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We specializes in the design and manufacture of niche Ultrasonic Safety and Survey equipments. We have been in operation since 1989 and since then have been the World Leaders in the specialist field of Ultrasonic Manufacturing. Our equipments are in use throughout the Marine, Fire Protection, Offshore, Petrochemical, Industrial, Power Generating, Rail and Defence and they export to over 100 countries Worldwide.
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The most ideal approach to measure the level of any type of fluid in a compartment is by opening the cover of the container and take a look inside it. However this technique can't be connected in the industrial scale where the storage compartments are enormous and fixed; they even hold harmful fluids which can do a ton of harm in the event that you are exposed to it. To open such containers, legitimate apparatuses and assets are obliged and it might be rash to complete the opening and measuring of mechanical compartments consistently. Off and on again a compartment may need to be measured various times each day so it is not conceivable to do the methodology each time and the fluid is measured in different ways.

Ultrasonic level indicator is utilized to measure the level of the fluid a holder has without putting any life at danger or utilizing various assets. There are numerous techniques to check the level of fluid in a holder, for example, the attractive buoy pointer, resistive chain level marker, and hydrostatic weight level marker however the most recent system to do it is the Ultrasonic fluid level pointer. Since this most recent wonder of the advanced sciences is currently effectively applied in the factories, the measurement staff in every industry where there are huge liquid storage containers have signed with relief. This straightforward and simple to handle gadget not just gives correct effects, it is additionally lightweight so it might be conveyed effortlessly to any point where needed.

Separated from utilizing this engineering to measure fluids, it can additionally be effortlessly used to measure solids kept in a compartment. This implies that on the off chance that you have to discover what amount of material is available in a compartment, for example, fire quenchers, you can without much of a stretch get the ideal estimation by these gadgets. Despite the fact that there are markers of their own on the blaze quenchers however they are regularly known to show wrong readings. There is an assortment of vital supplies in businesses that are required to be utilized at pivotal times, so it is essential to have them investigated at arbitrary times and be mindful of the level of materials inside. In case there is liquid container which requires a fixed measuring device which should never be removed, the liquid level indicator is attached to it permanently and the staff can see the constant change on it every time they need to take a reading.
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As the world moves to a superior tomorrow every day, it can never have been conceivable without the progressed production lines today. A processing plant is a spot where all the stuff gets made. The stuff is utilized as a part of the diverse strolls of life and relying upon it’s utilize; the world sees advancement or a decrease. Man has figured out how to make even the most unpredictable gadgets, for example, the ultrasonic level indicator which is ideal for utilization in production lines. The ultrasonic gadget is continuously utilized everywhere throughout the globe as a part of numerous plants and is working flawlessly there without any issues. Revisions or updates are a piece of the employment.

The processing plants of today have become enormous than any other time. The generation limits have duplicated more than a hundred times on the off chance that we contrast a manufacturing plant of today and the same 10 years back. As the generation limit has expanded, so has the need for crude materials in the stockpiling territories. In the past fluids of diverse sorts were seldom utilized throughout the assembling techniques. It was because of the way that the items were not made with the recipes they are continuously made today. Today a production line needs to have an exceptional stockpiling region for fluids separated from simply the capacity range for dry things.

Much of the time, or numerous items, fluids and certain gasses are likewise being utilized. The best case is the plant where fire extinguishers are made and filled. There are sure fire dousers which breathe out fueled carbon dioxide and there are additionally which are made to emanate water with weight. In both the cases the object is the same i.e. to douse the fires or to execute out flame. Also both are discharge dousers which have the same shell or appearance. At the same time the materials inside them are distinctive i.e. one holds powder and develops as a gas when pressed while alternate transmits fluid.

The fire extinguisher has a specific age throughout which it can work the best. On the off chance that it is not utilized inside the notable age or time, the material inside it loses its energy and might not work viably. Subsequently it is important to have the flame extinguisher refilled after it has lapsed. On the off chance that the client disregards the last time he had it refilled, there is a liquid level indicator joined on it which can tell the individual on the off chance that it deserving of utilization or not.
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It has now turned into a typical practice to make utilization of ultrasonic gear as it is one of the dependable methods for Hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing. Ultrasonic testing is outstanding in giving pin-point correctness. It is dependent upon greatly straightforward and standard. To check the snugness of trapdoor with ultrasound, an ultrasonic transmitter is utilized which is set within the hold. It begins discharging ultrasound waves. The portal blanket over it is then totally and hard shut and fixed. The specialist of the ultrasonic transmitter, then make utilization of the Ultrasonic finder to listen from the outside of the holder. It can recognize all the "spillage" ultrasonic sounds that pass through fixed plans. This empowers the specialist to stick point the spillages or any issue with incredible and extraordinary correctness.

1. There are numerous preferences and profits of utilizing seal spread ultrasonic snugness testing supplies and method;
2. It gives totally solid, precise and repeatable effects.
3. It minimizes the expense, as the main cost it brings about is on buying the ultrasonic gadget.
4. It does not need water or whatever viable sort of troublesome operations or methods.
5. An ultrasonic testing chop down the time which is needed for testing the states of portal spreads entryways or windows.
6. It guarantees that bring forth blankets turn out to be without a doubt commendable for the payload and keep any kind of water drainage.
7. It can likewise be utilized for the holds that are stacked with the water helpless load.
8. It could be led independent of any sort of climate conditions.
9. It gives clear and pin point implications about clamping.

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The ultrasonic testing has ended up particularly famous and generally utilized by the transportation business because of its numerous diverse focal points that it renders to the business. It causes a decrease in expenses which is an ongoing alleviation. This is on account of it spares them bunches of time and from distinctive sort of punishments which may have forced on them, generally, because of any issues in the load. The organizations which are making utilization of ultrasonic snugness testing gadgets with full degree and on customary foundation are presently ready to gain better benefits and they are additionally getting more voyages. The innovation of this ultrasonic gadget and strategy is truly a huge blessing to the oceanic business, in this up to date and aggressive age.

The utilization of watertight compartment doors testing has ended up to a great degree significant in the up to date industry, in light of the fact that it brings down the danger calculates and empowers the organizations to addition great arrangement of benefits while minimizing their expenses. It serves to make dependability and legitimacy of the organization in the business and help them pick up great and gainful contracts from the business sector. There are numerous distinctive makers in the business who are putting forth new, most recent and enhanced ultrasonic gadgets which will lift your business to new statures by spending a small amount of money.
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Sometimes the biggest problem for a factory can be arranging the nonstop availability of the raw materials especially liquids. Some factories are in dire need of some of the most dangerous and hazardous liquids such as the car manufacturers. They use a variety of cyanides in their production process which helps them in painting the car using fewer materials with a high class finish. This type of liquids and the use of some other hazardous in nature liquids are used to reduce costs and production processes in factories. But due to their unfriendly nature, these liquids are very hard to procure and very hard to manage.

Any kind of misuse can result in the most horrible disaster in the history of the factory. Hence they are constantly monitored with the help of some low cost ultrasonic liquid level measurement devices. To mention the low cost over here is because some ultrasonic liquid level indicators can be very costly. But when the liquids are in not so huge quantity (a few gallons), it isn’t necessary to use the expensive ultrasonic devices. Using the low cost devices can also provide good results and the monitoring of the liquids wouldn’t be a so difficult task.

As the use of liquids is intensely growing in the factories, there is a huge demand for them growing all over the globe. So today we not only have the factories that are busy producing the goods suitable for households, but there are factories which are busy in producing the chemicals for the factories round the clock. But since these liquids are very harmful for nature and they have to be delivered with extreme caution, the liquids are sent in closed trucks and at specific times when the traffic is not too much on the streets. So the deliveries are mostly made at night because it makes it possible to deliver them safely.

The truck’s body is made of special alloys according to the chemical properties of the chemical it will be delivering. As the chemical it holds is of very sensitive nature, the filling and un-filling process is very delicate and it is ensured that there is no spill by using the liquid level indicator. Taking notes of the reading on the indicator, the liquid is filled only to a limit where it does not over flow and there is no spilling of the liquid during the travel.
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The transport ships of today are busier than ever. They are constantly sailing from one destination to another and even though they have not yet completed a voyage, the next one is already decided and the crew is informed about it. The constant running around and the loading and unloading of the goods in the cargo holds put a lot of pressure on the ship’s body which starts getting weaker and loses its tightness. As the tightness gets weaker, the ship starts developing leaks and the water gets an opening to push itself inside. The leaks are unfound until the Hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing is done.

After the testing has been completed, the location of the leaks can be identified. When the leaks have been identified, the management can decide when to send the ship for repairs. There are two ways to test the ship for leaks. The old method which is the water hose testing by firing a powerful spray of water on the joints of the ship and then monitoring the way water starts sinking in. The other one is the modern method of using the ultrasonic leak detector. The device is speedy, compact and accurate in identifying the leaks on a ship. And this device is not only restricted to the hatch covers, but it has the tendency to test run tests all over the ship.

The method to use the ultrasonic device for testing is simple. The device comes with a small generator which can easily be picked up in the hand and carried along. The generator is battery operated and it is turned on and placed inside the compartment needed to be checked for tightness and leaks. After turning it on, the door or the hatch cover is tightly shut and then the receiver is used to scan the entire area. The area where the receiver picks up the signals of the ultrasonic pulse created by the generator is the place where the leak is present. The area can be marked so that it would be easy to spot the place where the repair is required.

Using the ultrasonic leak detector the watertight compartment doors testing becomes very easy and precise. Since there is no need to run the test in an empty compartment, the test can be done even when the ship is sailing. The defected areas can be marked and as the ship lands to a place where it can find a workshop, the leaks can be repaired and the ship becomes safe for travelling long voyages without damaging the goods onboard and without risking the lives of the crew on it. It is the best tool for the modern ship which is constantly on the go and has very little time to spend on tests and repairs.
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Fire extinguishers are the need of every building, car, workshop and every other place where there is a possibility of fire. The fire extinguishers are the most effective device to kill flames when they are still in the beginning stages. The extinguishers may also be effectively sued to make a path through heavy flames because when the powdered CO2 falls on the flames, it kills them instantly and as long as the powdered CO2 remains in place, the flames cannot take place over there. Hence it is necessary in many states of the USA by law to keep a certain number of fire extinguishers in the building which is determined by measuring the number of people who can be present in the building at the same time.

The large buildings, usually shopping malls and huge complexes have more than dozens of fire extinguishers spread all over the building. Everything in this world has an expiry date and so do the fire extinguishers which can run dry after a period. Hence it is necessary to keep the fire extinguishers under check and to ensure that the CO2 is still present in them. By using the portable ultrasonic liquid level indicator for co2 the staff of the buildings and the complexes keep a check on the fire extinguishers and note how much has been used since they last checked and how much is still present in them.

It often happens in the office and buildings that a small fire can take place in a certain electronic item. The fire in the start isn’t huge enough to raise the alarm but if it is ignored for a longer time, the fire would soon start getting out of control and would spread all over the place. As soon as the people in the office come to know about the fire that has taken place, they are allowed to use the fire extinguisher placed in the halls and corridors to douse it with the Co2 and kill it instantly. In case the fire gets out of hand and the staff feels that they are incompatible to fight it, they are free to raise the alarm and inform the entire building to evacuate their offices and reach a safe point.

In many modern buildings they have equipped fire sprinklers which automatically turn on by sensing smoke or a strong flame. As soon as they are turned on through the sensors they start spraying water all over the place which is also an effective way to kill out fire. Hence to keep the fire sprinklers ready and effective, they are attached to a separate water tank which is always ensured to be full and the water level in it is noted on a daily basis through the ultrasonic level indicator.
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No industry is flawless and there is no industry which is completely free from troubles and mishaps and the shipping and transport industry is one which always tops the risk list. And since this industry is responsible to provide a shoulder to all the other industries over the world by transporting their goods from one place to another, it is the busiest industries of them all. The transport ships barely have enough time to rest. The only rest they get is during the loading and unloading process which can easily take a day or two because a transport ship isn’t the size of a truck, the huge structure is designed to carry enough goods to fill an entire city. Sometimes the loading and the unloading process can stretch over a week but that is not observed every time.

The busy schedule of a transport ship is great for the ship owner because it means greater business and more ROI. But on the other hand it is bad for the ship’s health because like anything else on this planet, it needs time to rest and to be maintained. Because of the busy schedule a majority of ships are sailing without even having the slightest Hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing. With no testing been done on the ship and its hatch covers, the ship is vulnerable against the sea storms and even when the humidity levels are at its peak.

The weak body of the ship allows the water to flow in during a storm and also the high levels of humidity in the air can dampen the goods enough to cause harm. There is no way a ship can remain as good as new without proper maintenance. No matter how expensive the ship may have been bought, without timely testing and applying the repairs it would soon become a rust bucket and then, instead of reaping profits during every voyage, it would become a loss to send it on a voyage. The water would easily get inside and the damages would be great.

One should not think that testing the hatch covers on a ship is all that is needed to make it safe and risk free. The need for cable transit areas watertight testing is equally great because the rust is deadly enough to harm the different components too. Once the rust starts eating away the metal body of the ship, it creates every chance to cause havoc. When the transit areas of the cables are also damaged, the water gets a greater chance to cause a short circuit and most of the ship which have experienced this horrible fate have either blown up or have become the biggest ball of fire within a short time.
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Some of the biggest brands in this world deal in beverages and we all know about the huge names in the beverage industry. The drinks generate billions of dollars every year especially in the summer season as the summer season has arrived in some countries and is approaching in some colder countries; the demand for drinks has increased. Hence the factories manufacturing these drinks are in top gear and bottle after bottle is being filled and supplied in the market. Hence the bottling industry is very busy these days and we all know that the main item used to make the drinks is water. Without water there is no way the drinks can be made and to bring out the flavors, every ingredient is added in the water in a specific quantity.

The drinks and beverages manufacturing units begin storing huge amounts of water in their gigantic tanks whenever they come in full swing. As the season starts approaching the manufacturing units start getting ready and they change a lot of their old equipment such as their machines and the liquid level indicator to run a flawless season. Some of the huge brands are even known to setup new bottling plants during the summer season to beat their competition. As the winter season starts leaving, the demand of water in the cities starts increasing. Hence the supply of water to the factories is decreased to manage the flow of water in the cities.

To manage their supply of water throughout the month the factories set up new water storage tanks. The storage tanks are able to store thousands of liters of water and this is the way the factories can supply the desired amount of water to the production lines. Every production line has a set target for the day which is set according to their ability which is determined according to the quality of machines and the workforce deployed in it. The production lines have to ensure that they meet their production targets on a daily basis.

The filling of bottles is a very crucial step because once the beverage has been manufactured, it is important to fill every bottle equally. When any two bottles bought from any store all over the country are in equal quantity, it shows the high quality of the manufacturer and this quality is maintained using the ultrasonic level indicator. By using this device every drop of liquid being filled in the bottle can be noted and excessive filling can be avoided.
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Some of the biggest losses covered by the industries all over the globe are from the ship transport industry. The industry is one of the biggest loss payers all over the globe and the amounts it pays in accumulation can be counted in billions. The lost amount is too huge to be ignored and the reason behind the loss is mishandling of the cargo, skipping deadlines and these two have a minor share on the pie chart but the biggest slice of the pie is due to the leaking hatch covers. The ships which are being run without the Hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing are the biggest cause of the loss generation and damaging the goods inside the cargo holds.

Due to the pressing deadlines and the shortage of transport ships, the available ships are under huge pressure and in great demand which does not leave them with enough time to complete the testing. Since a majority of the ship owners are adamant to use the world’s oldest method to test holes and leaks, the water hose testing method, it requires the ship to be completely free from cargo and some good days time to complete the test. The ships do not have enough time to spend on the tests because if the ships are sent for the tests, a deadline would be missed for sure and in either case, the ship’s management would be liable to pay the fines.

The leaks in the ship’s body not only affect and damage the cargo in the holds, the damage starts expanding from the cargo holds to the other parts of the ship as well. Once a ship’s body part catches rust, there is no stopping it from expanding and taking the other parts within its grip. Other than the ships hatch covers, the compartment doors are the second most vulnerable part of a ship. Since the doors are constantly being used, they are the fastest to catch rust apart from the hatch covers. The doors of the compartments are meant to be watertight so that there is no transfer of water among the compartments in case some compartment gets filled with water.

Checking the water tightness of the doors through the watertight compartment doors testing ensures that the doors are always water tight when shut. In case the ships compartment gets filled with water or develops a leak, there is no chance that the water would manage to travel to the other compartments hence the ship would never lose its stability and would remain upright even in the worst conditions. Many ships turn turtle or lie on one side because of the leaking doors and the water traveling from one compartment to all the adjoining compartments.
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The business world of today faced the biggest challenges of all times and fighting against the competition is one of them. Some of the biggest challenges the manufacturing businesses have faced is to keep their quality to the highest level but without raising their charges. This challenge has started a new war among manufacturers and it also created a new department within the manufacturing units whose task is to keep researching for new ways which would help reduce costs and still not hurt the quality of the product. These researches lead to the involvement of a new product known as the ultrasonic level indicator which is highly effective in measuring liquids.

The use of a variety of liquids has been raised in the manufacturing units by the researches conducted by these research teams. The liquids of different kinds have proven to reduce extra effort while manufacturing which also resulted in reducing many tasks, hence the hours spent by the work force were reduced which was a good sign to bring down the costs plus the excessive use of materials also came down. Hence it proved to be a worthy change and soon all the manufacturers who learnt about the methods soon adopted them and started bringing down their production costs while maintaining their quality in the products.

Although the use of the liquids was welcomed very warmly by the owners and the management of the production units, it created a new challenge for them. As the production targets are high and apart from the break there is little time one could relax, the production would come to a terrible halt once a liquid was reported to become short. Hence it became necessary to provide a storage tank for the liquids which would be able to store the liquids in bulk and keep providing the production lines with the required liquid without fail. Soon gigantic tanks were started to be built all across the world and the storage of liquids rose from just some liters to hundreds and even thousands in some cases.

The humans who worked in the factory soon realized of the risk caused by the huge tanks because of in any case a tank would leak or overflow, it was huge enough to drown and destroy everything around it. So safety precautions were taken and every tank was sealed from all sides and a liquid level indicator was installed with each tank separately to know about the liquid’s availability inside the tank without getting near it and without having the need to open it. This reduced the risk to almost zero and also saved the staff from risking their lives every time a level report was needed to be created.
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