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We specializes in the design and manufacture of niche Ultrasonic Safety and Survey equipments. We have been in operation since 1989 and since then have been the World Leaders in the specialist field of Ultrasonic Manufacturing. Our equipments are in use throughout the Marine, Fire Protection, Offshore, Petrochemical, Industrial, Power Generating, Rail and Defence and they export to over 100 countries Worldwide.
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Monitoring the fluid levels is not just a routine task but it is one of the most important tasks of all. While the fluids are used for keeping the machinery under a specific heat level, lower fluid levels can result in extreme rise of temperature and would harm the machines. There are many different kinds of machines which either use fluids as coolants while the others are also using gases. To provide them the coolants cylinders are filled with the coolants and installed in the places where they can supply the required amount to the machines and keep their temperatures to the required levels.

These cylinders need to be monitored every now and then to make sure they are filled enough to keep supplying the coolants to the machines. The cylinders as we know are made of metal just like a fire extinguisher and with an outlet on the top. In some cases the cylinders have a built on needle gauge to tell the amount of coolants inside. But most of these cylinders do not have any gauges because they can be easily measured with the ultrasonic level indicator. The ultrasonic measurement device allows the person taking measurements to learn about the exact level of coolant inside the cylinders.

Some people think that using the ultrasonic device for measurement is a very tough thing to do. Since it is a digital machine, many people assume that the readings on it are in alien terms and they would be trapped by using it. Also its method of taking measurements is different than the normal gauges. If you want to take reading of any cylinder, here the steps you need to follow:

1. Take the kit out of its box, assemble it and be sure to use fully charged batteries because uncharged batteries can create problems.
2. Now approach the cylinder you wish to measure and start from the top of it.
3. You will need to place the transducer to the wall of the cylinder and notice the readings on the LCD of the device
4. Now take a step down and then note the changes
5. Follow this until you reach the point where all the lights become active. This is your liquid level in the container.
6. To confirm that you have taken the exact readings go a bit up and down and when you return to the point and it again shows full lights, it is your exact liquid level.

This method takes only 30 seconds to complete and you now can forget about every other liquid level indicator.
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Low fluid level can lethally harm a machine. The ideal illustration might be taken by an automobile. In the event that by chance you happen to drive it with beneath worthy oil level or without it totally, the motor would absolutely explode. In such a case you will have no other alternative instead of to have it supplanted or wreck it totally.

So also in mechanical part, the immense machines working day and night need to have their oil and other fundamental liquid levels constantly kept up to the worthy levels. The gigantic machines need to have their coolants filled at all times so they don't have a seizure. On the off chance that the levels are path underneath the obliged estimation, the machines give a cautioning beep, however in the event that they are not recognized regardless are run on the peril levels, they stop. The support staff is guided to keep a post of all such happenings and they are capable to deal with the smooth working of the machines.

Contingent upon the amount of machines introduced in an office, a large portion of the processing plants have tremendous tanks to store the vital liquids. Guaranteeing the smooth stream of it, they are additionally kept filled to a certain level, which is for the most part to the full. To measure the substance inside, a liquid level indicator is joined to it which always keeps a measure of it. In any case when you are managing gigantic amounts, there are no opportunities to go for broke. The precise measures are constantly required to be accessible on the records so that the materials might be acquired at whatever point needed.

Depending on a solitary marker is not acknowledged in the business segment. On the off chance that it begins indicating wrong readings, an enormous misfortune can happen due to it. Since the enormous measured tanks can't be measured by opening the top and investigating, they are measured by utilizing the ultrasonic level indicator which is proficient to give an exact perusing without interacting with the liquid. Because of its unwavering quality and brisk results, it is generally being utilized within the business segments. Having more than one way of measuring the liquids provides the chance to make sure that the liquid levels are marked perfectly. Even if one indicator fails to provide the right result, the other would clearly indicate the malfunction of the former one and the preventive action can be taken immediately.
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It is simply a matter of minutes for the greatest boat to be demolished because of flooding. As the boat is fabricated in a manner to have less thickness than the water it coasts on, the doorway of water can consequently upset the instrument set by the makers and the boat loses its lesser thickness promptly. A little measure of water may not result in the boat to sink, yet it can definitely make it heavier which would make it helpless against turn turtle if a high wave struck it by power. The parts which create a break rapidly are the portal spreads and the team is obliged to direct general Hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing.

One of the busiest ships today is the transport ships which are occupied day and night in transporting merchandise starting with one nation then onto the next. In their race against time the boat directors and the group have little time to think about the strength of their boat. The due dates are pressing and the merchandise are different, it takes a considerable measure of time to load the products in the freight holds as the cumbersome products can impact the boat's body and break. The bundling of the merchandise ought to be well in place when they are emptied and for this the team needs to take unique forethought when stacking the products. Since they are of uneven shape the plan of the products requires significant investment and consistently tallies on the grounds that if the boat leaves the dock late, it will be arriving at the end of the line well after the chosen time.

The boats are required to be looked after much the same as we have to deal with our autos and different vehicles. The inner part of a boat is similarly fragile some of the time we surmise that since the external shell is so intense everything inside it is likewise shake robust. We that is not the case and like everything else the inside is made of distinctive materials which can get harmed effortlessly if not took care of legitimately. The electric wiring can assume a destructive part in crushing the boat in the event that it is not precisely in its place. The wiring conduits are generally of metal and plastic, however that does not imply that they can never get harmed.

Spills in the link pipes might be extremely disturbing on the grounds that it turns into a purpose behind the water to enter the conduits and stay inside them. The vicinity of water in the link conduits can mean an incredible chance for short out which can either smolder the boat or reason the flash to make a gigantic blast in the event of the oil tankers which are fit to convey many liters of fuel in their holds. It is a necessity to painstakingly check the cable transit areas watertight testing on a routine premise so the holes could be recognized in time and the cure might be embraced to keep away a hardship.
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There is a mixed bag of fluid level estimation gadgets accessible in the business sector around us. Fluctuating in quality and the techniques by which they work, numerous diverse gadgets are constantly utilized within distinctive commercial ventures.

Anyway the most trusted and generally utilized within the United States is the ultrasonic level indicator. Separated from being exact and conservative, this gadget likewise has numerous helpful characteristics which separate it from all others.

Ultrasonic Rays
As saw by its name, this gadget is furnished with an ultrasonic transducer which emanates the innocuous ultrasonic beams. Since these beams might be utilized with any fluid (counting the examination of the hatch ling) it is sheltered to utilize them even with the forceful substance executors in the liquids. So it makes it usable in every industry obliging fluid leveling.

Protracted Range
As it measures by the beams emitted, it likely has the longest measuring reach among the various gadgets. Since the mechanical tanks are gigantic, a long extend gadget can measure the tank in one go. This spares time and assets which overall could be exorbitant.

Brisk Response

As the ordinary velocity of an ultrasonic beam is 340m/s, it is gives a faultless estimation inside seconds. As contrasted with the manual measuring techniques for the enormous tanks or applying different assets, the whole stockpiling office could be measured inside an hour.

Today the commercial enterprises are about pace and unwavering quality. Since each industry today involves tremendous capacity offices holding a mixture of liquids, it is important to have a reliable liquid level indicator within reach to verify that there is never a deficiency of the obliged liquids. Having exact estimations permits the obliged staff to get the liquids before its lack disturbs the working framework and keeps the processing running easily and faultlessly.

Luckily the staff working in factories today has a safe and reliable method of testing the liquid levels in the tanks. In the past when these gadgets were not available the staff had to risk their lives to take measurement in the huge liquid storage tanks. Many factory workers have even lost their lives during performing such duties. They had to open the lids and bend over to take a look inside the tanks and declare how much liquid was present in it. Most of the people lost balance and fell inside which either caused them death or near death.
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Water being a need of life, is additionally a need of the commercial ventures and business units. Water is needed in tremendous amounts at the mechanical setups to wash, clean and chill off the heartless machines. Deficiency of it could bring about the work to be closed down at these gigantic creation offices and to verify that such a circumstance never emerges; it is put away in enormous amounts.

The towering storage tanks are constantly kept filled to the overflow so that on the off chance that a water pipeline is harmed or the supply is cut off briefly, work does not stop at the office until the supply line is restored. Since the immense tanks are totally fixed, a liquid level indicator is utilized to know the amount is available inside. As the tanks are made of steel and amalgams, it is difficult to transparent the dividers and figure out the amount level of water is available inside. Opening the top to observe inside it is not entertained as the danger of falling inside and suffocating is so much there is no option put in question.

The connected gauges are known to show broken readings at many times due to a steady and huge weight on the instrument. Wrong perusing can bring about critical results and if a flood happens, it can result in extreme harm to the office. In many incidents the constant pressure on the fixed gauges caused the mechanism to break inside while there was nothing visible on the outside. The staff went by it daily but little did they know that the mechanism had already broken and the readings were false. In some of the cases the disaster occurred when the tanks ran bone dry and the machines just froze in their tracks. The other severe catastrophe occurred when the pumps were started to fill the liquid storage tanks and as the level was still in between on the gauge, the tanks overflowed and the entire area was drowned in the huge flush of the liquid.

An optional estimation gadget is constantly utilized which legitimizes the level of the water being indicated on the gauge connected to the tank. The ultrasonic level indicator is utilized as the optional measuring gadget, and as a rule it has turned into the essential measuring gadget as well. The dependable and faultless results have made it more reliable than any possible when you have to keep a safe separation while measuring.
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This year all the countries have raised their quota for exports more than 5% the previous year. This means that the number of goods that will be sent to other countries will be more in number and it will be a good reason for the trade among countries to increase and strengthen their economies. But apart from that it also means one more thing, the transport and shipping industry will be busier than the previous year. Hence it is news to rejoice and be alarmed at the same time for the ship owners because they will be making more money this year but they also need to pay special attention to their Hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing.

Since they will be running extra errands this year, it is important to ensure they won’t be getting in trouble. If the hatch covers are leaking, all the trips made would be a failure instead of being profitable as the water would get access to the inside of the ship and it would certainly mean disaster. As the water gets inside the cargo holds through the leaking hatch covers, the goods kept inside the cargo holds definitely get water damaged. When the goods are damaged for any reason during transportation, it is the shipping company which is help responsible for the damages and it has to pay for it.

In the beginning, many companies inflicted a lot of damage to the goods handed over to them by their customers. At first there was no rule which insured the safety of the goods and the ship’s crew mishandled the goods and damaged most of them. To rectify the lapse and to protect the goods of the customers, the shipping industry began implementing reforms and it forced the ships management to provide assurance to the customers that their goods would be handled with care. According to this policy the insurance companies stepped forward and offered their services to the industry.

The ship now not only has to protect the goods it carries, but it also has to follow some standards to be termed as safe for voyage. The ship needs to be inspected from the outside and inside to ensure that there would be no technical fault during the voyage. Many ships have faced horrible tragedies because of their internal defects and this is one great reason why we can say that the need to do cable transit areas watertight testing is justifiable. If the cables catch fire the entire ship would be set alight and there would be nothing left of the ship or the goods on it.
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Level identifiers arrive in various distinctive advances for the estimation of fluids, gases and solids. Fluid and robust level identification is of two sorts; point level recognition and persistent checking. Innovations shift for both sorts of identifications. In this website, we will examine a percentage of the different types of liquid level indicator being utilized for solids and fluids as a part of the United States.

Point Level Detection:
Pivoting Paddle Level Indicator –
 Rotating Paddle sensor is one of the most established procedures still being used for the identification of level of mass solids. This gadget has an apparatus engine of low speed which helps in turning an oar wheel. This basic yet extremely compelling system has been being used for robust point level location for quite a while.

Vibrating Level Indicator – Vibrating point sensors are utilized fundamentally for the level location of granular solids and fine powders. To minimize the media assemble up, single test vibrating sensors are utilized, and for multi test sensors did not have any unique provision. While it can be useful for measuring many liquids, it is not recommended to be used with flammable liquids such as petrol and kerosene. The high amount of vibrations can cause damage so its use can be termed as a little bit limited.

Conductive Level Indicator – Conductive sensor innovation is, no doubt utilized as a part of the estimation of point level recognition of fluids. This Liquid Level Indicator is known for the capability of being helpful in estimation of very destructive fluids, for example, nitric corrosive and acidic pop.

Persistent Monitoring:
Ultrasonic Level Indicator – Ultrasonic Level Indicator utilizes electronic indicators for transforming, the attribute that makes it a very canny level demonstrating innovation. They are utilized as a part of the estimation of exceedingly gooey fluids, and even in solids. The gadget likewise has the capacity of point level discovery in both fluids and solids. Taking it to the extreme has proven that the device is reliable. It can be perfectly used for measuring the gas cylinders as well. The reliable and pin point accuracy of this device enables the staff to measure every container no matter what it holds in a single go when he sets out to take measurements and create records.

Magneto Resistive Level Indicator – Magneto resistive sensors are utilized for the nonstop observing of fluids. They are truly like buoy sensors, however with two magnets fixed inside. The gadget is exceptionally faultless and is majorly utilized within the circumstances where faultless results are required.
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Precise data has never hurt anybody yet getting off base data can achieve the greatest disaster of a life time. Same is the situation about the fluids put away in the processing offices which are utilized for a mixture of purposes and the data about their utilization and accessibility is needed all the time. Utilizing the liquid level indicator these fluids are measured in their immense and thick tanks. With or without assent, making standard records of the fluids in the tanks can't be overlooked in light of the fact that it might mean a brief misfortune of preparation, as well as it might be a colossal financial misfortune as well.

The human populace has expanded by an immense blast throughout the last few decades and because of this not just have the urban areas get more overwhelmed with people, yet there is additionally a gigantic interest for everything. Think about obtaining an advanced mobile phone, you won't be the one and only holding one yet you will see a considerable measure of other individuals holding the same plan or even the same model. Take anything and you'll figure out that you are not alone and the populace on the loose additionally has entry to it. This essentially implies that the plants are not processing simply a group of things for every day, yet they are pumping out hundreds or even many the same things of an item.

It is not simple to finish in the worldwide market any longer when alternate contenders likewise have entry to the business sector. A maker now not just need to reserve a spot to fill the nearby market, yet he likewise need to prepare enough to fill the worldwide business sector passageways with his items so as to develop, grow and support. The late market patterns indicate that the producers of the present day age can't work like a typical office which implies that working eight hours might be sufficient. The assembling units are operational round the check with individuals working in three separate movements. This framework permits a producer to handle enough merchandise to be sold in the nearby market and likewise be delivered abroad.

Unless the assembling unit is exceptionally exact in what they hold and what they expend, they net revenues could be low and actually discouraging. So every drop of fluid is noted with the ultrasonic level indicator. Where it originates from and where it goes to are recorded so that if there is a clash between the cost of the item and the generation fetches, the records might be valuable in confirmation. This is stand out utilization of making records although there are twelve more employments of the records being made on a hourly and consistent schedule by the staff.
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It only takes a matter of minutes for the biggest ship to be destroyed due to flooding. As the ship is manufactured in a way to have less density than the water it floats on, the entrance of water can automatically disrupt the mechanism set by the manufacturers and the ship loses its lesser density immediately. A small amount of water may not cause the ship to sink, but it can surely make it heavier which would make it vulnerable to turn turtle if a high wave struck it by force. The parts which develop a leak quickly are the hatch covers and the crew is required to conduct regular Hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing.

One of the busiest ships today is the transport ships which are busy day and night in transporting goods from one country to another. In their race against time the ship managers and the crew have little time to care about the health of their ship. The deadlines are pressing and the goods are various, it takes a lot of time to load the goods in the cargo holds as the bulky goods can collide with the ship’s body and break. The packaging of the goods should be well intact when they are unloaded and for this the crew has to take special care when loading the goods. Since they are of uneven shape the arrangement of the goods takes time and every minute counts because if the ship leaves the dock late, it will be reaching the destination well after the decided time.

The ships are needed to be cared for just like we need to take care of our cars and other vehicles. The interior of a ship is equally delicate sometimes we think that since the outer shell is so tough everything inside it is also rock solid. We that is not the case and like everything else the interior is made of different materials which can get damaged easily if not handled properly. The electric wiring can play a deadly role in destroying the ship if it is not carefully in its place. The wiring ducts are usually of metal and plastic, but that does not mean that they can never get damaged.

Leaks in the cable ducts can be very alarming because it becomes a reason for the water to enter the ducts and stay inside them. The presence of water in the cable ducts can mean a great chance for short circuit which can either burn the ship or cause the spark to create a huge boom in case of the oil tankers which are capable to carry thousands of liters of fuel in their holds. It is a requirement to carefully conduct the cable transit areas watertight testing on a routine basis so that the leaks can be identified in time and the remedy can be adopted to prevent a misfortune.
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Sometimes the transportation industry can face gloomy days and this happens when a transport ship faces a huge disaster. Some may say that fate brought the calamity over it but actually it is the negligence of Hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing which causes the disaster. Transport ships are a creation of man and they need to be cared for to remain in use and be free from all problems. The hatch covers are probably the most roughly used ship’s parts and as the goods are loaded and unloaded in them, they face the most terrible torture of all parts. The heavy chains from the cranes which are used to load and unload the goods scrape the covers and many a times the bulky goods collide with them punishing them with severe blows.

The old method

Since the transport ships are on a very busy schedule it becomes impossible to have them checked with ease. The oldest method to check the tightness of hatch covers is with the hose pipe thrusting water at the joints with full speed. In the olden days when there were no water pumps they used pails of water and it required a lot of time because a ship is not as small as a car and it needed a horde of people to completely douse the ship with water. As the water pumps were invented it eased the process and not as many people were needed for the task but still a wet transport ship is unfit to be sailed. Hence the process is very time taking and requires a lot of efforts to be put in. Until the ship is completely dried it cannot be put to work and it can be the greatest cause of missing the deadlines.

Replacement of the old method
Today this painstaking task has been replaced by the ultrasonic hatch cover tester which allows not only the hatch covers to be tested but also makes it possible to run the watertight compartment doors testing. Using the device there is no need of water and it can be easily done while the cargo holds are completely filled. The test can be even conducted while the ship is sailing hence this gadget has eliminated the risk of losing a deadline while the test is being conducted. However the repairing is another process and may require the ship to be completely be emptied of all goods.
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