How to maintain high pressure CO2 Fire Protection System?

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CO2 is considered to be the best fire-suppressing agent when it comes to fire flames at the first place. As it creates a layer for blocking oxygen around the fire flames so it makes it the best to use for it. Most importantly, this fire extinguishing gas is used globally because it is inexpensive. All over the industries, it is commonly used due to a lot of reasons out of which, being inexpensive is the most common one. Though, it may be a really accessible gas but the fir suppressing system needs a lot of maintenance whereas there are certain restrictions and alerting features, which needs to be taken care of on the first place.

If this gas is easy to blow out fire, it can be really dangerous on the other hand as it can suffocate the area, hence leading it to severe circumstances. Around the globe, for CO2 & Marine CO2 Systems, there are certain restrictions, which needs to be followed and there is a rule to keep a trained person authorized to run this system in case of emergency. These installations are made due to safety purposes for cargo hold, pump room, engine room and purifier room in case of fire happening. Installation of this systems means that a massive range of cylinders are filled with this gas in liquefied form which can be blown in case of such tough circumstances. It is even considered to take care of the entire system off and on, especially when leaving on the journey as the minor releases may result into any of the following mentioned below:

    The installed system may not work in case of emergency when it is needed the most.
    The minor leakage in the CO2 System room may result into suffocation due to which someone may die especially people with suffocation.

With the time, Marine CO2 systems, which is installed in ships and other relevant industries does not work at time of emergency. The questions here arises “What may be the cause of the following situation? Why we find no compressed CO2 in gas cylinders? Why the amount is low?” These may be the questions that come to your mind in case of the situation when your fire extinguishing system was not able to work. This may have results as a massive loss or unusual or unexpected delay in the business. “What can help you to avoid this situation?” Well, there is a simplest answer or solution to these entire unexpected situations -ultrasonic thickness gauge. This helps in measuring the cylinders and its width. It makes sure that the cylinders or tanks are not corroded from any point, which can result in leakage. Most significantly, it is considered that a separate room should be maintained for CO2 Fire Extinguishing System so that proper care should be maintained. This can help you take care of the system without any mistake.