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We specializes in the design and manufacture of niche Ultrasonic Safety and Survey equipments. We have been in operation since 1989 and since then have been the World Leaders in the specialist field of Ultrasonic Manufacturing. Our equipments are in use throughout the Marine, Fire Protection, Offshore, Petrochemical, Industrial, Power Generating, Rail and Defence and they export to over 100 countries Worldwide.
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Safety against fire is a huge problem in the buildings where a lot of people are living. The skyrocketing buildings house thousands of people at the same time everyone acting on their own accord. While a peon may be making tea or coffee on the stove a person in the lobby could be smoking. There are so many different activities going on at the same time that keeping a control on all of them at the same time is a mission impossible. However, sooner or later a building catches fire and the task to put it out is initiated. This is the reason why you will find fire extinguishers in a huge quantity in such types of buildings.

But since these buildings are too preoccupied and have a lot of things inside to get burnt and serve as additional fuel to the fire which starts getting out of control, the modern buildings are equipped with a fire sprinkler. With it the fire can be controlled while it is still small and if possible, the water sprinkled on it from the automatic sprinkler can kill it quickly. Hence the importance and need for an automatic fire sprinkler cannot be ignored and every building should have it installed. For the best results, a separate tank is on the roof installed with a liquid level indicator so that there is always enough water to kill even the most difficult flames.

In most cases where there is no firefighting equipment present in the building, a small fire can become the biggest fire in the block and not only destroy some important things; it can also result in the loss of many precious human lives. The fire department has to work really hard in order to save as much as they can manage and in the attempt, the loss is already greater. To prevent such huge losses it is better to install the fire sprinklers in the building right from the start. Even if the buildings are old and do not have them installed, the new installation can take place easily by contacting a contractor for the task.

In the buildings where these sprinklers are already installed, the management is also advised to keep an ultrasonic level indicator for the most accurate measurement of the water tanks. It is important to keep the water tanks filled to the brim at all times. An unexpected fire can be the most dangerous to control and if the water tanks are low in level, there wouldn’t be enough water to kill the flames and the sprinklers would only be a waste at that time because they wouldn’t be able to complete their task.
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Many ships have had to face the unfortunate fate of being stranded in the seas for months because of an internal problem which was an electric failure. There is even an incident where an oil tanker blew up completely killing everyone on board and losing oil worth millions of dollars when an electric short circuit happened. Since a ship has to face the highest levels of humidity during its entire life, naked wires can easily create a contact between them and cause the biggest disaster of the year. Thus the electric cables are always sealed and their transit areas are kept covered so that there is no chance of water to come near them. However with the passage of time, every part of the ship gets worn out and there comes a time when the repairs become imminent.

The holes hidden in the most unexpected places can only be repaired if they are found. This is the reason why the cable transit areas watertight testing with the ultrasonic leak detector is important. Since we are dealing with electricity here, there is no chance that the hose pipe testing can be used here it because it will cause a disaster before the holes are even found. A ship can be the most dangerous vehicle known to man if there are holes present. Not only can the ship be sunk to the deepest ocean beds, the people and the goods onboard cannot be saved in time and the loss would be incalculable.

As we all know that a ship comprises of different compartments and they all are made watertight when manufactured. Being watertight is the only reason a ship of massive size and immense weight can manage to stay afloat. If water starts entering the ship’s body, it will lose its balance and then there is no stopping it from going turtle or even sinking. Many ships old and new have turned turtle all of a sudden because a lot of water entered it in one compartment without the crew knowing about it.

This terrible fate can be kept away if the management takes special care of watertight compartment doors testing. When the compartments are completely leak free, there is no chance of water to enter them and also there wouldn’t be any chance of water traveling from one compartment to another, hence the ship would never lose its balance and even if just a single compartment gets flooded, the ship wouldn’t be much affected by it.
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Taking record of every movement, keeping track of the progress minute by minute and noting performance of every machine and human working in the facility, this is the daily routine of a factory. A factory (of any type) is a place where work has no end. Raw materials come in and leave the vicinity in many different forms such as the finished product and also waste. It should be made clear that as the finished product is costly, so are the raw materials hence it is necessary to make sure there is minimum waste so at the end, the finished product can be marketed at the least possible price.

The raw materials come in many different types such as solids, powered forms, liquids and even gases. The solids and powered forms are weighed on scales while the liquids are measured with the liquid level indicator and the gases are effectively measured by the ultrasonic level indicator. Measuring the materials and keeping track of all that has been used helps in determining the cost occurring in production. Another great reason to keep a note of all the activity going on is to be informed about the quantity of the raw materials still available for use. Knowing about the available quantity helps the management to chalk out target on a daily basis so that the deadline can be met without forcing the staff to work overtime.

Some time ago, normally a decade or so, the production systems weren’t advanced or better managed. It caused to produce a lot of waste and increased the price of the products. While some people argue that even if the prices were high in production, the products were still affordable on the aisles and customers could buy them easily whereas today, even though the wastage is said to be controlled the prices are high and the quality of the products have declined. While this may be true for some products, but in the case of many products which never existed a decade ago, it is important to reduce waste to keep the environment free from pollution.

Today the waste liquids are measured with the liquid level indicator to make a record of the liquids that are been drained. In case the factory is producing hazardous waste, it is not permitted to let it be drained in the normal waste pipes. The hazardous liquids are stored in a tank and when the tank becomes full, it is emptied in a tanker which carries it all the way to the outside of city where the liquid is dumped in an approved dump yard for the hazardous chemicals and waste.
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Water as being the life provider on this planet, is also one which has fascinated humans for a very long time. Rafts were the very first kind of boats known to the human kind. The primitive man joined a couple of planks to make a big platform and take a number of people onboard to travel through the rivers. Since it did not have any roof or any other kind of protection, it was not suitable for long journeys and hence the humans began making bigger boats to carry people and goods at the same time.

Today the world has come far away from such periods and we have boats and yachts which are not only capable to carry a lot of weight, but they are also equipped with the latest technology and surpass a lot of levels when we talk about luxury. These luxury boats and yachts do not come in cheap and hence the business of renting them is on the rise. People who wish to go on an enjoyable cruise and voyage with friends and family can rent them for as long as they wish and probably as long as they can afford.

While the business is a flourishing one and brings in a lot of profits, yet the owner company has to ensure that it is leak free and watertight to the extreme. Hence the need for hatch covers maintenance and watertight integrity testing of every boat and yacht is not just important, it is the most important part to keep the business alive and the vehicles running in perfect condition. In a majority of cases, especially when the customer is new and has no history of captaining a boat, an operator is provided by the company to ensure that the vehicle comes to no harm and most importantly, it does not get lost.

A vehicle can be harmed in many ways and it can be called an art to dock the vehicle as there are no brakes which can work in water as cars do on the road. Even the interior of these vehicles need to be checked for leaks because you never know if a customer used it roughly and created a hole in some place where it can cause greater harm. So, whenever the vehicle comes from a voyage, the ship is checked entirely and even the watertight compartment doors testing is conducted to make sure that the doors are able to be tightly shut. As long as the vehicle remains in immaculate condition, it brings in money and the company manages to grow.
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Food experts, doctors, dieticians and many health experts have waged war over the oil factories which are considered one of the main reasons of obesity all over the world. This is one huge reason why oil factories have started working hard to improve their quality and get a way out of the target list of these health watchers. Measuring every drop of oil by their liquid level indicator, the factories are now keen to ensure that there is nothing harmful in their product so that they can guarantee the best results for the people who purchase their products.

Edible oil is one of the highest sold commodities all over the planet. There is nothing that can be cooked with an irresistible taste unless it has at least a drop of oil in it. Since food is something which a human can never stay away from, the edible oil is consumed in tons of liters every minute of the day. As our lifestyle are now more about sitting in one place than roaming around all day, we even use cars and other types of automobiles to travel which has made our traveling by foot to almost zero, it is important for us to make sure that the food we eat is healthy and bale to be digested with the least movement.

Sub-standard oils are a huge reason for the obesity and the multitude of diseases in every person. As people are careless about what they eat but care about their health, it has become a great responsibility of the oil producing companies to make oil that would not harm their consumers. The journey of a seed which goes all the way through various processes to give out a drop of oil is great. As the seeds are brought in, the oil producing companies have the greatest task of sorting out the good ones and the bad ones. The bad ones have to be discarded or sent away from some other use and the good ones are sent on to put in the machines.

As the machines apply all the pressure they can on the seeds, the oil starts coming out of the taps and into the huge storage tank. The tank is carefully measured by the ultrasonic level indicator and as the level reaches its mark, the machines are diverted to fill another tank and the tank which is filled completely is opened and a sample is taken from it. The sample is sent to the laboratory where the amount of fat and other things present in it are sorted. This helps to mention the calories on the package and also helps determine how successful they have been in producing the best quality of edible oil.
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The transport industry is busier than ever. The international trade is keeping the industry on a leash and the companies involved in the trade are so busy they barely have time even for upgrading and repairs. Now the sea ports are so busy with the ships coming in and moving out it seems that the entire world relies on the import and export business. The busy schedules are being so enjoyed by the industry that their assets are increasing by leaps and bounds each year and a small shipping company becomes a medium sized company within no time and soon it is also joined in the bigger companies groups.

But being in the transport business is not just about multiplying the assets overnight; the doom which looms over the industry can easily wipe out a company which couldn’t even make itself stable in the industry. Without paying attention to the Hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing a ship can easily become a net floating on the surface of water rather than a reliable vehicle. Have you ever seen a rust form on a vehicle or some metal? If the metal is exposed to the air without water falling on it, rust will appear the next day as you come back to see it. Leave it without applying any remedy, and the rust will start expanding like wildfire and the entire metal sheet will soon like a sheet of rust.

Now think about the ship which is also a combination of metal sheets and is exposed to the highest levels of humidity in the air. Let alone the high humidity levels, it is constantly in contact with water which is filled with very high levels of salts and minerals. This water is even more harmful than acid and can easily fill the metal with rust within seconds and the humidity levels in the air act as a catalyst. Forming of the rust speeds up very quickly and the smallest metal piece exposed to the air soon disappears and a hole is seen in its place.

Unless these holes are repaired, the entire ship will soon be no more a combination of metal sheets but it will be a metal net with more holes and less penetration. In order to stay in shape, a ship does not need to be tested for holes around the hatch covers but it also needs the watertight compartment doors testing so that the inside of the ship also remains safe and no harm comes to the interior and the crew which has to remain present 24/7 on the ship during the voyages.
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Long ago the health community and the authorities made it sure that no factory uses the suspended chain for measuring liquids in their tanks. The suspended chain is the oldest method known to mankind ever since the factories started using tanks bigger than the human size. Suspended by a pulley on top of the tank, the chain was made lengthy enough to touch the base of the tank as it was lowered. Special markings were made on it to note the level of the liquid. As the chain touched base of the tank, it was pulled up again and the level was noted. The length of the chain that got wet by the liquid was perceived as the liquid level inside the tank.

Although this method was the cheapest and a reliable way to note the levels, it posed a great threat to the safety of the humans performing it. The chain would also contaminate the liquid inside the tank because whenever it was to be lowered down, the top had to be opened and the liquid was exposed to the air. In case of sensitive chemicals, many people have either been harmed beyond repair or have even died during the practice. This is the main reason why the health authorities have made sure that this practice does not go on in the modern age. In replacement to this method and many other methods where humans were risked, the low cost ultrasonic liquid level measurement devices are now available in the market from where they can be bought and used for the purpose.

The industries have experienced a great revolution in the past decade as many new laws and many new machines have been introduced. These machines have not only helped to ease the burdening processes in the factories, but they have also helped to smoothen the tasks so that better quality can be insured during the manufacturing in the factories. As times have progressed and many changes have been witnessed, the devices being used a decade ago are now either so upgraded that they look like something new or the old ones have been replaced completely by new devices. Even the ultrasonic liquid level measurement devices have now been upgraded and they now not only serve a single purpose, but they are now able to multi task and provide pin point accuracy even in the worst conditions.
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One of the biggest problems faced by the ship owners all over the world is the sudden emergence of leaks in the ship’s body. While many ship owners take the risk to set a ship sail with leaks, but many of them are concerned about the safety of their ship and hence pay a lot of attention to the Hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing. The tests are the initial steps towards making a ship leak free once the leaks have formed on the ship. There is no stopping of the leaks to occur on a ship. Once the protective paint gets ripped or chipped, the bare metal body underneath catches rust and then there’s no stopping until the protective remedy is implemented.

Cruise ships are commercial ships built for pleasure and these ships are also never safe from leaks. The high heels and the hustle and bustle onboard these ships cause a lot of damage to the floor and other components of the ship. Hence, the paint wears off and the extremely humid air of the seas and the oceans start creating rust on the parts that are now naked. Soon the rust eats away the metal and a clear hole appears in its place. While it can be repaired, but it is already too late because now it will not only cost a lot of money for the repair, but also it has already allowed a lot of water to get inside the compartment below it.

As there is a huge net of cables and wires all over the ship which are for supplying electricity to the different areas of a ship, the leaks let the water to start filling in the ducts and cable transit areas. There is no guarantee that there is no loose wire or some naked wire present in the wiring ducts. Since it is all human work and there is a huge possibility of a mistake somewhere. As long as the there is no water to disrupt the wiring, the naked wire or the loose wire has no problem and things can continue as they are already being continued. But once a drop of water touches it, a spark will likely be observed there and then there is no stopping to the disaster that will be happening afterwards.

Unless the staff conducts leak tests and pays special attention to the cable transit areas watertight testing, there can be a huge fire or an electric short circuit while the ship is in the middle of the ocean. The result will be a lot of human casualty and a huge monetary loss. And let’s not forget the huge loss to the reputation of the ship owning company which will never be trusted by the customers ever again. Now the ship’s company has had to invest a lot of money on the repairs at once, but it has also lost a number of customers for life and that can never be replaced.
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Dairy and poultry industry are the biggest earners in the business world. Since everything requires one of these products when making, every home and every industrial manufacturer is a buyer of this industry. Dairy farms are expanding fast. A lot of farmers are now setting up dairy farms where they milk the cows and sell the milk out in the market. The milk being sold by the dairy farm owners has to be processed and then is proclaimed fit for use. Let’s take a small tour at how we get the milk ready to use at the aisles of the shops.

It all begins with the milking of the cows in the dairy farm. Using the latest technology run machines, the milking process becomes very easy. All of the pipes end in a single huge container fitted with a liquid level indicator which tells the staff working at the farm about the liters they have milked. Every farm has set an amount of liters they are required to sell on a daily basis. The excess milk is a bonus and if the buyer is willing to make more purchases, the extra liters are sold for added income. After the cows have been milked and all the liters have been obtained, the milk is filled in smaller containers and loaded on a truck.

The truck takes all the milk to the processing plant where it will be processed to last longer. At this plant the milk obtained from all the dairy farms they are connected to, is tested first. Using the different techniques to find out any contamination or bacteria present in the milk, it is treated first. It helps to save the other milk from being infected because after the entire milk lot is tested; it is put in a single huge container where it will be processed. Now using the method to process the milk, the machines are turned on and the container is sealed. The process is initiated and after going through all the phases of getting cleaned and processed, the bottles are filled to a certain level by using the ultrasonic level indicator to maintain the level.

Now the bottles and the tetra packs are sent to the packing department where they are put in cartons and handed over to the shipping department. The shipping department’s job is to deliver all the cartons to their purchasers according to their demands. Usually these purchasers are the wholesale dealers who then pass on to the retailers who end up placing the milk on the aisles and the customers can now make purchase freely.
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Being in a shipping transport business is no less than a dream comes true. The huge profits reaped by the shipping companies can easily drive any business person crazy and would surely want to own a transport ship. Some call it the business of the elites and they might be correct because it is never too easy to purchase a transport ship. The gigantic ship can cost a fortune and when put in business, the profits fall in the cash registers not just like rain, but like thunderstorms. Isn’t it lucrative? But let us discuss the factor where all this dream bubble bursts. The leaking hatch covers and the leaking body parts of a transport ship.

Yes it’s true that even the tiniest hole can be the biggest disaster of a profitable voyage. No matter how good or expensive hatch covers you have installed in your transport ship, sooner or later there will be a hole in it and it will be needing a repair. When in this business, the Hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing plays a very important role. Unless the hatch covers are maintained perfectly, the leaks in them can do a huge damage to the goods inside the cargo holds. At this point the company starts generating losses rather than profits because as per the global laws about shipping, the goods are insured when handed to a shipping company. And if anything goes wrong during the shipping process, the shipping company has to reimburse the cost of the product to the customer.

Now coming out of the cargo holds, let’s discuss the other damages caused to a ship due to the leaks. The compartment doors of a ship, it may be a transport ship or a luxury ship, are always made watertight. There are several reasons for it to be watertight and the most important reason is to block out all types of water from entering the ship’s compartments. The highly humid air is present everywhere when out in the open seas and oceans. It is impossible to block it out but as the ship can (and it does) encounter a storm during the voyage, the high tide and the rain can splash the ship highly with water. And if the compartment doors are leaking, there is no way this extra water can be kept out and the ship would soon be filled with water making it unstable and causing it to turn turtle, lean over one side or even sink entirely. Hence there is no denying that a ship or every kind also requires watertight compartment doors testing on a regular basis.
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