Benefits offered with Continuous and Affordable Fire Suppressing Monitoring System by Coltraco

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There are various monitoring products oriented to the industrial sector but Coltraco makes it different. There are multiple systems and products introduced by Coltraco up till now to help you fight-back fire at the earliest level. We seek to make sure that in case of unexpected and unwanted situation such as fire, loss is decreased to the minimum extent. This makes us to work from dawn to dusk to make sure that you are protected round the clock, no matter how uncontrollable the circumstances are.

Keeping the needs of people in view and observing the market closely, there are different products and systems introduced to the market. We make sure that once the clients come to us, they find everything right under one roof. Regardless of how qualified your fire security system is, if you monitoring system are weak, it is sad to mention but you must be disappointed in case of emergency. Fire extinguishing systems require a monitoring system, which mechanically keep an eye on the entire system. It even requires minimum labour force to maintain the system, however gives off maximum efficiency.

As per the background and experience of Coltraco is concerned, it has been in this business for more than 2 decades. Being concerned manufacturer and supplier, we understand the need of systems due to which Permalevel and Permascanner was oriented to meet the needs. With these systems, you can easily keep a check on containers possessing liquids and leaks in hatch covers or anywhere in cargo ship throughout the day without manual support.

This system was originally and basically developed a decade or more back by UK Atomic Energy Sector. It is regarded to be one of the fire extinguishing monitoring systems, which provides you accurate results throughout the clock. There is no need for you to stay alert as this system is integrated with alarms, which begins when there is unusual fall in liquid levels.

This ultrasonic level indicator comes with various features and advantages, which you may want to view. If you are interested in knowing the advantages, keep on scrolling down.

    Coltraco offers Benefits with Permalevel Single Point
    These are various benefits you can enjoy with Coltraco Permalevel Single Point:
    Highly Accurate Results
    Our sensors are proven to monitor the liquid level accurate to +/- 1.5mm
    Efficient Alternative
    This system is designed to be reliable and authentic alternative to the dangerous method of weighing cylinders or unreliable mechanical pressure gauges. This reduces the chances of coming into contact with dangerous fluids and removes the inaccuracy of results.
    Instant Notification of Leak
    An early detection enables a fast reaction and the minimization of risk, which guarantees better maintenance of these systems.
    System is Wholly Manageable - IN HOUSE
    No third party access necessary, which is beneficial for high-security sites
    Easy Installation
    During the installation the fire extinguishing monitoring system remains online. This is an essential feature for critical infrastructure as downtime is eliminated.
    Individual Cylinders can be Monitored
    Allowing for complete safety of assets and personnel as fire extinguishing systems such as FM 200 fire suppression system may be beneficial to secure stuff, but only if the cylinders are loaded with liquefied gases.

Coltraco possess a large variety of other similar products, which may be of your need. Check out the range and choose which one is suitable for you. You may be interested in viewing other Coltraco monitoring products and fire extinguishing monitoring systems. They must help you find one of your required and search item.