Ultrasonic Safety and Survey Equipments

We specializes in the design and manufacture of niche Ultrasonic Safety and Survey equipments. We have been in operation since 1989 and since then have been the World Leaders in the specialist field of Ultrasonic Manufacturing. Our equipments are in use throughout the Marine, Fire Protection, Offshore, Petrochemical, Industrial, Power Generating, Rail and Defence and they export to over 100 countries Worldwide.
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Whenever you are installing any sort of fire extinguishing system, you need to be aware of your need along with qualification of that fire suppressing system. For example, if you prefer to install FM 200 fire suppression system for your convenience and assurance for better ways to fight fire in case of emergency. As these comes with benefits, there are various issues and risks you open yourself to which needs to be managed before you finalize anything installation. Possessing an entire system of fire extinguishing system is not enough but to make sure that it really works when the time comes. Primarily, it is recommended to possess liquid gas level indicator if you are installing fire-extinguishing system, as it is important that you keep a check of its condition. These measuring instruments assist you in various forms such as measuring the levels of liquefied gases enclosed in cylinders. This helps you to make sure that the liquefied gases are ready to extinct the flames if happen in case of emergency.

As this fire suppressing gas is guaranteed safe in regards to the tests conducted. Moreover, these are considered safe because if removes the fire causing element rather than decreasing the amount of oxygen which means it is save to use as it would not cause any suffocation. It allows people to exit without losing their nerves and falling unconscious.

After being released, you should be well aware of the facility any fire extinguishing gas can provide. As FM 200 fire suppression system is a odorless, non toxic and odorless gas, it causes no harm which means the furniture, other equipment and electronics including humans will be save.

Installation Options
There are various options to install fire extinguishers no matter how large or small your area is. In case if you seek to cover more area, it is preferable to consult some expert to avoid any damage in future though you have invested an appreciable amount.

Liquefied gaseous element should be kept in single skinned containers, tanks or wells. Prefer to have ultrasonic level indicator, which comes to be really accurate in giving accurate measurements. These instruments are efficient to monitor the amount of gas enclosed in them in liquefied condition.

There are moments when it is impossible or really difficult to recharge the fire-extinguishing agent. It is essential and important if you access all the installed suppliers in your area to prevent the fire to gain power.

This fire extinguishing system comes to be expensive just by a minor difference but generally, this temporary investment is actually greater when it comes to the function is it designed and manufactured for.

Whatever the case is or howsoever your system is efficient for its activity, it is suggestion on a serious level to take care of the installation in order to avoid any unexpected situation in future. Make sure you keep on removing the minor leakages and faults which may come up as fatal circumstances.
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There are numerous liquid level indicators present all around the world, which qualifies different in respect to category they assist and the manufacturer they are produced under. Most importantly, magnetic ultrasonic liquid level indicators are the ones, which are manufactured with magnets. They stay stuck to the item or appliance or cylinder you want them to stay attached to. The most prominent and appreciable benefit of this level indicator is in regards to its attachment to the system whereas manually, it does not require any sort of restart. Being ultrasonic level indicator, it is integrated with ultrasonic technology, which grabs more accuracy with the help of sound waves the chemicals and liquids produce. These devices are extremely accurate in regards to measuring the chemicals and notifying the concerned authorities for any unwanted and unexpected leakage of the gaseous liquids enclosed in cylinders.

As they have integrated magnets, they keep intact to the system throughout the journey. This helps your reliability in the entire installation, which would not get lose after a while whereas you would not have to manually check the functionality of the system off and on. Moreover, as the main unit numerically represents the data, it is easy to interpret the accuracy of the cylinders and measuring instruments. This calculated data can also be transferred to the computer system for more accuracy and assurance that the installed instrument is functioning in the most appropriate way. Installation of liquid level sensor guarantees extreme safety and maintenance.

Installation of any is monitoring system for fire extinguishing or safety purposes can help you cater the situation within couple of minutes. Being reluctant and confused to buy these for sake of saving money can seriously make you regret if an unwanted situation occurs.

The system stays in function for a longer time. You can maintain the system more accurately and assure that they will work in case of emergency if the installation of monitoring system is attached and checked.
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Permascanner Dynamic is our semi-fixed ultrasonic watertight integrity test indicating system for the dynamic testing of hatch covers, holds, bulkheads, cable transits and watertight doors and compartments at sea. Derived from its sister product the Portascanner®, Permascanner™ Dynamic is designed to quickly identify leak sites in their extent and precise location, whilst at sea. Permascanner® Dynamic allows a pattern of readings to be recorded against varying sea states, enabling a true picture of the seal integrity to be recorded over time. The device will enables Marine Super-intendants, Barge Supervisors or OIMs to embody its highly accurate readings into an enhanced on board safety procedure.

It is installed with Portascanner, which rather then of being manual used, works automatically. Coltraco has introduced Portascanner watertight to the market, which is efficient to perform tasks in regards to tight seals such as watertight, airtight or weather-tight. This device is considered to be perfect and flawless when it comes to cable transit areas watertight testing whereas considered appropriate for scuttles, shell doors, hatch – covers, doors, flanges and steering gear hatches are the few others. Manufactured within modern terms, it qualifies to cope up with inspection of leak sites of critical sealing.

Technical Specifications of Portascanner II Watertight
Here below are the technical specifications, which you want to know:
It has the capacity to read the audio via head – band electrodynamics headphones and numerical readings through 1 to 31775 through the integrated LCD screen display.
As far as the microphone of this device is concerned, it has a rod measured to be 310 mm*25 mm as length*diameter (2). Moreover, it is comprised of three parts, which are manufactured to be screwed up together and possess a connection by bnC connectors to 1m length co-ax cable.
Portascanner II receiver come with the installed frequency response to 20 – 18000 habitable zone, impedance if 32 Ohms (+/-) 5% Sensitivity – 105 dB SPL at 1 Kilohertz and Adaptor Plug of 3.5 mm to 6.3 mm type.
As far as the display of this device is concerned, this watertight compartment doors testing device comes with a membrane control operating system and LCD backlit Display which measures to be 55*28 mm.
Power Supply
Generator is integrated with 2*PP3 9V which means it makes a span of 10 hours functioning without recharge whereas Receiver Unit comes with 1*PP3 9V battery that also makes the same time span.
Dimensions of Portascanner Watertight Main Unit/ Generator
Main Unit
Width: 82 mm (3.22 inches)
Height: 215 mm (8.46 inches)
Weight: 420 g (14.82 ounces)
Depth: 30 mm (1.18 inches)
It comes with following dimensions mentioned below whereas other than this, it is manufactured with 0.1 Watt / 100 dB unidirectional speakers and mounting method or permanent magnet.
Width: 111 mm (4.37 inches)
Height: 90 mm (3.54 inches)
Weight: 430g (15.17 ounces)
Depth: 50 mm (1.97 inches)
Operating Temperature
This product operates within -20°C to +70°C (68°F to 158°F) flawlessly.
Package Contents of Portascanner Watertight
In regards to the total number of accessories and parts that should be available in the pinned packing should contain following components:

    1 Portascanner watertight
    1 generator
    1 headphone
    1 receiver
    1 hardwearing carrying case
    Calibration Certificate

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Meeting every possible need of the targeted audience, Coltraco offer possesses an appreciable range of measuring the thickness of materials to avoid any corroding and possible leaks, which appear due to this. As per its scope is concerned, it is beneficial to avoid any possible leaks in cylinders and containers, which appear with the timespan due to rusting and corroding. As various elements are really reactive when combines with oxygen and this gas is something, which can never be avoided. Hence, it is important to keep the durability check of the containers surface to avoid leakages and damages.

The Portguage 4 is the analytical thickness gauge from Coltraco. Offering unparalleled accuracy, this uses triple echo technology, which allows operators to inspect the underlying metal thickness, independent of any surface coatings such as paint. For applications where true metal readings and a higher degree of accuracy is required, the Portaguage 4 is the ideal solution with a variety of sensor options available and underwater variants, this range of portable ultrasonic thickness gauge of units can easily be adapted to a variety of different roles and requirements.

    Three years warranty
    Lifetime support
    Ignores paint layer
    Designed for corrosion testing
    Ultrasonic technology
    50 hour battery life
    Accurate to 0.1mm off the true liquid level
    2,25MHz probe included as standard

Features of Portagauge IV

    Here we have enlisted some of the prominent features you can avail with Coltraco Ultrasonics:
    It functions best for measuring the true metal thickness, excluding coating and paint thickness. You can easily measure cylinders of FM 200 fire suppression system.
    deal for most common thickness gauging applications onboard ships by marine superintendents
    This device is recommended for Bridges, pilings storage tanks, lighting columns, ship hulls, bulk heads, pipe work, steel/stainless steel, cast iron, Aluminum, copper, brass, zinc, quartz, glass, PVC, polyethylene, grey cast iron amongst others. With the integration of ultrasonic gas leak detector, the efficiency of the entire system can be increased.
    Automatic Measurement Verification System (AMVS) ensures only true measurements are displayed by checking a minimum of three echoes each time the ultrasound pulses through the metal Intelligent.
    Probe Recognition (IPR), which automatically adjusts settings in the gauge at the same time as transmitting recognition data large colour.
    LCD Display giving user information Single crystal soft faced probe protected by a membrane Easy calibration with menu driven buttons Echo strength indicator.
    No zeroing required as all sensors use a single crystal which means that no specific alignment is required when measuring on curved or rounded surfaces User friendly with soft- molded rubber surround which is also comfortable to hold and provides extra protection.

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Had it not been for science, man today would have still been stuck in negligible things, for example, as yet discovering approaches to chase for nourishment. We now have moved ages more remote from such a primitive state and now appreciate extravagances that no other human advancement of the past had possessed the capacity to try and dream of. Despite the fact that it is presently wrong to gloat about the mankind's accomplishments, a few issues are as yet holding up to be address, for example, guarding a working from undesirable and uncalled for birth of flame. Such blazes are planning something naughty and they make the greatest tragedies stand out forever.

Current engineering isn't just about favor outlines and preparing contraptions in the most impossible spots, it is about utilizing present day science to enhance and make safe a building. Utilizing Novec 1230 gas suppression system, which is clearly one of the present day science gadgets that has been intended to ensure and make life less demanding, makes structures safe from undesirable fire. It is a framework intended to distinguish irregular warmth, smoke or blazes (which are additionally in-truth identified by warmth signals) and naturally dispose of it. While a few people contended about it being absolutely programmed similar to a risk, however making it manual takes away the reason altogether.

The framework is a programmed framework, which works without the signs from people. The object is to be an eye in spots and on occasion when the human eye can't see or people can't detect threat in a place. Obviously you can't keep watch over the whole working without taking help from innovation, it would be absurd of you to just take a stab at doing it in light of the fact that in addition to the fact that you would miss a large portion of the stuff that is going on, yet you additionally would be focused as looking. It is extremely unlikely a solitary individual can take a gander at two bearings in the meantime.

While the system is so for all intents and purposes valuable, there is a catch to it. The gas is available inside barrels and there is no real way to quantify them aside from with the assistance of an ultrasonic liquid level indicator. Utilizing it one can without much of a stretch measure a barrel similarly as though he were glimpsed inside with his own eye. The perusing on the gadget decides the weight of the gas inside. Obviously if the weight is observed to be low than ordinary, it is an unmistakable sign that the barrel ought to be supplanted.
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Dealing with the quality is extremely essential on the off chance that you try to develop among competitor. As time is requesting more, it is critical that the innovation is updated too to adapt up to the cutting edge needs and it is also important to upgrade technology because it is helpful in improving the quality and growth of industry and business. Over the world, business has developed to monstrous measurements consequently repairing things appropriately can bring substantially more then we anticipate.

Business in the season of today, are attempting to keep the paced controlled and estimating things suitably to keep up the solidness. Besides has helped the businesses a considerable measure to the necessities of the advanced circumstances. There are different sorts of fluids, which must be treated with incredible mindfulness. In industry they deal with different types of chemicals which include acids and many flammable liquids. These liquids are highly dangerous and those who have direct contact with them are in danger too. For these materials, you must be truly be anchored. They are inflammable and can't be contacted influentially by contact.

 For such fluids, it is favored that individuals go for ultrasonic liquid level indicators which can gauge the fluids with more exactness and you can keep the information anchored in advanced frame in PCs. Use of ultrasonic liquid level indicators is of great use because they do not require regular monitoring and manual checking. They keep the records which can be later on transferred in hard copies. They also consist of alarm system which indicates any problem in levels immediately. The results are reliable but as they are also devices they also need some maintenance, check and balance which is scheduled.

These fluids are kept up and anchored in different barrels which can enable you to be secured yet in the event that more exact and consistent information is required, it is constantly prescribed to go for changeless arrangements, for example, fire quenching observing framework with forever joined liquid level indicators, which chip away at ultrasonic innovation. These frameworks are produced to working the whole day so with no manual info, you can undoubtedly have information to contrast and past for the total day. Also, they are coordinated with cautions, which strikes and advises you if irregular fall shows up in levels of fluids they are associated with.
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There must be really extraordinary names in the world of manufacturing ultrasonic products but rare would be assisting you on regular basis after you have made purchases from them. Coltraco always seek to make regular and everlasting relation with its clients because they treat them as basic asset of their existence. They work for your ease without compromising on your affordability, accessibility and quality as far as products and customer service is concerned.

The Portamarine has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the shipping industry and has proven a capable and reliable unit over many years. In use with many thousand Vessel and Marine service stations worldwide, it is specifically designed for safely, quickly and accurately inspecting marine CO2 fire suppression systems. It allows vessel owners to comply with IMO SOLAS requirements which specify the need to have the means onboard to allow crew to safely inspect the fire systems. The Portamarine® has been specifically designed for testing multi-banked CO2 Cylinder Fire Suppression System Cylinders, stored in 2, 3 or 4 rows deep, to make the process as quick as possible to complete. It can also operate on the vast majority of other fire system agents including FM200™, NOVEC 1230™, Halon (for Defence applications) and all other clean agent systems.

Coltraco Limited has produced this liquid level indicator specifically to meet the corresponding needs of Marine Industry.The equipment is fully Classification Society Approved, accurate to +/-1.5mm and proves a significantly safer and quicker solution when compared to weighing as a means of identifying cylinder content.
Optional Extras with Portamarine – Ultrasonic Level Indicator
Additional Sensors

    Wet Sensors – For rugged applications such as poor conditioned or rusty cylinders
    Dry Sensor – For Standard Applications


    Infrared thermometer providing quick indication of ambient temperatures

Ancillary Parts

    These are offers and accessories available with this ultrasonic level indicator upon demand.

Multi-Banked Extension Rod

    Standard Rod – 28mm wide, normal build. Ideal for vast majority of applications.
    Slim line rod – only 14mm wide and lightweight, ideal for where cylinders are tightly packed.

Gas Monitors
We also provide a wide range of Portable Gas Monitors when required.

Total Support with Portacare®
3 or 5 Year Total Maintenance Program to completely cap the cost of ownership and guaranty maximum availability. Back up units provided in the event of unit breakages with beyond Warranty levels of support.

After Sales Support
By purchasing the Portamarine® from Coltraco you can be assured of our full support to ensure you become a confident and competent user. If ever you require additional support or would like a Telephone Teach-In from one of our Technical Team please call +44 1761 241 601 or email support@coltraco.co.uk
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Obviously, there are multiple options in the market as far as liquid level sensors are concerned but what the trickiest part is about food processing. There is a strict amount need to be utilized in every process, which makes it even complicated for a measuring instrument to come up with more accuracy.

Why Portalevel Max Industrial is a great option?

    It uses ultrasonic technology to identify liquid level contents
    It is faster, better, easier vs. methods like weighing
    It removes risk of contamination vs. methods like a dipstick
    It comes with wide range of applications: oils, chemicals, food, refrigerants

Ultrasonic Level Measuring Device for Mayonnaise Level
Food processing factories may sound easy but they are actually the most difficult ones. They require the most accuracy of measurement for flavor and quality. The minimum mistake can make the entire process useless. For which, it is always suggested to have highly qualified products such as Portalevel Max Industrial by Coltraco. This liquid level indicator is best to measure food content to absolute accuracy. Check out the other details mentioned below for measuring mayonnaise:
Industry: Food Processing Factory

Application: Mayonnaise VAT Levels


Food processing factory based in the south of the UK producing Coleslaw, packaged salads and pastas for the likes of McDonalds, Tesco, Morrisons, Lidl. Producing over 130,000 pots of Coleslaw a day.


2.2metre high, 5mm stainless steel wall, filled with mayonnaise to be used for the Coleslaw. The current monitoring method consists of employing ladders to peer into the cylinder and check usage and remaining contents. The issue with this method lies in potential contamination and is a health and safety risk to the operator.


A site visit was conducted by Coltraco Engineers and after a short trial we were able to gauge that the existing liquid level indication technology employed on the Portalevel® MAX INDUSTRIAL would be efficient in quickly and accurately gauging the liquid level of mayonnaise within the vessel.


The implementation of the ultrasonic level indicator allows the plant to run more efficiently and reduces risks by providing the staff with a means of accurately and non-invasively monitoring the contents within the mayonnaise tank negating the need for physical inspection using ladders which pose a health and safety risk to the operator.


The trial and implementation suggested that we could develop a fixed monitoring system for this vessel and others like it, on order to non-invasively, continuously monitor the contents of mayonnaise (or any other condiments) within the tank. In addition we also saw possibilities to refine the capabilities of the Portalevel® MAX INDUSTRIAL to increase ease of use.
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This is the world’s first ultrasonic level sensor, which is capable of recording, storing and downloading up to 1000 cylinders worth of readings. The Portalevel Datalogger unit is really designed for those servicing companies looking to differentiate their reporting offering to customers and end users by providing the actual raw data collected during the testing process.

Package for Portable Portalevel Datalogger Marine
Coltraco offers following content in the pinned packaging of ultrasonic gas leak detector. In case you are missing any thing, which never happens, contact Coltraco Customer Support immediately.

    Main Unit:
    The main unit is protected a IP65 Enclosure and weighs just 500 grams. It has a LCD Numeric Display with LED Bar Graph and 4 Touch button controls.
    Ultrasonic Gel:
    Ultrasonic Gel is a brilliant agent in increasing the surface contact of the sensor. Coltraco’s sensors have also been designed to work with tap water.
    Extension Rod:
    The 20mm Multi Banked Extension rod comes as standard with the all Portalevel Max Marine models. It is designed for testing rows of CO2 & Marine CO2 Systems.
    Dry Sensor:
    A standard sensor for all land based Portalevel units. The metal applicator is connected to the unit via 1 meter of ax cable and a BNC connector.
    Software CD:
    A standard sensor for all land based Portalevle units. The metal applicator is connected to the unit via 1 meter of AX cable and a BNC connector.
    USB Cable:
    A standard sensor for all land based Portalevel units. The metal applicator is connected to the unit via 1 meter of AX cable and BNC connector.
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The electrical frameworks are extremely useful and can make ease for us at a huge scale yet in the meantime, these frameworks are truly hazardous if not looked after appropriately. Incredible catastrophe can be caused at monstrous scale with regards to cut off, at marine frameworks. Above all, there power frameworks when are on travels, which are out in waters for some reason can considerably more hazardous for water being the conductor.

Question here emerges, what is the best method to keep the framework anchored without confronting any inconvenience or any required of manual aptitudes to much degree since it isn't conceivable and accessible round the clock. These monster travels have an enormous arrangement of power conveying thousand of voltage to work with. Considering this huge size, it is difficult to get the work of such sum and spread it equitably all through the ship for reason for assurance.

    Proper Fire Extinguishing System: There are various fire stifling frameworks you can discover in market, for example, FM 200 and Novec 1230 Gas Suppression System. In spite of the fact that still utilized at specific spots, Halons and CO2 Marine Systems are moderately utilized at sure as gossipy tidbits are out there of they being destructive for ozone layer and human condition at the same time, truly, they are not yet legally restricted. The fundamental frameworks ought to dependably have ultrasonic leak detector keeping in mind the end goal to maintain a strategic distance from any outer ingression to make inconvenience the frameworks inside.
    Surveillance Camera System: Second choice can be tied in with introducing CCTV camera framework through the zone or journey and keep an eye to ensure there isn't any obvious change that may be unsafe. In addition, these can even distinguish if there are other wrong exercises going on or might be fire that starts anytime. This framework is truly help for the security purposes, out and out.
    Establishment of Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge: There are numerous observing gadgets, instruments and frameworks what are used for secure putting out fires framework over the world. Out of the unbelievably vast number of gadgets, ultrasonic thickness gauge helps in estimating the thickness and helps you to know whether there is any consuming of materials. This additionally causes you to know how groundbreaking that material is to be depended upon in unforgiving conditions

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