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We specializes in the design and manufacture of niche Ultrasonic Safety and Survey equipments. We have been in operation since 1989 and since then have been the World Leaders in the specialist field of Ultrasonic Manufacturing. Our equipments are in use throughout the Marine, Fire Protection, Offshore, Petrochemical, Industrial, Power Generating, Rail and Defence and they export to over 100 countries Worldwide.
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Fire needs oxygen to burn and keep on burning. Whenever we see something burned completely the flames at the bottom die out first. Why is that? Because the flames at the bottom get covered with the debris and they lose contact with air and most importantly oxygen hence they die out. Only the flames at the top of the debris still manage to keep on burning due to having access to oxygen. In many cases flames are seen to be dying when the area is filled with thick smoke as it also cuts away oxygen supply. So the main point here to consider is cutting away the supply of oxygen of fire to kill it.

What is more effective in killing oxygen in the area than the CO2 (carbon dioxide). It is well known that CO2 being heavier than air creates a blanket on the lower level of air and minifies oxygen levels in the area. Hence one of the most popular fire suppression agents is the CO2 and when used through a proper system can be one of the most effective ones. A deadly against fire and one of the safest way to use Cos is the CO2 & marine CO2 systems which specifically designed to fight fire in compact and wide areas alike has proved its effectiveness.

The system although not so easy to install can be explained in simple words. The system’s core is the fire suppression agent i.e. CO2 and then comes the brain of the operation. It can be defined as a box having the ability to turn on the other associated parts of the system and then hit the flames with the gas. A series of steel pipes runs through the entire building which is the roads on which the gas travels to reach its destination. Having smoke and heat detectors attached to the system serves as the sensory points to detect where the heat is coming from.

You can’t store gas in a box or any ordinary bottle but it can be only stored in something specifically built. The single skinned container, the same design of the fire extinguisher but in a lot bigger size is used to store the CO2 and attach to the system. Since you can’t look inside the container and it is fixed, to measure the gas inside you have to use the ultrasonic liquid level indicator. Using the device one can easily measure the container and see if it needs a refill or not.
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The generation procedures of today are to a greater extent a mind boggling workmanship than simply applying labor. The new requests of the business sectors are pressurizing the producers to think of wonders that the world has never seen however at a value that is amazingly low even a kid would have the capacity to stand to purchase from his pocket cash. This tremendous test has constrained the producers to receive a wide range of procedures of which wiping out preparing waste and making the best blends each time best the rundown of needs. To satisfy this test the industrial facilities of today have experienced an enormous changeover by including numerous new machines, gadgets, for example, an ultrasonic level indicator which bests a wide range of fluid level pointers.

This machine, contraption or gadget, whatever you might feel simple to relate it to, fills the need that all markers of the past and a hefty portion of the present day ones have neglected to give. It is one of a kind gadget which measures materials without touching them in any capacity. Whether the materials are in an open tank (like a pool), or whether they are in a solitary cleaned holder, this gadget has no impediments and can quantify effortlessly in both the circumstances. In the event that you need to gauge the level of fluid in a pool sort holder, you should simply move to a spot where you feel safe. Turn on the gadget and the transducer instantly transmits the ultrasonic waves that touch the surface and skip back. When the principal wave hits the transducer back, the level is measured and showed on the LCD screen and this is all done inside of seconds.

Presently in the event that you are to quantify a fluid inside a solitary cleaned holder, you should simply put the transducer to the mass of the compartment and turn it on. These ultrasonic waves can infiltrate anything and they effortlessly cross the dividers of the holder. When it touches the fluid's surface it skips back to the gadget. The gadget goes about as the speediest conceivable liquid level indicator that does not touch the material and reports the level in a jiffy. Along these lines a solitary individual can gauge the whole manufacturing plant effortlessly and inside of a brief timeframe. This strategy has additionally helped the industrial facility proprietors to diminish staff that was once assigned to simply measure fluids and took a whole day do to it. Presently with these techniques the plants have figured out how to cut down their operational costs which at last brought about cutting down the expense of items. It is the initial move towards a shoddy yet quality item.
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Since Halon was ruled out as a fire suppression agent, a replacement was being sought. Due to the effectiveness of the gas, users preferred to have it rather than water which causes damages of its own. As Halon was found to be harmful to the ozone, it was ruled out as an agent to be sold commercially. Research proved that the Novec 1230 could be used as a replacement and it wouldn’t harm the ozone as much as Halon did. It proved that the commercial use of the newly found fire suppression agent could be used and sold commercially without disturbing nature’s cycle.

Due to the continuous hustle and bustle of people in the commercial buildings, there is a massive chance of accidents. The excessive use of electricity and also due to rash usage of appliances, fire can break out any time. Accidents do not happen after informing, they always happen when the person least expects it. If any incident of such type takes place in a building, the owner and the management gets the blame. It is their responsibility to make sure they have provided adequate protection to their visitors and users. Having the right installations such as the Novec 1230 gas suppression system and having enough emergency exits can save a lot of trouble and lives in case the flames start getting out of control.

Here are some characteristics that clearly mention that the Novec 1230 can be used inside buildings to make them safe and secure.

    It is a synthetic and chemical fire suppression gas.
    It is a waterless fire extinguishing agent that works by removing the heat elements from the fire triangle making it powerless and die instantly.
    Inside a room, the concentration of the gas remains between 5.3% - 5.6% of the room value.
    In its natural state and when filled inside single skinned containers looks like water. But when released by pressure it turns into gas. If you place a mobile phone inside the Novec 1230 liquid state, the mobile phone will function normally.
    It boils at 48 degrees Celsius and vaporizes when pressure is applied when releasing it.

Since it is filled inside the single skinned cylinders when sold commercially, you cannot judge the amount inside without using a measuring device. For measuring the gas inside the single skinned containers the ultrasonic liquid level indicator is used and one can easily measure how much is inside.
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CO2 or carbon dioxide is one of the most popular and well known fire suppressing gas. We all learnt in our junior schools that when carbon dioxide is exposed to raging flames, they are instantly lose their ferocity and if the gas is in a greater quantity, the flames die out completely. Carbon dioxide is an effective fire suppression agent and can be applied to a wide range of fire types. When pushed on the flames, the CO2 covers it as if a heavy blanket was placed on it thus cutting access to fresh oxygen which is the core ingredient for a fire to gather strength.

Since it is a gas, it gets mixed in the air and soon dissolves in the particles. There is no cleaning up mess after it has been used to fight the thermal hazard that had occurred. It is one of the most effective gases being sold commercially and has the tendency to keep a ship, house, building and even cars safe after fire has broken loose in them. Being a compound of carbon and oxygen, it is a colorless gas but can cause serious coughing when inhaled. In higher concentrations, it is highly toxic and is advised to keep humans and animals away when releasing it. But in the case of CO2 & marine CO2 systems, it is released inside closed rooms hence the concentration is usually at its lowest.

As a fire fighting agent, the advantages of using the CO2 & marine CO2 systems are as follows:

    Density of CO2 is 1.5 times higher than air hence it settles down and a person standing up will have more chances of breathing clean air.
    It can be easily liquefied and can be stored inside single skinned containers.
    20% - 30% of it is enough to extinguish fire by smothering.
    It is non corrosive hence your metals remain unharmed.
    Being a non conductor of electricity, no problem if it gets inside the electrical sockets. It will soon evaporate without causing any harm.
    After application there is no residue hence you don’t need to call in the cleaning staff to get rid of CO2.
    Does not expire however it can lose pressure when kept for long. It is not the fault of the gas but can be considered as the fault of the container. Hence you need to keep measuring the gas with the ultrasonic liquid level indicator to know the pressure is still there.
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Quality control, the greatest test for the cutting edge plants is the thing that makes them win or lose the position in the business sector. This race is driving the makers up the divider since they are not just required to make quality items; they are additionally required to meet the gigantic every day creation targets. In hunt to make results of unrivaled quality with the slightest assembling costs, the fixings have changed and a variety of sorts of fluids, solids and gasses are being utilized. Overseeing and putting away the enormous assortment of items to be utilized as a part of the assembling has made a test for the production lines and raised numerous security concerns.

Since it is important to have all the required fixings in the biggest amount conceivable, the capacity territories have been altered to make stockpiling in mass amount conceivable. Enormous estimated and different molded tanks and compartments have been introduced to hold the distinctive fluids. Because of these monstrous changes, the requirement for an intense and solid measuring gadget got to be fundamental. At last the need was satisfied with the ultrasonic level indicator which is by a long shot the most distinctive and novel measuring gadget. It cannot just quantify fluids and gasses; it has the one of a kind capacity to gauge these materials without interacting with the materials.

This gadget has made it workable for the processing plants to utilize the delicate fluids which are exceedingly dangerous and destructive. As it is unimaginable for the people to draw close to them without legitimate assurance, the typical fluid level markers additionally neglected to perform their best with them. These pointers either began failing after a brief period, or they broke separated leaving the staff to note wrong readings just to acknowledge when the gage was all the while demonstrating a copious level and as a general rule the tank was totally out of stock. Therefore the quality endured and the objectives were no place close to be met for whatever length of time that the refill was occupied.

Aside from these poisonous and destructive materials, to quantify water level in the tanks the utilization of standard liquid level indicator is still relevant. On the off chance that a production line has no utilization of touchy crude materials, it can manage without the ultrasonic measuring gadget. In any case, on the off chance that it needs to keep a supply of fluids other than plain water, it gravely needs the ultrasonic fluid level pointer. Without it the processing plant would frequently be getting objections of passing up a great opportunity of important fluids and of broken or harmed fluid pointers.
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In the event that you have ever had the opportunity to see a capacity territory of a manufacturing plant, you will have seen that it is an aggregation of various measured and formed tanks and compartments. These tanks and compartments are utilized to contain distinctive sorts of fluids and gasses which are utilized as a part of creation and diverse zones of the production line. While keeping a record of these gasses and fluids is an intense assignment, so is the support of the tanks and compartments.

Because of the exceedingly touchy and destructive nature of these fluids and gasses, the tanks are frequently observed to be spilling. In the event that a touchy fluid breaks incidentally, the result would be horrendous and the harms would be unsalvageable. To ensure that the tanks and compartments are without release, the industrial facility's support division has received the testing strategy normally known as the cable transit areas watertight testing.

This testing technique gets its name from the oceanic business where it initially began. Since the vehicle ships get rusted rapidly, they create spills in the most stunning spots conceivable. As the episodes of spilling portal covers expanded and the clients whined of harmed and wet products got, the whole business was shaken seriously. They immediately chose to determine the matter before individuals would quit utilizing this medium of transport and the cases and protection that was paid was rapidly suffocating the business in substantial obligations.

To battle this issue the business individuals concocted a wide range of strategies to discover breaks. At first they utilized the hose funnel testing technique which was included with the chalk testing strategy later on. Be that as it may, because of the tremendous measure of assets required to run these tests, the cost of checking holes was too high and was rapidly emptying out cash out of their pockets. Consequently, the industry shouted for a less expensive and more dependable strategy.

This made a test for the specialists identified with this industry since it was dependent upon them to give an answer. Considering the ultrasonic gadgets that were at that point being utilized as a part of various segments of the business, the conceived the ultrasonic hole distinguishing gadget. It turned out to be a moment hit however the many-sided quality of working it kept many people vexed. In spite of the fact that its utilization was compelling yet not everybody could work it.

After thorough testing and careful, the most recent model is accessible which makes multiple cable transit areas testing with ultrasound appear as though a drop in the bucket. Its ubiquity made influxes of cheers and soon it began spreading to different commercial enterprises. Today verging on each manufacturing plant own no less than one of these gadgets and they additionally have gotten to be more secure and more casual with the upkeep of their tanks and holders.
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We carry on with an efficient life. Everything around us is controlled and oversaw in an arrangement which guarantees that the earth is protected and unharmed. The activity that streams on the streets is in an organized way, the power we use in our homes and workplaces are controlled to a specific voltage. Indeed, even the water we use in our homes, workplaces and industrial facilities are overseen and controlled by the powers. Subsequently everything should be under appropriate control and perception to guarantee smooth and safe environment.

Wherever there are machines and individuals working close, mishaps will undoubtedly happen. One spot where they are close and isolating them is impossible is the production line. In a manufacturing plant, unless individuals work in co-appointment and on the machines, work can't advance. To deal with the colossal generation and to meet the objectives every day, it is the key that people chip away at machines. Since machines can be capricious, there are sure wellbeing methodologies that are actualized by the administration. Evacuating these safety measures, the outcome would just be tumult and devastation on an immense scale.

Another colossal risk that is confronted by the specialists is the gigantic measure of water and different fluids present in the region. Since manufacturing plants need a mass amount of materials accessible at all times to deal with their enormous generation focuses on, the fluids and water are contained in goliath measured tanks and compartments. Until and unless a liquid level indicator is introduced to these goliath tanks and holders, there is no chance to get of knowing the levels. Indeed, even the undetected holes can be investigated by the marker as the unapproved drop in the levels would be accessible on the pointers.

Aside from lodging just fluids and water, processing plants additionally have a gigantic supply of various sorts of gasses where LPG is a typical. It is utilized for burning purposes because of its capable fire which can without much of a stretch make temperatures ascend to an abnormal state. The enormous load of LPG chambers is similar to a bomb sitting inside the industrial facility. On the off chance that a barrel spills or the capacity region bursts into flames, the harm would be significantly more than simply money related, the building would explode as though a bomb were dropped on it and the number individuals who might be hurt because of the blast can never be anticipated.

To guarantee the wellbeing and soundness of these LPG chambers, they are measured by the ultrasonic level marker which has a novel capacity to quantify through the dividers. Bringing consistent estimations with the ultrasonic level indicator is a simple, safe and efficient undertaking. The gadget reacts inside of a small amount of a second so all it takes to quantify a hundred barrels is never over 60 minutes. This is the reason this gadget has picked up fame and has turned into a key part of the processing plants of today.
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The vehicle business depends vigorously on the autos and the boats for the street transport and the ocean transport individually. Since it can't exist without machines, it is an absolute necessity that these machines ought to be of predominant quality and ought to dependably be in their best condition. The greatest harm that happens to these vehicles and boats are the holes and openings brought on by the marking and scratching on the body and the trapdoor covers. Because of their inclination of work, they must be stacked and emptied with the substantial chains and cranes on the grounds that the massive carriage can't be lifted by a human.

Amid the stacking and emptying handle, the massive payload regularly knocks with the body bringing about the body to break and imprint. These crashes damages to the body of the trucks and boat's freight hold which begin getting rust. Over the long haul the rust begins spreading and soon there turns into an opening where there was at one time a solid metal sheet. To keep the vehicle machines sheltered and free from rust, it is important to do hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing with ultrasound every now and then. Following the testing does not take much time and it likewise does not cost a dime to run a test, it should be possible consistently or when a vehicle comes back from a trip.

The methodology to test with the ultrasonic gadget is exceptionally basic. You should simply, take out every one of the segments from the case. Collect the recipient to the gadget and on the off chance that you have to keep a separation, you can utilize the augmentation bar which accompanies the unit. It is prescribed to utilize new batteries dependably when directing a test for the best results. You can utilize rechargeable batteries with the goal that you won't need to buy the batteries every time you have to lead a test.

Turn on the little generator and spot it inside the payload hold. Close every one of the entryways and the trapdoor spreads and afterward put on the earphones. Filter every last bit of the trapdoor covers and the body around them. In the event that you don't hear any solid on the earphones, it implies there are no holes and openings. What's more, in the event that you do hear a sound, stamp the territory and bring in the repairmen. Your watertight compartment doors testing are finished and it scarcely took several minutes to check if there is anything upsetting your cash making vehicles.
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A huge task that needs to be done when constructing a building is to ensure there are ample safety exits and there is a proper fire extinguishing system installed. Every commercial building, no matter how beautiful and elegant your building may look from inside and outside, uncontrolled fire has the power to diminish it all within minutes. If you don’t make your building fire proof with the proper installations, your beloved building will no longer be there in case of fire accident. As a building owner it is your responsibility to make sure that there are enough protections to make your building one of the safest of use.

In the past and even today most of the buildings use water sprinklers to fight flames. This is a good thing but not safe on its own. Water is a very good conductor of electricity and if it seeps inside electricity sockets, there is a huge chance the damage can be devastating. It can blow up the electric circuit and can even electrocute a person if he is present inside the room where water has seeped in unwanted electric cables. Plus, when the water sprinklers fire off, they all work at the same time even in the rooms where they are present but fire is not. Hence water can damage your goods and add to the trouble where fire has nothing to do with contributing to damages.

Using gas firefighting equipment is a better choice such as the Novec 1230 gas suppression system. Novec 1230 is a powerful fire suppression gas with zero damage done to the humans and property. It is a colorless, odorless and non-toxic gas which makes it safe to be used inside buildings. Even if it falls on your precious gadgets and loved ones, none of them will be harmed. It will suppress fire instantly and will buy time for the people to evacuate the building safely. When the gas turns off, there won’t be any flames to worry about nor any cleaning to do afterwards.

Just like every gas it is also present inside single skinned containers which prevent you from having a look inside. So you’ll need the reliable ultrasonic liquid level indicator to have a look inside them. Using the ultrasonic gadget is safe, reliable, easy and stress free. You can easily use it to learn about the level of gas inside and will instantly know if you need to replace or order a refill of the cylinders. The decision is obviously yours to make if the gas level is below than your expectation.
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Each living soul that goes out to acquire a living spends a greater offer of his time at the work place. Working environments should be sheltered and appropriately furnished with all the wellbeing includes that can make it more secure. Plants are the need of the advanced age and there is no denying to the way that they utilize the greatest number of individuals in the meantime. Enormous plants and little production lines, both house the most extreme number of individuals who can fit in the working in the meantime. This is the motivation behind why wellbeing in the plants is an intense issue in the United States, as well as on the whole globe all over the place a processing plant is available.

Water, fluids of different sorts, gasses of various nature, strong materials and numerous different sorts of crude and completed materials are utilized as a part of the assembling process. Every fixing is available in the biggest amount conceivable thus containing them is an exceptionally troublesome errand. The most troublesome materials to contain are the fluids and gasses which can't be put anyplace with the exception of the metallic and amalgam tanks and chambers. The fluid containing tanks and chambers are constantly fitted with a liquid level indicator to find out about the measure of fluids present in them. Since it is exceptionally disheartened to open the top of these tanks due to their immense size and the danger element that emerges, a specialist can without much of a stretch fall and loses his life in the colossal measured tanks.

Without having appropriate information of the accessible assets creation targets can never be arranged. This is one gigantic motivation behind why it is important to make every day records of the fluids utilized and the accessible sum. Without appropriate records the fluids and other essential materials would run short and the generation procedure might confront an extreme back lock which would destabilize the creation prepare completely. Since fluids can be measured with the fluid marker, gasses need an alternate kind and the best one for mechanical use is the ultrasonic level indicator.

This cutting edge device empowers gasses of numerous sorts to be measured precisely from outside the dividers of the compartments. This element gives most extreme security to a man why should capable measure. Since he has no immediate contact with the gasses, he is at finished freedom to quantify from a point and separation he feels safe. The novel capacity of this gadget has made it a most loved in industrial facilities since it can be utilized to gauge gasses and fluids without changing even the settings of the gadget.
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