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We specializes in the design and manufacture of niche Ultrasonic Safety and Survey equipments. We have been in operation since 1989 and since then have been the World Leaders in the specialist field of Ultrasonic Manufacturing. Our equipments are in use throughout the Marine, Fire Protection, Offshore, Petrochemical, Industrial, Power Generating, Rail and Defence and they export to over 100 countries Worldwide.
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A great deal is being underlined on the nature of items today. We have a great many items accessible to be utilized as a part of our day by day lives. We have turn out to be so dependent on utilization them that we can't get by without them any longer. Living without our contraptions and machines would toss us back to the Stone Age and now since we have all the devices we could utilize; it is presently time to convey moves up to them. Quality can never be delivered outside a manufacturing plant. It is the obligation of the makers to consider better approaches to improve quality in their items.

A standout amongst the most vital apparatuses that can help in upgraded quality in the items is the liquid level indicator. Since quality is overseen by utilizing the right blend of the materials they must be put in the blenders in the right amount. They must be measured absolutely before being included and if any varieties may happen, the nature of an item is traded off significantly. Presently stretching out beyond rivals in business has an entire new significance. It is not just a race of achieving another thought; it is likewise about making the item strong and of prevalent quality.

In the industrial facilities materials are not put away in little amounts; rather they are obtained in mass and can make an expansive progress when kept in the store rooms. Strong materials can be put away effectively as they can be stacked on top of each other. A colossal tower can be made of them until it touches the roof of the store room. Yet, when we are in need to store immense amount of fluids then there is no other choice than to keep them in towering stockpiling tanks that can undoubtedly contain several gallons of fluid. With the assistance of a stream sensor the moving of fluids in an out of the stockpiling tanks is observed.

In the assembling of a few items an assortment of gasses are additionally utilized. They can consolidate with alternate materials to get quality it. Detecting the levels when including all the materials is an errand best taken care of by the ultrasonic level indicator. This non contact level measuring gadget can work with each material utilized as a part of an industrial facility. Since it doesn't touch any material, it doesn't get messy or re-colored in any capacity so the measuring capacity is not damaged. You get the best results each time and this implies a manufacturing plant proprietor delivers the best quality assuredly.
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An ideal fire suppression agent is the one that can put fire to rest without giving it much time to cause damage. Apart from just acting against fire, it should not harm the surroundings too. There are many types of agents to suppress fire; they have their own chemical properties and ways to extinguish the flames. Some of them are limited to some classes of fire while the others can deal with a greater range. But there are only a few which do not affect their surroundings when released. They leave an impact on the surroundings and can cause extra work by cleaning it up. Below are some of the common types of fire suppression agents.

Water Sprinklers
As understood by the name, it uses water. We all know water is a very good fire killing agent and it can put down the flames within a short time. But when used, it clearly wets the area and therefore the cleaning staff has to go through extra cleaning work. Since water is easily available through taps, it is the cheapest to use and is used largely in homes and residential apartments.

CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Fire Suppression System
Anyone who has studied since in school will know why CO2 is termed as the fire killer. We don’t need to explain about the characteristics of it but it is widely sold commercially for the same purpose. Filled in fire extinguishers that we all know when we see the different sized red single skinned cylinders and are best measured by the ultrasonic liquid level indicator. There are two forms of it being sold commercially. It is either present in liquefied form or in the form of solid powder. Releasing it on the flames causes diffusion of the flames and can make you overcome it very quickly. The powdered form leaves the residue behind and hence would need cleaning afterwards. The liquid form can also wet the objects nearby and if the user isn’t too careful, he can harm them through wetness and you can also see traces of marks left by it afterwards.

FM 200 Fire Suppression Systems
FM 200 fire suppression system is a bit expensive but one of the most useful one. It is also purchased from the manufacturers and is also present in liquefied form. When sprayed over the fire source it instantly reacts to break the chain reaction. But unlike the CO2, it does not leave any marks behind nor does it leave any residue behind. You don’t have to go through any cleaning process afterwards and it is also odorless which means there aren’t any foul smells too.
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Some people question why is it important to have a fire suppression system when there isn’t a fire breaking out every other day? They are correct in their perspective but this question can have a very long debate. While some buildings have fitted a FM 200 fire suppression system right from the start haven’t faced a fire breakout till now, and they have been working for more than just a single year now. Some people assume it just a waste of money as not a single ounce of FM 200 has been used till now but they have to keep it maintained always.

One cannot predict an accident. If it would have been predictable, it would not be termed an accident. If there is a fire breakout, there is no stopping to it unless some external force acts on it. This external force can be a human throwing water or some other thing on it that would diffuse the flames. Or it can be a FM 200 fire suppression system spraying the gas over it and trying to stop it. A human can only fight a certain level of heat the flame would be creating and throwing at him. When the fire has gathered too much strength, it becomes impossible to fight it completely even when wearing the best protective outfit.

In many types of fire water can be hazardous. When a factory’s store filled with chemicals catches fire, the explosions are too great to let any human risk his life and get near the source. And a lot of chemicals are known to react violently with water hence causing more damage to the already ill fated building. FM 200 is a gas and gases rarely react with any chemical. The gas is also capable to react with fire and break the chain reaction causing immediate decline in the fire’s strength.

FM 200 is a gas and like every other gas stored by humans, it is also in single skinned containers. These single skinned containers all combine to create a huge backup of the gas and keep pumping it until the entire fire is extinguished. One cannot measure the amount of gas inside these containers through humanly means but only with the ultrasonic liquid level indicator. This simple to use gadget is the eyes of a human when measuring the gas inside such cylinders.
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Unless each and every nut is flawlessly tight and the elastic cushion impeccably living up to expectations, no vehicle boat can be guaranteed to be the most secure for sending your products. Numerous individuals in the past have lost numerous valuable products because of the harm from water while the boat was cruising through the unforgiving and flighty seas. While cruising on the sea a boat needs to battle against numerous high waves that effectively discover their way on the deck and make it wet? The following huge test is the most elevated mugginess level which can without much of a stretch decay the hardest steel.

Numerous products have been wrecked by the water entering the load holds or in numerous different cases the stickiness devastated the merchandise. This happened in light of the fact that there was no ultrasonic innovation for trapdoor spread snugness testing and the ship's group needed to depend all alone perception if the boat was watertight or not. Yet, the human eye is not a flawless judge, there can be miscounts and the outcomes after that are heartbreaking.

The transportation business is the greatest fine payer industry today. It pays fines in the types of cases that are recorded by the clients who hand over their merchandise for transportation. At the point when cruising, the seal spreads begin spilling and the water or the damp air gets inside the load territories. It begins hosing the crates and toward the end, the wetness compasses to the genuine item inside.

To decrease such dangers it is constantly underscored to keep the merchandise pressed totally in plastic. Plastic is a decent protector against wetness. It can shield everything inside it from the soggy air and the water moreover. It doesn't make a difference how much water touches the plastic; there is no possibility of water to get inside the plastic pack unless the plastic has a gap in it.

By watertight compartment doors testing with ultrasound the staff can make sure that their lid spreads are functioning admirably and will secure the products all through the adventure. Portal spreads are much the same as a top on a holder. They don't let anything get crosswise over them unless they are opened by somebody. Normally the group opens the lid covers with the end goal of stacking or emptying the products inside.

Hatch cover testing has turn into a routine for the delivery organizations who stress quality in their work. They give careful consideration to keeping their seal covers all around kept up regardless of how much the expenses may cause. This keeps them in front of their rivals on the grounds that individuals are wild about their administration and are quick to book their merchandise on those boats.
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When you have a special delivery to make and that special is something that is hazardous and needs extra care, you need to make sure that your vehicle and crew stays protected throughout the journey. Some of the most dangerous goods have been able to surpass all kinds of safety measures and cause the vehicle great harm. Most of the times crude oil containers and vessels have known to be blown up due to many reasons. Most of the times it was due to some sort of human error that caused a fire to be ignited and it was enough to cause the biggest tragedy.

The transport ships, cruise ships and many other vehicles including buildings that house dangerous materials use the FM 200 fire suppression system for their safety. Since you cannot delay fighting the flames that have just emerged uncontrolled and uncalled for, it is important to strike them the moment they are born. You cannot guarantee human’s watchfulness over the entire area at all times. There are many miscreants also who try to sabotage an organization’s credibility by maligning with the sensitive things that can cause fire. Whatever may be the case, one should be prepared well before time to fight such problems and save itself from any bad news.

FM 200 is a gas which is known to be chemically free from life threatening toxins and also is proven to be odorless and colorless. These characteristics make it the ultimate fire fighting agent as it can clearly put out fire without damaging the property or causing harm to the humans in it. Being colorless makes it worthy to be used in rooms where there is a huge investment in terms of expensive paint work and art. While FM 200 may be released in there, everything undamaged by fire is also undamaged by the gas.

Being odorless is helpful when you have to use it in basements or underground areas. As there is barely good ventilation in such areas especially the cargo holds, any pungent smell developing would turn out to be a menace. But being odorless can be bad sometimes because when the gas is leaking silently, no one would be able to know about it. Hence it is necessary to measure the cylinders with the ultrasonic liquid level indicator regularly to ensure that the gas level inside them is perfectly the same as you measured the last time. If its use is in your knowledge, then obviously you’ll know why the level has declined from the last time you checked it.
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The liquid level indicator has got to be fundamental in the mechanical division like never before some time recently. There was never a period when measuring fluids was more vital than it is presently. Today everything needs to be culminated. The nourishment you eat, the garments you wear, the auto you drive, the paint you have on your dividers, the LED you possess thus on everything must be a beautiful. Your way of life will be judged by these things and in the event that they are not up to the gauges, tragically you won't have a decent social circle.

How are these items which were negligible family merchandise in the past however now are sumptuous things to hotshot your wallet's energy, made so delectable and alluring that individuals are urged to like you simply on the grounds that you possess the most appealing stock? The story and endeavors behind every one of these accomplishments is long and the endeavors are boundless, however it must be specified here that the specialists today have made wonders out of them. The plants are not negligible creation lines where anything is put on a table and collected; they are presently research focuses that use a variety of tools just like the liquid level indicator where a committed staff is utilized to direct inquires about on the most proficient method to concoct a surprisingly better model next time.

Each item is intended for flawlessness, however as the general guideline takes after, there is dependably space for upgrade and this is the main decide that drives the industrial facilities today. They endeavor to think of a superior model when one model is discharged. The primary thing they attempt to improve is by utilizing better materials without harming the center thought of the item. Today everything needs to be lightweight so that it would be less demanding to convey about. Concerning hardware, weight is dependably a thought and the material needs to be as light as could reasonably be expected without bargaining the quality.

With the assistance of an ultrasonic level indicator making quality items at the generation office has turn out to be simple. Since quality is made by blending the precise amount of crude materials, the ultrasonic pointer makes it simple for the staff to quantify exact amounts and improve even quality than they had accomplished some time recently. The analysts at the plants and examination focuses are constantly occupied in discovering better approaches to improve their past developments, attractive and advantageous. The chase will continue going and we will be improving items against all odds, yet this would be conceivable the length of the right materials are blended in the exact amounts.
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It is better to be prepared for disaster before it hits you and wipes you off the charts completely. One of the busiest and the riskiest businesses of all time is the delivery business. To be exact, the goods transportation and delivery business, because you never know what you would be required to carry as the next as the next cargo. Although most local and international transport businesses have already mentioned what goods they won’t be taking on deliveries, but when it comes to moving goods in huge bulks, there are no limits. Would you deny carrying crude oil to another country because they have legally signed a contract? Obviously not!

Obviously there isn’t oil present in every country to meet their requirements hence it is one of the main exports of the countries that have it in abundance. The only means of exporting it is through the transport ships the only vehicle of carrying tons of weight in a single journey. When carrying such inflammable stuff, the chances of blowing up in a ball of fire are increased a thousand times in case of carrying a normal delivery. One can’t be too careful and hence needs to be prepared in advance in case of such tragedy. Every ship carrying such cargo needs to have the FM 200 fire suppression system installed in it.

You can’t fight fire that is raging due to oil with water. We all know that oil and water do not blend in with each other hence using water as a fire suppressant won’t be a bright idea. The FM 200, often mistyped as FM 2000 also is a gas which does not need to blend in with oil. It simply does its job i.e. break the chain reaction causing fire to spread and vaporizes. It is one of the best fire fighting gases and has no problem when dealing with class A, B and C fire.

Since it is a gas, it has to be present in single skinned cylinders attached to the fire suppressant system. You cannot measure a single skinned container other than with the help of an ultrasonic liquid level indicator. It is the only gadget that can measure gas or liquids inside a container without physically touching the material it needs to measure. Apart from it, every other measuring device must touch the contents physically in some way or the other. You cannot open a single skinned cylinder and risk the gas to escape all at once. Tampering with it can also result in great damage.
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Did you know that fire alarms are not a part of any fire suppression system? They have a completely different mechanism and work in a different manner. Their purpose is to only raise an alarm when they sense danger. There are sensors fitted inside which are programmed to ring the alarm bell at once when they sense heat levels going beyond the normal limit. Even if they sense smoke which is more than normal, the alarm bell will be rung. Hence they are an alarm triggering devices without working on the source that caused them to be activated.

While on the other hand a fire suppression system is the one that really attacks the source of disturbance. But it cannot sense danger and is in need of the fire alarm system. The fire alarm system is the sense and brain of the fire suppression system. It alerts it and directs it to work upon which it starts spraying the agent that it holds to fight fire with. The FM 200 fire suppression system is a system to put out flames automatically using the gas FM 200 as the fire fighting agent. Using this gas as the main agent, the system would spray it to wherever it gets the signal of causing the damage.

FM 200 is a gas that has three characteristics that make it one of the best fire suppression agents to be used even in the most sensitive places. These characteristics are

    Non toxic

These three characteristics have managed to get it approved from all the fire safety regulation authorities on the planet. As it is colorless, it is good to be used in places such as museums where things can lose originality if their colors are damaged. Also when the fire fighting team arrives and the gas is still being released, it does not obscure vision and allows free movement.

Being odorless allows it to be used in many places even in the basement. It does not create any foul odor, in fact any kind of odor that would become a problem for humans to sniff upon. And being non toxic, it is perfectly safe to be used in places where there are humans around. Even if it falls on someone, it would cause him no harm and there won’t be any danger to human safety simply because he inhaled FM 200. Being gas it is obviously filled and transported in single skinned containers and should be measured with the ultrasonic liquid level indicator.
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The ocean climates have dependably been capricious. In spite of the fact that we are currently a long ways ahead from the age when the mariners would take a gander at the sky and quest for educates the skyline to foresee the climate. Today the current science prepared innovation of the climate stations can let us know about the climate we would be confronting today. Be that as it may, regarding arranging and finding out about the climate for the future, it is eccentric and no innovation can let us know about what's in store in the following month. This implies that even today we need to verify that our boats are competent to handle each sort of climate at the ocean.

The ocean climate can be harsh, it can undoubtedly make waves sufficiently high to lash the greatest ship savagely and snap the monster mariner into equal parts. Ordinarily there are no such fearsome tempests against all odds; however there are a huge number of downpours pouring at one the oceans of the planet. These downpours can keep going quite a while and if the boat has holes and openings in it, then it can be termed as the unluckiest when in downpour. This is the motivation behind why hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing with ultrasound is checked before setting sail for a voyage.

The transportation boats are the busiest ships in the whole business. They are constantly occupied for a course and have the neck breaking due dates approaching over their heads. This regularly does not leave the staff enough time to direct the snugness testing of the boats. In the event that they do run the test on a bit of the boat, the repair group needs to work in the midst of the stacking and emptying of the merchandise on the boat.

This is the reason a vehicle boat is never release free and as they come back from a voyage; they are as of now lined up for the following voyage making them stacked with work unfailingly. With the ultrasonic contraption nearby, hatch cover testing has ended up simpler. The test can be run while the boat has officially set sail, running the test even while on the go helps the group to stamp the harmed territories and have them repaired when the boat achieves the first dock. Thusly the boat can be uprooted of numerous holes without trading off the due dates. Be that as it may, in the event that the destination is one and only and the boat would be setting out toward a long voyage, then it is prescribed to abstain from going out on a limb and have the boat repaired first then set for sail.
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Discovering holes in boats and other marine vehicles is an extremely intense errand. Since the ship's lower part is submerged in water, it causes significantly more trouble when the lower body must be tried for any frail spots. Little watercrafts can be effectively completed of the water for examination, however what might happen to a ship that is as colossal as a building. Yes you are correct; the vehicle boat is being eluded here which has the ability to convey a great many holders on its deck and thousands of merchandise in its payload brings forth also.

Today we have two systems for checking the trustworthiness of the boat. To discover the holes in the ship's body is an exceptionally extreme assignment and it requires to be done precisely to think about the area of each hole in the boat. The two strategies can be named the manual strategy and the other one is by watertight compartment doors testing with ultrasound utilizing the devices.

The Manual Method
The manual strategy is the particular case that embodies utilizing the human work. In this procedure water is pumped on the ship's body utilizing high weight engine pumps. The weight from the pumps makes enough constrain on the moment gaps to make them sufficiently enormous for the human eye to see. After the water is altogether pumped, it is noted from where the water is leaking inside.

On occasion chalk is additionally utilized for distinguishing the range having openings in it. Chalk is blended in the water and afterward pumped on it. Chalk leaves stamps after it streams away, this makes it simple for the staff to see where the gaps are. The zones are stamped and after that the whole ship is washed. This methodology is lengthy, as well as exceptionally costly on the grounds that it requires numerous materials to be utilized as a part of the procedure.

Utilizing the Ultrasonic Gadgets
The hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing using ultrasonic strategy is the easiest and the slightest time taking one. By utilizing the gadget each territory of the boat is filtered and as the scanner achieves a spilling spot it gives a beep. The zone is checked and afterward the repair team is brought in. utilizing this basic and productive strategy the whole ship gets to be without release and prepared to be utilized for the following voyage inside a day or two or a week if the repair works get deferred.
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