Ultrasonic Safety and Survey Equipments

We specializes in the design and manufacture of niche Ultrasonic Safety and Survey equipments. We have been in operation since 1989 and since then have been the World Leaders in the specialist field of Ultrasonic Manufacturing. Our equipments are in use throughout the Marine, Fire Protection, Offshore, Petrochemical, Industrial, Power Generating, Rail and Defence and they export to over 100 countries Worldwide.
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Coltraco Ultrasonics has received UL listing for their Portalevel™ MAX liquid level indicator. It is a small hand-sized device, engineered with incredibly high build quality and the most mathematically accurate unit in the world for NOVEC™ 1230, FM-200™, CO2, FE-13™, FE-25™ and FE-36™.

While unveiling a new design for the Portalevel MAX, Mr. Carl Hunter said “We have specifically designed the device for fire engineers in the past but it is now available in a marine configuration for SOLAS compliance as Portalevel™ MAX Marine for 2-3-4 banked rows of CO2 cylinders”. With the new design and its ability to be used in the maritime industry, the device now stands as:

Height: 160 mm (6.29 inches)
Width: 82 mm (3.22 inches)
Depth: 30 mm (1.18 inches)
Weight: 300 grams (10.58 ounces)

“Our top priority as always is to deliver best practices commercially and technically and to be the leading technology provider in our design and manufacturing” said Mr. Carl.

Coltraco was founded in 1987 and since its inception it has been known to provide the most reliable instruments used for commercial testing. With a strong focus on two core technical groups: Technical Group 1 deals about fire safety of all kinds and works to make the devices best for use when dealing with fire suppression systems. The Technical Group 2 is all about integrity testing so the maritime industry can expect a lot from us.

For more information visit http://www.coltraco.com/
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It is with great pleasure that we warmly welcome Mr Adrian Saw to the company as our Manager Research & Development. Adrian began working with the company through a Summer Internship and this Summer graduated from the University of Durham with a Masters of Science.

Our CEO says, "We are proud and grateful to warmly welcome Adrian to the company. Working with Physicist and Head of Research & Development, Mr Sam Watson, we hope that Adrian will bring his fine analytical and innovative skills to the role and find happiness and success with us. Adrian has already delivered fine work to the company through his dedication and commitment and he combines this with wonderful family values and kindness. Sam and I are delighted to welcome Adrian and look forward to supporting him over the months and years to come."

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We at Coltraco, build state of the art, modern industrial liquid and gas measuring devices for our customers. For-example our unbeatable liquid level indicator the Portalevel series is acknowledged worldwide. To keep ourselves acquainted with the changing trends and changing demands of the industry we felt a need of a person who could provide support to our potential customers. Moreover, we needed a professional who could make great research in regards to the new developments in the devices in which we deal. With his great understanding of science and research skills, Mr Ardian Saw, has provided a lot of input in the company enabling us to make more sensitive and accurate devices for our beloved customers.

We are quite happy to find a person like him who has taken up the charge of his duty with great responsibility. He is toiling greatly with his good, promising, timely, apt and apropos services. Using his probing and inquisitive nature he is now getting acquainted with the company needs. For this reason, he is aptly serving the company with what the company actually needs. Seeing his ways of working and the improvements in his services we can easily say that he is going to prove a gemstone for our company. We are confident with Mr Adrian Saw by our side, our world famous ultrasonic level indicator and the many other devices we are known for will be enhanced. It is without a doubt that great minds contribute a lot which further leads to success and betterment.
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This hardy Portamarine® unit has been used for training Petrofac’s fire servicing teams in Aberdeen for years! Coltraco Customer Care ensures that even if your unit is one of our first generation models from almost 30 years ago, you will receive premium support from our teams to recalibrate, repair, replace parts, or offer trade in discounts for a new model.

Petrofac are also highlighting a key question we often get asked: “Do I need annual calibration or can I just get a 5 year calibration certificate?” We do not mandate that you get your unit returned for calibration every year, because it is up to the standards that your company operates by. However, as it is safety and measuring equipment, the international standards recommend annual certification. 5 years is not accepted by most audits. To help, we are setting up ODA Service Stations around the globe and provide 48 hour turnaround for most units. support@coltraco.co.uk.

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Our units are already being used in the different industries since the last 2 decades. The units are functioning perfectly even today only due to their timely calibration. More than a dozen of our ultrasonic level indicator is serving the United Sates navy since 20 years and it would not be a lie to say that we have been complained of malfunction of the units during all these years. Timely calibrations keep the units working perfectly and it upgrades the device in a way that keeps it running for long. Like every other machine devices also need maintenance overtime and if they are maintained in time, there is no way they’ll be faulty.

We are pioneers in manufacturing ultrasonic liquid level indictor which has revolutionized the way liquids are measured and managed at the industrial level. We have made measuring large quantities of liquids easy and manageable which has enabled industries to function properly and safely. As every machine needs to be updated with the passage of time so do our units. When they are calibrated in time they are able to function just like new even when they are years old. Our technical staff is able to provide amazing support to all our customers who are using our units. It is always recommended to send your devices for calibration at the time mentioned so that they are always in perfect condition.
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A Happy New Year 2016 and it is our great pleasure to introduce our Fire Safety Partner in Japan, Nichibou Company Limited in Tokyo. Mr Kenji Taniguchi san is the company’s esteemed President.

Mr Seiji Uehara, Manager Overseas Trading group, Special Equipment Section at Nichibou comments, “ We are very happy to announce that we will start an exclusive distributorship with Permalevel™ Multiplex, Permalevel™ Single Point, Portalevel™ Ultrasonic Level Indicator, MINI Nippon and Portalevel™ DATALOGGER in the Japanese Fire Protection market from this year. Our company’s principle is to ‘Achieve as many as No.1’s’ and our highly motivated and trained 160 service members in Japan are engaged energetically with Fire Protection System installation and maintenance and we are recognized with a wonderfully high reputation in Japan. Japan is one of the world’s most highly developed industrial nations, and is sadly facing recurring natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, and typhoons – but like the English we will keep smiling ! Therefore for Business Continuity and Secured Social & Critical Infrastructure it is imperative to plan and implement high technology monitoring systems to protect irreplaceable and critical infrastructure. In 2020, Japan will host the Tokyo Olympic Games and will welcome many people from all over the world. We are so honoured to contribute to prepare for a successful Olympic Games to protect relevant facilities in Japan with Coltraco’s state-of-the-art technology. I would like to send my deepest gratitude to Mr. Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter for being so generously patient in guiding us to this memorable moment. Thank you. “

Our CEO Mr Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter says, “For many years we have aimed to secure a partner in the Japanese fire safety market with the vision, capability and dynamism of Mr Taniguchi, the President of Nichibou Co. Ltd. During our discussions with Mr Uehara san and President Mr Taniguchi san, my most recent being in Seoul last month, I count our blessings that we are with this fine and honourable company. It is my belief that Portalevel™ Liquid Level Indicator, MINI Nippon and Permalevel™ Multiplex will become certified and accepted in the Japanese fire market with flying colours and that our relationship with Nichibou will become the strategic partnership we have long aspired to creating in the wonderful country that Japan is and to which we are committed to supporting to protect its infrastructure and in the run-up to the Tokyo Olympics where our remote diagnostic, remote monitoring and autonomous data management capabilities will play a vital and essential role in ensuring the wonderful global event that Japan will host. I thank Nichibou Company Limited for this essential strategic partnership in Japan”
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It is with great pleasure that we announce the appointment of Mr Lubomir Ernst to this strategic role as Regional Director of our operations in Central and Eastern Europe. Lubomir is a fire industry professional, a former Professional Pilot and a Graduate in Civil Aviation from the University of Transport and Telecommunications. Science is at our core and good science is one wholly based on Integrity and that is our binding value commercially too. Lubomir will act as our focal point in the establishment and maintenance of our distribution network across our products and systems throughout Eastern and Central Europe, with a special emphasis on developing our markets in critical infrastructure customers across the Fire Safety sector.

Mr Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter, our CEO says, “I warmly value Mr Ernst joining our company. As we evolve from a product manufacturer to one engaged in the manufacture of autonomous systems delivering remote diagnostics and remote monitoring of clean agent fire suppression systems it is vital that the high value customers we develop systems for are fully supported. We are grateful to Lubomir for extending to us his abundant skills and capabilities to further this. Lubomir is a skilled and capable communicator and a dynamic and effective business leader. I look forward a very much to developing our business in the fire, telecommunication, aerospace, mobile phone, electricity, gas and other sectors across Central and Eastern Europe with the able and wonderful man who Mr Lubomir Ernst is”.

Mr Lubomir Ernst says, "Within many years in fire safety sector I have met the importance of systems security. Thanks to Mr Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter I have a chance today to join the Coltraco organisation in such strategic role as Regional Director Central & Eastern Europe. I am very pleased to work directly with him in that great way of easy negotiating and understanding. Thank You Carl."
It has been a pleasure to work with our partners, network, customers and suppliers this year and we thank you all. I look forward to continuing in 2016 and generating good business for our companies.

We have an exciting vision and mission for developing our company to deliver Safesite™ & Safeship™ monitoring technologies to enhance safety at customer critical infrastructure on land and at sea. We have a strong Research & Development track and a growth strategy with our global network, thanks to partners like you.

May I wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from myself and our team at Coltraco Ultrasonics in London!

C S P Hunter CEO
Coltraco manufactures ultrasonic liquid level indicator and hatch cover testing equipment for the maritime industry.
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Ford is working to recover after a fire broke out at a power sub-station beneath its US corporate headquarters, briefly shutting down data center operations and prevented it from gathering sales data. The automotive giant is reported to have the building completely evacuated in Dearborn MI. As a result the power had to be completely cut off and the servers which had to receive sales data from dealerships all over USA were temporarily cut off from the internet. During the incident no injuries were reported and the fire was brought under control after a few minutes but until it became apparent that every nook and cranny was cleared for every kind of risk the building was opened for the staff to enter again.

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Coltraco Provides Devices Used For Monitoring Fire Suppression Systems
Coltraco is an ultrasonic level indicator manufacturer, a family company, with 3 generations of the family working for the business alongside an extremely talented group of individuals, all who share our values and commitment to science and commercial integrity. The company was founded in 1987 by Mr. E C Hunter, a Royal Naval (RN) Submariner 27 year at sea & his son Mr. Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter, the current CEO.

Mr. E C Hunter spent 5 years working for the Admiralty Research Laboratories, specialising in sonar technologies. It became clear to him that marine CO2 suppression systems could benefit from a portable ultrasonic device, able to monitor the contents. Methods at the time involved either weighing cylinders, or using testing devices that included a radioactive source. Identifying a significant market opportunity, with large commercial vessels typically holding up to 600 x 45KG cylinders on-board, Mr. E C Hunter retired and set to work. By 1987 he had produced the world’s first dedicated marine portable liquid level indicator, able to monitor multi-banked rows of cylinders aboard commercial vessels. Whilst the original monitoring device was complex to use, its accuracy was unparalleled, able to read cylinders to within 1/8th of an inch or +/- 1.5 mm. It took another 3-4 years until 1990 to develop a unit which was more user-friendly. Today, Coltraco have equipped over 9000 ships, 25 Navies, 1000 offshore oil & gas platforms, 100 power stations and 5000 fire safety companies. We export our state of the art modern liquid level indicator and other devices under our banner to 105 countries and exports constitute 85% of our output.
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It is with great pleasure that we announce Captain Amit Mehotra as our Fire Safety Partner in India. Our CEO Mr Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter says, “Captain Amit is an honourable, highly professional and dynamic leader. It gives me great pleasure to welcome Amit to the company where he will be responsible for shaping and implementing our strategic direction in India and establishing a national dealer network for our range of portable Portalevel™ MAX, Portalevel™ DATALOGGER , our new hands-free Portalevel™ MINI and our Zone 1 ATEX approved Portalevel™ INTRINSICALLY SAFE model types for CO2, the old Halons, FM-200™ , NOVEC™ 1230 and HFC-225 & 227, whilst being our Strategic Partner in India for our leading edge technology monitoring system, Permalevel™ MULTIPLEX. Captain Amit will establish a Coltraco ODA Service Station for these equipment types in India at his fine company Intime Fire. We wish to honour Captain Amit and his family and are proud to be teamed with the company which Captain Amit’s Father founded”.

Find out more about Coltraco ultrasonic level indicator here
Captain Amit comments, “When I came ashore after commanding at sea as a Master Mariner it was always my vision to honour my Father and re-create the great reputation which he had established across India at Intime Fire. Mr Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter gave me great encouragement and as a keen observer and devotee of the Indian Sub-continent that he is I warmly welcome this great opportunity to work alongside him and support his vision to bring Coltraco’s technology to India across the full spectrum of its fixed and portable monitoring capabilities and to support their installation, calibration and repair in accordance with Indian Standards which demand that calibration is undertaken every 12-16 months. I look forward to Coltraco Ultrasonics becoming a domiciled presence in India. I encourage candidate dealers across India to rally now to Coltraco’s leading technology portfolio and brand. I hope to arrange Customer seminars in India soon, building on the keen interest that the Indian Fire Trade Press is stimulating across India and we will be exhibiting Coltraco products at Fire South India later this year”.

Coltraco's liquid level indicator technology will surely help India overcome its safety issues in the factories. India is a huge country with booming economy and hundreds of factories busy in making variety of goods. However the safety concerns cannot be ignored and with the help of our products it can progress even more quickly.
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Our CEO is delighted to be spending time in Malaysia with our new Strategic Partner in the Fire Safety sector, UMW. We are proud to confirm the new partnering with UMW Industrial Power Sdn Bhd (UMW) as our Fire Safety Partner. The UMW Group is a leading Industrial Enterprise with diverse and global interest in the Automotive, Equipment, Manufacturing and Engineering, and Oil and Gas Industries with 7 branches in Malaysia. We see this exciting teaming as a reflection of the long historical and strong trading ties between the United Kingdom and Malaysia.

Our CEO Dr Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter says, “I greatly admire UMW Industrial Power Sdn Bhd and the President of UMW Equipment Division Mr Lee Chin Win and am grateful for UMW wishing to become our exclusive Strategic Partner, Fire Safety in Malaysia to encompass all of our products for the fire sector but primarily our fixed monitoring system Permalevel™ Multiplex for high asset value customers seeking to secure risk mitigation of their clean agent systems and business continuity and to become our ODA Service Station for its installation and maintenance in 2017.”

President of UMW Equipment Division: Mr Lee Chin Min says: “UMW Industrial Power Sdn Bhd is proud to be a business partner with Coltraco Ultrasonic Limited to deliver the latest Safesite & Safeship monitoring system technologies to the Malaysian customers at critical infrastructure on land and at sea. We are truly honoured to work with Coltraco to enhance and strengthen the safety performance at these infrastructures in Malaysia.”

Mr Desmond Lin, Senior Manager UMW says, “We enjoyed a great meeting and shared the history and business structure of UMW with Dr Hunter… I am looking forward to great business opportunities between UMW and Coltraco.”

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About Coltraco
Coltraco is well known for its Portalevel the ultrasonic level indicator that completely revolutionized the ways of measuring liquids on the industrial scale. In the past measuring liquids was a great hassle and most industries suffered many losses when they couldn’t control the use of liquids in manufacturing and other processes. As the world advanced so its need for a sophisticated liquid measuring device became undeniable.

Coltraco successfully replaced the old liquid level indicator with its powerful devices and with the passage of time they were upgraded to meet the modern industry challenges all over the globe.
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We would like to thank the IMPA Council and Alexony for organising another fantastic IMPA London show. Based in Westminster, this is a good opportunity to meet industry friends and peers to discuss the market situation and highlight trends. We are pleased to be part of the trend of increasing safety and maintenance for the sake of safety - going above and beyond regulations. By providing a range of inspection tools and continuous monitoring systems, we work closely with our ship owners, managers and servicing companies to provide efficient Safeship® solutions, whilst improving safety management onboard. Marine servicing companies very often become our distributors and as many IMPA members will know Marine supply companies too. Furthermore, we are pleased to promote women in shipping, following the lead of our IMPA Chairwoman and other women in industry. We look forward to 2017.

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Coltraco Is Now Recognized As an Industry Leader
Coltraco is a family owned business with most of our family members working for its success today. But we haven’t become selfish by not allowing other’s to become a part of it and we have now many talented young people working for us taking the business to the next level. Our liquid level indicator is by far the most accurate device to measure liquids inside all kinds of containers. Our devices can measure liquids under extreme conditions without fail and this is what makes our devices great. It truly reflects our zeal and enthusiasm to refine what we’ve already created and to take our devices to the next level.

We endeavor to give the sea business the best gadgets that can be utilized for identifying spills so they can locate a reasonable arrangement well inside time. Aside from simply concentrating on cable transit areas watertight testing; the Portascanner is totally fit for helping with watertight hatch covers testing. Therefore this gadget can be utilized to filter the whole ship and guarantee that when the ship sets out for a voyage there is no possibility of water leaking inside the lodges or freight holds. A dry ship is a protected ship as water not just purposes harm to products or cause freeze inside the lodges, it builds weight which can regularly end up being deadly for the prosperity of the ship and the group that sails with it.
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The procedures and safe working systems that lie at the core of all safety management systems are there for a reason, says Steve Clinch, Chief Inspector of Marine Accidents at Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB). “[…] MAIB investigators regularly identify a disconnect between the safety culture that shore-based managers believe (or perhaps hope) is in place within their fleet and what is really happening on board. Safety management systems need to evolve over time if they are to remain credible. If the procedures on board your vessel are not working, don’t just use convenient work around to get tasks done – flag up the problem and make sure they are changed or amended in a controlled way that ensures the system retains its credibility and continues to reflect the company’s best practice requirements. In the digest, Captain John Rose, Director of the Confidential Hazardous Incident Reporting Program (CHIRP) highlights the importance of crew’s ability to deal effectively and safely with the complexity, difficulty, pressures and workload of their daily tasks, not only in emergency situations, but also during routine operations. The report is available here.

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Our essential value of integrity & excellence across all commercial and technical areas has been at the core of our business and has contributed to the development of Coltraco Ultrasonics for over 29 years. We strive to design, implement, and manufacture the most advanced technology in our field such as the ultrasonic level indicator, by developing products, systems and services that bring preventative maintenance & condition monitoring capabilities to current and future industry applications.

Our fundamental attribute is both our integrity in operations, and placing science at our core. Our philosophy is to develop product ranges that mutually support each other in their applications, derive and develop systems from the most successful of these and to develop global data monitoring technologies for the systems so that we deliver autonomous remote monitoring & remote diagnostic systems at sea & on land such as the advanced liquid level indicator.

We will strive to act at all times in conjunction with our core values;

    Ethical Actions
    Compliance with the Law
    Fair competitive actions
    Confidentiality and avoidance of conflicts of interest
    Respect Human Rights
    Not acting with Prejudice
    Respect for International Laws and Conventions
    Act with compassion and dignity
    Communicate honestly
    Communicate frequently
    Communicate with credibility and not mislead
    Commitment to openness & transparency
    Keep our promises
    Try to put things right when they go wrong
    Act promptly
    Find out and respond to our customers’ needs
    Form partnerships with our customers
    Place safety at the forefront of all we do
    Seek to innovate and embrace new methods and technologies
    Act as a responsible business
    Strive to improve our knowledge of our business environment
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