Scope and Advantages Watertight Integrity Tester by Coltraco

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All around the world, Coltraco LTD, UK is known for its outstanding services when it comes to the world of today. We have always made sure to make our clients to experience something that is perfect and incredible to be done. Coltraco is regarded for being welcoming to all its clients across the world. It is mission to create accurate, reliable and easy to use instrumentation enhances the safety management of clients. The issue is not just about compliance with the regulations; it is about the safe ship offshore and the safe site onshore. This helps Coltraco’s clients to ensure lower risk, higher protection and business continuity for they believe in safety for safety's sake.

Benefits of Portascanner Watertight
•    Green Technology
A clean method of testing that does not violate any environmental codes, unlike hose testing
•    Simple
It is highly intuitive operation and enabling regular testing
•    Arctic Use
The hose-testing is impossible to conduct in severe arctic conditions
•    No Training Costs
This device is free-of-charge online, telephone and email training support through-life
•    Testing Pre/Post-Loading
It does not affect cargo & one can test with contents in situ
•    Magnetic Base
It allows generator to be fitted on hatch-combing just inside the hold, saving significant time and effort no longer needing to climb down into holds
•    Three Reading Types
It shows 2 readings on LCD display with Bar Graph and Numerical as well as Audible via head phones, for ease of operation and reporting
•    Efficient
It seals, hatch-covers, watertight/weather tight doors and MCTs can be tested efficiently and reliably, thus saving time and costs
•    Lightweight and Portable
It can be carried around/into compartments with ease
•    No IATA Transportation Restrictions
•    It uses safe, clean & environmental ultrasonic technology and does not use liquid batteries Accurate
It can identify leaks as small as 0.06 mm ± 0.02 mm
•    Cost Effective
The most mathematically accurate hatch cover maintenance and watertight integrity testing indicator with dual decibel and mathematical display
•    Unique Tone of Audio Indication
It allows the user to distinguish whether it is the ultrasound signal or background noise being received
How to Operate Portascanner Watertight?
Here below, we have mentioned the functioning of this device manufactured under Coltraco Limited, United Kingdom. If you are facing any difficulty in usage of ultrasonic hatch cover tester, this will help.
•    Connect the Rod and Headphones to the Receiver and place the Generator into the compartment to be tested.
•    Fix the Generator by the magnet to any metallic surface not far from the seal being inspected.
•    Switch the Generator ‘Onʼ and all the readings will dramatically increase.
•    Leaving the cover of the seal being tested open and check around the seal to ensure a strong signal is being received at all points.
•    The compartment is then closed and the inspection of the seal begins.
•    If there is a leak or area of weak seal compression readings will increase.
•    By moving the Sensor to where the signal is strongest, the operator can identify the exact location and extent of any leak site and steps can be taken to fix this issue.
If you want to know more about Portascanner Watertight, Download PDF