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We specializes in the design and manufacture of niche Ultrasonic Safety and Survey equipments. We have been in operation since 1989 and since then have been the World Leaders in the specialist field of Ultrasonic Manufacturing. Our equipments are in use throughout the Marine, Fire Protection, Offshore, Petrochemical, Industrial, Power Generating, Rail and Defence and they export to over 100 countries Worldwide.
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Did you ever consider the fact that whichever soda bottle or can you pick up contains precisely the same measure of fluid inside it? This was difficult to achieve until the packaging plant at long last made utilization of the ultrasonic level indicator. This stunning gadget gives pin point correctness which implies that regardless of the fact that a drop is included more, it calls attention to the distinction and tells the staff about it. Nonetheless, we all realize that a drop increasingly is of no worry yet to deal with the quality and standard, it is critical to keep an eye on every drop of fluid.

The packaging business or the soda business is one of the greatest commercial enterprises everywhere throughout the world. Actually, it may be the greatest on the grounds that there are more jars and containers prepared to be sold in the coolers than the whole human populace everywhere throughout the globe. Furthermore the story doesn't end there, the greater part of the sold jars and flasks are supplanted the exact one day from now so the number of inhabitants in these fizzy beverages never misses the mark. Anyhow keeping a tremendous supply accessible at all times is no a piece of cake. It is one of the hardest occupations on this planet.

To make the tremendous supply a plausibility without fizzle, the production lines are on their heels throughout the day. The most imperative office in this situation is the stockpiling or the store branch of the industrial facilities. It is the one division which deals with the whole accessibility of the important parts so that the creation lines never neglect to meet their targets. Keeping a gigantic supply of the powdered and robust fixings alongside the fluid implies that the division need to make space for everything regardless of the possibility that there isn't sufficient spot. Dealing with this stock can without much of a stretch make anybody yell out.

All the materials are included a solitary immense compartment which is a blender and a weight producer in the meantime. The primary errand to stress over is adding enough fixings to not upset the taste of the beverage. On the off chance that anything is included pretty much, the taste would vary enormously in light of the fact that everything is included mass amount in the monstrous holder. The fundamental helping device in this methodology is the liquid level indicator which keeps the staff educated about the measure of the fluids that have been added and also even about the powdered things as well.
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One of the biggest challenges faced by the shipping industry all over the world is clearing rust and fighting leaks. Leaking hatch covers are the biggest los creators because once the hatch covers develop a leak, the goods inside the cargo holds are damaged and the shipping company has to pay for the damaged goods. So, without proper Hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing the ship’s voyage would not be profitable but instead will come back with a loss. Protecting the goods inside the ship’s cargo holds is the responsibility of the cargo ship owners and they have to make sure that there are no leaks in the hatch covers to maintain its integrity and to not let customers from running away to competitors.

Due to the massive size of the transport ship, running a tightness test can take a lot of time using the water hose testing. As the entire ship would need to be made wet and then the leaks would need to be searched manually, there is a great chance that water might also enter the ships wiring ducts. This would cause a new problem as the ship would become a prey to short circuit. In case the ship faces an electric failure, replacing the entire net of the cables would not only be very costly but could keep the ship at bay for months.

The best way to test a ship for leaks is with the help of the ultrasonic leak detector. The device is simple to use and provides accurate results. It does not need any water to be involved in the testing and so there are no delays with the testing through the ultrasonic leak detector. The plus point with it is that a single person can run the test on the entire ship. So it saves the cost of a team that would be running the test otherwise. All it needs to run the leak test with the device is a person capable to check for leaks and fully charged batteries.

The device is not just restricted to test hatch covers, in fact it can also be used for the cable transit areas watertight testing so that the ship’s internal parts can also be checked. Keeping the cable transit areas free from any water leakage ensures that the storm only stays outside and does not enter the ship’s electric wiring. Hence no matter how bad the weather may be, the ship would be able to use its lights and keep on sailing towards its destination. No one can guarantee a ship’s safety if there are leaks all over it and if there are too many leaks present during the voyage, its fate is doomed.
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Since the beginning of the delivery through the ocean business, the leaks in hatch covers brings about genuine and enormous business pulverization. The cases made by the wet cargo and delivery industry has baffled the clients, ship managers, freight taking care of organizations, their administrators and insurance agencies. Regardless of whatever they do or how hard they attempt, the manual techniques and testing procedures, neglected to give complete assurance and security against the holes and breaks which brings about the demolition of profitable load and merchandise ready for. This regularly brings about the transportation business paying a large number of dollars in lieu of protection cases and claims by the merchandise organizations for the pulverization of their cargo because of water. Notwithstanding this, the deferrals in the shipments, plan interruptions and here and there actually sinking of boats, are alternate components that cause critical misfortune to the business. Once in a while the boats have been even allowed in the sea all to sit unbothered and the team need to board an alternate ship because of life debilitating releases or splits in the boat caused due to negligence in Hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing.

This has brought about diverse endeavors to control these conclusions because of spillages or breaks in the boats. This lead to the development and the utilization of seal spread ultrasonic snugness testing for checking and confirming the uprightness of the lid blankets. This strategy has yielded remarkable and guaranteeing results. With the creation and plan of advanced strategies and contraptions for this reason, the ultrasonic testing has picked up control over a significant part of the issues connected with trapdoor spillage at less measure of expense. The outward shinning and stunning group of the boat, regardless of how overwhelming and splendid it may look, it is certain to get debilitate from the site where it is joined with the other moving parts inside the boat. With the progression of time, the entryways, windows, portal spreads, and so forth, beginning creating gaps or splits, which can permit the water leakage in the lower parts of the boat. Because of broad contact with water and mugginess, the defensive layering gave by the producers of the boat begins to dissolve permitting the metal to be specifically laid open to the water and stickiness.

Hence, it is an essential obligation of the boat chief to keep up the boat and to keep check and offset of the territories which are getting influenced by erosion. It is his obligation to keep each territory of the boat overall kept up and decently checked for any sort of harms or splits on general premise. For this reason, watertight compartment doors testing with the ultrasonic device gives solid and valid results in less time and using less measure of vitality. The ultrasound sweep of the entire boat might be directed in few hours or if the boat is too huge or harmed, it takes one or two days. It needn't bother with vast number of men to lead a test. A solitary individual can undoubtedly lead it. This spares a great deal of cash to the transportation organization, which may be obliged generally.
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Staying safe against fire breakouts is a gigantic issue in the buildings where a lot of different people are existing. The soaring structures house many individuals in the meantime everybody following up without compulsion. While a peon may be making tea or espresso on the stove an individual in the entryway could be smoking. There are such a large number of diverse exercises happening in the meantime that keeping a control on every one of them in the meantime is a mission incomprehensible. Notwithstanding, eventually a building bursts into flames and the undertaking to put it out is launched. This is the motivation behind why you will discover fire quenchers in a tremendous amount in such sorts of structures.

Be that as it may since these structures are excessively distracted and have a considerable measure of things inside to get smoldered and serve as extra fuel to the flame which begins escaping control, the current structures are furnished with a blaze sprinkler. With it the flame could be controlled while it is still little and if conceivable, the water sprinkled on it from the programmed sprinkler can slaughter it rapidly. Thus the vitality and requirement for a programmed blaze sprinkler can't be disregarded and each building ought to have it introduced. For the best comes about, a different tank is on the top introduced with a liquid level indicator so that there is constantly enough water to kill even the most troublesome flares.

As a rule where there is no firefighting gear exhibit in the building, a little fire can turn into the greatest fire in the piece and not just devastate some essential things; it can likewise bring about the misfortune of a lot of people valuable human lives. The flame office need to work truly hard to spare to the extent that they can oversee and in the endeavor, the misfortune is now more prominent. To counteract such immense misfortunes it is better to introduce the flame sprinklers in the building right from the beginning. Regardless of the fact that the structures are old and don't have them introduced, the new establishment can happen effectively by reaching a foreman for the assignment.

In the structures where these sprinklers are as of now introduced, the administration is additionally encouraged to keep an ultrasonic level indicator for the most precise estimation of the water tanks. It is imperative to keep the water tanks filled to the overflow at all times. A sudden flame might be the most risky to control and if the water tanks are low in level, there wouldn't be sufficient water to kill the flares and the sprinklers would just be a waste around then on the grounds that they wouldn't have the capacity to finish their assignment.
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Oil is amongst the most utilized things on this entire planet. Be it machines; cooking; preparing or browning, oil or something to that affect is utilized constantly as a part of the methodology. The oil business is one of the greatest businesses present on this planet today. As oil is constantly in fluid structure, taking care of it is not a simple errand and while being produced, it is kept and prepared inside enormous tanks which are for the most part fixed from all corners or are single skinned. This makes them easy install and to hold substantial amounts of oil inside without giving it a chance to go through any mischief.

At the point when handling the oil, the staff at the industrial facilities is obliged to be caution at all times. At the point when the oil is continuously created it is constantly filled in the enormous tanks. To verify that it doesn't flood the liquid level indicator is constantly observed at all times. At the point when managing oil of any sort and particularly inflammable oil, a great deal of forethought is presupposed throughout the whole process. Any spill can result in the spot to be splotchy and it would additionally have the capacity to burst into flames in future. Regardless of cleaning the spot altogether, the spot would in any case be unsafe and proficient to burst into flames in a moment.

The security precautionary measures are tremendous in the oil business. Since it is a touchy industry that is at danger of getting exploded in flame from the most modest fire, the whole place is a no smoking zone extended up to numerous miles from the extraction point. Extraordinary holders are intended to put the oil in. These holders are monstrous in size, as well as made of an uncommon amalgam. The amalgam is made to cease from being overheated which can likewise bring about the oil to burst into flames. The additional high temperature can likewise execute numerous properties of the oil making it futile.

To maintain a strategic distance from any accident throughout the pumping methodology of the oil, an extraordinary individual is conveyed to screen the capacity tanks at all times. While he stands keeping an eye on the dials and meters, someone else is given an ultrasonic liquid level indicator to and reports the levels on his gadget. This verifies that the tank levels are superbly in the information of the staff and they would know when to close down the pumps and have the oil transported to the stockpiling compartments.
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One of the most basic tools used in the factories around the globe is the non famous liquid level indicator. This small tool holds very high significance and unfortunately is the least discussed gadget. Without a liquid level indicator no factory in the world would be able to perform flawlessly. Liquids are a great part of the daily life of a factory. There are various kinds of liquids used in a manufacturing process and water is the fundamental liquid which is used universally for a thousand purposes. Cleaning and washing is the basic function of water and wherever there are humans, no one can deny the importance of water to be present there.

Most of the factories such as the beverages factory have a very high consumption of water on a daily basis and to keep this consumption in process they have to store a very large quantity of water in their massive storage tanks. Pumping water from the pipes is not a huge problem as compared to ensuring that the water does not overflow because if it does, the catastrophe would be greater than one could afford. Hence there is a great need for the liquid level indicator to be present when the filling process takes place. As the staff can monitor the changes on the indicator, they would know exactly when to shut off the motors so that the water does not overflow.

Keeping a s table level of water in the main tank isn’t enough. To cover a factory’s need of supply which spans over acres of land, there are smaller tanks installed at the different places to allow an unstoppable consuming of water. The smaller tanks are connected to the main tank and they feed on it whenever they require to be refilled. The smaller tanks hold a great importance to be well maintained and for this it is necessary to implement checking water levels with the ultrasonic level indicator also. Using this handy gadget the staff can ensure that the fixed level indicators are working fine and there is no need to fret. There is enough water available in the smaller tanks to keep the work steady and the staff concerned with the main tank does not need to be disturbed. Everything is systematic to ensure a flawless and steady work throughout the day. Even if there is a small problem in any one section of the water supply, alternate arrangements can be installed immediately until the matter is resolved.
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We all are aware that the world’s business thrives upon the rapidly expanding export opportunities which open up new global markets for business people. Since we need to be involved in a friendly trade with the rest of the world, there is a great need for adequate transport ships to make the exchange of goods a possibility among the countries. The transport ships are the backbone of the trade between countries and there would be no trade if these ships were put to a halt. In fact the entire global economy would collapse and a huge shortage of goods would be observed worldwide. Hence it is necessary to keep the ships responsible for transporting the goods from one place to another to be completely free from damages and chances of destroying goods during the transportation process.

It all starts with the Hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing as the hatch covers are the most affected parts of a transport ship. They are used too often and are subjected to brutal treatments. They are also the protection of the cargo holds again the outside climate hence there is no second opinion about the fact that these covers need to be perfect every time the ship sets sail. Using the hatch over tester the integrity testing procedure can be made easy and fast. As the ultrasonic device does not need any unnecessary fuss to be created when running the test, it can easily bring to light the leaks present in the hatch covers and the maintenance staff can act accordingly.

The next big issue we need to make sure of is the watertight compartment doors testing. While hatch covers are important to protect the cargo on board the ship, the doors are undoubtedly used for the protection of the people on it plus it also keeps the other compartments safe from getting filled up with water. The probability to get stuck in a sea storm is always very high for a transport ship. Carrying tons of weight, the mammoth transport ship can manage to muster a speed of just a couple of knots and it sails steadily over the vast oceans. It is not as fast as an airplane but it serves the purpose to transport a lot more weight than could be done in a dozen airplanes. Hence to ensure that the ship is always safe from any troubles during the voyage and the people on board a safe too, the ship needs to be sealed like a soda can from every opening so that the water would never find a way to enter and wreak havoc.
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Even for the people who are known more to be critics, one can never decline a cruise trip if offered. The cruises are organized by most of the highly reputed tourism companies. People from all over the globe contact these companies to book a place in their upcoming cruise tour so that they can enjoy the beauty of the ocean and the luxury of the cruise ship. The life of a cruise ship is not short; it can remain in demand for a very long time as long as it is fit to run on the waters. But it depends upon the ship’s owners and the management how seriously they tackle the problems that may arise in the form of rust and loosening of the ship’s parts.

A cruise ship is a small city on waters. It has everything on board such as a casino, a movie theater, a pharmacy and so many other commercial shops. Hence it has the biggest network of cables inside any vehicle. When there are more than a thousand cables running all over the ship, there is denial of the importance of the cable transit areas watertight testing. The testing of these cables is an overwhelming task and a single person may never be able to complete it using manual methods or the old method by spraying water and searching for the drops that might be falling from a leak. Also, the cables run a very high voltage through them so bringing water near them is simply like asking for chaos.

Hence the best way to test them for leaks and damages in the ducts is through the ultrasonic leak detector. There is no other way it can be tested because it is the only safest method to run the test and the ultrasonic waves cause no harm to the electricity or the other parts of the ship’s body. Since there is a horde of people on board a cruise, the doors are always being opened and shut. The constant movement of these doors make them loosen up around the hinges. Hence they lose their water tightness and the humid air can easily enter it. Hence to make sure that the doors are blocking out the humid air effectively, the maintenance crew is awarded the task to run the watertight compartment doors testing procedure very often. It helps keep the integrity intact and also allows the ship to remain in its best condition and be able to use for cruises as long as the ship is able to attract customers.
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One of the most critical issues in the factories around the globe is measuring the liquid storage tanks located in very difficult to reach places. Most of these tanks contain sensitive liquids which need to be protected from sunlight, heat and other elements. Hence they are placed in confined areas and when measuring them, the staff needs to use the

ultrasonic level indicator

 because it is the only device which is a portable measuring gadget. Using the device, the storage tanks can be fitted in any place where the management seems convenient and the measuring staff can measure it without a hassle.

Liquids and gases are now being used in factories all over the planet as important ingredients and catalysts. In many procedures sensitive liquids are used for extra efficient results. The use of a kind of cyanide has been disclosed by a very famous automobile maker. They demonstrated how the bare metal body of the car is dipped in the cyanide once in clockwise direction. According to them it creates sensitivity in the molecules of the metal used for making the car’s body. As the molecules become active, they become more adaptive to the paint sprayed on the car’s body. This procedure yields them two benefits. Number one is, less paint is used on the car’s body and the second one is, the body becomes more absorbent of the paint hence it sticks completely on it and makes it more stay on the body without cracking and peeling for a very long time.

Similarly liquids of various types are being frequently used in many different manufacturing units. Liquids such as water are also the main ingredient in many factories such as the beverages factories which need water to be mixed with different powders and sugar to make the beverage. After the entire ingredients have been unloaded in the giant mixers and spinners, water is added to a certain level and the machines are turned on. As the mixture becomes ready, the automatic plant starts filling it in bottles and adds the carbonated gas too. To measure the liquid in these huge mixers and bottles, the

liquid level indicator

 is used to ensure that every ingredient is in a balanced amount. Using such gadgets helps the manufacturers to always come up with the same taste and their bottles are filled to the same level. It helps maintain the standards set by the management and meets the demand of their consumers.
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Innovation patterns are always showing signs of change. The present day improvements continue bringing changes to our old devices, furnishing them with new and effective peculiarities that make our errands less demanding and a considerable measure more fun. While our family unit contraptions are intended to be fun and simple to work, a large portion of the business devices could be really difficult to work and it is not amusing to get included in intricate operations.

Because of the multifaceted nature of the machines and the time that they have to work, most individuals return to utilizing old and manual systems. The old and manual techniques may appear to be working great; they are not totally dependable and leave space for some blunders. Human blunders might be awful, leaving enduring impacts on the business.

The most serious issue confronted in the business segment is, measuring the monstrous stockpiling tanks. While we may acknowledge the truth, to get an impeccable dissection of the amount fluid is available inside the compartment, it is important to open the cover and examine. This might be a decent thought to execute on little jugs and family compartments; it is not a probability with the immense modern tanks. These tanks are outfitted with a liquid level indicator which keeps the concerned individuals educated about the levels inside it.

Such holders might be effortlessly seen in the accompanying businesses:

1. Eatables
2. Drinks
3. Textile
4. Fire and Security
5. Pharmaceutical

These holders not just are utilized to hold gigantic measures of water as a store; they additionally hold numerous poisonous liquids. These poisons can without much of a stretch damage a human upon immediate contact so a considerable measure of security measures are connected while approaching these tanks.

The advanced innovation, the ultrasonic level indicator is utilized to measure the liquids in these tanks. Being a non contact measuring gadget, it is the ideal device to measure harmful liquids and materials. Easy to utilize and effortlessly compact, this gadget has turned into the most broadly utilized measuring gadget wherever risk may prominent. Since it can be easily carried and operated, it has no weight which would make it an effort to keep straight. In places where the person has to make difficult postures to take a measurement, chances are that he might lose balance and fall. This could happen to be the worst accident because if a person falls inside the tank, chances of surviving the fall are very slim.
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