Ultrasonic Safety and Survey Equipments

We specializes in the design and manufacture of niche Ultrasonic Safety and Survey equipments. We have been in operation since 1989 and since then have been the World Leaders in the specialist field of Ultrasonic Manufacturing. Our equipments are in use throughout the Marine, Fire Protection, Offshore, Petrochemical, Industrial, Power Generating, Rail and Defence and they export to over 100 countries Worldwide.
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Portalevel® units were presented a path long back yet today; it is the most famous range for every one of the ages delivered up till now. Additionally, it is consolidated to be a gadget known to be perfect for Fire Protection Servicing while it is even thought to be productive for screen in-house fire frameworks. Being an ultrasonic fluid level pointer, it is principally made to guarantee the capable experts with respect to the smooth working of modern setup and methodology. Significantly, it watches out for controlling the sum and level of the fluids conveyed in shops, immense tanks and pipelines yet Portalevel® Standard is significantly created for arrive based fire assurance applications. Other than that it is an ultrasonic liquid level indicator here beneath, we have enrolled a short rundown of the specialized particulars this gadget is fused with:


    Width: 95 mm (3.74 inches)
    Height: 155 mm (6.10 inches)
    Weight: 500 grams (17.63 ounces)
    Profundity: 45 mm (1.77 inches)
    +/ - 1.5mm or 1/8 inch
    Irrefutable Agents: FM 200™, CO2, H2O, NOVEC™ 1230, Halons, for example, FE-13™, HFC-225 and 2271, FE-36™, FE-25™, 1301 and 1211 are a portion of the irrefutable specialists.
    Sensor 2: TX/RX Dry Sensor come 14 mm in width head and contains polarized sensor implement and is associated by BNC connectors to 1 m length co hatchet – link.
    Power Supply: It accompanies the power supply of 4 x AA 1.5 V batteries which can work for 10 hours.
    Display: The display demonstrating numeric advanced comes as LCD with LED Bar Graph.
    Working Temperature: The working temperature for the accompanying gadget is - 20°C to +70°C or 68°F to 158°F) and Relative Humidity is - 5 % - 95 %.
    Guarantee: Its maker offers 3 years guarantee for the primary unit and multi year for the sensor. Besides, there can be special cases accessible and client bolster is constantly accessible for the clients.
    Characterization: This liquid level indicator have two groups:

IP Rating 65
NATO Stock Number: 6680-99-275-5292.

    Bundle Contents: The stuck bundle of seventh era of Portalevel® Standard contains 1 Potalevel Standard unit, Ultrasonic Gel, 1 Wet Sensor, Calibration Certificate, 1 Hard Wearing Carrying Case and Operating Instructions.

These are the general features of the device other than that it is efficient and preferable because it has reduced the stress of manual checking and monitoring.
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In order to enhance the safety measures of users, Coltraco Ltd has been producing several advanced instruments out of which Portascanner™ is considered to be one. This product is not specifically about regularity but about safe ship site offshore and onshore. The users of Portascanner™ can stay ensured in regards to business continuity with higher protection and lower risk. The latest generation of this measuring instrument is primarily considered to be watertight integrity of sealed compartments including weather and watertight doors, MCTs and hatch covers. Mentioned below are some prominent features of Portascanner™, which you may want to know:

    Considered flawless to inspect watertight doors, hatch covers, cable transits, bulk – heads, scuttles or any watertight compartment
    Flawless to inspect the leaks for CO2 & Marine CO2 Systems
    Operators do not have to climb down every time in order to place the generator to the required tank due to the fitted magnets in ultrasonic generator
    Allow easiness to transport, operated and carried the equipment due to the factors of being portable and lightweight
    Most importantly, it is considered to be faster and accurate than chalk testing and high pressure hose
    Online training videos and DVDs are provided along the package of Portascanner™ watertight for effective and quick usage
    Possess Classification Society for identifying leak sites, but must be smaller than 1mm diameter

Major Benefits of Portascanner™ watertight
Portascanner™ watertight falls into the category to be an ultrasonic leak detector along with being portable ultrasonic weather-tight, watertight and gastight integrity tester. Here we have mentioned the three most important benefits of Portascanner™ watertight. Give it a look!

Quick and Easy to Use
Being a simply solution for its respective applications and limited restrictions, it is efficient and easy to operate. Only person is needed to handle this system whereas the completion of the process is done faster than any other solution. Time consuming and labour saving are other two benefits of the related instrument.

Pin-Point Accuracy
Frequent testing can be conducted along with contribution to preventative management and safety management procedures on the board ships. Due to its efficiency towards the job it is manufactured for assures protection of cargo being carried, safety of onboard crew and the structural integrity of integrity.

Enhances Safety
Due to audible and visual readings, the user is identified about the location of leak sites. Moreover, it is accurate in mentioning the definitive and accurate numerical results of intensity of problem. For general info, 0 to 5 is perfect for watertight and 100 means weather-tight whereas anything above it requires check and balance.
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Coltraco Ltd is renowned for establishing numerous fire extinguishers testers, which help to gain maximum benefit rather than being harmful. Moreover, they are improved with the time to make sure they are fulfilling the need of the entire circle of users. There is a complete packing of Portalevel® II which can be checked while getting piece or pieces for you. Majorly, the package contain mentioned below accessories:

    Hardy Carrying Case
    Ultrasonic Gel
    Dry Sensor
    Main Unit

Accessories with Portalevel Standard – Generation 7
This Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator is available with other accessories as well which are mentioned below. These are considered to be optional accessories, which are provided in order to enhance the capabilities of the respective product. These accessories are mentioned with details to help you their basic use:


This is a component, which receives and transmits the Ultrasonic signal from the main unit. Due to the involvement of electrical stimulation of one crystal, it is able to achieve using the piezoelectric effect. The similar involvement also emits ultrasonic pulse, which is produced in a fixed frequency. Through the walls, it is transmitted into the container, which is further tested till the signal hits the opposite wall, which basically produces an echo. Sensor catches the returning echo which stimulates the crystal and converts it into an electrical reading that is actually interpreted by the main unit.


24/7 monitoring systems are invented with Portalevel® so that more accuracy and safe system can be established.

    Multi – Banked Extension Rod

Portalevel® Standard being a liquid Level Indicator is further enhanced with the optional accessory known to be Multi-Bank Extension Rod which works on the same principle of the sensor. It provides a quick and easy method for testing the other rows, which are 2nd, 3rd and 4th row of cylinders for Banked Fire Suppression System. Three major components are available along with the extension rod, which are extension sections, L shaped applicator and handle. On assembling these components, the operators get an access to the spaces between the cylinders and may identify the cylinder content as well.

    Gas Monitors

You can even get entertained with the supply of numerous kinds of handheld monitors such as Oxygen Detectors, which eliminates the risk of any gas leakage while testing the environment.

    Portatherm® - Portable Infrared Thermometers

Portable infrared non-contact thermometers can be supplied by Coltraco Ltd. They are reliable, simple and accurate for testing in climates when critical temperature of liquid gaseous components might be reached.
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Fire can always be managed if it is suppressed before the moment it has gained strength. It is better to initially grab control over the fire to avoid any serious damage, which may be caused at any time. Why is it important to grab the control over the fire before its spreads widely? It is essential to hold the fire or prevent it before it widely spreads because it is impossible to fight back fire once it has took gained entire power and force to catch things around. No matter how better and improved equipment you use to handle it, it will be a miracle to gain control over the bombing fire. To tackle such situations in time, it is important if you begin with common sense and consciousness, which means, there is a way to stop giving space to such situations.

Indeed, begin with the installation of proper tools which can help you control and assist fire suppression at the earliest times and consequences. This efficient equipment brings changes to the temperature in the environment as quickly as they sense flames. If you possess an attached FM 200 fire suppression system, it helps in releasing the fire extinguishing agent which spontaneously grab the control and suppress the gas within couple of minutes. This fire extinguishing system is incredible and efficient to control the fire flames at the quickest and at initial stages. This gas is amazing to be used for the specific reason as it is non-toxic, odorless and colorless whereas capable to suppress at any level on initial stages, abruptly. As it is not harmful for humans, it is easy to release this gas in their presence without issue of suffocation and causes no allergy as this comes to be an odorless gas. Moreover, due to its colorless feature, it is not harmful for precious furniture or sensitive and valuable property, which may be placed within any compartment where fire flames are occurred. Being no n toxic gas, this is even helpful as this makes its fire killer but safer for other humans. Obviously, this gas is considered to be a perfect fire-extinguishing agent as this gas is not harmful for humans and things on the same scales with its respective features mentioned earlier.

These gases are compressed and condensed to enclose in liquefied form in single skinned cylinders, which needs to be maintained so that these compressed fire extinguishing gases should be used properly and conveniently in the situation of emergency. It is highly recommended that you possess ultrasonic liquid level indicator attached to the system in order to make sure that there is no leakage caused to the system and it is kept in accurate condition for critical situations. These measuring instruments are capable of sensing the level of any liquid enclosed in single skinned cylinder without coming in contact or touch that specific liquid it is attached to the system for. It performs the concerned function with the help of detecting the ultrasonic sound waves produced by the liquids in the tanks or wells. The concerned authority may take action in case if they find the calculations of the level to be drastically down as compare to the normal liquid level. As it is capable of measuring vast and diverse forms of liquids enclosed in single skinned cylinders, it is something efficient to be installed.
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It could only be possible the way it is done by Coltraco Ultrasonics. After work and efforts pulled in for a year, finally Coltraco could make it possible to treat “ungoverned space.” The question here arises, what exactly this space is? Simply putting together, the ‘ungoverned space’ is the area in the fire industry where either the regulations or the protecting systems of the critical infrastructure are not effectively providing consistent and reliable safety.

Coltraco repeatedly push for this life-threatening issue to be dealt with, with specific regard to loss of contents in fixed fire extinguishing systems. After continued efforts to make the ‘ungoverned space’ in the fire industry heard, understood and taken action upon, the problem is starting to be recognised by some, but not all. This haphazard approach is dangerous and often unknown to the users of the infrastructure. The ungoverned space in the fire industry must end now. You might have heard of it but now it is time to do something about it.

Gaseous extinguishing systems protect urgently important infrastructure against special hazards, fundamental for the safeguarding of critical facilities. Although many in the fire industry work towards meeting better standards, in their experience, Coltraco have numerous concerning anecdotes of non-compliance:

Systems portrayed and installed by contractors as Novec 1230 gas suppression system but filled with sand or water

    Room integrity testing with questionable results and with the room integrity remaining un-monitored after testing
    Liquefied extinguishants being confused by installers with Inert gas systems
    Service engineers asking how to test the liquid level in powder and the list go on

Coupled with these anecdotes, currently the regulations are not extensive enough to deal with the risks presented in gaseous systems. The regulations explain that the storage container contents shall be checked at least every six months as follows. :
a) Liquefied gases: for halocarbon agents, if a container shows a loss of agent in quantity of more than 5 % or a loss of pressure (adjusted for temperature) of more than 10 %, it shall be refilled or replaced.

b) Non-liquefied gases: for inert gas agents, pressure is an indication of agent quantity. If a container shows a loss of agent quantity or a loss of pressure (adjusted for temperature) of more than 5 %, it shall be refilled or replaced. Essentially, it is known in regulations that the gaseous systems leak and need to be maintained. Given that the gaseous systems are designed specifically to the individual need of that room, building etc., a 5% loss of agent may mean that they would not fully extinguish the fire.

Can one annual check account for the probability of discharge and leakage for the other 364 days of the year between certification checks? No.

The neglect of continuous monitoring of the fundamental protection provided by the gaseous extinguishing systems is to the peril of the lives of occupants of the premises and at the risk of crippling financial and reputational loss to the facility comprising the critical infrastructure.

The examples of where continuous monitoring is essential are many, extensive and varied. If you protect critical infrastructure, then this article applies to you.

However to exemplify the integral nature of continuous monitoring; incidents in nuclear power plants around the world have continued to demonstrate the vulnerability of safety systems to fire and its effects. The potential danger from an accident at a nuclear power plant is exposure to radiation to the people in the vicinity of the plume from the cloud and particles deposited on the ground, inhalation of radioactive materials and ingestion of radioactive materials. The International Atomic Energy Authority state clearly in the Fire Safety in the Operation of Nuclear Power Plants standards that the effects of a single failure in fire safety systems, such a system not performing its required function, can be detrimental. With fires at nuclear power plants still occurring, such as the technical issue which led to a blast at the 2017 power plant at Flamanville, deemed “very serious” by industry experts, the call for advanced technology is of most importance.

Focused on continued advancement of safety technology, Coltraco have now developed the Permalevel® Multiplex, a fixed fire suppression monitoring device, designed for permanent contents verification. The Permalevel®  Multiplex    is  designed  to  ensure  that fire  suppression  systems  are  always  fully operational and that no accidental discharge has occurred, which could affect the effectiveness of the overall fire protection system in the event of a fire at a nuclear power plant.

The application of the Permalevel® reaches further, with customers using this equipment in alternate specialist and confidential manners to ensure safety in the station. With guaranteed systems operations, adaptability for purpose, 24/7 remote access to the systems status, an interruptible power supply and remote real-time monitoring, the Permalevel® offers the efficiency that is now a requirement for encompassing protection. The likes of the Atomic Energy Authority asked Coltraco Ultrasonics to tailor make them a solution to constantly monitor a special application using the Permalevel® Single Point for over 10 years.

There is no use in waiting or denying the problem, continuous monitoring and Safesite technologies must be adopted now. Technological development is inevitable and that can’t wait for regulations any longer. We will not stop until the ungoverned space is fully recognised and dealt with. There is no room for the industry to fall back into old habits. The ungoverned space must be recognised, the science is clear and it shows that the risk to people and infrastructure is real and high. Constant monitoring of gaseous extinguishing systems and must be implemented, people’s lives depend upon it.

Think again. Are you being passive toward active fire protection? If you are, we are here to help you ensure critical safety.
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A dry cargo cruise is a kind of holder or mass transporter having a few load holds or spaces where it can suit the payload. All load holds in such ships are furnished with a solid fabricated top, which is known as hatch covers.

What is the Usage of Hatch Cover?
Cargoes and products compartments are managed with specific hatch covers to keep the contact of freight with external environment such as air, dampness, climate and water and to stay away from load from getting wet. Another imperative duty of hatch cover is to keep up the watertight trustworthiness of the ship at all maritime condition by not permitting any entrance of water or external component inside the compartments of cargo and cause any damage to the steadiness of the ship by unbalancing. Before you are ready to leave, make sure you have carried out ultrasonic hatch cover testing.

Maintenance Requirement for Hatch Covers
Hatch covers of cargo holders are by and large produced using high flexible steel or lightweight steel. They are fixed over a steel bar of the specific cargo hold with elastic pressing entrenched in the middle of them to keep away from water entrance or any other component. A particular routine support to be functioned by responsible officer from the crew on ship is highly suggested, which must majorly includes:

    Hatch cover testing for any splits, corrosions, breakage and material issues
    Keep tops tidy of hatch covers and all waste openings to be kept clear
    Keep hauling wire, rollers, chains, cleats and wedges in operational condition round the clock
    Look for any missing gasket or broken and supplant it quickly whereas the length of restored gasket must be least 1 m
    Before restoring elastic gasket, check and amend steel to steel blame
    Gasket elastic to be of endorsed sort by class
    Do not forget to grease or oil all the moving parts
    Check for any pressure driven framework spillage if cover is functioned by oil
    Oil test to be performed for water driven system
    Call surveyor after any significant repair in the cover and its concerned areas

Significance of Hatch Cover Testing
It is really important to possess hatch cover tester to carry out the test before setting off for the journey. It is convenient to fix up all the things before you leave as it gives you better space and time to cater any emergency or broken parts / things. Moreover, this test allows you to increase your efficiency and gain the trust of clients for further reliability and business.
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Fires on board ships can be devastating, to crew, vessel and cargo. Fire safety standards on board cannot afford to slip. At sea, fire poses one of the biggest threats to ships. Sailing alone and at sea throughout the year and without the ability to call upon the emergency services as a land-based asset might.

The financial effects from onboard engine room fires can run into millions of dollars. Often, after an engine room fire, a ship can rarely proceed under its own power leading to salvage, repairs, downtime and cancellations, all highly costly. Not just financially, but engine room fires can be detrimental to the integrity of a shipping company when the life of the passengers and crew are threatened by a fire. To avoid such situation, it is always suggested to have ultrasonic level indicator on board.
Case study: Engine Room Fire 2009
Here are the facts of this case study:

    An incident occurred on 9th January 2009 when a fire erupted within the engine room, as the ship was en route from Ulsan to Ningbo.
    The probable causes were identified within the investigation as a failure and explosion of the main engine crankcase.
    This failure resulted in large quantities of hot oil mist and flammable vapour in the engine room, which was then ignited.
    Overall, it was found that there were many issues regarding the state of the engine, but also with the maintenance and inspection of preventative equipment such as fire safety equipment and also a lack of leadership qualities shown by the crew masters and security managers.
    In terms of the fire safety, the investigation showed that even though the fire detection and alarm systems were installed and previously inspected three months beforehand, both had failed during this incident, thus not alarming the crew at the appropriate times.
    This was due to improper maintenance.
    This result demonstrated that regular inspection fails to prevent failure if maintenance is inadequate.

Could you afford for this crippling financial, physical and reputational damage to happen to your crew and vessel? The correct answer for any ship owner, ship manager and P&I club is “No.”

“All aboard”: Fire safety onboard has to be taken up by us all across the industry
The UK P&I Club recommend that the high risk threat of engine room fires is recognised and that ship’s crew pay particular attention to training and the care, maintenance and correct operation of all fire fighting equipment. The issue goes further as the lack of knowledge of how to effectively control a fire has created difficulty in the past.

    In one case, fire-fighting attempts were hindered by the ineffectiveness of the fire smothering system because of a lack of understanding of its correct method of deployment and lack of proper maintenance.
    In another occasion, a Chief Engineer did not operate the CO2 system release mechanism correctly and, as a result, only one cylinder (of 43) was discharged which had a negligible effect on the fire. It is possible that he released a cylinder from the main bank of cylinders instead of a pilot cylinder in the mistaken belief that this would trigger the release of the requisite number of cylinders.

In other cases, it was found that the filter cover bolts were improperly tightened and there was a lack of proper inspection routines
People are priceless
Given that 400 million European passengers every year entrust themselves to the safety of the ship that they travel on, any accidents on board are serious threats to the safety of those passengers. About 6 per cent of fires on ro-ro passenger ships have resulted in loss of life or serious injury and every year. In December 2014, 11 people were killed and several were injured in a fire aboard the Norman Atlantic ro-ro passenger ship. Chances must not be taken when lives are at risk and when a vessel is at sea. To avoid such situation, it is suggested to have ultrasonic leak detector onboard.
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It is really easy to use this fire suppression cylinder fill weight calculator manufactured by Coltraco Ultrasonics. While keeping the ease of clients, this company is unique to cater almost all the needs for measuring and monitoring different things in world of industries. This device is basically used as a supporting device for Portalevel Range. Whenever you are taking anything non-invasively with Portalevel Max or any other product from Portalevel, Portasteele Calculator can be used for calculating agent mass and especially it is great for calculating fire suppression agent weight.

The front screen of the calculator shows two sections, upper one with text calculator, which is its prior function and the lower box, shows the text – Database. The database allows you to take readings stored, which can help in reporting or for other general use. Once you open the calculator, a screen appears which show up the main interface. One top left, you will see the agent it can calculate such as Novec 1230, CO2 or FM 200, which is being updated with the time by Coltraco to make it more diverse. On the right top, you will see the units such as imperial or metric, which is really useful for people of America who immensely calculate measurements in imperials.

On bottom in red on the same main interface page, you can see two calculating methods. One is from actual agent mass from liquid level or we can reverse it to calculate to the level where the liquid level should be in case the cylinder is crackly filled or if there has been no leak or discharge. This is useful to the engineer who wants to make sure that his liquid level is complied to what it should be. Then the last thing on this screen is height, circumference, actual liquid level, temperature, dome height and thickness.
Let us take an example of measuring a standard cylinder of 45 kilos of CO2. So the below mentioned should be the other details.

The height is taken from the base of the cylinder to the shoulder. Shoulder is the part of the cylinder where it is still straight and starts curving towards upwards. The general measurement for the cylinder should be with the height of 137cm.

It is really an influential measurements and tape is recommended to use to get it. In this case, we are taking it as 84.5cm.

Actual Liquid Level
This has to be taken from the base of the cylinder to the liquid level. Now the modern Portalevel sensors have the marking on the sides of the sensors and that’s where you should take the measurements. We consider 104cm in this case.

Let us take the temperature in March, which we assume to be 17 degree Celsius.

Dome Height
We are taking it to be 9cm.

In this assumption, we cannot assume thickness but we can consider the industrial thickness with ultrasonic thickness gauge to be as 7mm.

Actual Agent Mass
After giving these measurements, the actual agent mass this calculator gives us is 45.66kg. This also shows that the cylinder has not leaked so its good according to the industrial standard measurements we have taken.
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Coltraco Ltd has introduced prior generation of Portapipe, which is a portable ultrasonic piperwork integrity test indicator. Since 1989, Coltraco is facilitating this particular industry. However, this device comes with being superior alternative to chalk and hose testing whereas standby battery of 10 hours for receiver and generator. It performs with the output of 0.1 watt/100dB unidirectional via the wand. Over the years of more than 2 decades, it has specialized in producing one of the outclass range of ultrasonic flow meter, ultrasonic liquid indicator, ultrasonic bearing indicator, ultrasonic gaseous constant monitoring system, ultrasonic thickness gauge, hatch cover tester, ultrasonic pipework integrity test indicator and semi fixed watertight integrity test system.

Three Advantages with Coltraco Portapipe

World Class Accuracy
The most mathematically accurate unit of its type locating a 1mm leak site via visual and audible readings and identifying its extent with a definitive numerical result. This device can test for faults and leaks in 10-50mm diameter pipe, 1mm up to 12m range and 1mm+ at longer range.

Quick and Convenient
It is a simple solution with few limitations and easy to learn how to operate. One person if required handles the testing done through this ultrasonic pipework integrity test indicator. Giving a thorough corrosion evaluation over a short period of time.

Comprehensive Analysis
Evaluation of multiple different areas along the pipe is possible with ultrasonic inspection. This increases the reliability in the pipeline analysis, thereby giving a better picture of problems areas in the system.
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Coltraco is a world-popular name in manufacturing ultrasonic monitoring and measuring equipment with high quality and reasonable prices. With growing time, it has been seen that this company has made some enormous changes – call them utilities for various industrial to convert manual jobs into mechanical. Hence, less risk and more productivity as long as maintenance is kept.
Portalevel Max Industrial is another product launched by Coltraco which non-invasively verifies the contents of cylinders and tanks holding liquids, suitable for a range of industrial purposes e.g. food processing, aerospace manufacturing, pharmaceutical and transformers. It is the 8th generation and qualifies to be a portable ultrasonic liquid level indicator.
Technical Specifications of Ultrasonic Level Indicator

    Height: 160 mm (6.29 inches)
    Width: 82 mm (3.22 inches)
    Depth: 30 mm (1.18 inches)
    Weight: 300 grams (10.58 ounces)

Verifiable Agents

    Transformer oil


    2 x sensors – one dry sensor with standard
    One dry sensor for standard applications
    One special applications sensor with higher efficiency for more power output

Within 2% of true value (dependent on application)
LCD backlit display
Power Supply
1 x PP3 9V battery (battery life 10 hours)

    Main Unit: 3 Years Warranty
    Sensor: 1 Year Warranty
    Lifetime Customer Support

Operating Temperature
-20°C to +70°C (68°F to 158°F)
Package Contents of Portalevel Max Industrial
Following are the contents of Portalevel Max (ultrasonic liquid sensor)

    Main unit
    2 x Multi Application Sensor
    Ultrasonic gel
    Carrying case
    Sensor set cables
    Calibration certificate
    Instruction manual
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