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We specializes in the design and manufacture of niche Ultrasonic Safety and Survey equipments. We have been in operation since 1989 and since then have been the World Leaders in the specialist field of Ultrasonic Manufacturing. Our equipments are in use throughout the Marine, Fire Protection, Offshore, Petrochemical, Industrial, Power Generating, Rail and Defence and they export to over 100 countries Worldwide.
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For a transport ship to sail profitably it is important that the goods that it is carrying remain safe and sound throughout the voyage. Every transport ship is fitted with at least one hatch cover or it can more if the ship is huge and has more than one cargo holds. Since a transport ship is loaded and unloaded from the top with the help of huge cranes, the cargo holds are roofless and the hatch covers are its roofs. These covers need to be very tight when shut because a leak in them can result in the water to enter the cargo holds and wet everything inside.

If the cargo is damaged due to water, the ship’s owners would have to pay for the damages to the customer. Hence it is very important that the ship must be kept water tight from all sides. As other parts of the ship are already sealed and they are not opened, there isn’t much to worry about leaks from it. But since the hatch covers are opened every time a loading or unloading process takes place, they can lose their tightness with the passage of time. So hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing becomes important to perform and see if the hatch covers are alright and they do not have any leaks in them.

Since time is scarce these days and every business is in a rush, so is the transport industry and they are even busier than others. As they carry the goods of a hundred business in one go, they cannot afford delays because no one knows which business might suffer due to their lateness. And without performing the tests it would be impossible to know where the leaks are and where to apply the repair. Unless the test is done, the ship would keep on leaking and keep damaging the goods inside it. Using the old method of testing such as water hose or chalk testing is simply time taking and would cause delays.

The best way to conduct a water tightest is to use the ultrasonic hatch cover tester. This handy device is the best to check for leaks in the shortest time. Its testing is not just limited to test hatch covers, but it can also do the cable transit areas watertight testing. It is equally important to remove water leaks from the cable areas because a short circuit can also cause the biggest tragedy. Hence with the ultrasonic device, leak tests can be done within a short time and the ship can be cleared to sail on a yet another profitable voyage.
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Liquids when flowing can be really hard to measure. As they are constantly in motion and they change their levels so frequently, it can be really hard to measure their exact level especially by the human eye. Hence we need a tool to measure their level. When the flow is continuous but the levels are different and coming from different pipes, we need only the liquid level indicator to measure every pipe’s liquid level and finally one for the main tank too. When the pressure is too high and the water is flowing in like insane, a blockage in any one of the pipes can result in a catastrophe. The sign of blockage in an encased funnel can't be effortlessly surveyed. It might be a wild assignment to destroy the whole pipe framework and unclog the blockage. The procedure can take hours and once in a while days and this is just not practical in light of the fact that the stream from behind might be wild.

The most vital part in the whole process is pinpointing the zone of the blockage in the channel. Since the human eye can't see underneath the channel's skin, it gets to be difficult to know without utilizing an ultrasonic level indicator. The ultrasonic device is the best to use in such situations as it can create sonar beats that are easily passable through the channel’s outermost skin. The sonar beat or also known as the ultrasonic pulse passes through the pipe’s outer covering and touches the liquid’s level. The moment it comes in contact with the liquid it bounces back towards the transducer. This obviously brings up where the levels may be climbing more than the obliged level.

In business divisions we can see a ton of dreadful and mean looking machines that fill numerous distinctive needs. With funnels projecting from all edges, these machines require an unbreakable stream of liquids to work. Any stoppage and blockage may make it seize and that would bring about have financial misfortune, likewise the time used in repairing it would bring about further misfortune bringing about the whole framework to be closed down. To screen such fragile methodologies these machines are fitted with a fluid level pointer. The concerned staff continues observing the progressions however if all else fails, they continually bring the ultrasonic innovation to check if their questions have any motivation to be concerned.
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With the climbing expenses of ship yards and docks, ship managers and supervisors can no more afford to let their ship stay in a rented space for a prolonged time. Since for maintenance tasks a ship has to remain out of work, checking for the leaks in hatch covers using the old methods would cost a fortune only to have the ship stay afloat in a rented space. The hatch covers are giant sized steel covers that act as a lid on the open areas of a ship, most commonly they are the ceiling to the cargo holds. Typically they are the ones that seal the cargo hold of a boat securing what's kept inside from the climate and water.

To figure out if the spread would endure the voyage without releasing, hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing is directed which according to the old manual technique includes the chalk and water hose testing. In this technique water is showered at high weight from pumps onto the joints and the seals. In the event that the water figures out how to figure out how to entrance, it plainly calls attention to that the region which the spreads should seal and keep dry will get wet amid the voyage. Apart from simply the cargo ships, the hatch covers are also present on the following ships:

1. Cruise Ships
2. Oil Transport Ships
3. Navy Ships
4. Submarines

Since a boat needs to go on water (submarines underneath water), they are presented to abnormal amounts of humidity at all times. The immediate contact of water despite the fact that is just on the base which is vigorously covered with water safe paint, the deck is frequently sprinkled with a lot of water by the lashing waves. This builds water contact of the ship's body and the water figures out how to get inside through leaks and the crevices.

To discover these crevices in the body and the spreads, the delivery business (and protection) now utilizes the ultrasonic leak detector which brings up the surrendered region by a basic method for watertight compartment doors testing. Dispensing with the old routines and utilizing most recent innovation, ship managers and chiefs can now effortlessly spare time on upkeep and set up their boat for the following voyage in simply a matter of hours rather than months.
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Battling the opposition of today's business sector obliges quick reaction to the requests and a tenacious stream of item supplies. A postponement at the manufacturing plant or the workplace can regularly bring about serious harm to the deals. The majority of the organizations have lost their clients because of a break in their supplies. When the inflow of supplies breaks, customers rush for alternatives and once they find alternates, they rarely return to their old products because they get addicted to the new brands.production lines

Production lines today need to create tremendous measures of supplies to meet the targets. A breakdown of hardware or deficiency of a fixing can result in the generation to stop. To evade a generation back lock because of fixings, it is put away in mass amounts. The liquids that are included in creation require to be contained in gigantic measured vessels. To guarantee that the obliged sum is constantly showed in them, they are measured once a day and here and there more than once a day relying upon its use. The level of materials present inside are measure through a liquid level indicator which is joined to it. Because of the colossal size of the vessel, they are difficult to be measured by the manual systems. In the earlier days when factories were not too well managed and there weren’t good systems to operate with, many human lives have been wasted as they fell inside these colossal containers and drowned.

It is likewise truly unsafe to approach the colossal holders so wellbeing measures are constantly guaranteed while approaching them. Depending on a solitary measuring scale is not energized in the business segment. In the event that the measuring gadget begins indicating defective readings, the framework would fall bringing about immense misfortunes. To guarantee that wellbeing of the staff is not bargained and the estimations can in any case be taken through an exchange strategy, the ultrasonic liquid indicator is utilized. Being a non contact and a dependable gadget, it is generally utilized within the business division where colossal compartments must be measured. By basically pointing the transducer toward the compartment, it can catch the level of the material present inside the vessel. As the transducer helps identify the liquid levels, the staff can clearly learn about the liquid levels and can proceed with their planning for the other day. Without knowing the amount of liquid they can work upon, no proper planning can be done.
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Time and tide hold up for none. This can never be more genuine for anybody yet the transportation business that need to battle both in the meantime. The ocean course is thought to be the best and the least expensive when enormous measures of things are required to be transported starting with one mainland then onto the next. The tremendous boats tend to convey monstrous weight without the trepidation of sinking unless it springs a hole. This circumstance is uncommon and there have been less reports about such occurrences.

The commonest issue that is confronted by the whole delivering industry is of the merchandise getting wet on the voyage. The moistness circulating everywhere and the unforgiving waves that lash the boat frequently bring about the water to figure out how to leak inside. The load hold gets wet and harms the merchandise inside. This can bring about the delivery organization to be at risk to pay the harms for the wet freight and the harms might be in a huge number of dollars. Despite the fact that the boats are to go through hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing each one time they are prepared to situated sail, yet the water hose and the chalk tests regularly neglect to give exact results and moment holes still figure out how to go undetected which bring about the delta of water.

More often than not, because of direness and lack of time, these tests are frequently not finished and the boat begins to get stacked with the load and sets sail. These tests oblige a great deal of time to finish and numerous assets to be connected while doing it. And since there’s no time to waste on tests, ship owners set sail even though they know it can be risky, but hey, wasting time would result in wasting money and a voyage is the only way to bring in money. So, the ship owners are willing to take risks than wait for their ship to be cleared after these hefty and time taking tests.

Liberating the delivery business of these bothers the ultrasonic hatch cover tested might be termed as the ideal response to it. Finishing the watertight compartment doors testing and examining of the whole payload hold inside minutes, this gadget can without much of a stretch call attention to the deserted territory and it might be dealt with without squandering different assets and time.
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The greatest holding considered today is oil. The chase for the "Black Gold" has ended up excessively incensed now and it might be a genuine political issue and a whole narrative could be created on how it started and the amount slaughter has been carried out due to it. The valuable oil that is continuously pumped at different areas on this planet is a requirement for each person. The distinctive modes of voyaging, the vitality division and a mixture of cosmetics, all are accessible today as a result of the valuable oil.oil rig

Indeed our industry needs to have oil to grease up its machines and make them work. Henceforth, the employments of it are boundless and we are totally reliant on it. Amid the pumping methodology, it is guaranteed that the oil turns out in the obliged way. Sucking it out from the profundities of the earth excessively quick may bring about the funnels to blast and waste everything. The pumps have a liquid level indicator introduced on every pipe that permits the apparatus staff to measure the measure of oil that is turning out through the funnels. A variance is instantly reported and the issue is dealt with immediately.

The oil that is pumped out at incredible paces is kept inside the huge stockpiling tanks. The raw petroleum is then transported by filling into tankers which is then take it to the transforming units. Because of the affect-ability of the whole process, it is verified that the oil never spills because of over stream. While filling and exchanging the oil starting with one compartment then onto the next, the ultrasonic level indicator is utilized on the grounds that it is a non contact measuring gadget. The individual in charge of bringing down notes of the sum being filled and transported can undoubtedly note down exact estimations while remaining at a safe separation. Utilizing this gadget, the fluid levels are constantly kept up and wellbeing of the measuring staff is never bargained.

There have been many deaths on oil rigs when the oil suddenly starts coming out of the containers due to an overflow. As the overflowing oil caused panic among the staff, most of them slipped and hurt themselves badly. Also when the people started rushing here and there, the floor which was already too slippery due to the spillage of oil, things went out of control. It was not only a loss of workforce, but the precious oil too became useless..
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If a country indulges in wars it can surely lose all the reserve money as it is never cheap. Each nation on this planet tries not to take up arms onto an alternate unless it gets to be to a great degree important on the grounds that financing for it can result in the whole economy of the nation to crumple. Protection of the nation is never traded off even now and again of peace. A lion's share of the nation's funding is assigned to reinforce the protection framework. New hardware is purchased and the beforehand possessed ones are kept up to be in immaculate condition at all times.

The Navy is thought to be the most costly division of the armed force for any nation. Including ship and plane transporters that cost about in billions of dollars, they additionally have the submarines. These war pursuing machines are the ones that keep the adversary far from sauntering in one's waters and separated from bombs; the best risk to these immoderate machines is the water itself. A hole in their bodies can essentially sink them to the uncalculated profundities of the waters. To verify that this never happens, a watertight test for the cable transit areas watertight testing is directed all the time. The test guarantees that the trustworthiness of the vessel is in place and it would be sheltered to continue utilizing them out within the inconceivable sea.

Since military is the most progressive area of the nation today, the old routines to run the test are long surrendered. The water hose and chalk tests are no more utilized now and rather they utilize the present day method that does not cost many dollars each time furthermore spares time. Watertight compartment doors testing with the ultrasonic leak detector is the associate in running the tests for pinpoint precision in the most limited time conceivable. Utilizing the gadget, the whole ship might be weighed in simply a matter of hours and the boat is prepared to situated sail realizing that everything is great.

Unless the navy of a country that has water touching its boundaries is kept in immaculate condition, there will always be open areas available for terrorists to find their way inside. It is only the navy that keeps the water touching borders under surveillance and can detect threat before it manages to infiltrate in the cities and cause harm.
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Measuring liquids is a serious task now even at home. How would you feel if a party was hosted at your house and suddenly you run out of water in the main tank and there’s no way of refilling it immediately? Obviously it would be an embarrassing moment for you and the mood of the party would certainly get dim. This is just one example and there are many when we suddenly realize that the water tank has gone dry and we need it urgently. Now consider the same situation when water is needed immediately in a factory and the main tank has run dry. The immense size of it would simply take hours to be filled.toxic liquid barrel

This can be easily avoided when the water tank is fitted with a liquid level indicator. The main purpose of this indicator is to keep humans be aware of the actual water level in the water tank. The moment they see the level going towards the bottom, the powerful pumps can be turned on and the water can be refilled before facing any embarrassment or any stoppage in work. Maintaining the water of water is not the only important task when it comes to factories of massive size. There are a variety of liquids used in the factory, many of them which are acids. These acids are used for different purposes and since they are stored in large quantities, it can be a real threat to the public working around.

Measuring an acid tank is necessary but filled with danger. In case the tank explodes, breaks, starts leaking or if it overflows, anyone standing beside it can be killed instantly. Some of the acids are too crude that factories need special permission to keep them. Handing out permissions helps the authorities to keep count of the factories that are using such types of hazardous and toxic liquids. Be it safe or not, a worker who has been assigned the task to measure the liquids in their respective tanks has to do it. He is provided with the protective gear and has to set out to take the measurements while keeping himself safe.

Since a fixed liquid level indicator cannot be used with the hazardous liquids, the best tool to measure these tanks is with the help of an ultrasonic level indicator. This portable, handy and easily operable gadget allows the task to be handled effectively whilst maintaining the safe distance. Hence this gadget is the necessity of every factory, home and wherever liquids need to be measured.
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At whatever point we are managing water, we require the compartment to be totally free of leaks. Indeed a minuscule crevice can bring about a spillage which can bring about extraordinary results particularly if the compartment holds harmful materials. We regularly read in the daily papers about the deplorable episodes where numerous lives and property worth a large number of dollars are squandered because of a break of harmful concoction in a processing plant. Because of the enormous size of the stockpiling holders, even the minutest hole might be uncommon.

The compartments frequently spring a break because of erosion. The water or chemicals inside can debilitate the dividers of the compartment. Owing to the immense size of it, the compartment can't be made of plastic which is safe to water or chemicals. To verify that the dividers of the compartment are in place and there are no possibilities of a release, a watertight test, commonly resembled to the hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing is regularly conducted. In time long past times, when there were no devices to help us in our errands, the mainstream systems involved the hosepipe and the chalk tests. Despite the fact that they gave plausible results, yet they were not totally solid and devoured numerous assets and time.

Today we don't need to depend on the old techniques. Science has talented us with a lot of people valuable devices and innovations to help us in our undertakings. Owing to the headway of the engineering, today we have the  ability to conduct watertight compartment doors testing all because of the ultrasonic leak detector which according to saw by its name was concocted for the marine business, however today it could be utilized to test the uprightness of any compartment. Utilizing the gadget, any sort of compartment could be checked and the range that is abandoned might be brought up effortlessly. Thinking about the imperfection without confronting any sort of cataclysm can spare cash as well as numerous lives.

Due to this amazing gadget, preventing leaks in massive containers has become a possibility. There is no need to run expensive tests and to dismantle the entire container simply to search for the cause. This device has enabled the quick testing of leaks in huge containers. It has also enabled the factories to run leak tests frequently without having to bear the high costs that were a part of every test before this device was commonly used.
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The business sector today has ended up excessively strict for makers owing to the extreme rivalry. Keeping up immaculate norms and an unbroken chain of supplies is the thing that makes the business feasible. Take any item today and you'll discover numerous interchanges to it. The flood of items in the business has increased the work for the makers.

While we may be seeing the taking up arms between brands through the eyes of a purchaser, what we don't understand is the inconvenience they need to experience to make the item at their industrial facilities. To guarantee that there is no break in the inventory network, each thing is acquired and put away in mass. The mass amounts of materials are put away in gigantic compartments, a considerable lot of them fixed from each corner which makes it a solitary cleaned holder. As these single skinned containers leave no room to take a peek inside, you obviously need a gadget that will help in knowing what’s inside.

The materials are pumped inside through pipes that are joined to it at the top and the funnel at the base supplies it out. Like each other compartment, over stuffing it may make it blast or spring a hole at all. This can circumstance can result in a gigantic issue and would bring about overwhelming misfortunes. To evade such occurrences, the liquid level indicator is appended with the goal that a precise level could be measured at all times.

For security reasons and pinpoint precision, business segments don't depend on a solitary measuring system. Wrong estimations can prompt numerous debacles and would bring about the generation to stop. This demonstration would influence the offers of the association, as well as it would bring about the brand to lose its fame in the business sector. This is the ideal opening for the contenders who can take this circumstance further bolstering their good fortune and break a considerable lot of the affliction association's clients.

To evade any such circumstance, the ultrasonic level indicator is currently broadly utilized as a part of the businesses where they need to keep faultless information by measuring the supplies in their stockpiling. Being a non contact measuring gadget, it gives immaculate information without squandering time and without requiring the individual to get up near the compartment. Henceforth a solitary individual can measure several holders in a solitary day without a danger.
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