amount of oil to be there in tanks of hydraulic systems

You can find some outclass hatch cover testing devices at Coltraco Ltd which are reasonably priced and highly efficient.
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Working with limited sources and meeting the deadlines is obviously a tough task to manage in approximation when you have so many other things on mind. These limited resources are to be saved by the industries and factories on massive scale as a challenge. When hundreds of chemicals and dangerous liquids are handled under one roof by thousands of people, it is more like that any incident can cause a greater destruction than commonly chemicals do. As stores rooms are known to be the biggest places of any factory whereas they store maximum amount of chemicals and liquids in it. These chemicals or liquids are stored in various tanks or cylinder which majorly varies in regards to maker, shape and size along with material they are made of. This is an essential regulation to make sure that the liquid tanks are secured in all ways whereas no leakage should be there to allow them pour out. Unexpectedly, any minor leakage or crack can result into a massive catastrophe.

FM 200 fire suppression system is really important for industries to be installed and maintained as this gas comes with no harm for people and things where it is sprayed. It is an odorless, colorless and non-toxic gas which possesses quality of removing fire causing elements from the fire flames resulting in burning out flames within couple of seconds. You must have seen multiple reasons mentioned once the fire occurs in different parts of factories but mourning afterwards is of no use. The fire broke out in any portion of the factor is not only financially harmful but can bring unexpected delay in businesses as well. Out of numerous reasons which cause fire are over heating of machinery, short circuit, negligence by a worker and other reasons. Though many times, the uncontrolled fire starts off but the staff is always made to be ready for suppressing the fire at earliest otherwise once the fire has become stronger, there is impossible to control the fire. You must have seen various fire extinguishing systems installed at various place for the safety of property and people but does installation of these systems make you responsible towards all?
Absolutely, No!

It is important you maintain the system you have installed such as ultrasonic liquid level indicator which measures the levels of the liquids whereas you are given with alarms if the level falls drastically. NOVEC 1230 gas suppression system is another fire suppressing system which is considered to be an appreciable agent to control fire without causing any trouble such as suffocation. If you seek to go for more information, you can visit Coltraco.www.coltraco.com
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Beginning with one of the most advanced companies qualifying in the relative business of producing ultrasonic devices, Coltraco Ultrasonic Limited is approached by thousands of people from industrial sector in regards to Ultrasonic Survey and Safety equipments. They are working from 1987 which makes it around two decades of successful career and holding the position of being World Leaders in the relevant field with professional staff efficiently performing ultrasonic manufacturing. Throughout the sector of Petrochemical, Fire Protection, Marine, Offshore, Power Generating, Industrial, Defense and Rail whereas the clients of ultrasonic liquid level indicator demanding these devices are widespread belonging to more than 100 countries.

Today, Coltraco Limited is delighted to successfully launch 7th generation of Portalevel® Standard and advanced product of Permalevel®. These both qualify to be liquid level indicator with ultrasonic technology for which Coltraco is popular and approached. Moreover, these devices are continuously being upgraded in regards to the advanced machinery requirement. I have enlisted three major advantages of possessing liquid level indicator for fire extinguishing system you possess such as FM 200 or NOVEC 1230 fire suppression system:

    The response of ultrasonic sensor does not dependent upon the optical reflectivity and surface color of the object such as the sensing of the brown pottery plate, clear glass plate, a shiny aluminum plate and a white plastic plate is the same.
    With digital outputs (On/Off) of ultrasonic sensors, they possess accuracy for excellent sensing repetition. Spontaneous ignorance of background objects is possible at major scale even at long sensing distances due to relatively low switching hysteresis.
    Analog ultrasonic sensors respond linear with distance. With the integration of LED Display, the calculations are displayed with visual indication of the targeted distance. Moreover, this feature of visual or audible inferences helps ultrasonic sensors ideal for linear motion monitoring level monitoring applications.
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There are various forms of liquid level indicators available in the market to help you monitor the fire extinguishing system but what makes one to lead the others? This is something you need to look for when finalizing any sort of monitoring instrument but you never want to make a wrong investment along with lose the setup due to carelessness. Coltraco Ltd is regarded to come up with an exciting and upgraded fire extinguishing monitoring system such as ultrasonic liquid level indicator which qualifies to fulfill the need of the industry it qualifies in. Currently, 7th generation of Portalevel® Standard has been introduced to the market which qualifies to be more advanced and efficient in regards to the function it is manufactured for. The ultrasonic technology integrated within this measuring instrument is amazing in order to identify the interface between air and liquid enclosed in a single skinned container. Most importantly, the entire packing contains DVDs which possess training videos for the users to learn to operate the monitoring tool. You also find videos displayed online to help you learn the functioning of these instruments. It does not require a huge number of labor forces to manage it. It only requires few people to operate the instrument.

Moreover, this liquid level indicator does not require any traditional method or manual operating system but has changed the perspective. Replacing the conventional methods of weighing and dismantling in order to verify liquid levels which was risky if disconnected or closed down to this advanced system has come up with some really amazing and accurate monitoring system. Portalevel® Standard with its 7th generation can help you save more time, provide convenience and shorten up the expenses. Coltraco Ultrasonic Ltd has upgraded this monitoring tool to bring up 7th generation which provides you with more efficient functioning and convenient handling. It is even enhanced in regards to the accuracy of calculation along with lights and digital display is even improved. Furthermore, easy clean fascia panel and easy-use membrane.
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If you have a business related to yachting or you have a business established over ships, you need to take care of the entire setup because you cannot afford loss, delay or another investment no matter how reasonable it may be. Leaving the risk of money behind, you cannot risk the life of people at any cost because there is no replacement. Here, for the information of all the people possessing business over onboard ships, they need to know the importance of watertight compartment doors testing.

Watertight compartment doors are special sort of doors built in ships in order to cause obstruction in the path of water to get into the restricted or important areas especially in case of emergency such as accidents and floods. They are mostly integrated in areas where there is a chance of causing floods more often. Shaft tunnel and engine room compartments are the most important areas which are installed with it in order to prevent any ingression of water. These doors qualify to be of three kinds which are mentioned below:

Type 1: These watertight compartment doors may be left open but to be held closed during the span of emergency.
Type 2: These doors should be necessarily kept closed and kept temporarily open when personnel are functioning in the adjacent compartments.

Type 3: Most importantly, these doors are to be kept closed round the clock whereas can only be kept open if people have to pass for calculated time.

Moreover, compartments which carry cargo make sure you have hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing device so that you can easily make sure there is no balancing issues. Apart from this, you make sure that you manually check the entire watertight compartments doors weekly so that they should never be out of function at any time.
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There are numerous devices all over the world which are utilized in numerous ways. Massively used fire extinguishing monitoring devices are efficiently installed in various types of industries, factories and sectors which utilize it in order to make sure that fire extinguishing should never end up being a mess itself. Furthermore, it should work appropriately when it is needed in the time of emergency. Liquid Gas Level Indicator is one of these devices which are produced by Coltraco Ltd on massive number whereas it is proud to enormously produce the products with Ultrasonic technology.

Ultrasonic technology utilizes the principals of sound waves in order of measurement of both – solid media and liquid in regards to continuous monitoring. These instruments receive the ultrasonic sound waves produced by objects or liquids around and eject them back with intensity. On receiving them back, they are sent to the main unit where the calculations are made. In Coltraco products, the visual display with numerical digits, the calculations of these received ultrasonic sounds are displayed. Though there are few limitations and scope narrower at certain areas but it is really beneficial whereas it is utilized. Generally, the phenomenon of UltraSonic Gas leak Detector is in accordance to the principal of echolocation used by dolphins and bats. These devices are considered to be the best to install is due to no moving parts integrated in the system. They are smooth and reasonable to afford for a longer time span. Caustic chemicals, fire extinguishing agents, boiling liquids and similar are best to be measured with these monitoring instruments. The unique efficiency level of these respective devices is about finding the correct location where the leakage is happening.

If you have any queries and suggestion, do not forget to comment below as your participation helps me to improve to a greater extent. Moreover, if you have a business of your own, share in case you have fire extinguishing monitoring system and its company. Do not forget to share how it works!
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